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The Works of Captain Bill Robertson (CBR) — Excalibur, Phoenix etc.


Squirrel Extraordinaire
I'm posting some of his stuff for reference, since I don't see it online elsewhere. I assume there is some truth in among the fantasy, but I can't say what. Read it at your risk.

Emma says it's OK, so it's all her fault. :)

Post away! Archive the madness. :biggrin:


This is a list of CBR works, which list I found online. If anyone has any of the items not linked, or if there are any errors, please post here or PM me.

*: Some items I have added, prefaced with an asterisk, that appear to be CBR items not included in the original list. I am trying not to add items written by other Ron's Org people.

Sector Operations Bulletin No. 1 27 April 1982 Markabian society
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 2 28 April 1982 Many viewpoints of the Galactic Patrol
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 3 29 April 1982 "Non Interference Decree"
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 4 30 April 1982 "OT Projects"
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 5 30 April 1982 "OT Projects continued"
Introduction - Debrief to John Caban '82 May 1982
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 6 3 May 1982 "The RTS [Revolt in the Stars] Film"
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 7 6 May 1982 "OT Projects"
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 8 21 May 1982 "All OT Project Members"
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 9 27 May 1982 "Message to all OT Project Group members"
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 10 2 June 1982 "Ethical OTs"
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 11 8 June 1982 "CLASS VII & NOTS OT PROJECT MEMBERS ONLY"
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 12 18 June 1982 "Models and Scenarios"
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 13 Date? "ALL MARKABIANS ARE HEREBY ORDERED . . ."
Sector Ethics Order No. 2 (SOB No. 14) 23 June 1982 Alan Hubbert
Sector Ethics Order No. 3 (SOB No. 15) 23 June 1982 Bob Thomas
Sector Ethics Order No. 4 (SOB No. 16) 24 June 1982 Louis Syrbnik
Sector Ethics Order No. 5 (SOB No. 17) 25 June 1982 Ron DeWolfe
The Non-Interference Decree 29 April 1982 (Galac-Patra Teegeack Page — scroll for item)
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 13 1 October 1982 (see above)
The Free Zone Decree 10 November 1982 (Galac-Patra Teegeack Page — scroll for item)
Old Confederation Diagram End of 1982
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 18 19 January 1984 "Modelists and Scenario Makers"
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 19 20 February 1984 "Markab, the Final Handling"
Sector Ethics Order No. 1A (SOB No. 20) 21 February 1984 Ethics Order on Xenu
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 21 23 February 1984 "The Third World War"
Technical Briefing Number 1 12 October 1984 (at Ron's Org site)
Technical Briefing Number 2 26 October 1984 (at Ron's Org site)
Telepathy Seminar 27 October 1984 (Galac-Patra Teegeack Page — scroll for item)
Technical Briefing Number 3 9 November 1984 (at Ron's Org site)
Technical Briefing Number 4 (1/2) 22 August 1985 "Excalibur Super NOTs OT CSing"
Technical Briefing Number 4 (2/2) 22 August 1985 "Excalibur Super NOTs OT CSing"
Technical Briefing Number 5 14 September 1985 (at Ron's Org site)
Technical Briefing Number 6 circa October 1985 "3rd & 4th Dynamic Games" (at Ron's Org site)
Technical Briefing Number 7 17 November 1985 "Excalibur Continued"
Latest News in Sector 9 January 1986 (Xenu was arrested by members of the Galactic Patrol)
A Poem - Epitath of the dark ones... 05 January 1986 (at Ron's Org site)
Solo Assists 17 February 1986
Loser Laws 17 February 1986
C/S for Phi Thetans 17 February 1986

Super Scientology for OTs (Phoenix) 05 March 1986
OT II C/S 07 March 1986
Data on Encapsulated Phi Thetans 05 April 1986
OT III Solo C/S 07 April 1986
Super Power for OTs - Theory 11 April 1986
GUM - 10 Data - Laws of VPs 12 April 1986
Super Power for OTs - C/S - Solo Auditing 14 April 1986
Super Power for OTs - SPOTs Handling Sheet 14 April 1986
Super Power for OTs - Repair List 14 April 1986

Super Power for OTs - Prerequisites/Theory/Practical 14 April 1986
Basic Laws of Theta (SPOTS) 16 April 1986
Further OT Levels - Super Power Plus 09 May 1986
Sector Operations Bulletin No. 22 11 May 1986 "Plans for Teegeeack"
GMC 5 - Plans For Teegeeack (SS C/S #7) 11 May 1986
GMC 6 - Monitoring Levels 11 May 1986
GMC 7 - Games - On OT 17 & 18... 11 May 1986
GMC 8 - OT 17 & 18 (Key =Games) 11 May 1986
Pre-Static Life Repair - Folder Research (SS C/S #41) 11 May 1986
OT 14 - Power Plus for OTs 11 May 1986
OT 15 - Power Plus for OTs 11 May 1986
OT 16 - Power Plus for OTs 11 May 1986

GMC 9 - Notes (After OT 16...) 12 May 1986
OT 13 Notes (SPOTS II) 12 May 1986
OT 13 & Sleep 12 May 1986
Game of Gods (SPOTS - II) 14 May 1986
Cog - Tiredness = Purpose Failed (SPOTS II) 14 May 1986
OT 13 - Notes and definitions after running 1st session... 14 May 1986
GMC 74a - The 4 Gravity Flows U3 (SS C/S #14) 15 May 1986
OT 14, 15, 16 15 May 1986
OT 13 The reason you don't . . . 16 May 1986
Pre-Static LR - Step 4 of OT 12-13 "IN BETWEEN" 18 May 1986
OT 12 & 13 - What are truth & lies? 20 May 1986
OT 13 - The "Proof" of the Purpose... 21 May 1986
OT 13 - Tech Notes 21 May 1986
Exit Point 23 May 1986
Technical Briefing Number 8 24 May 1986 "OT Life Repair"
OT 13 (Steps 1-12) - Pre-Static Prior Assessment (SPOTS II) 25 May 1986
The Pre-Static Prior Assessment Chart #1 25 May 1986
The Pre-Static Prior Assessment Chart #2 25 May 1986
The Pre-Static Prior Assessment Chart #3 25 May 1986

The Clone Cycle RD - OT 13+ 25 May 1986
Technical Briefing Number 9 26 May 1986 "The Phoenix"
OT 13 - The Positive Vectors of Life 26 May 1986
OT 13 - The Basics of Aberration 26 May 1986
OT 12 & OT 13 Program 27 May 1986
Technical Briefing Number 10 27 May 1986 “Super Power for OTs”
Necessity Level (OT 14) 29 May 1986
*Definitions for C/O Cycle RD 29 May 1986
C/O Cycle RD (OT 14-16) 29 May 1986
OT 14 30 May 1986
GMC 10 - OT Static Levels 12-33 01 June 1986
GMC 11 - Big Cog Tech 08 June 1986
OT 14, 15, 16 - Notes 10 June 1986
GMC 12 - OT 17 Clear/OT/ Static (0-16) 11 June 1986
OT 16 Data 11 June 1986
Super Static RD (OT 17) - To be done after OT 16: 12 June 1986
Super Static RD (OT 16) 12 June 1986
Super Static RD (OT 17) - Xenu is the... 12 June 1986

Super Static RD (OT 17) - Since OT 17-33... 12 June 1986
GMC 13 - OT 17 - Super Games 13 June 1986
Technical Briefing Number 11 13 June 1986 "Power Plus for OTs"
GMC 14 - Games - How to Unravel 15 June 1986
GMC 3 - Technical Briefing Number 12 16 June 1986 "Super Static CSing"
GMC 4 - C/S Schema (pages 1 & 2) for TB 12 16 June 1986
GMC 15 - OT 17 - The 1st Preventer... POE Targets #1 17 June 1986
GMC - Title Page Volume 0+ Boots in the Sky 19 June 1986 (Hubbard Issue)
GMC 16 - OT 17 (session attached) 19 June 1986
GMC 16 - OT 17 EXP Session Admin 19 June 1986
GMC 17 - OT 17 - Super Static is... 21 June 1986
GMC 18 - OT 17-18+ - Giving all... POE Targets #2 21 June 1986
GMC 19 - OT 17-33 23 June 1986
GMC 20 - OT 17-18+ - The Importance of PR... 26 June 1986
GMC 21 - Axiom 10 and 11 27 June 1986
GMC 22 - Review Session BST 28 June 1986
GMC 23 - OT 17-18+ - Blowout Process data 29 June 1986
Checksheet - OT 3 Course 03 July 1986 [actual date is 30 July 1986]
GMC 24 - OT 17-18+ POE Targets #3 03 July 1986
GMC - Title Page OT 34-40 Volume 1 06 July 1986
GMC 25 - OT 34-35 Relative Importances 06 July 1986
GMC 26 - OT 34-35 Altered Importances 08 July 1986
GMC 27 - OT 34-35 Goal, Purposes... 09 July 1986
GMC 28 - OT 34-35 The 1st Uncertainty... 10 July 1986
GMC 29 - OT 17-18 POE Targets #4 16 July 1986
GMC 30 - OT 34-35 Game, Goal... 23 July 1986
GMC 30a - C/O Cycle RD - Further Optimizing Steps 23 July 1986
GMC 30b - C/O Cycle RD - Vias of Vias 28 July 1986
GMC 30c - C/O Cycle RD - MOCOs and Black NOTs 29 July 1986
Checksheet, OT 3 Course 30 July 1986
SS C/S #8 OT 8-16 on Black Static Tech ~4 Aug 86
GMC 30d - C/O Cycling - Further Optimizing Notes 05 August 1986
GMC 31 - OT 34-35 At the end... 07 August 1986
Hatting for Clears 07 August 1986 [OK'd by CBR]
Course Checksheet - OT 2 07 August 1986
GMC 32 - BPC from LTA (SS C/S #10 - OT 33-34) 07 August 1986
GMC 33 - Can't Blow Step 10-B Expanded (OT 17-40) 07 August 1986
GMC 33a - More on Vias of Vias 09 August 1986
GMC33b - OT 12-13 & C/O Cycle RD 10 August 1986
GMC 34 -Tone 40 - OT 40 11 August 1986
GMC 35 - U0 Mocos Process 11 August 1986
GMC 36 - More on U0 Mocos 15 August 1986
GMC 37 - U0 and Super Static RD 15 August 1986
GMC 38 - OT 40 - SS Clone - Admin Why 18 August 1986
GMC 39 - OT 40 - Dynamic 12 19 August 1986
GMC 40 - U0 Mocos Process 19 August 1986
GMC 41 - Xenu & U0 20 August 1986
GMC 42 - Pre I Area 20 August 1986
GMC 43 - Xenu - Basic Case 23 August 1986
GMC 44 - OT 34-40 As one came downspiral... 24 August 1986
GMC 45 - OT 34-40 Time is a consideration... 24 August 1986
GMC 46 - OT 40 Look for Blackside Clones also... 25 August 1986
GMC 47 - OT 40 Dynamics of Static 27 August 1986
GMC - Title Page OT 34-40 Dynamics of Static 28 August 1986
GMC 48 - OT 40 Abacus Thetans 28 August 1986
GMC 49 - More about U0 & BB Mocos & Abacus Thetans 30 August 1986
GMC 50 - More on CO Cycle RD Optimizing Steps 30 August 1986
GMC 51 - OT 40+ Above these things... 02 September 1986
GMC 52 - Games Master Data 02 September 1986
GMC 53 - More on U-1, U-2, U-3 03 September 1986
GMC 54 - Running U-1, U-2, U-3 03 September 1986
GMC 55 - The U-3 Trick 04 September 1986
GMC 56 - OT 40+ With the New Game Goal... 04 September 1986
GMC 57 - The First Moco in U-3 06 September 1986
GMC 58 - 1st MOCO (Processes) 07 September 1986
GMC 59 - Exteriorization 07 September 1986
GMC 60 - 2nd Deputy Moco-Security Moco 08 September 1986
GMC 61 - Principal Mocos 08 September 1986
GMC 62 - New Game Datums 09 September 1986
GMC 63 - More on 2nd Deputy Moco for Security 09 September 1986
GMC 64 - Your Security Moco and Xenu 09 September 1986
GMC 65 - Principal Moco #3 10 September 1986
GMC 66 - OT 40 EP 10 September 1986
GMC 67 - OT 40 Cogs 10 September 1986
GMC 68 - Excalibur - X news and latest... (SS C/S #12 - OT 8+) 15 September 1986
GMC 69 - More on Last Time Around (SS C/S #13 - OT 40+) 19 September 1986
GMC 70 - OT 40+ The Scientology Cross 27 September 1986
GMC 71 - OT 40+ EP: Gamelessness 28 September 1986
GMC 72 - OT 40+ Speculation 29 September 1986
GMC 73 - OT 40+ Speculation - Boolean Alegbra 13 October 1986
GMC 74 - OT 40+ C/O Cycle Further Possibilities 21 October 1986
GMC 75 - Body Straightwire (SS C/S #15 - OT 8-40) 01 November 1986
GMC 75a - False Cogs 02 November 1986
Body Straightwire 04 November 1986
GMC 76 - Exteriorization (SS C/S #17 - OT 16-40 & SS RD) 04 November 1986
GMC 77 - Exteriorization St. Wire (SS C/S #18 - OT 16-40) 04 November 1986
Body S/W Pilot (SS C/S #19) 11 November 1986
GMC 86 - Body S/W C/Ses 11 Nov - 08 Dec 1986
GMC 78 - Games Master Data - In the Game -Triangles 12 November 1986
Body S/W Pilot - C/S 19 November 1986
Body S/W Pilot - C/S 20 November 1986

