The Serial Murderer Recruited to AOLA



I did a videotape telling this story a couple of weeks ago, but I did a lot of vids so it will be anywhere from a few days to a week before it goes up here. Lots of people knew about Michael Shay (aka Mike O'Shea, Michael O'Shea, etc.) Anyone who was at PAC then - esp AOLA or any of his roommates or someone who remembers the commotion when he got arrested can assist by giving your account on this thread.

La La Lou Lou

My summary of letter writing policy is that you look over the file and if any question comes to mind you ask it.

Most letters that went out of my org were one line long, hello ....... did you ever read the pamphlet on scientology you paid ...... for? Stat push letters to stat pushed New Names To CF mailing list.

Usually there was no answer.

One chap did ask the question...."are you a tit or bum man?"

I have a feeling that that wonderful letter writer later became ED! Unfortunately he left. It was an honest question, and a well written letter according to Sauce. Hope he's doing well, and out.:yes:

La La Lou Lou

On the subject of murderers I was looking over the people's files put forward to cont Board of review. One was a gentleman who was wanted for murder back home where he would have had the death sentence. Murder being a suppressive act, I believe he had done the A-E steps and we were supposed to get him undeclared. His file kept going to the bottom of the pile, no one wanted to confront that question.:no: