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The TONE SCALE (& its demise?)

me myself & i

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Recently I read a most beautiful opening post by one 'Honduras' which included the statement that the Tone Scale was of considerable value, but was no longer printed by the church of scientology. So to speak.

Which gave rise to this spontaneous response from me, as I spoke to myself (being me myself & I) and all:

ME: "Of course it's no longer printed by the COS, for the simple reason it contains far too much uncontrollable truth, for the COS to bear."

And the trialogue got better as the moment wore on. For example:

MYSELF spoke up and said: "That's right. The Tone Scale revealed (and reveals) a truly powerful and profound idea which implies (if not flat out demands) a realization that at the heart of humanity, we truly are one in spirit". Where that Oneness of Spirit is revealed by Ron in the Scale of Human Emotion.

Distinct though not seperate. Connected yet free.

When I chipped in: (Well, actually I didn't chip in anything. It merely observed the converstation between me and myself inspired by Honduras Beautiful Opening Post).

So ME continues (in response to MYSELF): "You're right damn it! And I can explain why!" (while I remained silent), ME continued:

"Beneath all human thought and form in this world we are connected by way of a spiritual river, which river is pure emotion, regardless of how that current flows. And the danger to the COS in continuing to print such truth (as that of the tone scale) to the public is this: If you are wounded and I understand the meaning of the Tone Scale, I will come to suffer your wound with you (to bring you up to where I am). But if and when I suffer your wound with you, I will eventually come to love you, and when I love you deeply and often enough, I will eventually come to understand the unity of our being, which unity scientology cannot permit, lest the mind (and its wallet) cease to pay, for the illusion of our separation"

To wit: the illusion of the absence of it.

Which is precisely why the TONE SCALE, is left in the church to die. And why the discussion of one anothers CASE, is also strictly forbidden.

So to speak.

And there you have it, a rare glimpse into the truth (of the secret meanderings) of me myself & I.


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