GMC 79 - The Imp of PrPrs 4,5,6 on OT levels (SS C/S #20) 21 November 1986
GMC 80 - More on LTA and Unresp F Thetans (SS C/S #21) 21 November 1986
False Cogs (SS C/S #16 - OT 8-40, Excalibur C/Ses) 21 November 1986
Letter re Body S/W Pilot: (SS C/S #22) 21 November 1986
Creation Handling C/S (Javier) 22 November 1986
Javier Solo - C/S 23 November 1986

GMC 81 - R6EW for Clears (Unstable) (SS C/S #23) 24 November 1986
GMC 0 - Games Master Course Materials List (OT 34-40) 25 November 1986
GMC 82 - Level 7 Tape Notes (SS C/S #42) 25 November 1986
GMC 2 - Methods of Assessment 25 November 1986
GMC 83 - The Body Snatcher RD (SS C/S #24) 03 December 1986
GMC 84 - The Coin Trick (SS C/S #25) 04 December 1986
Coin C/S (Javier) 05 December 1986
LTA C/S (Javier) 07 December 1986
C/S for LTA Coltus (Javier) 07 December 1986
C/S (Javier) 08 December 1986
Rudiments Analysis Chart (SS C/S #26) 08 December 1986
GMC 84a - Technical Briefing Number 13 17 December 1986 “Review C/Sing”
GMC 84b - Definitions for Technical Briefing Number 13 17 December 1986
GMC 84c - Chart of the RAGs 17 December 1986
Excalibur, Phoenix - Confidential C/S Data (SS C/S #8) 17 December 1986
OT 13 "Short Form" C/S 08 January 1987
GMC 85 - Logic RD (SS C/S #27 - OT 17) 12 January 1987
GMC 87 - OT 17-33 - C/O Cycle RD - Further Optimizing 23 January 1987
Administration Briefing Number 1 25 January 1987 (at Ron's Org site)
C/O Cycle RD Further Optimizing Steps 28 January 1987 [=GMC #87 - 23 Jan 87]
GMC 88 - Games Master Data - Xenus Case (SS C/S #28) 02 February 1987
GMC 89 - Resurrection Clones (SS C/S #29 - OT 8-40 - OTLR7) 08 February 1987
GMC 90 - Logic RD Addition (SS C/S #30) 10 February 1987
GMC 91 - Xenu's Case - Addition (SS C/S #31 - GM Data) 10 February 1987
GMC 92 - The Ethics Conditions & Formulae (SS C/S #32) 17 February 1987
GMC 93 - Prime Moco Clean Up (SS C/S #33-OT 14-16 Rev) 21 February 1987
Latest news from the Excalibur front (SS C/S #34) 22 February 1987 [Not a CBR issue]
GMC 94 - Case History - Resurrection Clones 22 February 1987 [Not a CBR issue]
GMC 95 - BSTs "We are one" (SS C/S #35 - OT 8-40) 23 February 1987
GMC 96 - Private Games Personal Games 24 February 1987
GMC 97 - Scoreboard Mocos 05 March 1987
Excalibur - Brief Summary of Procedure Steps (SS C/S #37) 10 March 1987
Another trick: BLACK 8 TTA (SS C/S #36) 18 March 1987 [Not a CBR issue]
GMC 98 - Private & Personal Games and Incredibles 18 March 1987
GMC 99 - Elements of a Game by LRH (1950's)
GMC 100 - Handling LTA Phenomenon (SS C/S #38) 2 June 1987
Hint on Handling Resistive Cases (SS C/S #39 - OT 17-18) 2 July 1987
Correction to 2 July 87 (SS C/S #40 - OT 17-18) 06 July 1987
Purpose of the Body Org (OT 40+) 04 August 1987
Central (OT 40+) 05 August 1987
Games Maker Datum (OT 40+) 10 August 1987
The Hyper-Cone (OT 40+) 14 August 1987
Cone Trip #2 (OT 40+) 15 August 1987
Cone Trip #3 (OT 40+) 16 August 1987
Sample Process (OT 40+) 16 August 1987
Cone EP (OT 40+) 17 August 1987
Cone Connections - Cone Trip #4 (OT 40+) 17 August 1987
Still More Cone Connections - Cone Trip #4 cont. (OT 40+) 17 August
Sample Process - R/W on Cones (OT 40+) 17 August 1987
ULR 1 - V/I CDU on "Creators" - Cone Connections 17 August 1987
Cone "Bits" in the Working Memory - Cone Trp #5 (OT 40+) 18 August
Vital Data on Games Basics (OT 40-48) 18 August 1987
Source Trip #1 (OT 40+) 19 August 1987
OT 40+ Process 19 August 1987
OT 41 Process (OT 40+) 19 August 1987
Source Trip #2 20 August 1987
Process Summary - VI on Copying Cone Trips 21 August 1987
Games Basics Processing Program (OT 48) 21 August 1987
Source Operations #1 - Process Q2 22 August 1987
Source Operations #2 - Results of the Q2 Process 23 August 1987
Source Operations #3 - Notes 24 August 1987
Source Operations #4 - Notes #2 24 August 1987
Source Operations #5 - CVP - Central View Point 24 August 1987
Source Operations #6 - Source - Processing Program 25 August 1987
Source Operations #7 - Process Notes 25 August 1987
Source Operations #8 - "Q1" Process 26 August 1987
Source Operations #8A - Further "Hatting" as a Source 26 August 1987
Admin Briefing #2 29/30 August 1987 (at Ron's Org site)
Source - CO Cycle RD - Assists (OT 48+) 01 September 1987
Source Cogs (OT 48+) 02 September 1987
Source Pilot Project (OT 48+) 02 September 1987
Cycle of Action - Change (OT 48+) 03 September 1987
Source - Some Improved Cycles of Action (OT 48+) 04 September 1987
Source - Cubes & Cones Cleanup (OT 48+) 04 September 1987
Source Ops - LTA Subway System 04 September 1987
SOL 05 September 1987
SOL 12 September 1987
SOL 17 September 1987
SOL 18 September 1987
SOL 20 September 1987
SOLO Data 24 September 1987
False Bridges - Strategy - Tactics 24 September 1987
SOL - Body Lifting 25 September 1987
SOL - Space is the Key 26 September 1987
SOL - What's in a Name? 26 September 1987
SOL - Body Lifting Theory - "Necessity Level" 26 September 1987
SOL - Body Lifting - The Lambda Connection 27 September 1987
Body Lifting - U2 Acceptances 27 September 1987
Body Lifting - Too Many Records 28 September 1987
LTA - "Why" (SS C/S #45) 29 September 1987
LTA Running - Pink & Blue (SS C/S #44 - GMC, SOL) 30 September 1987
ULR 2 - LTA - Priority of Handling 30 September 1987
SOL - Source Basics - Programming 06 October 1987
SOL - Source Basics - Source Operation States 12 October 1987
ULR 3 - Solo & Omni Operating States 12 October 1987
SOL - Source Basics 20 October 1987
SOL - Source Basics - "A use of OMNI..." 22 October 1987
ULR 4 -SOL - Source Basics - Rights of a Thetan 22 October 1987
SOL - Source Basics - OMNI Operation is: 27 October 1987
SOL - Source Basics - Getting into OMNI 27 October 1987
SOL - Source Basics - OMNI 27 October 1987
ULR 5 - Omni 27 October 1987
SOL - Source Basics - The MEST and GUM 0 is... 02 November 1987
Observations 05 November 1987
Elron Elray elected... 05 November 1987
Astar Paramejgian promoted... 08 November 1987
Source Basics - Game of Games - Operation 12 November 1987
Stack Lists - Adding Reads (SS C/S #46) 21 November 1987
ULR 6 - 4 Rights of a Thetan 21 November 1987
SOL- ULR 7 - Source Msn - Opposition Handling 21 November 1987
SOL - Rights of a Thetan - Full Application - Ethics of Use 21 November 1987
ULR 8 - LTA/TTA Data 26 November 1987
SOL - OT Ops - LTA/TTA 26 November 1987
SOL - Operation Records 04 December 1987
ULR 9 - Rights of a Thetan & Omni 08 December 1987
SOL - Rights of a Thetan and OMNI OPERATIONS 08 December 1987
SOL - Auditing OMNI 09 December 1987
SOL - OMNI - 3 Ways toward U3 Body Lifting 14 December 1987
SOL - Source Missions 18 December 1987
SOL - Awareness Levels 19 December 1987
LTA Sprach 26 December 1987
OMNI - Awareness Levels 29 December 1987
OMNI - The Ultimate Program 29 December 1987
OMNI - Some Realizations 29 December 1987
OMNI - A Closer Approach 02 January 1988
SOL - Next Processes 13 January 1988
SOL - AND - How about... 15 January 1988
SOL - The former processes... 15 January 1988
SOL - After RECOGNITION... 16 January 1988
SOL - The difficulty of... 18 January 1988
SOL - Observations: 20 January 1988
Admin Scale in S.O.L. 20 Janurary 1988
SOL - Game Operations - Absolute Level 20 January 1988
ULR 10 - Obs and Reviews 20 January 1988
C/S - Javier Solo 22 January 1988
ULR 11 - OT Rollercoastering C/S 22 January 1988
Application of OT II by Erich Fritsch (SS C/S #49) 05 February 1988 [Not CBR issue]
Tough DCSIs by Erich Fritsch (SS C/S #50) 05 February 1988 [Not CBR issue]
Setting up... by Erich Fritsch (SS C/S #51) 05 February 1988 [Not CBR issue]
ULR 12 - OT Roller-Coastering (SS C/S #47 - GMC) 09 February 1988
Function -Structure (Body Org Again) (GMC and above) 09 February 1988
11D - Technical Observations (SS C/S #48 - Games Masters) 14 February 1988
ULR 13 - Tech Obs 14 February 1988
Program - OT Body Processes 15 February 1988
SOL - Further OT Body Processes 18 February 1988
More on Admin Scale - Plans 29 February 1988
SOL - ULR 14 - Source Basics Addition 06 March 1988
SOL - Lambda & Phi Interface 08 March 1988
ULR 15 - Black NOTs Again (SS C/S #52 - SOL IV) 21 March 1988
ULR 16 - The "Source in Pawn" (SS C/S #53 - SOL IV) 06 April 1988
ULR 17 - The Most Aberrative Post. (SS C/S #54 - SOL IV) 13 April 1988
ULR 18 - Running Postulates (SS C/S #55 - SOL IV) 17 April 1988
ULR 19 - How LTA Ended (SOL IV) 11 May 1988
ULR 20 - Loops & Loop Thetans (VAST) 01 June 1988
ULR 21 - Loop C/S #1 04 June 1988
ULR 22 - Loop C/S #2 (VAST) 04 June 1988
ULR 23 - Upper Dynamics and Viability (VAST) 12 June 1988
ULR 24 - V/I CDU on "Creator's Cases" 28 June 1988

ULR 28 - Basic Laws of Implanter SP Tech 03 & 04 July 1988
ULR 25 - Omni Missions 07 July 1988
ULR 37 - ULR "Pos Qns" "The Big Source..." (pp 133-171) 07 July 1988
ULR 26 - Source & Omni (VAST) 13 July 1988
ULR 29 - ULR Case Reports - "Postulate Qns" (pp 1-35) 13 July 1988
ULR 30 - ULR Case Reports - "Loop Qns" (pp 36-90) 13 July 1988
ULR 31 - ULR Case Reports - Pos. Qns, Loop Qns (pp 91-98) 13 July 1988
ULR 32 - ULR Case Reports - "Xenu" (pp 99-111) 13 July 1988
ULR 33 - ULR Case Reports - "Pos. Qns, Xenu" (pp 112-122) 13 July 1988
ULR 34 - ULR Case Reports - "BST" (pp 123-126) 13 July 1988
ULR 35 - ULR Case Reports - "Coltus" (pp 127-128) 13 July 1988
ULR 36 - ULR "Source in Pawn" Implants (pp 129-132) May-July 1988
ULR 38 - ULR "Loop Qns, Games..." (pp 172-197) May-July 1988
Technical Briefing Number 14 13 July 1988 "Upper Level Review Cases"
ULR 27 - Unresponsive Postulate and Loop Thetans 15 July 1988
ULR 39 - C/S - LTA, Priority of Handling 18 August 1988

ULR - C/S - K. Kamradt, Ingrid Kautz 20 August 1988
Administration Briefing Number 3 1 September 1988 (at Ron's Org site)
The New Civilization Purposes 5 November 1988 (at Ron's Org site)
Logical Planning for 1992 5 November 1988
ULR 40 - Totality - The "Problem" of Immortality (VAST) 14 December 1988
The Bridge at Ron's Org 1989
The New Civilization Game 1989
Free-Zone Strategy 1989
ULR 41 - The "Failed Source" Case (VAST) 09 March 1989
ULR 42 - Totality - Review Processes 09 March 1989
ULR 43 - The "Failed Source" Case - Some Additional Proc. 11 March 1989

Control Energy Levels - Body Org Optimizing Tech 18 June 1989
Administration Briefing Number 4 07 October 1989 (at Ron's Org site)
A Process (GMGC) 24 November 1990
Games Master Graduate Course 16 December 1990
The Games Master Program (GMGC) 17 December 1990
GMGC - Letter to Silvie 20 December 1990
Review Process (GMGC) 25 December 1990
Finishing-up Processes (GMGC) 25 December 1990
Final Process (GMGC) 25 December 1990

UFO lecture (transcribed from video) 1990
*The Grail (OT 14, 15, 16) 23 March 1991

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Squirrel Extraordinaire
“Super Power for OTs”
27 May AD 36
Capt Bill Robertson

Hello. Welcome to Super Power for OTs.

