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The rest of the Courses and Auditing in SCN churches

Discussion in 'Grundy's Guide to Scientology' started by grundy, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. grundy

    grundy Gold Meritorious Patron

    Well, there's not much left that is done. But there are a couple.

    And by the way, these are the probably the most "controversial" of all the things that I have talked about. Because these are the things that some people feel are complete brain-washing techniques, and others feel have great value. These are the things that the Church teaches and applies that most of us here on these boards have the greatest problems with. Because they are either 1) applied (people don't agree with them) 2) criminally applied (applied by the church to suppress free thought and speech) 3) not applied (if actually applied by the church people would be less upset about Scn and the church) or 4) Not applied correctly (if correctly applied by the church people would be less upset about Scn and the church)

    (Sorry, there is a mixture of "official doctrine" and my own additives - I think it's pretty obvious which is which)

    PTS/SP (Potential Trouble Source/Suppressive Persons) Course - Teaches people about Suppressive Persons - people that suppress or put down one (in practice it's those that suppress the church) - and Potential Trouble Sources (People who are connected to SPs) - and how do deal with PTS Situations.

    ISE - (Introduction to Scientology Ethics) Course - Teaches one about 1) the conditions of life and how to apply to formulas to improve different areas of life 2) about what constitutes offenses in Scientology (misdemeanors, crimes and High Crimes) and 3) Justice procedures in Scientology

    Hubbard Eth. Spec. (Ethics Specialist) Course - Teaches one to administer what the ISE talks about. Supposed to train people to use Scientology ethics policies to help people become more ethical and survive better on their dynamics - works out to be how to apply "ethics and justice" to people to get them to conform to what the church feels is ethical and moral

    Therapuetic TRs Course - Teaches a basic level of TRs to PCs who have gotten auditing but have never done TRs. Basically to inculcate them with what happens in auditing. This course is almost never done because PCs are usually sold either HQS or Pro TRs courses.

    Scientology DRD (Drug Rundown) also has a co-audit course available. I've only seen this done rarely. Usually PCs are sold intensives for DRDs.

    Scientology Minister Course - A minister trained in the fundamental beliefs of the great world religions, the religious nature of Scientology and the duties and ceremonies of a Scientology minister.

    I actually think that this course has great value. Because it does force scientologists to at least have a basic understanding of other religions.

    PTS/SP Rundown - an audited procedure to release charge from past PTS situations thereby putting a person more at cause in his life.

    Introspection Rundown - an audited procedure to handle the reasons why a PC is introverted (depressed)

    BSM (Basic Study Manual) - a more basic course than the student hat to teach the basics of study technology.

    Special Rundowns Courses - Many of the special rundowns have courses which teach class IV or class V auditors to deliever specific rundowns. This is often done in smaller organizations that can't afford to wait to train their staff auditors on the complete Class V Graduate course.

    Hubbard Assist Processing Course - teaches an auditor to standardly deliver scientology "assists" - procedures used to help alleviate current physical or emotional conditions which would prevent them from being audited on grade chart actions.

    Special Course in Human Evaluation - teaches people the basic chart of awareness characteristics and I beleive the tone scale (a scale which classifies all levels of human and spiritual emotions)

    I believe that this course is used to teach people to help people onto the bridge but I am not sure

    Hubbard Group Auditor Course - trains people to standardly deliver "group processing" procedures that can be given to whole groups of people to bring them into present time or change the emotional level of a group

    Hubbard Introduction and Demonstration Auditor Course - teaches people to audit demonstration procedures that introduce scientology to people and demonstrate how auditing works.

    It's funny, but these procedures probably are the most valuable thing in Scientology. Because each procedure actually deals with specific things and helps to release them. This is what a lof of people outside of the official church feel that Scientology should do.

    Okay - NOW .. if you have specific questions on specific courses or auditing or feel I have misrepresented anything, feel free to post and comment, and I will revisit my thread(s) on occasion to add or clarify.
  2. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    What about the "Remedies" and Roll back tech?
  3. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Rollback tech is a metered interview done to trace back where a certain statement or action (destructive or malicious) came from. It is a series of interviews done to find the source for something.

    An example of a thing to rollback would be: (names changed to protect the non-innocent)

    "Mr. Miscarriage ordered the staff to work all night and all day for weeks on end without sleep." (assuming this is a false statement, it can be rollbacked).

    Or a destructive action: Taking all the staff and putting them on study when they are supposed to be reading the IG network bulletins (They are RTC issues, usually written by the narcicist himself).


    An "auditor" would take the first person Joe, interview to find out where he got this info, find out it came from Sam, bring in Sam, interview to find out where he got it, he got it from George, bring in George to find out where he got it - nowhere = he started it. He is the SP at the bottom of the action.

    And dont you DARE ever say it actually was true.

    Rollback is a close relative of sec checking. They are in the same category. (And it is not related to the Rollbacks you find at walmart...:D )


    Not sure what is referred to by a remedy?
  4. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    Wow, Thanks Bea. I had a roll back done but I guess never quite got that a string was being pulled to locate an SP. I was being handled for any possibility of disaffection after the first time I was offloaded and recovered. The remedies of course are from "The Book of Case Remedies". Covers soup to nuts and don't really get used as much as one would expect. IMO it's because they don't always work. LOL
  5. grundy

    grundy Gold Meritorious Patron

    I was reminded recently:

    There was another course that used to be delivered before all of DMs WONDERFUL new introductory lineup (note the sarcasm).


    HAS (Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist) Course was a simple TRs course and the step before the HQS.

    The original lineup was HAS, then HQS (which was a real course at the time) and then onto student hat.

    This was changed to STCC (Success Through Communication) which is a bit of a bullshit ... er, I mean, it's a bit of an alteration, and then the HQS course which is now a BOTWO course (Based on the Works of). The HAS was real TRs. The STCC is not.

    I loved the HAS. It was a great course.

    The HCC (Hubbard Communication Course) (mentioned in the pre-edited version of this post) was the original TRs course, forerunner to the Pro Trs course.

    The HCC WAS the first course in the academy for many years until the advent of the Student Hat and study tech being the first training course and subject. It was also before there was "Introductory courses".
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  6. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    The first Comm Course was called the HAS (Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist) Course when I came in.
  7. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    That's correct. (I was a Comm Course sup at the Riverside Mission in the 1970s. Some of the Div6 disseminators were sent to Flag for Pro TRs.)

    For the training side of The Bridge... yes, that's correct. (I was also a HQS Course sup at the Riverside Mission in the 1970s.)
  8. grundy

    grundy Gold Meritorious Patron

    I edited ..
  9. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    After HQS, and Student Hat, some went on to the Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course (HSDC). (I was also a HSDC Course sup at the Riverside Mission in the 1970s.)