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Discussion in 'Scientology Technology' started by VaD, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. VaD

    VaD Gold Meritorious Patron

    Would be interesting to collect all of "THE ONLY...." statements of L Ron Hubbard in one thread.

    I see, there is a potential for the lulz.

    Many of his statements and assertions are mutually exclusive and able to cause cognitive dissonanse in a believer.

    Here are some to start with:

    THE ONLY Source of Dianetics and Scientology is L Ron Hubbard.

    Scientology is THE ONLY game where everybody wins.

    THE ONLY reason person quits study is a word he didn't fully understand/didn't define.

    THE ONLY reason person blows/quits is because he has overts and withholds toward his group.

    THE ONLY source of aberration is engrams (reactive mind).

    THE ONLY reason person attacks or criticizes Scientology is because he has crimes.


    I know, there are more. Those are just off the top of my head. :p

    Those things are what Scientologists actually believe.

    Any more?
  2. VaD

    VaD Gold Meritorious Patron

    And here is another one.

    It's an issue called "Standard Tech" (one-liner, forgot if it was HCO PL, HCO B or FO). - I remember having spent much time on Word Clearing it. :duh: Having not understood it anyway, I just signed off, which signified "I am certain I understand it" - just so I could move on my checksheet.

    This is the totallity of that issue:

    "There is ONLY one tech, and that is Standard Tech".

  3. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    can we do 'the' next :D (jk jk)
  4. VaD

    VaD Gold Meritorious Patron

    And, of cource, there is that lable LRH invented - "THE ONLY ONE"

    If I remember correctly its definition:

    THE ONLY ONE - an individual who wants to only create effects onto others and cannot tolerate effect from others onto self.

    (Correct me if this definition is inaccurate. I have no Scn materials handy)
  5. VaD

    VaD Gold Meritorious Patron

    Sure, Ogs. Why not! :coolwink:

    I'm just going down THE memory lane. - Maybe it's of some value in understanding what Hubbard's spew is all about.

    And here's one for ya:

    "THE way out is THE way through". - LRH :clap::clap::clap:

    One can read/understand it also as:
    THE ONLY way out is the way through.
  6. VaD

    VaD Gold Meritorious Patron

    Another one:

    "THE ONLY richness is understanding". - LRH
  7. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    Surely not!! L Ron Hubbard would never use a word like "only" because there are no absolutes. Hmmm . . . unless . . .
  8. VaD

    VaD Gold Meritorious Patron

    Dianetics/Scientology is THE ONLY workable system in the fields of human mind and spirit.

    - Not sure that Hubbard ever said those exact words but I'm sure as hell that every Scientologist believes in that.
  9. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron



    If he is in the middle of an engram, the only way out of it is through it.

    Dianetics the discovery that the „un- conscious“ mind is the only mind which is always conscious.

    The only information the individual has of such action is his occasional
    perception that he is not acting rationally about one thing or another and cannot understand why. There is no Censor.

    Once survival was isolated as the only dynamic of a life form which would explain all its activities, it was necessary to study further the action of survival. And it was discovered

    Moments of „unconsciousness“ when the analytical mind is attenuated in greater or lesser degree are the only moments when engrams can be received.These are gaps which take place during moments of „un- consciousness,“ that state of being caused by anaesthesia, drugs, injury or shock.

    The reactive mind is possessed by everyone, What does this mind do?
    It can give a man arthritis, bursitis, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, coro-
    nary trouble, high blood pressure, and so on down the whole catalogue of psycho-somatic ills, adding a few more which were never specifically classified as psycho-somatic, such as the common cold.And it [The reactive mind] is the only thing in the human being which can produce these effects.

    This is the only data missing from a standard bank.If in hypnotic trance you examine a patient’s memory of an operation these incidents are the only periods in the banks you will not find.

    The only test is whether or not a fact works. If it does work
    and can be used, it is a scientific fact. And the prenatal engram is a scientific fact. Tested and checked for objective reality, it still stands firm

    The only thing which resists is the engram! When it is being restimulated it impinges against the patient’s analyzer, tends to reduce analytical power, and the patient exhibits a modified dramatization

    The only constant is the mechanism of the reactive engram bank and that alone does not vary.

    If we want confirmation of the data received, the only way to get it is put the parent or relative in therapy


    The only certainty in the environment approach is that a sickly child will recover when removed from restimulative parents and taken where he is loved and feels safe – for his sickness is the inevitable result of restimulation of prenatal engrams by one or the other or both his parents.

    Moments of „unconsciousness“ when the analytical mind is attenuated in greater or lesser degree are the only moments when engrams can be received.

    The only way an ally can aberrate a child is by talking to and sympathizing with a child who is very ill or „unconscious“ from injury. If he does this he alloys the child’s personality with his own, creates an eventual possibility of psycho-somatic illness and aberration and may generally disable the child for life (except for dianetics, of course). Love a child best and do for him best when he is well. Do anything you please with him when he is well, say what you please. When he is sick or hurt, it is best, as the bosun said, Patch him up and keep God-damned quiet!“

    The sympathy engram is not the only source of psycho-somatic illness by far, but it is the source of the chronic psycho-somatic ill.

    The only legitimate reason for entering later portions of a person’s life before the prenatal area has been well exhausted is search for sorrow discharges occasioned by the death, loss or denial by an ally.

    The only aberration and psycho-somatic ill the patient will continually hold to is a prosurvival engram which is part of an ally computation.

    According to theory, the only thing which can lock up life units is this emotion of loss. If some method existed of doing nothing but freeing all life units, the physical pain could be neglected.That could be written fifty times here without being stressed enough. It is most important,

    Emotional charges usually hold the person off his track and, indeed, are the only things which give these engram commands any power according to current findings.

    The only interest in them is whether or not the aberrations and illnesses go to return no more. At the end of therapy they will be gone. At the beginning they are only complication.

    The only way a clear could so be forced would be to give him engrams or turn a neuro-surgeon loose upon his brain.

    The actual quality of the seeing and hearing does not need to be good. The actual organs of sight and sound can be in poor condition. The only fact of importance is the „nervousness“ about reception.


    The pre-clear is the only one who „knows“ what has been done to him. It may not be immediately in conscious recall, it may require dozens of hours to find specific information as to what people have done. But all the data is there, available for recall in therapy.

    Self-determinism is the only possible way a computer can be built to give rational answers

    and it is the pre-clear who is to be cleared, who has the only accurate information, who can make the only evaluations.


    The only way you can go wrong is to compute with the idea that human beings are full of error and evil and sin and that if you have made a person less unhappy and above normal he is to bejudged a clear. This is a release.

    The only detachable portion of him is the „evil“ portion.


    Aside from dianetic reverie, some pre-clears have been foolish enough to attempt auto-hypnosis and thus reach their engrams. Hypnotism in any form is unwarranted in dianet- ics. Auto-hypnosis used in dianetics is probably as close to fruitless masochism as one can get. If a patient places himself in auto-hypnosis and regresses himself in an effort to reach illness or birth or prenatals, the only thing he will get is ill. Of course, people will try. None are ever convinced until they have tried once they begin to agitate about auto-control. But be sure to have a friend and this book handy so that he can audit away the headaches and such that suddenly turn on.


    This reasoning, which seems to some specious and downright dishonest, is the only method so far found that produces results. Look about you: every product that has been touched by machines in its production is a demonstration of the observed fact that, by provisionally assuming a theory is true, concrete, useful results can be obtained. And that by maintaining a willingness to discard or modify that theory at the first sign of failure, progress is made.
  10. VaD

    VaD Gold Meritorious Patron

    Wow, Jachss99!!! :melodramatic:

    That's another whole can of worms you opened for us right there, in Dianetics.


    Here is another one I forgot to post (I guess because of my PTSness :)):

    THE ONLY reason one makes mistakes or gets ill is PTS condition.

    (My wording might be a bit off but the basic idea is there)
  11. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron


    The only… THE ONLY crime was whether or not you accepted Church Doctrine. And a man could become a heretic for carrying his prayer book backwards. It was just getting to a level of idiocy on enforcement. Anything you did that was even vaguely to the disinterest of uh… the Church was greeted by an autodafé.#

    The only thing that’s a saving grace is a person comes way up the tone scale, his ethic level also comes way up. And is that fortunate!

    So you have mathematics as a very nice way of writing in abstracts and writing in symbols, and the only error mathematics ever makes is supposing that those symbols are ac- tual. The supposition – it doesn’t make that mistake very often; mathematicians are pretty good at this by the way. They figure out all sorts of things and then they say, „I guess that’s the answer.“

    Now the only distance we have gone there is the distance that the laws of the MEST universe are based on a basic series of agreements, which gradually became more and more
    and more agreement; and they became very solid.