This is Tech Briefing No. 10, Captain W. B. Robertson, Rons Org, Frankfurt.

Super Power for OTs covers OT 12 and 13 on the old Grade Charts and it delivers quite a bit
of power, the total of power, back to the OT, so that he can understand his position in the
game and move on up to a state of Static. These are very much Pre-Static levels and the
program for these levels includes handling anything that may be needed so that he can carry
on with OT 14, 15 and 16.

Now this is the 27th of May A.D. 36, or 1986, planetary time, Teegeeack, Central.

First of all I would like to acknowledge LRH and thank him very much for the knowledge and
technology that we have that can be used and have been used to handle all these upper levels.
There is no “new technology” needed, it’s just applying it to what you find there.

So, the program for OT 12 and OT 13 is quite interesting. I told you on the earlier tape, Tech
Briefing No. 9, that you would be handling your own creations at this level. That is very true.
And how do you handle your own creations? Well, there has to be an entrance point into the
case at this level as well, and on this level, since we dealt with intention and attention in the
OT levels 9, 10 and 11, we are now dealing with the basic abilities of a thetan and so we are
now entering the case here through the media of ability.

So the key question in this level or the lead question to get what to run and what to audit is
basically: “What ability would you like to improve?”. And that is the start of it. And the
person gets his abilities listed that he would like to improve and the biggest reading, most
LFBD F/Ning one, that’s the one he starts with and he then starts to handle the creations that
would prevent him, or would have to be handled to regain that ability. And he handles them
at one creation per session. There is a rundown to do this and it is very precise and it works
excellently to a complete as-isness.

Now the program however, for OT 12 and OT 13, is not just one cycle. OT 12 handles the
Ability List, of course, that we just talked about and it does handle all the creations which are
preventing those abilities from occurring or from being there in the Pre-OT - or in the OT - he
is an OT by now - and they also, however, are the creations which he is still carrying around.
He’s still got these creations there, all mocked up and very carefully not-ised. I guarantee you
these are not creations you cognite on usually at any lower level. These things are completely
not-ised. And when you find them it’s quite surprising what you have been carrying around.
Of course when you do find them you realize “of course! I have had that all the time, ha, ha,
ha” But at the beginning you don’t even know what they are. So, that’s a very interesting
thing, and it shows that we’re on the right track because it brings up again the persons
knowledge and awareness of what he has been doing and what he has been making, creating,
and carrying around for eons. Even before this Games Universe Model - some of these are
very, very old.

OK, so that’s what OT 12 does, it handles those that he is still carrying around, that are
preventing him from having certain abilities. Now at the end of this I originally supposed that
that would be it and he would have those abilities back - however - there is another aspect to
all this. And of course we have to include, when he was playing earlier universe games, he
must have dumped some of his creations into the MEST universe. And didn’t take
responsibility for them.

Therefore, on OT 13, he will handle the “dumped creations” and the dumped creations come
in two categories - those that are responsive, shall we say, and don’t need to be blown loose
with Power Processing, and the unresponsive ones that do need to be blown loose with Power
Processing and come to life again and final as-isness.

Now the interesting thing here is that nearly all of these creations, well, let’s say the truth of it,
all of these creations have been created on a via. They’ve also been created by co-creation,
multi-creation etc.etc. but each co-creator, etc, has created it, his part of it, on a via. And the
via is always a MOCO.

In other words, it’s a being with limited abilities which has actually created the creation. That
is why it has never been as-ised. Because even if the being looks at it, it still won’t vanish
because he didn’t pick up the “alter-is” of first making the MOCO to make the creation. And
that’s one of the keys that you find out on this level, but you’ll all experience that as you go

Anyway, between OT 12 and OT 13 ...12 is handling the ones that the OT is carrying around
of course, still mocked up, still complete, and believe me they come off in a sort of a gradient
of complexity. He might find the first one he “did it all by himself” with the help of a created
viewpoint or a via and the next one maybe then the same and then a couple of more and he
finally gets into “dual-creations” and into “co-creations” and into” multi-creations” which
involve a whole bunch of other people. Oh, boy, and then they get very complicated and he is
handling enormous amounts of thetans, charge, and co-creative aspects. He has to get them
all into session, all there, to be able to “as-is” the thing and so on like that. And get off...Also,
which is very important in all these creations, is, there is not only a “technical as-isness” which
I found out very quickly had to be done, and that is the “administrative as-isness”.

Now we’re talking about Dynamic 12. If you don’t as-is also the reason why you put that
creation there in the first place, if you don’t find out why or exactly for what reason it was
done or what agreement was made before-hand, then the potential of making that creation will
still be there and it will nag at you and it will sort of be - “Well yeah, I feel like maybe I need
that, I might put it back some day, I might carry it around, I might want it again, I..I..I...”
Anyway, you go into a great worry unless you also do an “administrative as-isness” on the
reasons why it was created. So there is a technical as-is F/TA and an administrative as-is
F/TA on the creations.

Now on OT 13 of course one handles the dumped, responsive creations, the ones that wake
up easily, the MOCOs and the Vias - “Via MOCOs” - that were used to create, that wake up
easily and respond. And then there is the unresponsive ones. OT 13 only takes a couple of
sessions. One for the responsive and one for the unresponsive. And these were all “dumped
creations”. However, in-between each session there is a waiting period of 3 - 5 days, while
the MOCOs and the creations or created bits that they’re carrying actually return to the exit
point, which is the person who is doing the auditing. And they keep coming in, apparently for
something like 3 - 5 days, from out of the ends of the physical universe. And that takes that
long and you just have to keep running the session “ out of session” as they build up every
hour or so and you just sort of carry on with them to their moment of creation or free them
and get their technical and administrative as-isnesses. There is a specific procedure to do this.
You can just remember it and as the things build up you can just do them. And for about 3
1/2 days or so they will keep coming and then suddenly there is no more there. Then you can
do the next part of the session - or, sorry the next session in OT 13 - and then you have to
wait after that one 3 to 5 days to do the same thing and then your finished with the OT 13
freeing of the dumped creations.

These all had to do with the person, the Pre-OT, or the OT, we are working with here. And
right after OT 13 is finished, there is a Pre-Static Prior Assessment. And that handles, a sort
of an assessment of all the areas of where he could have created different types of MOCOs,
and there are 12 different areas. And we handle in those areas plus and minus “admiration
particles”, which he could have created. And those are MOCOs created with the ability of
admiration, as I told you in an earlier lecture. And any plus or minus “creating MOCOs” -
MOCOs that are creating a little thing, or object, or some piece of MEST, or negative MEST
- and “plus or minus perceptic MOCOs”. Now that is something that I found out also, there
are also perceptic MOCOs. And these are MOCOs that are created to give a perception. And
those will come up plus or minus. Of course, they can give a no-perception or they can give a
positive perception, you see, but they are created with that ability. And other people can
“mule” these things as well, they can mule your admiration MOCOs, your Creative MOCOs,
and you perceptic MOCOs. Any way , you do it on these 12 steps - it free them all up and the
guy is totally blown out and not connected in particular with any past associations with other
beings. Now, the only cycle after that, before finishing the 2 levels - he actually could attest
OT 13 after that point or even after the OT 13 two sessions, - the 2 sessions plus waiting
periods on OT 13 - he can attest OT 13, but this prior assessment handling, after it’s done,
he’ll be very willing to attest. This is something that’s extra to be done there.

And then there is a - you might even call it an “in-between 13 and 14”, or a little more of 13 if
a person needs it, or a set up for OT 14, if he doesn’t need it, but it has to come on there.
And that’s called the Clone Cycle Rundown. And of course a “Clone” is someone created in
the image of another or a duplicate, and the Clone Cycle Rundown handles Clones that the
OT has made for the game and for the Games Universe Model. I should say, all the way back.
And those “game clones”. And there are 5 different areas he could have cloned substitutes or
duplicates of himself in. And those are all handled and given their choice “to return to
moment of creation or go free”. And then he actually is a Static in Non-existence. A First
Dynamic Static.

And then onto OT 14, 15 and 16, which are going to deal with the Power Plus aspect of the
OT, which will involve him in freeing up those areas that are still existing in U2 now. These
are other peoples universes, that he has been involved with in the past or is interested in the
present. So he starts getting very causative now in the U2 area. He’s handled his own U1.
He’s handled his own U3 responsibilities, and there is nothing left really because U3 is just an
agreement of U2s, and so all he has to do now is start handling U2s and he is on the way to
full freedom as a Static as well.

The gains, the cognitions, the realities on these levels are absolutely incredible - so don’t be
surprised at anything that comes up. You have to understand that a lot of the cognitions you
get you are going to find as further, deeper, understandings of LRH’s basic Logics,
PreLogics, Axioms, the Factors and so on, but there’ll be a much deeper understanding of
these from these levels. OK.

Now I’m going to tell you a couple of things I might have passed over too rapidly there. You
did not get all of it, because I mentioned a couple of things that I don’t believe were covered
on earlier tapes, I didn’t give you a definition for. And let’s make very sure you understand
what they are.

The first one is negative MEST. You can create positive MEST and you can create negative
MEST. Negative MEST is simply a thetans creation of Matter, Energy, Space and time that
does not follow the basic law of “two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time”.
As you all know that’s a law in the physical universe and it does hold very true in the physical
universe. But in the thetans U1 or “own universe” he can create matter, energy, space and
time which does not necessarily interfere with, and can occupy the same space at the same
time as the physical universe MEST. So this is what we call negative MEST - negative
matter, negative energy, negative space and negative time. It’s a thetan’s own creation that is
just created so that it doesn’t obey that law. It’s very simple. So that’s negative MEST. You
know a thetan can create anything, so he can create something that disobeys that law and a lot
of his creations that he is hold around his neck in present time will be found to be made out of
negative MEST. The ones that are dumped into the physical universe are of course mostly
positive MEST. Also there is probably some negative MEST floating around in there and the
scientists have not found it yet, because they can’t measure it. You can only find it on an EMeter.

The other thing I wanted to explain a little more was the sequence here, I went over it, but I’ll
just give it to you rapidly now. It’s OT 12, does his ability list, OT 12 handles the creations
on each ability that he lists which are preventing those abilities from being there and these are
the ones that he is carrying around with him, alright? He does that. That can take from 40 to
50 hours or more, I don’t know, as so far I am the only one that has done this other than

Next one is the Pre-Static Life Repair and that has 3 two-way comm steps and one step,
number 4 - step number 4 - which handles the plus and minus affinity, sorry, admiration
particles and plus and minus A’s, MOCOs, that were done back in the Game of Gods. This
gets him unhooked from the Game of Gods in the beginning of this Games Universe Model so
that he can then view and handle the whole track of the physical universe all the way down to
present time and start handling the dumped creations. The dumped creations are of course all
the one’s we find in the MEST universe and they’re all scattered about. And that’s OT 13.
There are two sessions plus waiting periods in that, which are the responsive ones and the
unresponsive ones. Now these again remind you of the Phi Thetans. Well, the Phi Thetans,
of course, normally are the MOCOs that were created to create those particles and they are
still floating around with those particles and that’s why you can get in comm with the MEST
universe if you are an artist or if you are and Auditor. They are still there with those particles.
OK. And they need to use you as an exit point so you have to wait those periods. A week is
very safe, 3 to 5 days seems to be alright, but wait a week between each session, and they all
come through the exit point. You don’t just “wait”. You are actually doing the exit point
thing every few hours. They build up while you sleep and you can do one in the morning as
well. You can do then “out of session”. It’s very easy and it just blows the mass of these
creation and the being that are MOCOs that are holding these things. They are waiting there
for you to tell them what to do with those things now, you see? They brought them to you
and just haven’t quite got the last command: “It’s alright to let go of it now fellows, thanks
for creating that. Were you ARC broken when you were dumped? OK, that’s fine, I
understand that.” And then “Oh your creation was invalidated before it was dumped? Aha,
well yes, now remember when it was valid and it was a very good idea. Yeah, OK, good.
Now, I’m the guy who told you to created that, so you can let go of it.” It’s almost as simple
as that. And then you can say: “Return to your moment of creation or go free”, and you have
to get off the idea of why it was created in the first place so that the admin as- is-ness can
occur. But these are usually dumped from earlier universe games, and the idea was just to
have a game there or to use it for something else, but it was dumped so it isn’t very important
to the thetan at this moment. He just has to get all these handled. Otherwise he’s got these
MOCOs of his sitting around in U3 mixing up with other peoples U2’s, you understand?

