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Not sure if you were on our FZ forums then Paul, many years ago we had this come up, and I think many who posted were on the pilot of KTL and LOC.

My first (long) KTL post on your FZ forum was in August 2004, where I described the course from my experience both doing it around 1990 and being at New World Corps 1986/7 where it was being piloted across the hall from my Sec Checker School courseroom:



Confidentiality is the SWITCH. The bait is non-confidential. The CON is confidential. You only get to see it if they think you are already CONNED. Got it? I disregard EVERYTHING in the subject which is "confidential", and debate much of what isn't. I have contempt for those who respect this "confidentiality".

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There are other disciplines besides Scn that employ a type of secrecy or confidentiality. Scn is not the only one. I personally think that if the stuff in CofS didn't cost so much - (ruinously expensive, insanely so) that not so many people would care. Some would, obviously, but not like it is now.

Having said that, though, I see no problem in any public release of "confidential data" whatsoever. I really don't and I'm supportive of it.

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Not to invalidate anyone's pleasure in doing KOT or the Div. 6 picture-book courses, but to show the Hubbard hypocrisy, here is what he had to say in 1957:

"Now, I tell you that quite notably, because as time goes on and as radiation gets worse, and the government gets, if anything, more stupid concerning its propaganda methodology -- which is already sufficiently bad to cause anybody studying it to wonder whether or not they didn't have to search through asylum after asylum to find a sufficiently idiotic illiterate in order to execute that literature. I mean, its that bad. It's got cartoons -- page after page of cartoons -- of silly-looking people being upset or something about radiation. And it tells you all the way through there this can kill you, and so forth; but these are cartoons, and it's evidently a hilarious fact to them. It's the glee of insanity if I've ever heard of it. And this is the official government pamphlet. I just inspected it."

-- Taped Lecture of 25 January, 1957, Auditing Techniques: Specifics

yes what a jackass Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, The Turd, was.