The Story behind the Tom Cruise Video Leak


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While it's good to know the true history of the DVD and what happened, there are already forces at work trying to rewrite what happened and grab the glory. Not that I care about glory, but veracity is important.

My friend decided to ask Ebner what happened. I asked his landlady, who was present at the time of this nonsense.

Her version parallels Pooks'.

Ebner, I don't know WTF is going on with him. When she pressed him for why the delivery was so urgent, he responded thusly:

nteresting. I wondered why Ebner all of a sudden said he had to stop communication when I started to press the reason you had to so urgently drive up there with the DVD.

I can't emphasize the URGENCY relayed down the lines that this DVD had to be in Hollywood that very day. It's the only reason I took the assignment.

Anyways, after all that happened, Ebner is marginalizing me down to some bit of useless fluff who tried to help, bless her little soul. I will kill him. I swear to got I will turn him and his gay little scooter into roadburger and then back over it. Yes, I am feelin' pretty hostile towards Ebner, Ortega and Bunker. They remind me of ticks, sucking off the accomplishments of others. Not this time, you raging parasites.

"That very day, Barb did motorcycle up from San Diego with a raw assemblage of the video in her saddlebag. Bless her heart, it

was too little to late, and I remember making it clear to her that the version that Bunker had linked me to had already gone viral."

Strange, because in the morning we watched as OUR VIDEO went viral online. Funny how history gets rewritten, isn't it? And he may "remember" making it clear to me, just like he "remembers" my bringing a half-assed editing attempt that never happened.

Actually I REMEMBER CLEARLY Ebner bitching about what a pussy Mark Bunker was for yanking his version offline, thus making it necessary for me to ride up to Hollywood.


Bunker is taking credit for leaking this video. As I said, in the OP, it was a group effort and not something done by Bunker. Just wanted the rest of the story out there.


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And just for the case there are any new peeps here who didn't see
what ALL this brought about, here is the 1st Anonymous, outstanding Picket:

On this day, November 5, was the 1st Anonymous Picket on February 10, 2008!:

If you've seen it or were there, watch it again in honor of ALL who fight for Freedom,
who take a stand, who have made an amazing difference.
Oh how far we have come in just 5 short years! :yes::omg:

Thanks, Pooks for filling in many holes re this, and for ALL who helped in getting that DONE. :clap: :clap: :clap: :thumbsup: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Love to ALL :) :cheers:


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Pooks they way you tell the story makes me think of this:


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Thank you for the story, Pooks. That is very enlightening.

I have something I can't wrap my head around.

I am positive that I was at that event live.

And I just checked my SP Declare Goldenrod and the date is Feb 2004 (though they did not give it to me until May).

Could it have been IAS event 2003?

Has the date of the event been confirmed?

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Original post reminded me....I sincerely believe that within the ranks of scn - at most every level - are those plants who "spy" & also disrupt where they can. And in the opposition, same deal.

Both "sides" jack with one another pretthy much endlessly.

The difference ? scn has no problem killing people.