One interesting point on this is that you can view the case on OT 13 as a giant “negative
cluster”. The case is actually a thetan with bits and pieces of him spread or buttered or strewn
through out the physical universe. So he is actually then fractured or shattered into little bits
all over the place. These are his own created viewpoints, you see, and so he is sort of a
negative cluster that’s been pulled apart but it’s all him.

Now this is the reason - the reason behind is why you cannot run Power Processing on a
person after Clear. If you run Power Processing on a person after Clear you are liable - you
are liable - to audit some of these bits and pieces of his own MOCOs that are pout there in
the physical universe. And if they get handled on Power Processing - handle their
unresponsiveness, their ARC-brokenness or whatever - and they are not called improperly at
OT 13 but they are handled at some other point below that with Power Processing, they can
come driving into the exit point for 3 to 3 1/2 days. But they can’t get free. They can’t get
out. The guy does not have the right command, he has his OT 3 or his NOTs case still in
place and they just jam into the outside of the case and they push it right into his skull and he
feels - it makes him feel like the man in the iron mask was a funny little joke. In other words
he feels like his head is made out of steel and it’s totally solid. So you do not run Power on
anyone after Clear - on the being. A Review Auditor can use it and direct the being to run it
on someone else, like as SP BT or something. He can direct the power to be used there. But
until you get to OT 13 you shouldn’t run Power as a Solo Auditor. And on 13 you can run it,
but then you cleaned off all the other parts of the case and the only ones it’s going to hit is
going to be your own MOCOs out there that are unresponsive, and it will free them and get
them out of the engram they’re in and bring them back to the exit point, but there’ll be
nothing in-between to have them jump up in. And you know how to handle them and blow
them when they come, so nothing will happen. So just give you that as a warning and that is
the reason that you don’t run Power after Clear on the Clear or the OT. OK?

And you still don’t run it at this level on that person, you are running it on his MOCOs. OK?

So it’s very good reason for this. Alright?

Next is, after that OT 13, there is the Pre-Static Prior Assessment which handled, as I said, the
plus and minus admiration particles - the plus and minus creation particles, MOCOs that made
a little thing or something and stuck on somebody else - and plus and minus perceptics. Now
plus and minus perceptic MOCOs - it’s good here to read the 55 or 57 perceptics on the Book
of Scales that LRH put out because they can be doing or mocking up any of these perceptics.
And believe me, when they’re doing that, they are taking the hat of perception away from the
OT so the OT can not perceive as well as he could if he was doing it directly. He’s given over
responsibility for his perception to a perceptic MOCO, and therefore he may wonder
sometimes about his perception, why its sort of funny, and why it’s not good when he is
exterior or something, and therefore he may find out that he’s just created a whole bunch of
perceptic MOCOs and they’re out there perceiving for him so he isn’t really doing it. And
maybe they got muled with somebody else’s and they’re not on the job anymore, and maybe
they got ARC Broken or whatever, you know? So it does not work anymore. But he can
handle it below this level because of the other factors I mentioned, there is too much other
things in the way. You have to get these other things out of the way and then he can perhaps
handle these in one session. The prior assessment only takes on session. OK.

The next is the in-between 13 and 14 Clone Cycle Rundown. And this is, as I said, handling
“Game Clones” on the 5 steps. Now the 5 steps are simply taken from Games Theory and
they include Broken pieces, Pieces, Players, Game Makers, and No-Game Makers. And those
areas correspond very well with Phi Thetans, Lambda Thetans- Theta, sorry Theta Thetans
OTs and Static’s - Static Thetans. So you have here a gradient scale. You have to be run
backward from the lowest level up, you’ll find that the guy will have a lot more on the lower
bits of this game scale, the “broken pieces”. There’ll be a lot of those and maybe ten times as
many as on the next level one, which is the “piece” level, and the pieces which correspond to
Lambda will be maybe hundreds and there’ll be only tens of the “players”, and then there’ll be
maybe only one or two or three or four of the “OTs” clones and then there’ll be maybe one
“Static Clone”.

And by the way this is where the old idea, of course, of the “over-self” or the “higher-self”
and the “different levels of beingness” and all comes from. It’s because the guy has cloned
something there for some reason in the games and, you know, maybe to divert attention so
that he could go off and do something else, or to be a substitute for him as a strategy so that
he could confuse his opponents or whatever. When you’re auditing a guy - I mean he’s the
guy you are auditing and he can create a clone of himself at a higher level just to confuse
things. Now when people try to put him out of valence and say, “oh no, your over-self is
really you, or your underself (like MEST), you’re really MEST or you’re really a higher being,
or you’re really a lower being or you’re really a body” - all of that is just throwing him right
out of valence. The guy you’re auditing there is the one that’s done all this stuff. So all of
these other “technologies” and “ologies” and “philosophies” and “theologies” just do not
work and they have not produced any real Static’s or real OTs and that is why. Because they
don’t approach the subject technically and they don’t approach it administratively. They
approach it from a “believe” viewpoint and a sort of “cognition” viewpoint. And these “cogs”
are often wrong because they don’t have the Tech or Admin to evaluate them. And you find
out that that is one of the most important things in regaining quality of theta or gaining more
quality for theta. It’s the evaluation of relative importance’s. And you can only do that with a
datum such as Scientology and the Axioms and Factors, and so on by LRH. And those are
the things that you use to evaluate the relative importance’s and thereby increase the
intelligence and thereby improve the quality of theta. There is no other way. OK.

Now I would like to get into the procedure of OT 12 and I will just get the notes for that and
go over the procedure.

OK. In going through the my notes here I found something I wrote down on OT 13 that I
think is very interesting to know, especially since we see all of the people who are diverting
from source and going off to other practices and so on like that.

I just mentioned one thing about the Clone Cycle Rundown where you might get these
“ologies” built up around a “higher-self” and the “lower-self” and the “MEST-self” and the
“body-self” and it’s all just this guys clones he created - you know - throw him out of valence
into one of his own clones. But the other one I discovered, and this was on the MOCOs
themselves, if you take the plus admiration and minus admiration MOCOs you could actually,
if somebody ran into these in some type of experiments or spiritual things, they could come up
with a whole “love/hate dichotomy”, you know, and start preaching “love” and start preaching
“hate” and all that kind of stuff. Just because they ran into some admiration MOCOs of plus
and minus type.

And then the “objective” and “subjective” mind business where it’s all just “hallucination”,
you’re just “imagining” it and so on like that, could come from MOCOs that the thetan has
used to make negative mass creations, that’s negative MEST creations that I explained before
- that don’t follow the rules of matter, energy, space and time. Of course they could come
from “plugs” too but in his own universe they come from his own creations of negative
matter, energy, space and time. And that would be subjective you see? Nobody else could
really see it. Nobody else could really measure it. He could - nobody else could. So they
could all go into this, “ oh you’re mad, you have all these crazy things going on in your mind.”
And he knows damn well he has them that way so they say, “face reality, face reality”. Well,
all you’re doing when you “face reality” of course is facing U3 which is a bunch of U2s plus
your own U1 in it and you can’t really sort it out because it comes from a much higher level.
So the guy has to actually start getting at his own subjective stuff and a little bit of objective
stuff on the way up to keep his havingness in, and then he gets up through the Bridge. But
these “ologies” they go off into the “analysis of his subjective mind” and then “explaining”
everything to him by that - it’s just total bullshit.

I mean he created that stuff for a damn good reason. It probably got messed up by MULEing
his MOCOs, or giving him plugs, or OT 3 case, or something, and it’s just so confusing that
it’s just absolutely un-as-isable. So those things don’t work, but the Bridge does work.

And the other one is the old plus perceptic and minus perceptics MOCOs. They can get you
into, you know, good perceptics = pleasure and bad perceptics, or minus perceptics = pain,
you know, and that can give you the whole idea of good and bad and good is pleasure and bad
is pain and you can get whole Philosophies and “ologies” going on that and you get people
dramatizing that one too. And these were all false. It’s all false stable data. These are all just
created MOCOs with their creations, and they are just plus perceptics or minus perceptics, or
plus and minus creation, and it can be negative MEST or plus MEST. And plus admiration
and minus admiration. I mean it’s just - your OT guy just runs into these on one level and we
blow them all off in one session. That takes care of that!

So I just wanted to indicate to you again the importance of Scientology Tech and of what Ron
did and the total unimportance and worthlessness of “other peoples tech”. So just keep that in
mind. And of course you already know that by now or you wouldn’t be at this level. But
other people don’t know it. I’m telling you they sure don’t. OK.

The other thing was, you’ll find out on this level - and many people are trying to get “more
powerful” and all that as an OT - well I tell you something very simple about this: that’s why
it’s called Super Power for OTs. The real Super Power is what? It’s the Power to as-is what
has been created and to free those who have been trapped. That is Super Power. All right.
Now on side 2 we will go to the description of the procedures. That is the end of side one of
Tech Briefing No. 10.

This is side 2, Tech briefing No. 10, 27 May A.D. 36. The Super Power for OTs, OT 12. I
read you something from the theory here, you have your notes of it already, but “The OT
must be aware of Games Universe Models, Pre-Game Councils, that is where the thetans,
having arrived at Static State after the Games Universe Model then have their council and
decide what is going to be the rules and the Universe Models are based on very stable datum’s
such as Ethics. This particular Games Universe Model is “Emergency” and the lower
condition ones have come before and the higher condition ones will come in the future. We
are now, by doing these levels, putting the Emergency Games Universe Model, or GUM, into
“Normal”. We are bridging it across into the “Normal” condition.

You must also know the purpose of this whole series of games and you have to do that by
adding knowledge or adding intelligence or adding technology to the thetan. Because when
he doesn’t have those and he plays a game he sure makes mistakes, and lowers his ability and
forgets who he is and everything like that.

OK, so you have to know the purpose of the GUMs and you have to know the conditions,
you should know the scale of conditions and there are several more that are in there on the
positive side and you will see them as you work it out. We have a whole list of these you can
study, but those are the ones that will do the rest of this particular Games Universe Model

And the cycle goes all the way from the - shall we say - the Cascade to Collection Cycle. In
other words there is about 24 Games Universe Models in it, and it’s called a Cascade to
Collection Cycle, meaning a “Cascade” of thetans into whatever they’re going to do, like a
waterfall, you see, they all come in and start doing something, and then the “Collection” point
when they all come back and find out what they have learned, you see? And be able to play a
better game or better series of GUMs next time. All right.

Now, that is the whole area which you must be able to confront when you are running these
levels because you might have some creations which go back several GUMs into lower
condition areas which were also on lower Dynamic combinations or single Dynamics. Thus
you may find that in one previous GUM there was nothing but a sort of 2D aspect to it and so
on, and where “families” of thetans got together and played games against other “families” of
thetans. And these kinds of things can be reflected on the case in present time, but they come
from way, way, way, back. And many people have dived into those earlier past GUMs to
avoid the non-confront of this one. It’s too confusing. It has eight dynamics in it to begin
with and then it had “Aesthetics” added 4 quadrillion years ago, before Incident 1. A little bit
before Incident 1 there was the Aesthetics added, and then afterwards Ethics was added to
handle the implanters. And then Tech to get people free. And the Admin of course to make
sure that they could still free people and as-is things. Now we just have those recently, since
1950. OK.

It’s an interesting thing also that the “Game of Gods” at the beginning of this Games Universe
Model, to elect a “God” to assign “Other authorship” to, just to see what would happen when
thetans created and then dumped their creations - you see what did happen. Anyway, that
should be a lesson to all of us.

But there were three contestants in that game and Xenu was the last one. He actually got
more vote politically. He may have done something with his plus A’s and minus A’s on that.
You know, a little political scheming here and there.

Nevertheless, he was acknowledged as the winner and he was supposed to be the guy that
everybody was supposed to say: “OK, he did that”. Anyway, there were other contestants in
that game but the main thing was that his “act” in that game - he used a little bit of that show
in Inc 1, just to pin the guy back to the Game of Gods, so he would recognize Xenu as the
Master, so he would obey his plugs, so he would take orders from Xenu, and also that it
would sort of wipe out the difference between Incident 1 and his Game of Gods area, which
was 100 centillion years. So he would tend to forget his earlier universe track and sort of be
slammed with the Incident 1, into an engram, which pasted onto the earliest beginning of the
“Game of Gods” show that Xenu did. So that’s an interesting earlier similar on Incident 1.
That little “chariot” and the “cherub” and all that stuff came from Xenu’s show in the “Game
of Gods”. He also mocked up apples - well as if apples and bananas and paper and everything
was being thrown at him on stage, like a bad actor, and then he used those things and built a
Promotion or PR booth and sent out promotion with these same pieces of trash that were
thrown at him, and he sent out promotion to say: “Vote for me. Look at this - I can turn bad
things into good.”, and all that. It was very funny to thetans, you see, but they did not realize
the serious consequences of when they did dump their MEST - he wasn’t going to take it and
turn it into good things for them, but he was going to even capture some beings from their
earlier universe games and then use them to implant with later. So it was all very funny “ha,
ha, ha”, back at the Game of Gods when everybody was free and clean and did not have any
particular creations sitting around. But 4 Quadrillion years ago it got very serious and very
unfunny when they found they were trapped. Now it can be fun again. So those are the

A person on this level must also be aware of the handling of Static Thetans, Theta Thetans,
Lambda Thetans, Phi Thetans and MOCOVPs, dual MOCOVPs or MULEs, and multiple
MOCOVPs - or those ones that you saw on the other level where there is yours and your
friend’s and both of them have been MULE’d together in a little sandwich of four MOCOs.
In other words he has to know how to handle that, as he might run into it.

