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Master of Disaster
That's an interesting quote, which I haven't seen before. And I'm pretty sure I WOULD have seen it mentioned if Kyle had said it. I call bullshit on that too.

EVERYTHING I saw on our troops rules of engagement in Iraq, was that they would have to justify every shooting, and the standard of justification were so ridiculously stringent that they put our troops at risk.
Looking for the source of that quote, I see various people saying that Kyle said it in his book. But when I look at the online Google books and search for "kill every male", it does not turn up.

The person widely cited sourcing the alleged quote, Rania Khalek, was quoting a blog "Current Events Inquiry".

The alleged incident was from when the SEALS were deployed into Iraq at a specific location at the kickoff of the Iraq war, and the context was that, in that specific location, there would not be anyone there who was not a hostile.