The Scientology Mark Ultra VIII E-Meter vs. Ron's Suicide 8 E-Meter


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The Scientology Mark Ultra VIII E-Meter vs. Ron's Suicide 8 E-Meter.

Mike Rinder: Warehouse 8 Hypefest

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This isn’t really the meter “Ron envisioned and planned” — he had no idea about this meter. The one he envisioned and planned was described by Steve Pfauth on Marty’s blog and in Larry Wright’s book. The one with enough current passing through it that it would kill the body. The Suicide 8. Not the Warehouse 8.

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Intentionally Blank

Scientology Widow
a/ Certainly, with this description, they are not thinking ahead to the next time they need to extort members for more money.

Perfection achieved. In session with the Mark Ultra VIII you will experience not only the highest standards of technical perfection, but also the most spectacular gains and speed up The Bridge.
Total freedom—true to Ron’s vision. The most extraordinary meter you will ever experience. Its unequaled precision, clarity and ease of operation are here for you—with accuracy guaranteed forever.

b/ It looks like a vibrator. Or a toilet tissue roll holder. That's probably more apropos.




Rabble Rouser
The funniest part is IF ( BIG IF ) one cares to buy ( no pun intended, it 's just funny ) into that stuff....

Then isn't the meter a session distraction that takes - at least some - of the auditors attention away from the indicators of the PC ?

IF I were to audit again ( & I won't ) I'd NOT use a meter. Hell, even LRH said a good auditor should be able to L&N without a meter.

So WHY any meter at all ?

And Admin. Jesus Christ, IF one buys into that stuff the PC is running his "BANK" so who cares what is being said ?

It is all blah blah blah anyway. Why not just high light notes here & there ?

No meter? No admin ? Well how-de- do....ain't that a conversation between 2 people might outta be ?

Hey, can we talk ? LOL !

PS - the meter as a dildo a good idea, well, maybe good in use as an anal dildo only.