    If a person s quite bad off, he just never cleans his bullpen.
    And if you start to audit him, you’ll find he all of sudden will start a line charge; he’ll laugh for 48 hours. What’s he doing? The only thing he’s doing is just cleaning data out of this bull- pen. You brought him up the line

    Why did they think that surgery is the only cure for an ulcer, whereas their
    records tell them that surgery is not a cure for an ulcer? You operate on a fellow once, maybe he’s all right for a while, you operate on him again , maybe he is all right for a while longer, you operate on him again and he dies under the knife. I mean it’s just uh… one of these things.

    The only reason he’s hanging on to MEST is because he has the disability of not being able to do it for himself.

    Why… why does this MEST universe and people who really get MEST-ified… Uh…
    people that really get MEST-ified why, why are they so insistent that we not imagine any- thing? Why? Because if a fellow really started out along this line, they know, basically they know that the only way that they can be smashed to smithereens is to all of a sudden be pre- sented with an illusion which they have to accept. And that’s a terrible danger.

    You get… the truth of the matter is you can’t even talk about one piece of space crossing another piece of space in view of the fact that space is a postulated agreement and if… if space is a postulated agreement, the only way you could get one piece of space sitting across another piece of space would be a very simple thing. You could have a fellow say, let’s see, „Up IS, front IS and width IS, but width is also up here 45 degrees and up is slightly down to the left and this is width.“ And he’s got those two sections of space simultaneously.

    Now wouldn’t he be in horrible shape. He’s got two sections of space simultaneously and he’s trying all the time he’s got these two sections, these two pieces of dimension… You see, the only reason they’re scrambled is because he’s on a… on a maybe. And then maybe he has a space that he calls time and he keeps shoving this space he calls time around. ‘Course, if doesn’t go anyplace. But… and he’s all fouled up on the subject of time but he’s got another space that kind of introduces itself on him all the time.

    Maybe you’d observe this closer if you’d just ask a few people how stars look to
    then. And if you ask them searchingly they will tell you that there is a difference in observa- tion of space, which is the only point I’m making here. There’s differences.

    Now, I was waving a few meters and cathode-ray-tubes around in the air and I was doing a very Einsteinesque, who has… only… the observer has the right to look at a meter and no other right. He can observe, he preferably would stand with a blank everything in front of him except a hole, and that hole would be on the needle of the meter. And the only thing he’s got a… any… any right… right to say or see or do anything else is just that meter, and the num- ber of it that… that he reads. Now that’s the way you have to do this stuff. You have to limit it down with terrific severity.

    All kinds of motion pictures and that sort of thing. And they’ve all got some command value. The only reason they’re around is because he hasn’t taken responsibility for them. That’s all. He hasn’t taken responsibility for that energy.

    He does a beautiful .job. He’s done a wonderful job coming up the line of patterning it all just right as the only solution which he had for the situation, lacked any other solution. But you ask the GE to suddenly go on the line of independent decision and thought and he is gone.

    Process sensation when you’re trying to break those internal lines, desire for sensation, and remember to process desire for sensation when you’re… when you have your thetan snapping into heads. That’s desire and thirst for sensation - must have is what’s got him there - so he’s riding on that postulate, which is the only reason he’d snap into a head.

    That group almost never advances. Now that group which can be free in each and every individual matter is yet the only group that can act and reason and with cause. For a group to be cause it must consist of individuals who themselves are cause.

    Now the only thing that you would find wrong in the character of anybody you knew was the insistence of that person or the unreasonable or reasonableness – speciously reason- ableness – with which that person might persuade you to become placed in space and time continually against what you realized was not your own best interest.

    What’s wrong with this universe? Very simple thing wrong with it. It just locates one willy-nilly in space and time and it doesn’t let him have a single possession that’s his own. One cannot have in this universe what is one’s own, because the only thing which is one’s own is that which he himself created or helped to create. That’s all that one can own.

    The only reason people are hard to process is they’re scared that they’ll find just that and go zip and here won’t be anything.

    And actually, if he goes at it a long… this isn’t a ritual line, this is really the only way you can do it. He’s been doing that other automatic and let’s get out of the automaticity bracket. He’s been doing the other automatically so you just say to dickens with this auto- matic. It’s getting postulated space, and you’ll find something very peculiar – that the things
    are more durable.

    Position one, the only space there is as far as he’s concerned is, the space which he is manufacturing every instant from viewpoint one

    Now he does this very diffidently because he’s afraid that if he does this the MEST universe will vanish and then he won’t know how to get back to that point of origin. That’s cute, because the only way he can get back to the point of origin is to say, „Well, let’s see, I’m… I’m viewing this thing now from the point of origin of the MEST universe.

    It’s all somebody else’s space so you be careful what you put into it. And you be care- ful what you take out of it, but the only thing you ever see which is the most mysterious thing to you, the most mysterious thing is all you ever see; if you were going to look at the standard meter, you would see that it existed from this far maybe to your left to that far to your right.

    In they come, MEST universe says, „Now look, there’s a bunch of natural laws and
    bunch of agreements. And these are the anchor points and these are the only anchor points you can have and you locate yourself in the middle of these anchor points.

    Now, the only way he could really, really be sure of anchor points is to mock them up

    The only anchor point he has is the body, that he can be sure of. His level
    of certainty has diminished and diminished and diminished throughout life.

    And as we go down that, we’re going down the action cycle. We’re also going down the creation, change and destruction cycle. And all those cycles are coincident cycles. So your preclear will be able to perceive only at the lowest levels at first, usually, and he will only really be able to perceive at a certain height. This is the only way I know of swiftly changing the emotional tone and therefore the position of the preclear on the tone scale is to shift his
    position on the sensation scale.

    So let’s just forget about this slippy, stupid word TIME, let’s forget about that and let’s get change of position. Now that’s theoretically the definition of it. And the only reason we’re interested in this is not interested in it from a physics standpoint even remotely. They’ve been too long running around in that squirrel cage. Going round and round and round, space is time is MEST is a particle is space is time is MEST is a… I mean we’re… space, time, energy, these three things are related.

    forth, it’s the end of havingness. About the only thing he ever has that he’s really sure of – he’s got a body. And he knows he will have the body and so he sort of sticks on a time track.

    Actually, the only real danger an atom bomb is as far as thee and me are concerned is simply that somebody might bust loose with one of the doggone things and cost us some time, that’s all.

    You… you coax them into facing reality, uh… nar- cosynthesis, electric shock, all of these things are methods of getting somebody to agree with
    the MEST universe.
    And uh… I’ve been meaning to tell psychiatry about this because I’m sure they ha- ven’t thought of using any of these things, but these are practically the only methods of really reducing somebody by getting him to agree. And the hypnosis, narcosynthesis, I want you to take a list of this hypnosis, electric shock, uh… dope, uh… the uh… phenobarbital, uh…
    there are other methods: telling a person how tired they are and they have to have a rest, uh… uh… telling people that they’d better… better look to their souls and so forth, these are all methods – these are all methods which psychiatry ought to have because I know they’d be completely original to psychiatry.

    We’ll call this an infinity of lines here. And we’ll call this thing here in the middle
    maybe. Now all that means is neither no nor yes. So that’s the definition of maybe… neither no nor yes. And the only time a problem is in abeyance is when you can’t get a greater factor on weight on the yes or the no.
    A magician, uh… the magic cults of the 8th, 9 th, 10 th , 11 th, 12 th centuries in the Middle East were fascinating. The only modern work that has anything to do with them is a trifle wild in spots, but it’s fascinating work in itself, and
    that’s work written by Allister Crowley, the late Allister Crowley, my very good friend.

    And of course he can now only inevitably go down this tone scale until you get an in- finity of MEST universe and a zero of personal cause, so you start out being at cause, be sure you don’t wind up as an effect, and the only way you can wind up as being an effect is forget that you wound up this effect over here. You did it. Nobody else did it. You did it. And as long as you know you did it, why, you’re all right.

    *And if you ever built yourself a universe, go park the truth on which it is built on the first piece of structure that you may build, and engrave it well, and don’t make it mysterious. Because the only way to make your universe survive forever and last forever, and be there and be at last in command of you, is to invent the truth that started it and then hide that truth.*

    The only reason… the only reason medicine finally blew up back there in the twenti- eth century was actually because of specialization. Somebody went in and… and if… if there was a spot on the center of the tonsil and they’ve just gone to a tonsil expert why they had to go to a center of a tonsil expert, and have the spot examined.

