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Re: The Fruit Plate Wars

The more I think about this, the sicker I feel. During this period of time, the regges were POUNDED on to get their stats up with threats, crams, ethics conditions, comm-evs, sec checks, SO Missionaires face-ripping/yelling, etc.

If you said anything, the line Robert from Bridge used to back up debiting was: "You are cutting lrh's comm line and that is suppressive!"

That's right, it was brutal.

But check this out:

When someone bought training or auditing LRH got ROYS on the tech, films, etc.

Then if the acct. got debited for books later, LRH got ROYS on the books - from the SAME MONEY he got ROYS on the tech and films!!!

And when it was $1,000 leatherbounds.........:omg:
I was at CC Int in the early 90's. (public) I used to HATE going in on Wednesdays or Thursdays. I also couldn't stand that Hollander reg, who I always thought got special privileges because of Karen. Does anybody know her?

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I always thought the "technical perfection" of flag was a load of shit that depended on them cherry picking their public.

For example, if I were a car salesmen and I had 4 other car salesmen that would go out and talk to people for me and say "Would you like to buy a car RIGHT NOW?". Then have my people route anyone who says "Yes" to me and I sell them their car. Look, I have a success rate of 100%, i close ALL MY SALES. Im the BEST salesperson on the planet...let me train you.