The (un)holy trinity-Hubbard, Miscavige, and Rathbun


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Well, Tony Ortega at the Village Voice has concluded his series on the top 25 people crippling scientology naming Hubbard, Miscavige, and Rathbun as the top three people (in that order) responsible for the demise of the cult. I have to say, that I agree with his conclusions. While Hubbard was not an obvious choice, Ortega's reasons are insightful and accurate. Miscavige was a no brainer, and Rathbun, despite his protests, deserves his share of the credit for the cult's demise.

I posted the following comment on my thoughts over on his blog:

Marty, one of my considerations is the fact that you, more than most, have demonstrated that it is not safe to openly practice scientology. Your public attacks on Miscavige and the management of the organization have changed the focus of their institutional response from those who attacked the scientology as a subject to those who leave the church yet continue to practice outside its cloistered walls. Please do not take this as criticism. More than anything, your actions have demonstrated to the world that the organized church is nothing more than a blood sucking cult that cares nothing about the health or well being of its members and everything about the almighty dollar. Frankly, I am appalled that the executive branch of the United States Government has allowed the church to attack you in this manner. More than any other recognized religion, the church of scientology has publicly and transparently demonstrated that it is nothing more than a criminal organization. While the tax exemption provided by the United States government is not technically a subsidy, it certainly acts like one. It deprives the government of revenue and leaves the taxpayer (church) with untaxed dollars for its coffers. There is no legal or moral justification to such an exemption when these untaxed dollars are used to harass others that wish to practice outside of the organizational structure.

Marty responded as follows:

martyrathbun09 | September 28, 2011 at 1:05 pm | Reply
Thanks, but it is safer than ever to practice Scientology. I am aware of but one practitioner is who receiving much heat, and he’s got it under marvelous control. Unprecedented.

The point I was trying to make, and the reason I concur with Ortega's assessment that he deserves to be number 3, is that those unfamiliar with the subject of scientology, upon seeing the conflict currently being played out in south Texas, are not likely to embrace the subject through either the established church or through any of its so called independent incarnations. While most are outraged (and/or amused) to watch overweight, middle aged men with no fashion sense parade around with Go Pro cameras strapped on their heads, that outrage does nothing to heighten the interest in the subject of scientology itself. In short, people upon seeing this row play out are not likely to go to a bookstore and buy a Dianetics book to find out the nature of the ideological battle.

Even for the small number of raw public that may show an interest in the subject, where do they go? If they even make a casual inquiry with the established church, they will be hounded with phone calls and promotional literature long after they lose interest. If they opt for the independents, they will be harassed by the established church. This leaves Rathbun with the disaffected members and former members who still believe that LRH's shit doesn't stink. Hubbardthink is an acquired aberration and for that, Rathbun should be grateful that the established church has been as successful as it has toward that end. The problem for him is that the market for his services depends upon the number of disaffected Hubbardthinkers. While he can expect to see more business as more and more members leave the fold, this will not result in a significant increase in the number of new initiates.

So a great big thanks to Elron, David, Marty, and the rest, for doing your part to rid the world of the insidious scourge of scientology.

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While most are outraged (and/or amused) to watch overweight, middle aged men with no fashion sense parade around with Go Pro cameras strapped on their heads,...

I did see Marty's favorite shirt on sale at J C Penny's for $8.00

Maybe he is a budget buyer ?