    „And I can stay important“ this groups says, „just as long as I can convince you that it is difficult and succeed in withholding some of the information from you.“ That’s a… a con- trol operation. Knowledge in that sphere then is saying you’ll get the vectors on this in a mo- ment very clear. That group… the person who does that is saying, „We must have automatic- ity. I am sitting here and I am the only one who knows and therefore being the only one who knows possibly, why, I have to hold back information and use part of what I’ve got to reduce the automaticity uh… to heighten automaticity and reduce the self-determinism of others in this group.“

    And by substituting then using that idea, you substitute that emotion and then you get it back again. You could feel what they were feeling and that is the way you would get counter-emotion at twenty-two or eighteen on the tone scale. That’s the only way you’ll be able to feel counter-emotion.

    When we talk about this universe we’re talking about energy. The only way an indi- vidual can be held in to this universe is by a conviction that he cannot handle energy

    This is a force universe. And don’t EVER make a mistake about that. And if
    it was the only universe there was, God help all of us! It is a force universe. It’s built on trick- ery, and it’s built on force.

    The only thing which you see out here in this universe that is worth seeing, is what you and people like you have put into it to perceive back.

    You must know that the only time you ever get sound out in space is in the middle of an explosion. Space isn’t rigged for sound. Sound requires air.

    So one of the reasons why mock-up creative processing works is because it, for the first time, starts to treat the only anchor points he ever had or he ever will have.

    #This is an overt act against religion, and the person has been made guilty in terms of some religious cult, and so on and the only reason that could ever happen to him is because at some time or another he has deserted a group which was a high ethical group and after that he can become prey to other things.#

    Now, that’s all right if the MEST universe can keep you completely in the dark about the fact that there’s somebody else in the MEST universe besides you. But any time anybody goes off on the first dynamic and they say the first dynamic is the only dynamic, they’re working a control operation; it’s a control operation of magnitude.

    The only real thing there is, is an idea

    You want to how NOT to find out about the physical universe? Classify it by object. German classification as the modus operandi and the only way to go about it would have led into deeper and deeper and deeper MEST

    You look back, past the past and you see this… you’re very impressed; you read the word Lucretius. Well, he’s probably named Johnny Jones today and uh… or he’s maybe a very smart guy down at Bell Labs, or something like that. He’s going along the line. And uh… yet, the only reason you’re really using the word Lucretius is not for any other reason than it’s an identification of a piece of work which keeps it identified as that piece of work; and as long as it is so identified it cannot be corrupted or confused with the work of uh… I
    don’t know, Pope Pius

    He’s saying, „Look at all this. I’m… I’m fully… I’ve… I’m… I’m… I’ve got all these
    credits here and I’ve had all these dreadful DEDEXes done to me,“ and the only reason he’s talking about it is he knows he’s lying in his teeth. He really basically knows he’s telling you a big lie when he tells you how bad off he is

    He recognizes instinctively, really, the only space there is for him is the space he makes. The anchor points that are made for him are not anchor points for him.

    The only way you got anybody to work for anybody was to feed ‘em; and you’d give your laborers chow, they’d work. And you let them take home a little chow to their families, they’d work a lot harder.

    The only thing that really holds a preclear in the body is ‘cause too many particles have occupied the space immediately in front of him or behind him or around him, and he can’t occupy the body anymore because it’s already been occupied too often by these parti- cles

    We’re not supposed to talk about that because we’re not licensed to. It requires a special license from the Atomic Energy Commission to talk about electrons. They’re sacred property now and they’re the only ones
    who can have any.

    #Now Torquemada, Grand Inquisition – boy, they couldn’t be convinced that people weren’t convinced about these seven hells. Nobody’d ever come back and told them about ‘em. Uh… they… they couldn’t be interested too much in pie in the sky; they got much more interested in action here on earth and a lot of other things. And so the autodafé‚ really was a convincer. They’d put ‘em on a stake and they’d put the… put the stakes around them The only… the only crime was whether or not you accepted Church Doctrine. And a man could become a heretic for carrying his prayer book backwards. It was just getting to a level of idiocy on enforcement. Anything you did that was even vaguely to the disinterest of uh… the Church was greeted by an autodafé.#

    Uh… and… and he’s busy trying to figure every way he can fig-
    ure to lose some little two-bit court case – in Scientology. He’s doing this. Why, it’s the most fascinating thing you ever saw. These… these guys… these guys are so low they haven’t… they haven’t got any responsibility for any fellow human being, and they have no responsibil- ity for themselves at all.
    Why? Because such a person has had it demonstrated to him very adequately by having his wife who was a cripple for many, many years made again to walk and play the piano.

