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the memories still haunt me


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the memories still haunt me of my child hood in scientology, sadness strikes me at unexpected times and the memories come flooding in.

today I came across a picture "Amal Hussain The 7-year-old, featured in a searing photograph by @tylerhicksphoto, died from malnutrition caused by the Saudi led war against Yemen" and it brought back memories of my time in the seaorg and reminds me of what i saw in real life.

as just a child myself I saw a malnoursihed child in the seaorg nursery, the mother who rarely ever saw her child could not be torn away from her duties of saving the planet( epf renovations of buildings) and i began to see her young child waste away and become almost lifeless and skin and bones with sunken in eyes. I ran around and found the mother and demanded that she take her child to see a doctor/emergency room immediately. She actually had trouble deciding between work and her ill child. I never saw the mother or the children after that day ever again.When I asked around about where they went or what happened, no one could answer.

I wonder to this day if the child made it. God bless and I hope she did. some things you never forget.


Idiot Bastardson
This is just another reason why $cientology needs to have it's 'religious' tax exemption yanked.