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Thank you Mr. Berry for your wonderful write up on the progress of the campaign against the abuses of the Church of Scientology.

I do think bankrupting the CoS is the best way to end its abuses, however that can be brought about; and this does not infringe in any way on individual members' "religious beliefs," whatever those may be.

With all the rennovations projects the CoS has had underway over the last couple of decades, and knowing how the CoS delays paying its bills, I suspect there are many contractors and small businesses to which the CoS owes money -- both large and small amounts. Each local debt alone may not be that significant compared to the CoS finance reserves; but I suspect that all those debts combined would be a significant sum.

In the past, the "word on the street" was that it was quite dangerous to sue the CoS. Now that so much progress has been made, thanks in large part to your own hard work and courage, this is no longer true.

If all the CoS creditors were to bring civil suits against it for the money they are owed, especially if this happened "all at once," this might be a rather big "flank attack" on the beast. Or maybe hundreds or thousands of little suits, nibbling at the feet of the beast, is better?

As I am not a lawyer, I don't know how this could be coordinated, but perhaps there is a way (similar to the way law firms advertise on TV for victims of mesothelioma, etc. to contact them?) to gather up these potential suits from around the country and file them all at once -- either as a group of coordinated individual suits, or as a class action.

Perhaps victims of Narconon, W.I.S.E, and other front groups -- people who have until now though suing was hopeless, could also be gathered together for a coordinated effort.

You're the lawyer, you'd know what works best, and how best to go about this -- I just wonder if there aren't lots more legitimate lawsuits out there in the world that have yet to be brought, from many different directions.

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:thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou:

Graham are a hero. :thumbsup:

Great report. All of the work you have done and are still doing is much appreciated. You are one tough dude!

A BIG THANK YOU FROM ME, TOO :cheers: Thank you for what you are doing & everyone esle :grouphug: :wow: You have all made a difference :thewinner: YOU:itstrue: :thewave: BYE:hankie: Misscabbage:hotwater:

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Hi Graham

I want to join the others and thank you for your dedication to exposing the lies and scam that is scientology. You are correct when you say that it only needs 1 protester to make a protest. We in Christchurch vary from 1 to 9 I think was our biggest turn-out, but it doesn't matter a scrap. We still hand out hundreds of fliers, and people are getting the message. Those people will tell other people and it will continue to have an exponential effect. And you are also correct when you say that many people continue to work hard behind the scenes, finding out information, searching through documents, and reading up on the law, when once they were out protesting.

So far in Christchurch we have had the radio interview on the National Programme and a big Press article. It has certainly educated many people, and I know that when we protest in the Square, many many people just say, 'I don't need a flier. I already know how bad scientology is.' Another thrill for me is when someone calls out 'Xenu is my homeboy' here in Christchurch! It's mind-blowing how far and wide the work of Anonymous has spread.

There is some valuable info on another thread about how scn has been decimated by the work of exes in Australia. I hope you get time to read this thread, as it is really uplifting.

Thank you again for your tireless work. You are making the world a safer place for exes to come out and tell their stories.


Tim Skog

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Thank you Graham. Excellent summary. I believe we are not far from the end for Co$ thanks to your efforts and those of Anons everywhere. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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Thanks Graham for the assessment. I agree with you about he contribution from Anonymous and the Old Guard.

Here in the UK the situation is quite similar. I tentatively attended the first protest in feb 08 and cried tears of joy to see the worldwide campaign.

By the end of the year it was amazing how many people in the London streets didn't need a leaflet because they already knew about the cult's abuses and were right behind our campaign!:thumbsup:

The first march on St Hill was dramatic and uplifting. The circumnavigation of the grounds was epic! The bastion of secret abuse in the UK is now no longer insulated from the examination of the public! :thumbsup:

The tax authorities (HMRC) are actively investigating the CofS as regards minimum wage non-payment and the "staff wanted" signs were taken down by the Orgs.

It has been a tremendous year and here's to the next one! Thanks for all the work that you have done.