    Hah! He didn’t have any responsibility for her, did he? Didn’t have any responsibility for himself – couldn’t possible have done so. Why? Because it isn’t any responsibility of his that everything’s going wrong, and so forth. And this trial – he’s the only one that’s there. It’s up to him to say anything at al\

    /Uh… hypnosis bears a considerable resemblance to sleep and a person knows… any auditor knows when he’s dealing with a hypnotic subject. Any auditor should know some- thing about hypnosis because it’s a very standard set of something or other. There are various things that will happen. The breathing will become shallow, and uh… the next thing that hap- pens is their eyes will roll back up in their heads, like that, or roll down like this. And their eyelids will go flicker, flicker, flicker, flicker, flicker. And uh… if you do anything that makes people do that, and you’ve got them hypnotized, that’s all. There’s various methods used. You just capture their perceptic line and you’re the only one in whom they’re on agreement. You’ve just separated their agreement from the rest
    of the world and they think you’re the only one, see? Very simple./

    /You know that I have the only survey that was ever impartially – and it was really im- partially – done on the subject of electric shock. And I hired a guy to do it. He was not inter- ested in Dianetics; he was not interested in psychiatry. He was an investigation publication man and all we did was get all the results there were on the subject of electric shock, wher- ever they were published by anyone, anywhere. And we collected them all together and drew them up on charts. Didn’t cast any evaluation on them at all, just drew them on the charts to see what the statistics would say. And I’ve just given you the results. We couldn’t find a case anywhere – just a case nowhere – where electric shock had ever improved anybody. /

    And all of a sudden we looked through this whole crowd and we find out – my God! Everybody here has been kicked out of a university and probably didn’t spend very long there except maybe if they were taking engineering and then they were hanging around with the fringes. And then the only reason the university graduated them as engineers is they knew damn well they’d never practice engineering. And uh… well, it was about all we had./

    And any time he is susceptible to terror, you’re going to lose your ethic. And the only time a man gets afraid is when he loses his belief in himself and his trust in himself. And every criminal you find in an institution went on the road to crime in one direc- tion only and at one moment only: when he lost his own self-respect. You can go check that, and you’ll find out that that is uniformly the case.

    You’re going to have to go through force objects, you’re going to have to be
    able to use force; I’m afraid that’s the only way out of it.

    You would call… you would call a child’s headiest, most exciting moment of play uh… below the sensation known as ‘being alive’, high on the tone scale. See, Spirit of Play is the only way we can translate it here.

    All right, now here we have, then, this whole… this whole sphere of interest and activ- ity called the MEST universe which started out as a game. But don’t think the MEST universe is the only game there is.

    But that’s kind of like the MEST universe. The MEST universe would have you be- lieve this is the only game there is anyplace in the whole of anything. That’s not true! Not even vaguely true. Games are going on with all kinds of rules, terrific interest levels and so

    Now pain is penalty which will be obeyed. You’ve got to have the rules obeyed. How do you enforce the rules? You put an automatic enforcement around that everybody desires to use. The second everybody desires to use the enforcement, they will obey it, too. They obey it to set an example. Pain is the enforcer in this universe. But don’t think that’s the only one. It could be: You disobey the rules… you disobey the rules, you are immediately surrounded by smoke. And the smoke continues till you’re able to obey the rule. Just like that. I mean, you’d have no pain to bother with, but it’d certainly be annoying!

    /Now you get a person who’s not, and he starts on a course. And a particle hits him, and he might stagger a little bit on it, and he keeps right on on the same course. And another particle hits him to shove him off in some other direction, and he might stagger a little bit in that direction, he stays right on the same course. And the only thing that happens to him, he slows down.
    Really, that’s the essential difference between the psychotic and the sane person. The psychotic obeys the law of particles; the sane person obeys the law of free aligning action. He aligns action, continues to align action.
    And is not a particle. Your psychotic also looks and feels like an object. He has no re- sponsibility; he is handled, he doesn’t do the handling./

    If I impress anything upon you, you don’t have any duty to help him out. And if you do a good job, the only one that’s going to pat you on the back is you. Not your preclear, not his family, not me – that’s wrong! I will.

    The only thing wrong with this preclear is the MEST universe; let’s not forget that. You find him here and he’s agreeing with it.

