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Of all the things I have spoken about or written about the religious cloaking, corporate veils, David Miscavige and Hubbard, sometimes one single memory stands out to me when I think of Hubbard's writings being behind it all.

And that memory was of reading a one page document from Hubbard about the "GO octopus".

In later 1981 we got to the point where we were going into our actual briefing for the mission known as "Corporate Sortout". This was after I did an evaluation on corporate that Hubbard apparently approved and thus this mission was being fired to replace the original MCCS mission.

This new Corporate Sortout was the one that worked out and launched the basics for the new corporate reorganization starting with CSI launching in December 1981 and going from there with the new contracts, many new corporations, trusts, you name it.

The one page note from Hubbard himself that was part of the actual mission briefing talked about the "GO Octopus". He talked about how the GO had woven itself into the control of all of organized scientology's legal entities and considered that the GO had done this as somehow being "proof" that this "outside group" was usurping control of scientology.

What shocked me at the time, although I let it go, was that it was Hubbard himself who had ordered us in the GO over those years to take control of the main organizations of scientology and hold the undated resignations of all corporate officials while Hubbard secretly controlled it through "advices" and the like. Meanwhile he secretly controlled us in the GO though his wife MarySue.

It was true that we in the GO were doing all that for Hubbard for years and years. I even wrote and supervised the very legal rudiments programs that were followed to do this.

But Hubbard knew all about it and wanted it that way. So why now suddenly attack the GO for doing what he ordered them to do??

After all, who else in his mind should control it on paper? He knew enough that he could not be seen to be controlling it as then he would have to stand up, admit he was in control and be liable for his own writings and actions. That, I believe, Hubbard was too much of a coward to do.

But Hubbard felt that he did need to control things secretly and to do this he needed a group he could trust and secretly control it for him. When the heat got too much on the GO, he accused the GO of doing the very thing he had ordered them to do (control organized scientology for him).

IMO there were only really three choices to be taken at the time as regards the controls of organized scientology:

1) let the control remain in the GO who could continue to secretly control it for Hubbard:

That was not going to happen. The GO was bringing WAY too much heat especially after the 1977 FBI raids. Hubbard needed a "fall guy" to cover the trail to him and the GO was it. He let them, including his own wife, take the fall for him. (They deserved what they got but the point still remains they took the fall in part to cover the trail to Hubbard while Hubbard himself attacked the very "GO octopus" that he himself ordered created). OR

2) let the real controls of organized scientology fall into the hands of the most dedicated, staff scientologists who are actually assigned to manage it. We in fact pretty much designed a corporate structure for doing that (CSI, RTC, CST and so much more):

Not a chance. Hubbard learned his lesson IMO when he lost control of the original dianetics groups by the very fact that he did not control them (overtly or covertly). Never again was organized scientology (dianetics) actually going to be controlled by anyone but Hubbard or whoever secretly runs it for Hubbard. OR

3) Make it look like #2 above was being done but ensure, as was done by the GO, that those corporations were secretly controlled, this time by Hubbard's messengers. And this included the very same types of secret controls of undated resignations and the like, not by the "GO octopus" but now by the "CMO/OSA octopus". This would have the "benefit" of Hubbard still having ultimate secret control for which he would not realize legal liability as a board member, officer or trustee. It would have two additional "benefits". One would be the "liability" trail to him via the GO could be cut off. The second is that even more naive followers of Hubbard (in this case in the CMO) could control things and he could manipulate them even more than he could manipulate the GO (have them blindly follow his orders more, believe everything he says more, send him even more money, you name it).

As I have covered many times (for example: http://tinyurl.com/3b8ome ), the real control of organized scientology did not change at all from the disbanding of the GO into a "new" OSA. Hubbard always was in control, before and then afterwards.

I never knew Hubbard to be a fan of democracy. There is a nice part in Janet Reitman's book "Inside Scientology" that explains how he lost control of the original dianetics groups and changed his policies on controls when he came out with "scientology".

IMO all this makes Hubbard a coward and a man of no real honor. A man of honor would stand up for what he believes, not let others take the fall for him or stab in the back those who had dedicated their lives to protect him.

It is not an easy cross to bear when you come to realize that so many have been hurt and are still being hurt by what you helped create while you supported a person devoid of true honor (even if you were not abusive and had the best of intentions at the time). PTSD and other ailments truly suck.

At the very least we can simply tell the truth now. And, if it is in our hearts and it is possible, we can do something about it if only by sharing what we know with writers, with government agencies and/or with others who may be helped out of the darkness of organized scientology or helped from falling prey to their lies and greed in the first place.

I believe that every time a piece of truth is told (no matter what "side" you are on) it can only help.


All democracy has given us is inflation and income tax...

This was an awesome post! Thank you so much!

This is a classic portrayal of what I've come to understand as the SOP of Hubbard.

Sneaky with aforethought malcontent and malignancy...moral turpitude and all that.

The religious cloaking and use of corporate veils spells it all out. It's really kind of funny in a sick and distorted way.