The mud slide at Gold - looking for Andre Tabayoyan


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I really need to talk to Andre Tabayoyan about the mudslide at Gold.
This is very important for finding answers about the story of my brother Uwe Stuckenbrock.

Here is a quote from Andre's Declaration from 1994:

"70. In 1989, I personally observed Miscavige ordering the entire
membership of the Gold compound near Hemet, including all of the above-
mentioned Scientology units (which are corporately part of RTC and CSI,
although the corporate distinction is not a part of the reality of daily
life at the compound), to apply the ethics condition of Confusion (see
next paragraph for an explanation of this term) as a punishment for a
mud slide which damaged Tom Cruise's private apartment at the base. Tom
Cruise has his own personal Sea Org member assigned as a valet or
steward to clean his apartment and care for his needs when he is at the
Gold base."

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Thank you so much for your help.

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