The Magic Bus


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There is a Magic Bus with a destination of Total Freedom.

Built many years ago by L. Ron Hubbard the bus has never actually delivered anyone to the stated destination, despite Hubbard bragging that he was the only man who knew the way. According to its new owner David Miscavige, the problem with the bus was Hubbard hadn’t noticed that squirrels had interfered with the engine parts. However, Miscavige has now told the passengers he has fixed the engine and he is firmly in the driver’s seat. For this the passengers have given him much applause and adulation.

Unfortunately, conditions inside the bus aren’t very pleasant for the occupants. For one thing, they are constantly being told to pay for their fare even though they have been paying and paying until they have no money left. Those who can’t pay are forced to work as slaves, although on the bus they are called “volunteers”. Also, when the passengers look out of the windows they seem to be seeing the same landmarks over and over again, as if they just keep retracing their steps.

The main reason they stay on the bus is because they have been told they have spent many lifetimes searching for a way to reach Total Freedom and now they have found the Magic Bus this proves they are very special beings. Leaving the bus would mean spending the rest of eternity with ordinary people they call “wogs” because Big Beings like Hubbard and Miscavige won’t be coming back here again to save the wogs. Therefore this is their one and only chance to reach Total Freedom.

Occasionally people do find life on the Magic Bus to be so intolerable that they jump off and run away, hoping they don’t get caught and dragged back on. Of course this is very traumatic for the escapees. Many have to leave behind friends and family.

Having got off the bus, some just run and don’t look back. Some start looking elsewhere to see if anyone else has designed a different kind of bus to take them to Total Freedom. Eventually, however, most people who have escaped from the bus get curious about the strange situation they’ve left and they tentatively look back to see how this Magic Bus appears from the outside.

That is when they first notice the bus isn’t moving! The Magic Bus is just standing on a rolling road that is designed to simulate movement. Obviously this comes as a complete shock to the escapees. They can see the passengers inside the bus and David Miscavige behind the wheel but the bus isn’t going anywhere!

[FONT=&amp]Now they realise that the images they saw while on the bus, of scenery rushing by and Total Freedom appearing closer and closer, were all camera tricks.[/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]Another thing they notice is the “secrets” they were told they would discover on the way to Total Freedom have been plastered all over the outside of the bus so that everyone can see them except those on the bus![/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]Some of these escapees get so angry about this Magic Bus that they go up to the windows and shout: “You are being deceived! It isn’t going anywhere! It’s all a sham! Get out of the bus!” but the occupants of the bus just think these people are jealous of them being on the Magic Bus and they ignore them.[/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]However, the bad publicity generated by the escapees has resulted in very few new people boarding the bus these days, except for a few foreigners who are told it offers them employment and, unfortunately for them, they believe this to be true. Thus they join the ranks of slaves on the bus. However these newcomers are more than offset by the increasing numbers of people who are jumping off the bus and are being helped to integrate back into the outside world.[/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]As the bus continues to try to keep its occupants trapped there is now a huge gathering of people swarming around it protesting at the injustices it represents and one day soon, it is widely hoped, the relevant authorities will board the bus and take the driver away for questioning.[/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]This will allow the remaining passengers time to see for themselves that the bus itself may be real but its journey is just an illusion.[/FONT]