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The History Of Xenu, As Explained By L. Ron Hubbard In 8 Minutes


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mmorgan0678 | 11 augustus 2010

Reposted with permission. This video is exactly the one I downloaded from http://digg.com/odd_stuff/L_Ron_Hubbard_Himself_Explaines_The_History_Of_Xenu_In_8min

It's just a visual of Elron Hubbard's face with him briefly explaining the history of Xenu. The folks at gawker.com have been fighting with the Church of Scientology for a while, trying to get the truth of what they believe exposed. As explained in another video (http://www.mediafire.com/?v3fv5gaqhpc) the leaders of this cult played right into gawker.com's hands, making it so they can no longer block it.

Gawker.com wants people to do just what I'm doing -- download and repost their videos on youtube, with a link back to them.

What Mr. Hubbard says in the video is right in line with what was said on South Park: 75 million years ago, the evil alien brought humans to earth in a spaceship and killed them; the psychic trauma of the event has affected us ever since. This was no big surprise to me, even when I first heard it on SP. I had read almost the same thing years earlier. The Church of Scientology, embarrassed by the story, has always tried to hide its existence.

Let's just say the video is a fake. It's not, but let's just say. Why does the church hide whatever they do believe? Why do they require you to pay thousands of dollars just to learn their beliefs? No other religion does this, do they. Even greedy, corrupt bastards like Pat Robertson and the "Christian" Coalition and the apostates and false prophets at TBN freely tell their beliefs, and then beg for money.

Scientology is a cult and a racket, and is known for taking advantage of celebrities with more money than brains, like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. I've read about them doing much worse things to their members than just ripping them off, but I don't know what to believe and what not to.

Nevertheless, the more they want to hide their beliefs, the more I want to expose them. Please join me in this.



Idle Morgue

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It is good to keep the SECRETS of XENU alive and flowing...just bumping this thread in case of any Noobs!! Hail Xenu!! Don't spend your money on this crap - this is the secret Oat Tea levels - they keep it a secret not because you could not handle it and will get sick and potentially die - they hide it because you would BLOW! The Church of Scientology sells you to get on the Bridge to get rid of your reactive mind. You never do - you finally after $$$,$$$ will realize that you put it there but can control it (clear cog) and then you will have to be invited to hear the story of xenu (after donating $$$,$$$ to IAS etc...proving your worthiness)- it is bullshit and made up - no science no facts!

You will spend years and $$$,$$$ auditing off the body thetans that are attached to you cuz of what Xenu did!! That is the cause of all your problems. Then you will find out that the entire Bridge you just took 20 years and $$$,$$$ to do was not your lives - but the lives of your body theetans!!

The Bridge is a long six to seven figure thing to do, loaded with obstacles that will pull you out of your life and into the cult, that ends you up believing in Xenu - you will have no choice - you paid with your life to get this secret - and paid dearly!!

So keep you sanity, keep your money, keep your time and live your life - there ain't no XENU!! BLOW now!!