The Unbreakable Miss Lovely book tour needs venues and sponsoring groups


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The Unbreakable Miss Lovely book tour needs venues and sponsoring groups.

Tony Ortega: Westward, Ho! Hey, Bunkerites, we need your help, and fast

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Hey, we need your help, Bunkerites. We had an opportunity suddenly come up, and decided to take it.

Although it’s a bit last-minute, we realized that we had an open window for travel to some of the cities we want to visit on our book tour. So we grabbed it. Here are the dates and locations:

July 17: Denver

July 20: Dallas

July 22: Houston

July 24: San Antonio

July 25: Austin

Now, the hard part. We need to find venues and connect with sponsoring groups who might help us put on these events. In our California trip, we had great success with the Center for Inquiry and other skeptics groups. We’re big fans of skeptics groups, and our book and its subject matter makes a natural fit with them. Also, we’re published by Silvertail Books in London, a small publisher, so we don’t have the kind of resources to plug into bookstores.

So, this being the age we live in, we decided to turn to the crowd for some help. We have some connections in each of these cities, but we need links to groups that would be interested in having us come to talk about Scientology and Paulette Cooper, groups that could book a venue quickly. We can take care of the rest — the reach of this website is such that we packed each of the places in California where we held events. (Paulette has other travel plans and won’t be accompanying us on this trip.)

Another request: New York Bunkerites, our venue Thursday night is the big back room at a restaurant, and we’ll need a microphone and speaker for Paulette and your proprietor. The restaurant doesn’t have a PA system for us to plug into, so we need some small mobile unit. Any suggestions? Is there an easy way to rent such a thing?

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