    Somebody’s already worked the magic on you that a dollar or a pound – are worth having, that you can buy things with it that you can’t manufacture.
    The only thing valuable about the whole thing was a piece of knowledge. If you know a modus operandi and can put it into effect without excessive labor or cost, you sure don’t need the object from somebody else, do you?

    And you understand the only thing that’s snapping him back in is lack of force, and fear of things which are forceful

    You can have them repair items in the body, as it says there. You can do various things, if you want to. And the only reason you really do that is just to orient him on the body. And I don’t want to give you the idea that that’s important –

    Now if you at the bottom… had a preclear who was going out the bottom, believe me, the only method he thinks he has of knowing is if you tell him. Why? He’s in a hypnotic trance. He’s in an hypnotic trance from 2.0 down and a bad one. And at… then… he gets to a point where if you tell him that’s why, it isn’t true; but if you do the opposite, then of course it becomes convincing. He becomes sure that you’re going to kill him because you’re so nice
    to him. He becomes sure that you are his enemy in that wise. You are so mean to him that he’s sure, then, that you are his friend.

    Well, the only way that this is upsetting, and the only reason this is upsetting, is be- cause they are, actually, incapable in some line or another and your presence gives them sud- den hope. And this hope is sufficient to boost them up from what they are/

    / If you could realize how completely the thetan is dependent upon sensation for a conviction in this universe that he yet is alive, you would real- ize that what you are rehabilitating there is the only reward he has for living

    the rehabilitation of sensation is very necessary, because need for,
    desire for sensation is the only thing which keeps him in the vicinity of a body

    The only way anybody could ever be made to do anything in the MEST universe at all was to interest him, in some fashion or another that would keep him on the treadmill. Andven the slave in the presence of some big, vague, thin promise of an aesthetic such as a play, such as a circus that he might go to, such as being permitted to assist in some pageantry, even a slave would go on living in a body in the hope that he could obtain some aesthetic sensation.
    And so a collar could be placed upon him.

    Now all right. He gets down to a point where his only actual anchor points are bodies, and the only objects he cares about, really, are bodies and things associated with bodies. Think of that for a minute.

    It really will. Of course, Mama’s been the only anchor point this body had… the GE had for months

    /Now you have two purposes: One is, we solve this on the operational schedule, all is simplicity. We assumed that all was simplicity. The answer was basically simple so where did you go to find the answer? Not into further complexity. And whenever you, in doing research, start to grab up a datum that isn’t explanatory of any large field of action, and then dive into further complexities as the only direction to be taken – beware/

    And just in case we missed that, interest alone is the only thing that carries your pre- clear up the track toward a higher level of beingness. He has to h… be interested in what he is doing and he has to be interested in a potential will-be, will-do, or will-have, in order to im- prove himself even vaguely

    And that’s the only liability of self-auditing. The only li- ability of self-auditing is that the pressure of the flows and somatics cause one to do what one automaticity starts to do, and that’s to agree with the MEST universe.

    ‘Cause for the psy- chotic the past is solid, and that’s the only solidity he’s got. Why, he can’t pervade any further than his immediate self environment, and that is solid energy.

    #I’ve never used any energy with which to think. And the only reason
    I’m telling you about this, I’m telling you about this is almost… it’s all extrapolated, but it’s almost a new discovery, although I’ve been kidding about it for two-and-a-half years.#
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    If only Hubbard had not been such a moron . . . . :confused2:

    (different definition of "only")
  13. Auditor's Toad

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    Mo Ron Hubbard?
  14. VaD

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    Hubbard liked that "the only..." thing, didn't he!


    Another one:

    The ONLY crime is this Universe is to be there and communicate.

    WTF??? :confused2::confused2::confused2:

    Never understood that one. But! Was given this quote number of times like it was "Ultimate Truth" or something. :duh:
  15. VaD

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    THE ONLY correct way to clean the windows is by using newspapers and clean water. And nothing else!!!

    - It's not his exact words but exact idea of FO on cleaning windows from Personal Grooming Course on EPF and Cleaning Course in Product 1 for SO Members.
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    The only good cat's a dead cat.

    No, wait a minute, that's what my mom says.

    The only reason for natter is a missed-withold.

    That isn't a direct quote. I threw out all my LRH-stuff, otherwise I would have plenty to contribute here.
  17. Gadfly

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    The sole decline of this universe is due to the psyches . . . .

    Close enough.
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    The only one who can help when there's a car accident?
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    Blimey, talk about his way is the ONLYway.
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    Right! Spot on!:thumbsup:

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