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Note this will be tenth in " Mockingbird recommends a sequence of study " and is a direct sequel and continuation of coerced collaboration .

I will now use Hub as the way I describe the purported source of Scientology as I have been informed that his usual names can act as triggers for followers .

I do not dispute this and out of respect I will attempt to continue to do so in the future .

I am not going back through my earlier 300 plus posts at this time .

Okay now this thread is to give more intimate knowledge on my experience with Scientology and exactly HOW the process of thought reform worked on me .

Alright now I will get into loaded language a bit as it is very relevant . First I will include a quote from the brilliant Robert J Lifton's eight criteria of thought reform


the language of the totalist environment is characterized by the thought-terminating cliche (thought-stoppers)
repetitiously centered on all-encompassing jargon"the language of non-thought words are given new meanings -- the outside world does not use the
words or phrases in the same way -- it becomes a "group" word or phrase ( end quote )

Okay a clever trick whoever came up with the indoctrination method used in Scientology called study tech - but would more rightly be called covert hypnotic cognitive restructuring - uses is to stack up many many new definitions for old terms AND
at the same time have a student take in lots of regular words their various definitions and lots of small common words and grammar terms ALL AT ONCE .

This creates an IDENTIFICATION and association of the terms . In other words the correctness of learning the definitions for of , the ,a , such and many other words is seen as SUPPORTING the doctrine Hub gives ! It is a simple hidden fallacy many fall for SUBCONSCIOUSLY !
HE gets credit for all the regular English words AND that gives a FALSE authority to all HIS new words AND the concepts they express and imply !

THIS is where the language is loaded : it is the victim's own mind and thoughts that give the new language power over the victim .

Look in the process of " clearing " THOUSANDS of English words and new Scientology words and trying to keep MY own ideas separate it was hard to remember what I believe and what Hub said and pass checkouts and spot checks and apply Indoctrination methods .

So at some point I got overwhelmed and STOPPED remembering MY beliefs and just FOCUSED my attention on Hubs new ideas !

THIS is the point of the confusion , repetition , misdirection , covering lies, false barriers to study and a whole lot of other things students do !

HE wanted you SO overburdened YOU would push aside your beliefs to " try " his . And NEVER go back to yours !

It is a mental shortcut your mind is built to take , BUT he covertly NUDGED you over and over slightly to take that exact step.

By giving up holding two sets of ideas I calmed a mental CONFUSION over what was mine and his and what was true and theory .

It was ALL MINE ( but really his ). This created CALMNESS , and euphoria as the immense confusion was gone .

This meant I could trust HIS judgement and turn mine off . ( Bye bye critical factor )

See in hypnotism you can cross into a deep deep trust and relax - because you blindly trust SOMETHING or SOMEONE else.

It is ignorant bliss. It is an ILLUSION and when maintained is DELUSION .

It has certainty NOT judgement or wisdom . This is part of why exes and indies sometimes CANNOT see critical info on Hub or some parts of his con .

They have SO MUCH certainty wrapped up in auditing or study tech or something or HIM they MUST deny and avoid any threat to that .

Losing that is MADDENING temporarily but it can feel like forever . The bliss of auditing or study or remembering your beloved God can be the center of your life and identity .

This is why some cannot blame him or accept criticism of certain things.

I feel sorry for them . I went through a stage of this that was VERY unpleasant .

There is a simultaneous part that Hub knew of and pushed for . While this goes on the student ( or pc , staff , SO , etc . ) gets the small doubts and independent ideas and I will try to give examples of some of mine .

I would think : well how could he know this ? how can he be sure it is ALWAYS this way ? are MUs the only source of this ? do these ideas really have this link ? is this the cause of that ? Why is this basic term like O/w or overt or engram defined so differently in one place and then another ?
How come what he says about regret in the definition of an SP seems to conflict with what he says about the code of honor ? can auditing really recall genuine past lives ? and how can you be objectively sure ? Are there really OT states and can Scientology achieve them demonstrably ?

See these questions stack up to an enormous degree - without answers because all the definitions rely on an endless parade of more BEFORE any results are produced .

There is no proof . But if you want " mass " you can do demos or clay all day . They are a misdirection and do not make real any ideas .

They perform several roles ALL fake . SEE with redefinition the ASSOCIATION of clarity with Hub EQUALS a calm relaxed mind .

The questions and doubts have the common denominator of DISCOMFORT . They are all hard to keep straight and difficult to understand .

You get conditioned to equate submission and acceptance with order and contentment .

He saw that his pattern would win out over time with some minds . If they are going to quit let them quit fast !

Because if the conditioning did not take - he wanted your ass gone ! No disobedient slaves are allowed in master's house !

You see I created the calmness and serene certainty that I associated with the new terms - giving them their thought stopping power MYSELF !

It has been said the goal of mind control is to control the INDIVIDUAL so they think what the group wants. Or in this case Hubs wanted .

You see through this I , and I suspect thousands of others , learned to feel confident and certain when thinking or using the terms and was conditioned or hypnotized to bounce from term to term and feel confident just by remembering or knowing the term .

It is a closed logic loop . It instills fallacies and thinking fallacies are correct . Think term ( reactive mind ) bounce to other term . Then have triggering event - person criticizes Hub _ bounce to 1.1 on tone scale FEEL certain bounce to other term - SP and on it goes .

I became so illogical as to be close minded and think I was open minded . THAT is a Scientologist !

It FEELS good so it must be " true " when it is a lot of Scientology must be right because it is right and if ti is right then it is right !

No proof or logic . BUT it felt damn good .The terms trigger the feeling and behavior and that prompts more and on we go .

Hub uses rhetoric (as Gib points out well ) and conditions YOU to not see it and then to use it WITHOUT knowing both on others and yourself !

This creates a worsening growing state of thinking in fallacies . Many Scientologists and exes think in fallacies he instilled by using them over and over - making them SEEM normal and rational .

It is an induced handicap to make them controllable puppets . Completely intentional in my opinion .

I will present some of the most obvious here and do another thread just on them later .

These I have mentioned before and I suggest EVERYBODY learn them well : Personal incredulity , black and white thinking , magical thinking , the Texas sharpshooter fallacy (aka apophenia ), Ad Hominem , no true Scotsman , appeal to authority , begging the question , genetic , burden of proof , ambiguity , bandwagon , anectdotal and tu quoque .

I hope this helps some . By the way the forgotten ghosts refers to the independent and critical thoughts that at first were strong and free and then faded like apparitions to be doubted then forgotten. They need to come back to life .

If you want to be free from Hub . I will close with this . One of my favorite quotes is from Professor Noam Chomsky:

“The world is a puzzling place. If you are not willing to be puzzled, you just become a replica of someone else’s mind.”