The Healing Power Of Music


NOT drinking the kool-aid
I watched this video today and was very moved by it. I have been a performing musician for many years and have personally seen the Healing shown here many times but have seldom been able to communicate what it's all about as well as Henry does in this video.
Music: The quickening art.

Yes, I don't know what it is but it is amazing. I can be in a funk or down in the dumps and there is a quality of the music, the aesthetic band wavelength I think, that insinuates itself into the wavelengths of my own emanations at the time and then through them carries me up to the emotional level of the piece of music, sometimes into feeling the way I did when I first heard the music. True Oldies Channel does it to me all the time.


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That would have fitted quite nicely in my Opera lovers thread OFO........!

But man, such a manificent voice and control - whew!

"Murder on the high C's" ....LOL