And the “Three Universes” must be understood. This is the U1- yours, U2 - others, U3 -
Physical Universe. Because the U3, of course, is the composite resistive case of matter,
energy, space and time - it is a composite case and it is resistive. So it is not only resistive but
it is a composite too, and it’s not only composite but it is resistive. That’s why nobody can
handle it. That’s why it is a problem. OK.

So you also have to know your Super NOTs (Excalibur) and Super Scientology Tech
(Phoenix), your six rudiments, your valence shifter also, and you can learn that. That’s:
“What valence would be safe?”, and it’s a listing and nulling question. And that usually blows
the guy out of any valence that’s been grabbing him and you need that on this level
sometimes. And the confront process of course which goes with that and must always be run
with it. If we out a guy back in his valence, he can’t confront very much. Because, of course,
he couldn’t confront before and that’s why he went out of it. So now you’ve got to build up
his confront right after he gets back into his own valence or he’ll just slip right out of it again.
So the confront process is to be run right after the valence shifter, and that is: “What could
you confront?”, and it’s repetitive to F/N VGIs.

And then he has to know the “Prevent” process and the “Obtain” process. I covered those on
the last tape. And he has to know “The Pre-sessions”. There are some pre-sessions I will
cover in this particular level which you have to use on the auditing steps. And he has to know
generally about the whole time track and all that, and how the MEST universe got built up,
where the “Earlier Universe Games” fit in, where the GUM started - the emergency GUM that
we are in - that’s GUM 0. And then it goes back -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, so on back to -12, with a
Pre-Game Council in between each one, and then back to the cascade of viewpoints into this
whole series of GUMs. OK. These are very ... when you see it , it makes auditing yesterdays
engrams and little things on the time track seem very small. But this is what you have to
confront to get up to OT and get up to Static, you have to confront a lot.

So the TR 0 therefore must include all the present time MEST universe and all the Games
Universe Models past and future. OK? Because some of these creations, my friends, can be
put into the future. See, a thetan can do anything and he can put things in the future. He
can’t quite see them because they are in the future but they are still operating and still doing
something, but they are always in the future. So you have to find them. OK? So you have to
have the future in your session as well. OK.

Now you also have to learn the - for at least OT 13 you have to learn - the Power Processes
and for 12 you should learn them too. PrPr 4, 5 and 6. And know what revivification is,
which is the thing you are trying to obtain in Pr 6. You have to know also the Org Board
aspect of holding. And you have to understand the words “encapsulated” and “encapsulator”
and “encapsulation” because you have to describe these creations.

You see some of them are like - they’ve been there so long so that they got “barnacled up”,
like ships in a harbor or ships in the ocean too long. They get all these barnacles and crab
grass all over the bottom of them. They have nothing to do with the creation at all. They just
got stuck to it because it seems to something to do with theta so they stuck to it.

Now - “Encapsulated”. That’s: “Encapsulated is the state or condition of being contained or
surrounded by something or someone else”.

“Encapsulator”. This is: “something or someone who is protecting, surrounding, or
containing something else of real or imagined value”.

And “Encapusulating” is: 1) “The act of” or 2) “The continuation of the act of surrounding
or containing something else”.

And “Encapsulation” is: 1)”the complete unit of that which is contained or surrounded and
that which contains or surrounds it” or 2) “The capsule and its’ contents” All right.

Now “permeation”, of course, we have to understand that as well because permeating means
of course: “putting your perception all the way through something”. And “penetrate” means:
To narrow down your perceptic and put it through something to see what is inside” So you
have to permeate and penetrate a lot of those creations, when you find out what they are, to
find out who is holding them there, what they are made of - how many vias are they created
on, what kind of MOCOs are in there, what else is encapsulating them. All these kinds of
things you have to find out by using permeation and penetration. That’s two abilities of the
thetan and you have to be able to use those in setting up the creation to be audited. All right.

So you can read your theory here but it says: “the final barrier or problem to being fully OT
and First Dynamic Static is the MEST universe or Third Universe or the Universe of
Creations”. A “universe” by definition is: “a whole system of created things” And creations
are or were considered valuable or they wouldn’t have been created. And the original
creations may have been done directly or on a via or on a dual or multiple basis or with a built
in alter-isness to make it persist. Now there is a couple of drills we can do on this level with
auditors to show them that, and it works beautifully. It’s exactly how creations are made to
persist, exactly like it says in the Axioms.

Now, creations are as-ised by duplicating the exact time, form, place, event and source or
ownership or sources or co-creators of it. Needless to say we are only interested on this level
with the creations that have not been as-ised, or are still persisting, you understand. So the
ones that thetans are carrying, they’re still persisting. The ones that are in the MEST
universe, thrown away, they are still persisting. Even though they are broken up and thrown
away, they are still persisting. OK.

That’s about it. You can read the rest of the theory there, it tells about these things - it gives
some examples how the OTs creations could have gotten encapsulated or altered and via’d
and broken and barnacled up. And it gives examples of what may happen on the level. To
really get the as-isness, you may need to know these little examples so you always get the asisness.

Because if you don’t get the full truth about it, it won’t as-is I guarantee you.

So let me go into the procedure now. The procedure consists of 10 steps on OT 12. And
these ten steps are Roman numerals steps, I to X. Thses are written as Roman numerals.

And the first one is to establish, the Roman numeral I - is to establish the most important
creations to run by statements, interest, reads VGIs, etc; F/N. And that is just by asking the
question: “What ability do you (I) want to improve?” To BD F/N item. And you can get that
BD F/N item and the other ones can be run later. If he says one, that’s fine. But if he says
two, that’s fine. You know, it doesn’t matter. Whichever one “Blowdown F/Ns”, thats the
one you run first. OK.

Then you have to find out: “What type of creations would have to be handled to improve
that?”. And he tells you a certain type of creations - maybe, “The ones blocking the ability”,
or, “The ones that stop me from doing it” or something very general like that - it doesn’t

And then you have to find to start on step II (to find the ownership), you first have to find: “Is
there a (number one) creation of that type?” So you want to find: “Is there a (number one)
creation of the type that block perceptions?” say. OK, so BANG! There is a read on that.
Good. You then ... this is done Solo by the way.

So, Step II, Roman numeral II, is ... Now that you have one reading there, you have a
“number one” or “first one” of this bunch. There may be more than one but you only do one
per session.

So, in Roman numeral II, you establish the ownership of that creation and you’ve got to find
this out because you’ve got to know ... who created it. This is the ownership. And you may
not even know what this thing is, you understand? You have know idea, what it is, but you
got to assess this things -- “Was it a single, was it a solo creation, single creation, dual, co-.
team, multi?”. You see, those are the items on Roman II.

And then you have a second part: “Is it mine?”. If it comes out to be single or solo, then you
say: “Is it mine plus anothers?” plus others?”. Just totally line it out and find out who it
belongs to.

And if it’s a dual creation, it does not even have to be yours. It could be another’s plus
others, you know? And the guy is still carrying it around becuase “he likes it”. He’ll still have
to as-is it, if he is carrying it around.

So there is another ... those are the assessments you have to do. On both “single”, “solo”,
“dual”, “co”, “team”, “multi”, - to find out waht that is - and then you do “mine” - plus
“anothers” - plus “others”? “Anothers” - plus “mine”, plus others”? - and “Others” plus
“mine”, plus “anothers”? ... to find out exactly what the ownership is. Now all of a sudden it
will start getting - something will start coming to the guy of what this thing may be.
But anyway, he writes down that what it is. And he should get an F/N at the end of that. It
shou be a nice F/N, it may not be totally clean yet, but it will be a good F/N on that. He
understands that’s what it is. “It’s my creation. I created it solo with not anybody else’s
help.” You see?

Now, you can always use “Suppress?”, “Not-is?”, and “Invalidated?” on these if they don’t
read. In fact, sometimes you have to because these creations are very not-ised in most cases.

The next is, you have to do step III, Roman III is to find out what attention and intention is on
this creation. See, we are coming down the list of things which monitor things, coming down
from the ability to the source. Ability to source to attetnion, intention and then we go right
through to thought, function, structure, etc. and we find out exactly what it is by the end of

OK, so attention and intention: You just ask: “On this creation is there a postulate?” and
check “Not-is?”, “Suppress?”, “Invalidated?”, if it doesn’t read. And you get a read on that.
You carry it repetitively to clean F/N. And then you do: “On this creation is there a
perception?” Do the same. “On this creation is there an intention?” Do the same. “On this
creation is there an attention?” And do the same. That’s very simple. And you get a lot more
data about this thing. Boy it really is ... these reads are enormous by the way, there is no
mistaking them. It’s not “teenie reads” at all. They are just like on OT 9, 10 and 11 - they
blow you out of the chair.

OK, then you are going to get his “thoughts about it”, and this is done by the question: “On
this creation is there a connected thought? attutude? sensation? emotion? pain?” Any of
those that read or read on suppress or inval or Not-is you must take up and run E/S itsa to
F/N. So it’s Itsa, earlier similar Itsa to F/N.

And when he has done that on the connected thought, attitude, sensation, emotion, pain; then
he does it on disconnected thought, attitude, sensation, emotion, pain; then unconnected
thought, attitude, sensation, emotion, pain.

Usually, I found out that each of the “connected”, “disconnected” and “unconnected”, there is
usually only one of those that reads, at the most two. Of the TASEP - (thoughts, attitudes,
sensations, emotions, pains) - those things seem to be - there is is like it just “unlocks” it.
Thses questions unlock, these questions unlock it from, it’s location where it was being held,
you see? OK.

Five is the function - it’s Roman V, the Function. Now this is sort of your “Admin Scale” and
it says: “This creation is part of a ....”, and then you assess. “Is it part of a GUM, a game, a
goal, a purpose, a plan, a policy, a program, a project, a ideal scene, statistic, valuable final
product, production, organisation, establishment, part of ethics, tech, admin or an aesthetic?”

Now all those - not all of them are going to read - one of them is going to go BANG!, a real
big read, and you got to get off some Itsa on that. It’s just “Itsa to clean F/N”. There may be
one more that reads, and you can use “suppress” and Not-is and inval, but normally this will
easily come, and you get the whole function of this thing on one of these things. It will
usually come down to one enormously reading thing. You may even start spotting it right
away by just scanning down the list. “Oh yes! That’s what it was!” BAM! And there it is.
And it goes to clean F/N.

Next is “Structure, State and Location”. And this is the Structure step. Number 6, Roman
VI. And there is , I think, yes there is three parts of this:

The first is - “The creation exists in ...” - Now you want to find out what universe it exists in
so you have all the possible combinations of universes 1, 2 and 3 here. In single, or in dual, or
in 3 together. So he just assesses these down and he finds out which it is. So that’s the way
he finds out which universes it exists in. It could be “his own plus anothers” or it could be in
his “own plus the physical universe”. It could be in “his own plus anothers plus the physical
universe” and so on , you understand?

So he finds that out and “B”, of number VI, is finding out “What state or condition it is in”.
And there you want to find out - if it’s some kind of an “energy creation”, then it could be a
flow or a ridge or a dispersal or a combination of that. If it’s a “solid”, it could be complete,
broken or scattered. Now normally, the ones he finds on OT 12 are usually complete - they
may be a little distorted but they are complete. You can also check a few more things here
like frozen, active, passive or awake, anaten, asleep if it’s more of a creation to give him
words and messages and so on. But he’ll find out what it is. It can be that one or more of
those is true and it will go to a clean F/N just like number “A” will go.

And number “C” is the structure or discription. And now we have 5 or 6 little categories here
to get where it fits in.

And it goes into: “How is it existing? Visibly? Invisibly? In another dimension? or hidden?
Is it disguised?”. And one of those may read.

And then: “When? In the past? In the present? In the future? In all time?” So you find out
there is a “time” thing on it you see?

And the we get: “Where? Is it near? Is it far? Is it around? (means around the guy), or, Isit
on? Is it in?” You can find out where this thing is in location.

And you can get the: “What?”. “Is it composed of matter? energy? space? time? cells?
molecules? atoms? particles? no motion? motion? gravity? light? centrifugal force?
electricity? magnetism? fields? black holes? radiation? vacuums? explosions? colours?
wavelengths? frequencies? sound? anti-matter? (now anti-matter is negative matter I was
telling you about, that’s what a thetan creates that violates the condition ‘that two things
cannot occupy the same space at the same time’. Well, the thetan can create things that do
violate that. So we call those negative mass, MEST, or: anti-matter, anti-energy, anti-space,
or anti-time.) And it could composed also of just “thetans created viewpoints?, Jellybeans?,
or Teenie Weenies? Or in other words, Theta thetans?, MOCOs?, Lambda thetans? or Phi

Any way he finds out from assessing those and seeing what reads. There may be a lot more
that one thing reading of course. But he gets a description. You see he finds out “Oh yes!
It’s that and it’s that and it’s that and it’s that.” Then he gets a clean F/Ning description from
A, B and C, from those categories - and he writes it down and there should be a clean F/N on
that writing. When he writes it down, it’s just: “Yeah that’s what it is!”. OK.

