The Review of a non-scientologist for a Scientology ‘Flag World Tour’ event

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This really is an interesting take on the current climate for both 'public' and Sea Org people. Especially about the 'two groups' defined by age. It's a good read.
Poor bastards.
What happened when one of our readers got into a Scientology ‘Flag World Tour’ event

I got a cup of coffee and they ushered me to the long table, where I sat down across from a very, very large gentleman in civilian clothes and began filling out forms. He asked about my case level (none), if I was interested in courses (maybe) and when I could do the Purif. I explained the liver problems I had last year and that a lot of niacin or potassium could kill me. He was confused for a moment, but then said that I’d have to meet with someone higher up and they’d tailor the program. I filled out three forms, and he asked me if I’d want to meet with a Flag consultant. I signed up for a meeting later in the week. At that time the people from the mission came out of the ball room. It was six Sea Org people and six mission public. They were led out by Barbara Dews, who I recognized immediately.

At the event, there were two groups of Sea Org people, who barely interacted. There were older ones, all more than 60 years old, and younger ones, probably all below 25. The older group looked steely and determined, but not beaten down. They did their job with purpose and knew most of the public people that were there.
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Re: The Review of a non-scientologist to a Scientology ‘Flag World Tour’ event

Some additional comments.

chukicita -Commodore H. McCringleberry • 14 hours ago

Were the uniforms eating with you?

Commodore H. McCringleberry - chukicita • 13 hours ago

Great question. In hindsight, I don't think they were. Most of the ones I saw were working the room at that point. As I said below, Tony is a great editor in that what I sent him was probably three times longer with not much more in the way of information, though I gave little nicknames to the Sea Org folks. The one that did the pre-event time yelling was the Sith Lord, and looking back, he and Waffen SS Haircut Guy were constantly working the room, though they avoided me. The couple of really old ones seemed to know everyone from back in the day, but that was it.

TexasBroad • 17 hours ago

A very busy guy IRL, the Commodore moved hell and high water to be able to attend this. I was on pins and needles waiting to hear from him, particularly after the 3 hr mark, and when I finally heard from him, he had me in tears describing how enthusiastically he participated in the LRH ovations in order to keep his cover. That they scheduled his Dec. 2022 purif was quite funny also, except for the part that he had already told him of his liver problems and that it would be dangerous for him. I awarded him Juevos Meritorious for his efforts! Dagnabbit though...with cover blown he can't attend the August event and watch Stan Gerson "change the course of Scientology in the 4th largest city" --presumably by making local Scientologists materialize out of thin air. Hard to say though...if the ten-ish locals are all whales, I suppose they can get a pretty good start.
Thanks Commodore...that was awesome!