The Nuances of L. Ron Hubbard, Louis Farrakhan, David Miscavige, Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler


Well...for all of Hitler's shortcomings history hasn't been fair in his portrayal and has much maligned him.

Sure he killed millions and was a mass murderer and all of that psycho stuff but the real bad guy was Josef Stalin.

Many times I've read or heard the comparison of Hu666ard to Hitler because Hitler is the go-to boogeyman that "everyone knows". In reality, though, Hu666ard was much more akin to Stalin than Hitler.

Hitler actually believed his own rhetoric and was true to it. The Nazis, despite what many believe, were not "white" supremacists. They were Aryan supremacists (whatever the hell "Aryan" is) and the fact that one was white wasn't relevant to the Master Race. The Nazis killed by extermination millions of whites such as Slavs, Pols, Russians, etc., as inferior "species". The Nazis were eugenicists. Today's Nazis, who are white supremacists, would probably be some of the first victims of true Nazi firing squads of the day. Being white meant nothing to the real Nazis.

The German people experienced an economic boon and had considerable wealth under Hitler before being drug down into a losing war. They prospered and were allowed to prosper.

For the most part the loyal retinue of Hitler prospered, too, and exercised considerable power and influence. People such as Goebbels, Himmler, Goering and such. It was good to be part of Hitler's inner circle.

Hitler denied himself many creature comforts because he felt a considerable obligation to the German people and their belief in the fuhrer mythology. Hitler actually exercised personal control and personal constraints in order to fulfill his role as the fuhrer.

Hitler was unapologetic and didn't have a secret agenda all backchannel and such. He openly stated what he was about and what he intended to do.

This can be contrasted to Stalin.

Stalin couldn't give a rat's ass about communism, socialism, Russians, his country or anything but Stalin.

The biggest victims of Stalin were the Russian people, themselves. Stalin was brutal to his subjects and wantonly murdered them by the tens of millions. The Russian people experienced no prosperity and instead experienced misery like none of us could imagine.

To be part of Stalin's inner circle was a death sentence. Purges and murders and being written out of history were the common themes surrounding Stalin. Today's Golden Boy and Party Loyalist was tomorrow's traitor and hung or shot on the gallows or cast into prison oblivion.

Stalin, in the meantime, enjoyed unprecedented wealth with a hedonistic lifestyle as any emperor could wish for.

In looking at Hu666ard and Miscavige their modus operandi is pure Stalin through and through.

I think Farrakhan may be more of a Hitler. IDK for certain but it appears to me that NOI members actually benefit to some degree under him. For instance the NOI doesn't allow the women to be called bitchez and hoes and the NOI is pushing a stable family unit. It appears that many NOI members were struggling prior to becoming NOI and that the NOI doesn't exploit people but rather has genuine concern for their members' wellbeing.

I could be wrong about this but Miscavige and Hu666ard despise Scientologists and consistently deny them things. Scientologists are exploited miserably by Scientology with every last bit of equity squeezed out of the mark - who is often discarded once all utility has been exhausted.

Ironically, in this way Scientology has more in common with Islam than the NOI does.

It doesn't appear that the NOI is guilty if this exploitation.

Any thoughts, ESMB?
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