Now he’s got to do number VII, which is the “History” step and he has to assess the History
list and get an F/Ning description of it’s history. And the history list goes through many
questions - about 50 questions here - and he can also figure out anything else. But it’s
concerning this creation. You know: “Was it brought from an earlier GUM? Made for this
GUM? Made for the Game of Gods? Made for an earlier universe game? Made for the
organised game? ( for the organised game before Inc 1) - Brought to the MEST universe?
Made for the civilization game? Made for the implanting game? Made for Pre-1 game?
Made in the MEST universe? Dumped in the MEST universe? - all these things go all the way
down. “Is it made for KRC? ARC? For love? For power? For understanding? Was it
forced on you? Was it given to you? Was it made for admiration?” There are a lot of
reasons it could have been made. This gives a history on it, you see, and it gives a “when”
and a “what for”. It’s to sort of “open up the final understanding”.

By this time the guy should have a very good idea of what this creation is. And it goes all the
way down to: “Was it made for a secret reason? For some other reason? or For an
incredible reason?” And you’ll find some of these very incredible.

Now at that point of the session, after Step VII, the guy can take a break. Because that is the
point where he’s finished assessing to find out exactly what the thing is that he is going to
audit. And that is done, more or less, with him having been involved in finding and identifying
the creation. Now he better take abreak there, because sometimes that takes a couple of
hours. And then the next part, VIII, IX and X are to actually audit it and to get the Tech and
Admin as-isness. So that’s a good point to take a break. Right there between Step VII and
Step VIII.

Now, Step VIII on OT 12 is the “Perception, Permeation and Penetration” step. He must
now closely examine the creation and find out, by doing TR 0 on it, get all of it into the
session space, and find out just who helped create it and locate everybody that did create it
and everything that’s in it, encapsulating it, has been barnarcled onto it in the time it’s been
there, whatever. And he has to be able to put that into the session space and be ready to audit it.
And when he has that TR 0 really done and he has written down any additional things
about it he should have a nice clean F/N at the end of that. So that he has got the thing now
and it is in his TR 0 space for the session.

Now, number - step IX - is: “audit the encapsulators and the co-creators and the MOCOVPs”
that are all involved. We are auditing the beings now that are holding this thing. And this
now comes down here to the “Pre-sessions” I told you about earlier. These are the presessions,
and there are more here than you would normally find, and this is because you have
to get these people awake and really into the session and aligning withwhat you are auditing
here. Because you are not auditing there “case” particularly, you are auditing this creation.
So you have to get their attention on that.

So, Process 1 is “Hello!” Tone 40 to clean F/N just like in Super Scientology.

Process 2 is “Why don’t you want auditing?” to clean F/N just like in Super Scientology.

Process 3 is “Who would I have to be to audit you?” ( or free you ). You see, the “freeing”.
Auditing is the freeing process for these guys, if they don’t know it. So - “who would I have
to be to audit you?” and that goes to clean F/N.

And then “where would you have to be to be audited?” You see, and that goes to clean F/N.

And “when would you have to be to be audited?” You see, and that goes to clean F/N.

So they finally get it that they can be audited now and that they can be audited where ever they
are and they can be audited by you and so on! But it goes to clean F/N so you can now audit
them. Because a lot of these people are stuck, you see, right down the track or so on.
Now if those processes that there was response there and you’ve got a lot of telepathic
answers and so on, then you just do the “responsive” part of this auditing. Do the Six
Rudiments and Rudiments of Long Duration exactly as you would have done in OT 9, 10 and
11 on all the beings connected with this creation. That’s the six ruds and ruds of long

And if they are unresponsive and they didn’t sort of “get there” and you feel it’s sort of a
“dead mass” and you’re just getting a little teeny bit of response from it, either the guys TRs
are very bad, or he hasn’t done his TR 0 right, or it is totally in U3 and it’s a something in the
MEST universe, and it needs to be run on Power. And that means it has to be run on PrPr 4,
5 and 6 to the specific EPs of those. And that’s “muzzled-style” auditing and only those
processes. They also handle rudiments while they are running, so you don’t have to worry
about that. But, you’ve got to know how to audit this stuff. And you have to know what the
EPs are.

Then you do the blow - “Free you” - step processes. The “Blow step processes” from Super
Scientology, which is the: (A) “Who are you?” type of process. Then (B) is the MOCOVP:
“Return to your moment of creation or go free”. And (C): the Rights of the Thetan. And
these are assisted by: “I am not holding you, no one can.” and “You may return to the staic
state and wait there until you decide”. etc. Just like in Super Scientology.

Then you do the “Can’t blow processes” exactly like Super Scientology and then back to the
Blow step to get all of these thetans and all totally cleaned up. You understand? And get
them all free from around, in and on, or helping to create, or the co-creators of, or anything to
do with this creation. ( it’s still there by the way.) And then finally, you’ll get down to ... you
may need ... that’s after you do the can’t blow steps, (You know when you have to handle
anything that was like looking for others stuck to you, others in your valence, anybody in my
valence, Incident II, I Pre-I, any teeny -weeny stuff in the MEST universe, Orientation, Game,
Purpose, all of that.) Them you might also need the valence shifter. “what valence would be
safe?”, listing and nulling to BD F/N. And then “What could you confront?”, with an F/N and
Blow. Now those will all handle the beings connected with the creation or around it or in it.
And then you do the as-ising steps.

Now number X is the “As-isness” steps, and those are the Tech and Admin As-isness steps.
And it is either now very clean and very able to be seen very clearly or it may have even asised
if you happen to also audit the MOCO who was put there to create it, or in the case of
multiple creation - the MOCOs who were put there by the creators or co-creators to help
create it.

But otherwise, you may have to take a tour around with the MOCO or all of the MOCOs.
You say “Now, lets go around this thing and look at it totally and view it in it’s totality and
as-is it.” And you get a beautifull F/TA when that’s done. You’re just actually viewing it and
as-ising it. You, as the persons who ordered the MOCO to be there and create it, and the
MOCO creating it. And you ordered him to create it so you have to view it with him, and tell
him “Yeah, that’s what I told you to make and blablabla....” And acknowledge him for
creating this thing. He did the job for you.

And any other creators have to do it as well and acknowledge their MOCOs. Now, you can
do it for them, but you should give the MOCO the chance to go free, of course. So if other
creators won’t co-operate, you can just take over their MOCOs and say “Look man, you
don’t have to go back to this guy, you can go free now. I’ll run you through this.” You can
do it anyway. So you can as-is other peoples creations without even their co-operation. But
it’s much easier to do it with their co-operation. OK.

Now, if it does not as-is on this point you have to better use another penetration, permeation
step and find out what it is that you haven’t spotted in there. There may be another holder in
there, or a MOCO put in by someone else to prevent it from being as-ised or to alter it, or the
MOCO you are using as a via to create it may have then MULE’d with somebody else and
you did not spot that. But whatever it is, you have it blow, and you get the F/TA. And then
ypu have to find out what is the ... There is a little repair list for this level and there is a whole
bunch of repair questions. Right. And then you have to do the repair list if you need it. I
have not found it needed if you really do the first part (of the identification step). And if you
do the first seven steps properly it usually goes - poof - and it just as-ises.

So, the “Addition to Step X”, however, the second half of Step X, is the as-isness of the
Admin side. And that is: You have to get the admin in, so the “idea” or “intention behind” or
“the reason it was created” is also as-ised. Or it will remain as a potential creation. You see?
“Oh, this creation, I got to have this, I can’t let it go, really it’s really important, I better keep
it there”. You’ve got to know why it was done. So that’s evaluating the Admin scale points.
You go back to the admin scale there in the earlier step and you look over these points and
you find out, “Why was this thing here?” “What did I put it there for?” And you get a cog on
that, BING! And then you can as-is the whole thing and you get another F/TA there. OK.
So that doesn’t take very long after the “Technical As-isness” but it MUST be done.
Otherwise you’ll be worrying about it all the way through the night until your next session.
Guaranteed. OK?

So. that’s about it on the OT 12 Process.

Now I’ll briefly cover the next one, the Pre-Static Life Repair. OK, between OT 12 and 13 is
the pre-static life repair. It’s basically three two-way comms and then a little process on step

The two-way comms are: (1) “Why did you come to the MEST universe from earlier games
of this Games Universe Model?” So, “Why did you come to the MEST universe?”, in other
words, “from your earlier universe of this Games Universe Model”. That’s a two-way comm
to F/N.

And then number (2) is: “What knowledge, responsibility, control or power did you discard
or give up to play earlier universe games at the beginning of this Games Universe Model?”
You see? So he gets a cog on that and he gets his F/N.

Number (3) is: “What did you do in the Game of Gods?” That’s two-way comm to F/N.

And then process number (4), - step 4 here - is just running the MOCOs off from the Game of
Gods. And those are plus “A’s” and minus “A’s”. And there is a lot of political influence
going on there with MOCOs and admiration particles. OK. And so he runs off his plus “A’s”
and minus “A’s” and any other “political MOCOs” that he finds in the Game of Gods. So it
cleans him up from the beginning of this GUM. So he is ready to start handling the U3
creations he dumped without any by-passed charge. OK.

One thing I might add about the Pre-Static Life Repair is the Step (4) is really a, b, c, and d
and e. Actually there are 5 little steps to it.

It’s first: Do the two-way comm steps. All three. And (a) is: (of step 4) to define MOCOs,
plus-A, minus-A, and make sure he knows the processes to handle:- “return to your moment
of creating or go free”. And then (b) is: you have to locate him to the Game of Gods - that’s
100 Centillion ( or 10 to the power of 303 years ), a little bit before that. And then (c): You
have to run the MOCOs on the flows of the guy to another, and another to the guy, and
others regarding the guy. You understand? All the different flows in the Game of Gods about
voting. And other people were the contestants and him watching and he has maybe even been
a contestant. So all that’s done and then (d) is: You locate him in PT, in present time. And
(e) is: You run any MOCOs or Plus “A’s” and minus “A’s” off on the flows in present time.
Because it is that all those thetans that were existing then are still existing now.
And some of these MOCOs may be carried down the time track and are still existing. So you run these 3
flows: the guy to another, and another to the guy, and others regarding the guy in present
time. And you may have to go all through the flows several times but you eventually get an
F/TA on that. And that’s finished with the Game of Gods for him.

OK, now onto OT 13. By the way, I did not mentio it about OT 12, but you must of course
run all the creations that have to do with those abilities until there are no more left. All the
creations the guy is carrying that have to do with OT 12 he has to run. That’s one per session
and it’s sometimes 40, 50 or maybe a hundred hours he has to run those damn creations until
he gets to where they are not hanging around his neck anymore. The funny thing about it is
that he never knows they are there until he runs this level. They are not something he “knows
about”. Anyway.

The OT 13, however, starts off from a different pattern than OT 12 because these are the
creations the guy has dumped into the physical universe. They’ve been mixed around, like in a
giant mixing machine which is the MEST universe, for centilliuons - hundreds of centillions -
or tens of centillions of years, and the whole thing is all “Blaaaa”. And he doesn’t even - you
know, it’s not valuable to him anymore. So now he has to do something about that. So what
he has to do actually is spot that he has done such a thing as dumped these things.

He has to run the steps I to VII on these from the OT 12 process and when he runs I to VII,
he will usually get all the cognitions on why he dumped them and so on like that. And
whatever the things were he dumped, they may respond. There may be many things reading
but it will be based on ... it will come out that there is some main reason why he dumped
everything and he might have even been influenced by what he learned in the Game of Gods
or whatever. But it will usually get to the point that all of these guys will start flowing toward
him by the end of step VII.

Now when they start flowing toward him, all these “responsive” ones are coming to be as-ised
and to get their “whatever they are carrying with them” (the little piece of MEST they are
carrying with them) acknowledged and validated again so they can let go of it. Well, then he’s
got that flow started and he then can let it continue on for 3 to 5 days or maybe a week.
Now, of course, they may not start flowing to him, so he does steps VIII to X, and he usually
has only to do the responsive ones in the first session and that’s the rudiments - it goes
through the six rudiments part, not the Power part. But by the time he gets to step X, they’ll
start flowing toward him, and the only thing he has to realise is that the admin “why” is him.
He is the Admin F/TA, the one that created - that gave the idea for all of them - even if they
are not valuable anymore. He still had the idea for it and it was valuable at the time.

So when these MOCOs come in ( in or out of session ) after that, he has to maybe handle
them through any “MEST mutual incident?” their, “Dump in the MEST universe”, etc. He is
going back, you see, back their track. And then, “Having a creation of no use?”, you see?
“The creation was invalidated?” And then, “A creation of usefulness where it was validated?”
And then, “A postulate that they made this creation?” And then, “Their own Moment of
Creation of them as creator of that piece of MEST?” And then, they go to freedom by Rights
of a Thetan, etc.

But you also have to indicate to them that “I am the administrative why, it was me that caused
that creation, that was me who created you, it was me who gave you the idea for it and so on.
And you can now go free. The Game is over.” You see?

