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The Identity Crisis (we must avoid)...

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This post and or thread is not being penned with the intention of spiritually pacifying any of the readers of it. As I trust we have all had enough of that with our engagement with Scientology. To the contrary, this post is being posted to pull our own Spiritual covers. So to speak.

In other words, Caveat Emptor. lol.

Here's the scoop:

Mr. Hubbard managed to adulterate nearly every single philosophical and or religious concept of spiritual freedom ever honestly laid down in the annuls of our collective recorded history of authentic spiritual prose. Was that too harsh? lol. I think not. In greater circles (like mine) it was gentle.

Setting aside (if I may) for the moment, a host of underlying theoretical philosophical psychological theological and or otherwise religious or spiritual issues.....I am focused on cutting to the chase scene. So to speak. lol.

It seems to me the greatest lesson to be learned from the most painful experience we can have is to come to understand not how, but why that painful experience happened to us.
Not 'how' but 'why', it happened. This being no small question to be sure. The antithesis of the doctrine of Sir Hubbard. Need I elaborate? Can you hear me even if I did and or do.

I am currently under the impression the ESMB has at least more than 1,000 and less than 1 million individual lurkers (and or posters) at any given time. Not counting sock puppets.
And it's to those Bonafide ESMBer's I am writing. Having watched the birth of it and the birth of us together.

Lastly then, in the absence of encouragement (this post) and I, will surely die together. Lol.

Mojo & i

ps. if your spiritual skin is thin I would suggest you take command of your eyes and avert, for the entire future of everything that ever existed or ever will exist (research proves) demands it. Lol!
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