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The purpose of ESMB


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I have just read like 10 posts on this thread and I still dont know what the problem is/was. ..

If you want people to learn from it just tell us !

Seems to be the most efficient way to handle this 'situation'....???
Yeah, send just the guilty individuals to cramming. :)


HAHAHAHAHA!!! Actually, this is a lovely painting!

Who said this was a dangerous place? I am thinking that things are being totally blown out of all proportions here. This is getting ridiculous. Geez, there's nothing like a sweeping generality is there. :eyeroll:

Haven't told you lately that I love you.....
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:love8: Me too, Pixie. :) And Good Twin and PC too. :love8:

Baby Girl, for better or for worse, we're on this ride together. Yesterday another ex said something to me about how being ex is such a unique experience that only other exes could understand. It's true. We are bonded by this and your healing is important to me and as much a part of my recovery as anything I do or discover myself. If you must cry, please cry healing tears.:yes:
OMG! This is makinig me cry, too!! :bigcry:


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I am a bit concerned with the change in direction that ESMB has taken recently.

If you had to characterise this board in any way I would suggest it could be called a "support" or "recovery" board.

With the arrival of several "Anons" the focus has changed somewhat into an "activist" board.

There are many things about the arrival of Anonymous onto the critical scene that I'm delighted with. I think they breathe new life into our "cause" and have invigorated a lot of critics. However ESMB was not created to be an activist board. It is a peaceful place where people come to tell their stories, meet other exes, reunite with old friends and heal from a cult experience.

I can't expect the newer Anonymous arrivals to understand what it's like to try to extricate one's self from cult indoctrination. Only a person exiting Scientology can completely understand. It's a slow, painful process at times. We try to care for each other because quite frankly, if we don't, who the hell will?

I understand that Anonymous targeted the ex Scientologist community for support in their crusade and I can understand why. We have a common "enemy" if you will. But our methods are very different. Many of us have been fighting Scientology for longer than some Anonymous members have been alive and understand that the only way to win against Scientology is through legal and peaceful measures. Violence, vandalism and terrorism are not supported by the critical community, and the advocacy of those measures will not be tolerated on this message board.

I know that we have many members of Anonymous on this board and the majority of them are well behaved and well meaning. Unfortunately there are some who haven't heard our message or have decided to ignore it.

I have had to take some action today because of the advocacy of potentially violent and/or illegal actions against the CoS being discussed on this board. I don't know how to make it any clearer to you other than to say that it is just not acceptable.

To those Anons who are posting on ESMB and understand what this board is for and are willing and able to respect the nature of the board, I welcome you and hope you continue to learn about Scientology and how it is best tackled. To other Anons who wish to use ESMB as some sort of recruitment ground for illegal activities, or as a soap box advocating illegal activities, you are not welcome. You have a multitude of other boards & forums to which you can post.

I have not been able to keep up recently with all the posting that has occurred. I'm asking each and every one of you to report any post that promotes violence or illegal activities or that simply puts ESMB in danger.

I'm also changing the registration process for ESMB. There will no longer be an automatic process in which anyone can join. I created ESMB primarily for ex Scientologists and while there is room for people who have never been in, I never wanted the balance to be tipped that way. I will be making a post regarding this once the form is completed and tested.

I've also appointed two moderators to the board. They are and will remain unknown to everyone except myself. I ask that you respect their decisions and take up any objections with them first privately and only if it is unable to be resolved should you then involve me.

I know I sound all "serious" regarding this. That's because I am. I need to protect all the members of the board (including myself) and to try to ensure the survival of the board itself. OSA would love nothing more than to get this board closed down and IP addresses handed over by court order. Please be aware that an animal is often at its most dangerous when wounded and the CoS is hurting pretty bad right now.

I think the board is best reserved for ex-scientologists only. It is the title of the message board, after all. Anons wanting information can always go through an existing member. Kept pure then I think the board can ferment a magic brew.


Zinj - that pic is just THE best! :D

Yes, I just LOVE that painting, I keep coming back here just to look at it. It's so serene, he's deep in thought and... oh... so relaxed, it says so much really, there is a story there, this artist is extremely gifted.