So you’ve got to give the admin “why” there, or else if they decide to hang around you and
don’t go free, you will always find this sort of “worry” start to creep up again because they
are worried about why they had to drop the creation. “Is it going to be used again?” “do I
have to create anything more again?” You have to as-is the admin side of it forever. OK.

So that’s basically that first session of OT 13, and then there is the waiting period and then
there is the second session where you run the Power - the Pre-sessions and power on them -
and then that’s it for OT 13 except for the second waiting period. ( Note: Ask your C/S for
the later “Short Form OT 13 C/S” when you are ready to do the level )

The “Pre-Static Prior Assessment” and the “Clone Cycle Rundown” will be given to you when
you need them, in written up form.

I must stress here that after every session in OT 12 and 13 you must thank all the beings who
helped on the as-isness and you must not forget to thank Ron, Elron Elray, for the technology
and how to do it. And I thank him now for this technology.

That’s the end of Tech Briefing
Number 10.



Squirrel Extraordinaire
“Power Plus for OTs”
13 June, AD 36
RON's Org Frankfurt

Welcome To Power Plus for OT's! This is Capt. W.B. Robertson, Senior CS Rons Org. This
song you Just heard is called "The Grail," and it well represents these Levels, which are
corresponding to Levels 14, 15, and 16 OT levels.

Because there is a lot of knowledge and Power to be derived from these Levels, which was
the original "secret of the Grail", the "Holy Grail " or "Lost Grail" or whatever - but it fits.

Pre-Static Prior Assessment

The first thing I want to talk about is at the end of OT 13 on the Last Briefing. And this is for
Auditors and C/Ses mostly, because most of you have already had these rundowns, but I
expect the auditors and C/Ses to be at a bit higher level on the bridge, so I want them to have
these notes on tape. They are already in written form. And this is on the "PreStatic Prior
Assessment." And that is coming at the end of OT 13.

It says here, before completing OT 13, there is a step to "polish off" or to "As-is and Free"
any Mocos or Mules the OT may have with others, especially the Implanter Org and Xenu.
These are areas where he might not have looked on earlier levels, or on OT 12 and 13.

The theory is that his Mocos could have been created for "admiration" (plus and minus) - or
to "Via a creation" or to "form perceptics" which he doesn't need any longer.

The "plus and minus A" Mocos have probably been handled on the "PreStatic Life Repair"
which was between OT 12-13 and his "Creation Mocos" (or his "held and dumped creations")
on OT 12-13, but the "Perceptic Mocos" may still be there tying him in to an automaticity
which can be monitored by another's Mocos on the same Perceptic. An OT's Perceptions
come from his Native Ability to postulate and Perceive, not from "Vias".

The attached 12 areas in the study pack for the course are assessed and handled until all are
F/Ning. Each will get a Clean F/N as handled and at the end an FTA. Note: The "55 Human
Perceptics " from the Book of Scales can be studied and used if any in "Column C" read.
("Col C" covers The Perceptic Mocos).

Now, I just want to read from the areas here. You work from the bottom up. It's a box that
has Column A,B,C. Column A has " Admiration Mocos". B is "Creation Mocos, " Via
Mocos", the ones that are used to create something for the OT, And, Column C are the
"Perceptic Mocos." All these are plus or minus Mocos. They can do it positively or
negatively. Now, coming down the side are the levels 1,2, 3, and 4. This makes 12 areas (3
Columns and 4 levels) and at the top level we have "Knowledge, Responsibility, Control."
(Across Column A-Knowledge, Column B-Responsibility, Column C-Control.) These Mocos
could be put on Terminals, or Areas, or lines , as it goes across there.

Level II coming down has "Affinity, Reality, Communication." Again, 'Affinity Terminals,
"Reality on Areas", "Communication lines."

Level III comes a bit more down. Its the false Scale "KRC" of Xenu, "Status Conformity, and
Monitoring" and again it's on Terminals, Areas , and Lines. So it's "Status Terminals",
"Areas", and "Monitor Lines."

Level IV is down at the Bottom where it all becomes "automatic". And it's "Admiration,
Agreement, and Automaticity." "Admiration on Terminals", "Agreement in Areas", and
"Automaticity on Lines." These are used and checked over from the bottom up. So, Column
A going up is: Admiration Terminals, Status Terminals, Affinity Terminals, Knowledge
Terminals. Then , Column B: Agreement Areas, Conformity Areas, Reality Areas,
Responsibility Areas, And Column C: Automaticity Lines, Monitor Lines Communication
Lines, Control Lines. If this id done properly, all the Mocos will be swept clean from these
areas whenever it reads, one handled it to clean F/N and those Mocos will be found and given
their choice of "Return to your moment of creation,or go Free!". Now, when that is all done
there will be a nice FTA. And, remember to handle all the positive and negative Mocos on
those areas. And that is the end of the Pre-Static Prior Assessment. Its sort of a "dusting off"
and " cleaning off " of all these areas.

The Clone Cycle Rundown

Then at the end, after the Pre-Static Prior Assessment, is what is called the "Clone Cycle
Rundown". I described this on the last Tape,"Tech Briefing No. 10". And I'll give you some
notes here from it: It says: "It is possible the OT created even more powerful Mocos which
could take his place, or his "Central Viewpoint", while he was somewhere or some-one else .
These would have nearly all his abilities but nevertheless are "Clones" or "Mocos".

They could be a "Moco Static Thetan", "A Moco OT" (or a "Power Thetan" or Big Thetan
Moco), or a "Regular Thetan" (ARC Type Thetan), or Lambda Thetan" (to run a body), or
"Moco S.C.M." (which is Status, Conformity and Maintain Control or " Monitor Moco" to
divert the implanters, you see, so it could pretend other- determinism for instance), or there
could be even a Phi Thetan (Admiration, Agreement, Automaticity type Moco to pretend total
effect). These areas, of course, come from the 12 areas which you did the "Prior Assessment"
on. Now we are looking for almost a complete duplicate of ONE's SELF that could be created
from these areas.

Now you work The Clone Cycle you work it up, looking for: First, any Mocos in the
Admiration, Agreement, Automaticity category. They will be at total effect and you handle
them by the process: "Return to your moment of Creation or go Free!." You might have to
give them the idea of why you created them. Admin whys and so on might come off. ARC
break etc. but they will go free very easily.

(These correspond to "Broken Pieces"). And going up from that, will be the Status,
Conformity, Monitor (or " Maintain control" type Mocos which were to fool The Implanters
or substitute for you to make the Implanters think you were implanted when you really
weren't. And these will be in the "Piece" area .They will be in the Piece area and they will be
other-determined, but you can still free them because You created them. Then there will be
"Player" Mocos on the ARC - Understanding Level, and they will be .. (I should be actually
calling them Clones, because they are Clone Mocos because they actually, nearly, have all the
abilities of a thetan except they were created), so that's ARCU on the Player Level. There are
KRCP Clones on the Games Maker Level, which would be Clone "OT"s or "Big Thetans",
You see?. And then there would be Clone "Static Thetans" or No Game Makers or "Above
the Games" or "Pan-Determined" type "Big Static Thetan" Clones.

Now when they return to their "Moment of creation" just indicate: "The Game is over", and
that's the Admin Why of their moment of Creation. You cloned them for a Game, of course.
"The Game is over so do you want to go free?" There may be some Itsa, just acknowledge it
and validate them for doing their job and then give them their freedom. They may have to also
run their Mocos, because they may have created some. You may have given them the ability
to create Mocos on their own. You can sort that out as you run this Clone Cycle and each will
go to Clean F/N and Big FTA at the end.

I have a little note here, and it says - "If any other Big Thetan pops in and tells the auditor he
is a clone of theirs - (This is some guy coming in and saying "You are really my clone") - you
see you are the auditor, he is saying "you are really my clone" then just tell him: "I choose to
be free, thank you" , it's probably bullshit anyway. (And even if it isn't, you can choose to be
free and continue on with your sessions). Sometimes they try to do that, or somebody else's
Clone will try to do that, to keep you out of the Game and that's very funny, but that should
finish up any difficulties you may encounter before the end of OT 13.

The C/O Cycle Rundown

Now before the beginning of the OT 14 we have a special thing which is needed to get people
into the Super Power area and that's called "The CO Cycle Rundown" (Commanding Officer
Cycle Rundown). The reason for this rundown is simply this. After OT 12-13 and after these
various Prior Assessments and Clone Cycle rundowns, the only thing left that the OT can see
now is the combination of U2s. In other words, everything to him looks like U2
and U3 is even the sum of U2s.

It's a composite resistive, U2 Case and he sort of seems to be "outside of it a little bit". It's sort
of all "New in a New Unit of Time," but he is not really connected into it anymore. However,
if he is still using his body, to audit with and carry on up the Levels with, he has a very important
Piece of his U2 still attached to him and under his control. So the "CO Cycle", the purpose of that,
is to have him take full control of that piece of U3 (known as the "combination of U2s") that piece
of U3 known as "his body" and he takes full control of that. And that is done in the following manner:
I'll just take my notes here. All right, and I have the notes here, and so: "The purpose of this rundown,
CO Cycle Rundown, is: To put the Thetan in Command of all Body Mocos who wish to remain and
carry out the Games Purpose with him. That's the ones in his body (all the Mocos and various bits,
and Perceptics, and so on). And free the rest and allow them to Return to their Creators or retire to
Static Point and wait as a sort of reserve.

So the Procedure is this:
(1) TR0 (on the body and the immediate space around it)
(2) Run off all plus and Minus Perceptic Mocos from the body which belong to the OT.
(That's the person who is doing the auditing.It can be done Solo)
(A) Spots them.
(B) Does a "Moment of Creation or freedom" or "Wait at Static Point".

or (here we have another possibility on this particular rundown), they can "Take a Hat in this
Game," So, they "Return to their Moment of Creation to their Creator" - or "Free" or they
wait, they "wait at Static Point". "Return to a Static Point and just wait to be a reserve". Or
they can take a hat in this Game with him. And on each of those decisions, any of them they
make, it should be acked by TR2. So he does that until there is a Clean F/N. Then he takes the
rest of the body in his space. Now first we took his Perceptic Mocos and so on. Now all the
rest should be the U2.They belong to other people.All the rest of the pieces of the Mest in
there, the Mocos he is shepherding around, are belonging to U2 Terminals.

So now we have to get them responsive and handled and then give them the same choices. So
the (3) is to run PR 4, 5, 6. on remaining U2 Mocos. (This includes responsive and
unresponsive ones as PR PRs handle both types) So we handle it both in one shot here,And
they will awake on this and go through recognition of being created, dumped, aligned with the
Phi Thetans or whatever, and finally they will realize they are under the OT's command and he
is auditing them. And impressions of their Not-ised lines to billions of Creator thetans will also
show up, and they will also as-is, because, you see, the U2 Creator Thetans of them are still
hooked in, not-ised but still there, so the lines will appear like "beams or ~actors to your body.
So they will show up and then they will as-is, and that's the lines. And then the "Board of
Directors of the "Phi Thetans" Social Democracy lines will show up, and blow. And then
finally the whole body will come into PT with an awareness of the OT who is auditing as the
"Boss" (or the CO). In other words, the body will go through its whole Time Track and it will
finally blow into PT.

(4) Now when it's in PT and you are the "Boss", this is after (Pr 4,5,6), you have to give them
the R-Factor on the Game Purpose, Games Universe Models and Rights of a Thetan and next:

(5) You have to give them the choice to: "Help in the Purpose under command of the OT" or
to " Return to your Moment of Creation or go Free" or "Return to the Static-Point and wait
till the end of the GUM". Now, that way you are giving them the free choice which we give to
all Thetans, per Rights of a Thetan, OK?

(6) Next step. The ones that decide to "Help under the command of the OT" after the rest
have gone, can now be ordered by the OT to do whatever he considers optimum. He applies
the "Normal Operation Formula": Don't change anything. Eliminate any non-optimum
conditions of the body, improve what is going well. Now these things won't happen
immediately, but they will get to work on them right away. You will find the Phi Thetans he
does not need at present should be ordered to Static Point as reserves to be on call if he needs
them later to patch up his body or anothers. The OT should be able to now change his body on
a gradient, via these helping Phi Thetans, to an Optimum State for his Game and Purpose.

(7) And the last note here is: It's best to do this on a meter to see that all the Phi Thetans get
the commands.When they do it will be a clean F/N. It's group auditing. The EP of this is: That
the OT takes command of his own body (from the U2 Thetans who dumped its component
Phi Thetan who were (responsively or unresponsively) following the Board of Directors of the
Phi Thetans' orders.)

(8) The "optimizing steps" can be done in later sessions (Solo), as needed, so that means if he
is fixing up something in the body he can also see that it is being done later on.

