The Why of L. Ron Hubbard


Patron with Honors
Those of you who listened to Hanna Whitfield’s talk in Germany on Scientology at the Hamburg Symposium heard that what kept her in Scientology was that she “fell in love with the ideals and goals of L Ron Hubbard and Scientology”. When I joined Scientology in 1964 it was also the goals and ideals of Scientology that made me continue. What with the com. course, TRs and confront and communication and the lectures about the thetan, these were the spiritual lessons and values of which I thought were priceless. I signed up for the HPA and did that and then joined staff as an auditor. The first 2 years was a spiritual cruise of enjoyment, and THEN I joined the Sea Org. The spiritual cruise was over and we had to confront MEST. Gone were the spiritual values it was now about ethics and conditions and over boards and chain lockers. The cruise changed from one of spirituality to one of materialism and a military style of life. Yes sir and no sir and a chain of command.

The OT levels were not about spirituality but about hydrogen bombs, implants and demonology. He should have stayed at St Hill and carried on with his previously successfull lectures and classes and not started the SO. His campaign of attacking psychaitry and authority made him look like a lunatic in their eyes.


L. Ron Hubbard was not a sentient being, only pseudo sentient having been conjured into existence. This apparition and its programming were incapable of conceiving of a truly sentient being, ye and me. So all his lecturings and writings were directed at non-sentient entities, which he called a 'thetan". All he could talk about was how non-sentient a thetan was but shouldn't be. He couldn't conceive of anything else as he itself was non-sentient.

I think he/it was secretly quite jealous of us.