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I think the board is best reserved for ex-scientologists only. It is the title of the message board, after all. Anons wanting information can always go through an existing member. Kept pure then I think the board can ferment a magic brew.

This has been discussed before and honestly the Anons who are here are on the whole amazingly helpful and insightful in a way that many exes need.


Do you know the artist? Is this a self portrait?

:dieslaughing: That's what I thought, but he did say earlier that it's not him as he prefers to sit on the couch as there is more 'slack'... :dieslaughing: However I have my suspicions HG, I think this IS our very own and highly respected 'Zinjifar'.... :D

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This has been discussed before and honestly the Anons who are here are on the whole amazingly helpful and insightful in a way that many exes need.

I agree, and by interacting on here with people who have been "in" they can learn more about what it's like to be a Scnist and hence become more effective as campaigners so we all win.

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Well said Emma

Excellent Emma & well said as It is so true, a lot of us are still recovering and need to be away from the fighting and the attacks in that sense mentioned above. And if the board is kept like you have said so well it will serve up what is really intended, which is not a corruption or felony against anyone, just a nice slice of truth and an awakening in the direction we all truly need for ourselves PEACE & LOVE
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Specifics as to why:
- Today a newbie posted his first post, on the anti scn = anti life thread. I consider that he was slammed for it, in a very disrespectful manner.
- Yesterday, I read a chat (after the fact), that was a shocker! The offender was later banned, but the fact that she was given the stage and the audience for the length of time that she was - was surprizing and disappointing.
- Having someone log into chat with something like "any 'fuck pigs' around here today" (as an introduction), when members were mid chatting - would/could arguably be considered direspectful and rudely offensive.
- Reading the two word/three word threads and seeing stuff like "suk fuk yoo" with reply "anytime kv anytime" would/could be the same - and in addition, render those threads exclusive to a minority.
- Reading or receiving stuff like "One need only examine your Freezone discussion groups to see what a bunch of Elron space cadets you guys are." is an example of a personal affront.

If these instances were just "one off's", they would probably just be like water off a ducks back, but in recent days/weeks - not so! They appear to be on the increase and are hence affecting the vibe/flavour/tone of the board.

In my mind those who have kept up to speed with the daily posts, would have also observed the change.

Well done Carmel for your excellent work contacting local scientologists.

Well done for pointing out some things I was not aware of. I don't have time to read all posts, and generally when I see someone criticizing someone for still liking tech, I skip those posts. I've had years of posting in far more hostile places than ESMB. On OCMB I was almost daily having my
picture photoshopped on dog turds and the like, so being referred to as a space cadet is water off a ducks back, and life is short....

I think you may be right that some posts like that are generated by OSA.
It has previously been my opinion that OSA just wan't active here. Now I see that that might no longer be the case.

However, there are always plenty of critics who quite happily post from the assumption that anyone who likes the tech is bonkers. I mean here
those non OSA. :)

And there is always a dichotomy. Some like tech, others thing it crazy, evil, whatever.

I think also the board has in fact recently been no longer moderated effectively. Emma recently decided to do all moderation herself, and its just not possible for one person. Specially as she has to sleep and work! As far as I know that's still the case. The other poster with long initials beginning with T made an excellent point re netiquette, and if netiquette as opposed to content was well moderated OSA could also enjoy the stories here without causing disruption. :)

Maybe some might wish to volunteer to be moderators?

Not sure if you ever joined any Freezone forums, as I wouldn't know what e-mail address you would use. You may wish to join and possibly some of your friends would find those more to their liking than here. I now and then recomend people read here, and occasionally repost stuff from here to my FZ forum. But even on its better days ESMB is not something all FZers would want to read. My forum can be reached from my sig line URL, and others from my success stories posts.


Hi Emma!

Thank's for this pleasant space where one can communicate freely :yes:
I also want to say that I loooooove the bunch of emoticons that are available for use :whistling: :happydance: :D :coolwink: :hattip: :old: :flamed:

This is fun!

Love to all :blowkiss: