The Story of Angelo V.


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That was Chris and Dan Machado. I was already gone when you were there. I know most of the staff though. I had a great time working at that mission. I was there before it moved to Dale Mabry. It was on Kennedy.
Machado!! Yes. The memories come flooding back. Thank you, Good Twin.
(Damn, I'm glad I posted here!)


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Hi Angelo,
I just came here to this thread to read about the Roach story, as you mentioned in the "I got in and out in Boston" thread. Ended up reading the whole post, and it was a great one.
A belated welcome to you here. (I think I beat you here to ESMB by just a few weeks).


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Another snippet

I was PM'ing one of the board memebers when a silly story from Flag occurred to me. This is just another small event that added to my disillusionment of the cult and my eventual blow.

The Stampede

As a lowly EPF'er, I was tasked to clean up the lobby of the Fort Harrison hotel one day. The In Charge had me scrubbing the marble stairway that led from the lobby up to the grand ballroom. Ah how I so miss the MEST work. The grand ballroom was used, aside from big events, as the dining room and also as a muster point for Sea Org officers. Unbeknown to me and the IC, a muster was being held in the ballroom at the time I was cleaning the steps. They were pretty dirty and I was on my hands and knees with a scrub brush and bucket scrubbing away. The steps were really looking clean and sparkly when all of a sudden the doors of the ballroom come flying open and a hoard of officers come running at full tilt to the stairs.:run: It was SOP for the officers to RUN from muster to their posts I guess to get some more purif time in. :p In an instant I was thinking there would be broken arms and legs and split skulls if I didn't do something quick so I shouted out "WET FLOOR WET FLOOR!!". The officers up front did a good job of slamming on the brakes but the ones behind them not so much. Confusion, bumping, slipping and cursing ensued as the merry SO officers scampered ever so gingerly over the wet steps and around me as I huddled low to the ground.

Well it was one of those WTF moments that just stuck with me as I began to realize the insanity of the place.

That and I was pissed that they fouled up my clean stairs. :D


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Thanks for the addendum to your story, Angelo.

I can imagine a comedy movie where a large group of people goes slipping and sliding down the stairs. The more dignified and arrogant they were originally, the better. :D

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Angelo, I just now read your opening post. Wow! What a story! I like your writing style. Very organized and easy and entertaining (and horrifying) to read. When I was in the cult I knew the SO was not for me! If I had joined I'm sure I would have blown really fast. Your story about the night you blew reminded me of the night I blew the Org I was training at. I knew the day would soon come that I would be blowing so I made to sure to bring home everything I owned with me each night in case I wouldn't be going back the next day. I also parked my car on the street and not in the cramped small parking lot ensuring that I would have a quick get away in case things suddenly blew up for me at the Org and had to make a quick exit. The night finally came where I knew this was it. I got into trouble for some reason. I think it had to do with expressing no interest in not buying something or another. I think they wanted me to the FRPD. I said no way! No more wasted money! After hours of trying to handle me it was getting to be very late and my handler said to show up the next morning for Ethics handling. This was it! I knew that going to Ethics would be futile. I knew this would be my last day of never stepping foot in any Scio organization ever! I left with all my belongings (E-meter course books etc) and never went back! Freedom at last!
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I laughed at your experience with the bugs. Very Funny.

I once spent some time in the Fort Harrison for auditing. Tacky, tacky room. It felt sticky like someone died in there or some sort of misery. Not my "happiest place on the planet"!!!


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Angelo, you are a true suppresive. You didn.t check you sanity at the door so you saw things the way they were. LOL




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I had not seen this story either.

I enjoy the way you write. Thanks for this funny and, at the same time, sad story.

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"The furniture was covered with dirt and grime. The carpets were almost black with caked on dirt, vomit, food and who knows what else. The bathrooms where gross beyond belief. I learned later that there was one nanny for every 20 kids. The law was something like 8 children per adult. We are talking about children from 6 months to 5 or 6 years old. This is a crime called child endangerment. Scientology treats children like shit. They are looked down upon because they cannot ‘produce’ statistics. They are a drain on the organization because they eat, need a place to sleep, have to be clothed and go to school but cannot bring money into the church. From what I read on this website, this behavior towards children still exists to this day. It is the reason the church should be shut the fuck down."

Yup. I can say from personal experience that being a child in the Sea Org SUCKS. Thats time that I'll never get back...:no: