The Marcab Confederacy


and mentally sane people believe in this crap? I'm sitting here in tears of laughter.


FIFTH INVADER FORCE, a thetan from the fifth invader force believes himself to be a very strange insect-like creature with unthinkably horrible hands. He believes himself to be occupying such a body, but is in actuality simply a unit capable of producing space, time, energy and matter. Psychiatrists are members of the Fifth Invader Force.



Still is a lulzcow


According to the beliefs of the Church of Scientology, the Marcab Confederacy is said to be one of the most powerful galactic civilizations still active. Church founder L. Ron Hubbard describes it as:

Various planets united into a very vast civilization which has come forward up through the last 200,000 years, formed out of the fragments of earlier civilizations. In the last 10,000 years they have gone on with a sort of decadent kicked-in-the-head civilization that contains automobiles, business suits, fedora hats, telephones, spaceships — a civilization which looks almost an exact duplicate but is worse off than the current US civilization.[1][2]

The capital of the Confederacy is said to be "one of the tail stars of the Big Dipper", probably Alkaid, a star 108 light years distant from Earth. The Marcabians used to rule Earth at some point in the past but lost control of it due to "losses in war and other things".


A Girl Has No Name
Holy shit!!!! I just found conclusive proof that LRH is Marcabian. Most likely a member of the Fifth Invader Force and a Psych!