(9) Now you will find here that it is very wise to know some Policy, because you will have all
this mass of juniors running in the body and you better set them up in an Org Board.So you
have to know some Policy on that, and I have a note here: "It is wise to set up an Org Board
of these Phi Thetan Helpers. It's on a 7 Division basis so that new food, air etc, coming into
the body is also recruited, R-factored, and Audited to their own choices as in the process."
This is "keeping the body in an optimum state", because you realize the body is always pulling
in more and more Mest (food, air and so on) and it has to be audited as well so everything
stays just totally optimum. I found it's very interesting. You can set up an Org Board exactly
like LRH says in the Basic Policy Books, with the HCO side and the Org side, and have some
of the Phi Thetans being auditors and some of them handling the body functions and
communications and so on, Generally it works very well, and you can use the right and left
lobes of the brain and have the guys in there working as the "Executives" and all down
through the lines, and all that. They have a great time once they are doing it under your
command and you acknowledge them and so on. You will find as food comes into the body it
takes them a while, and then the whole thing feels totally audited and handled and so on like
that. They do get their "Hats" on, but you have to Hat them though. You have to tell them
various "processes" to free Mocos and so on and even how to run Power, but finally they are
running things just fine under your directions and now you have an optimum tool, the body, to
use in the Game, to continue on with.

(10) I advise this step (CO Cycle R/D) to be done before "Power Plus for OTs" because it is
something people have attention on. (Of course, since the body is mostly U2s). After these
earlier levels it's just the rest of the U2s all having attention lines to the body and the Thetan
says: "What is this thing? It's like it isn't my creation. It's somebody else's or a lot of other
people's. It's weird.It doesn't listen to me! and so on. But now he does the "Danger Formula"
on that and "Bypasses and handles it", and brings it back up through "Emergency" through to
"Normal" and gets it into an optimum state. If you need anymore help with this I'm sure there
are people who can refer you to Policy Volumes. Basics in Volume Zero like "How to set up
an Org Board" and it works very well. You don't have to know any real "Medical Data" to do
it. Just the general idea of it, like "The Executives are to see that the body keeps breathing,
the heart keeps going, and so on", and its use. "For when I need extra energy and so on, it
must be there and ready". You know, everything you want. You just put it in. And everything
you don't want you just tell them: "That's not useful anymore, just phase that out, so on and
so on." Like-extra fat or whatever you don't like, you know? They might have to audit the fat
to get it responsive, and wake it up and route it out or give its Mocos their choices, but still in
all it can be done. So you can have a good time "optimizing your body" on the CO Cycle
Rundown and in later sessions (after you get your FTA in the rundown).

OT 14 15 16
The Grail
Power Plus for OTs

Ok, so now we go into the "Power Plus" aspect, or the "Grail" aspect of these levels.

The monitoring idea behind OT 14, 15, and 16 is HELP, because now we are above the idea
of the "Ability Level". We have the abilities returned that we wanted from OT 12 and 13 and
now one must look at, "What does one do with the abilities?" Well, he has abilities and he
wants to help, and I can tell you that this will bring you, when you run this - it will bring you
right back to the next monitoring ability on OT 17-18 etc, which is Games. This "help" series,
of processes here actually finish off all of the incomplete games cycles and allows the being to
start out brand new in a state of Static and Normal Operation. So lets look at these Levels.
Now they are quite incredible. They are much more incredible even than what I expected after
doing the other incredible levels, and there was some very incredible things here. So I wish
you all success and a lot of fun in doing these.

So the first thing to do is to realize that the Power Plus areas are monitored by Persons,
Places and Subjects...... The same as VA down at the Lower end of the Bridge, LRH did bring
those areas down from a very high Level, and this is the high Level he bought them from.
Persons, Places, Subjects.

So the first thing for the OT to do (and he can do this out of session or in a session, but it's
just as they come to his mind) after OT 13 and after the CO Cycle Rundown he should
probably be starting to think about "Persons he wants to help", "groups of people he wants to
help", you see, and "places he wants to help", you see, and "subjects he wants to help". These
things, you know, may have been something he has been into before. It doesn't matter. Its just
Persons, Places, Subjects that he wants to help. And then he makes ... he puts this down in 3
separate columns, you see, and makes a little list to put in his folder. It doesn't matter how
many Subjects, Persons, Places, he puts down, just have him do it.

Anyway, when you come to the 1st session on OT 14, you are going to take up the first area
there, on the 1st Session you are going to take up and you are going to find out, what The
Item is. And I thought at first you might have to run all the items on all different Connected,
Disconnected, Unconnected areas. Apparently you do not.There is only one, shall we say,
"containing item", that actually so far as I know, contains the aspects of all the others, and it's
quite a large item. Might be, if the guy hits all kinds of groups he might want to help on Planet
Earth which includes many, many, many, say "people" then they all might be included under a
sort of a "Thetans in the Game" item. You know what I mean? There a a huge allencompassing
item that will LFBD F/N or that "very much F/Ns " and that covers all of those "People he wants
to Help" and you will find that in the 1st Session on OT 14. You find what that item is.

And then you have that and now you are going work it from the "outside of the door"....
looking in. On the 9, 10, and 11, situations. you are "Opening The Door" and seeing what was
out there that you hadn't been in comm with, but now you are the one "outside," and opening
doors downward to those who have been out-of comm with you. So now it's the "reverse
look" at 9, 10, 11. You understand?

So you take this area, this "Person's item," and so first it's:

"Thetans connected to the item." See? Thetans connected to the item.

All right? "Thetans connected to the item ..... Boom!!!" That reads. Then you go right in and
run steps 1-10 on it from or 9, 10, 11. Same steps. You will find that the cogs are quite
incredible! Then the 2nd session of 14 (maybe the 2nd session of 14, but you may have done
the CO Cycle Rundown in OT 14, but this is the 2nd session of Power Plus for OTs, shall we
say, Super Power Plus for OTs!), the 2nd session item will be the Places item and you find the
containing Places item, it will be something containing all the other items, or "summarizes" all
the other items. If he gave a lot of places in the Mest Universe it may be "U 3", or it may be
"All The Earlier Universes" or whatever, but it will be an item that LFBDs and he will be
happy about it and it's big enough for him to "chew on". You see, we are not doing "tiny bits"
of auditing. We are doing enormous scales of auditing. So he gets the "Places" item and you
do the same thing: LFBD-F/Ning, very interested.

"Thetans connected to it" reads, so you run Steps 1-10 on that. And then the next session you
do the Subjects Item, and you will find the Subjects that summarizes and contains all of the
other subjects that he has written down, and he runs that LFBD item. He may be not get it
right at first. You would have to get: "What would have to summarize all these subjects?
What contains all of it?" And Bang!, he gets it and you are away.You run 1-10 on that, You'll
have incredible cognitions and you will run into very interesting Statics, lots of Static thetans,
and other kinds of beings that you didn't even, at this stage, didn't realize that they were there.

And I must tell you, on " ARC Break," if the question 3 - or step 3 of the 1-10, it doesn't read
on "ARC Break", no F/N, nothing on "KRC Break", or "Theta Break", you might have to find
it's a "Static Break". That's even Senior! You see? A Static Break. You run into quite amazing
things on these levels. Anyway, the question is the same for OT 14 on each of the Persons,
Places, Subjects. It is "Thetans connected to the item" (from "Persons" then the next session,
"Places", then the next session, "Subjects" OK?)

OT 15 is the same 3 areas as he got on OT 14. It's very important, therefore, to have the right
areas to run. because on OT 15 you run the same exact areas, but you run them:
"Thetans Dis-connected from".

Not Connected to, but dis-connected from on OT 15. And of course you run them the same
way: Steps 1-10, etc.

And on OT 16 you run of course: "Thetans unconnected with the items you found on OT 14,
same ones). So there's 3 sessions on each Level. And 14 is 3, 15 is 3, 16 is 3, and now when
you have done these you will be quite, quite amazed. This sounds very simple, and it is like:
"Yes, 9-10-11 - Yeah, we know all about that." No.No, you don't know all about that,
because all of a sudden your expansion starts opening up to New areas you have never even
suspected were there, and that's why I call it "The Grail". And the old "Mystics" liked that
idea: "The Grail", lost knowledge. Well, it comes up there.

You will find that these Cascade Collection Cycles become - (which contain all The GUMs
you see? Cascade Collection Cycles, that's great.) - but now you will find out there were more
of those and you will find out there is a certain Number of those CCCs put together into what
is called a "Ring" and that there are also "Archives of Rings".

Before that was "the beginning." I just give you those little hints, and that's so you don't think
you are getting "far out" into some strange tales or something. And it is that, and it is the
"Theta Trap", and apparently we have to do a lot to keep ourselves amused, but at the end of
all this there is a Rundown to do, right before you are ready for OT 17 and I'll talk about that
on the next side of the Tape.

But to just give you some ideas about the"Power Plus for OT's", I think you will find out in
doing this level that any further, shall we say "Missed-" or "Non-Understanding" of the
Axioms will go totally clean. You can't help but understand them. In fact I'll give you an
example: I had always known about the Axiom of "The Highest Purpose in the Universe is the
creation of Effect", you see? Very simple. Yes obvious, obvious, obvious, very obvious.
Highest Purpose in The Universe is the creation of effect. But I don't think I or anyone else,,
ever asked the question: "Well, that's The Highest Purpose, well what's the 2nd Highest
Purpose". Oh, I see, What's The 2nd Highest Purpose? You, see, a Thetan is very powerful.
It's not hard for him to create an effect, so if that's his "Highest Purpose" he can do it very
quickly. So he must have a 2nd Highest Purpose. That's what got him in trouble, you see? So
what was the 2nd Highest Purpose? Well, you will find out on this Level.

OK, all right! I will tell you. As Auditors you should know this anyway. The 2nd Highest
Purpose in the Universe is the Experiencing of the Effect. 1st Highest Purpose in the Universe
is the Creation of Effect. That's the Highest Purpose. And what's the 2nd Highest Purpose?
The Experiencing of the Effect, the experiencing of the effect, or the Experiencing of that

Anyway it all becomes very, very clear to you on 0T 14, 15, 16 how all this started and why it
got to where it was and what we did to get into it and what we are doing to get out of it. And
the whole thing, it can hardly be expressed in any words except in Scientology words, perhaps
and just say Ron knew what he was talking about when he wrote the "Axioms and Logics",
"Pre-logics", and Books, And there are logical derivations and second questions from these
points that give you the secrets of everything.

So I know you will enjoy these Levels, and especially after doing the last step, which I'll tell
you about on the next side of the Tape. The data and knowledge gained here we are going to
use on the OT 17-18 Levels of course. Now, we are going to be in a "Games Level". We are
going to change the direction of the whole Game. We are going to be able to handle these
points which, if not handled on the other cases in U2, would prevent them from coming up the
Bridge and joining us. So we are going to handle those points in the U2 and U3. That's the
only ones, because if we handle all their cases, they won t have any "improvement of quality",
but we just must handle these that make them resistive to getting on the Bridge. So from 17-
18 it's a real "team co-ordinated effort" and I expect everyone to have a lot of fun at it, and
also learn more about the Tech of Scientology and Dianetics if you haven't already because it's
what is going to be used in The New Games, and The New Civilization and The New Future
for all of us.

OK. That's the end of side I.

And a "Thank you!" to Elron Elray, because without his help this could have
never been done. That's The End of Side I. Thank you very much.

Side 2

Ok This is Side 2, Tech Briefing 11 and the date is 13 June AD 36 or 1986 Teegeeack Time.
We have to also include on this side things I didn't particularly want people to hear on the
other side. They can hear the other side just to run 14-15-16 and to do the "CO Cycle
Rundown " and to do the other clarifying steps of the last part of OT 13. That's all on the
other side. But this side has some data on it, that perhaps it's wise not to let every Pre- OT or
OT know about, until he actually encounters it on 14-15-16.

And some of this is very, very incredible and would just be even probably not believed by
those that have done OT 13! So incredible... but I know, however, that auditors would be able
to confront it. And also they need it to be able to unscramble cases that may get messed up
on 14, 15, 16 (or even Lower OT Levels). Now one of the datums comes from a funny fact,
that sometimes you will find, on OT 14 15 16 (usually 16), that Thetans encountered on the
question, (when they run the "Thetans unconnected with" - whatever the item is) they might
run into a certain kind of thetan. Well,instead of a read the TA just starts rising like crazy.
Now the TA just starts going up. There is no apparent reason for it. It just goes up. There is
nothing that's been overrun. The guy may think that this "Power Plus for OT" Levels is
overrun. It's not!

The case which he has hit here is: Certain thetans who have been pushed off into the "Static"
area that are dramatizing an overrun. And they are dramatizing an overrun of the "Last Time
Around the Ring". "The Last Time Around the Ring." Now, as I explained on the last side
briefly, a "Ring" is a connected series of Cascade Collection Cycles. If you view a Cascade to
Collection Cycle as a little "cube" all by itself, then you join 25, (actually 24) of these cubes
together to form a "Torus" or a "Ring" ... right?, you just bend them together. You will then
have a Ring.

Now, if you also realize the numbers of these GUMs (the one we are in for instance is "Zero")
and at the ends or at the beginnings of these "Cascade Collection Cycles " there is
another sort of "Infinity point" there, or a"Zero point " there, or whatever you want to call it
(those two are apparently points where you can get in or out of the "Ring" or the Cascade
Collection Cycle"), but also these are aligned on the Ring so that they go around the "Ring of
Games and G.U.M.s - "They go around this ring twice to make one complete cycle.)

In other words, it's like a "Mobius" alignment. If you start on one side of a ring and draw a
line that comes around (but not to the same side, it goes around to the other side of the ring)
and then goes around again and comes back to the same side, you will have made a "Mobius"
ring. It's like a ring with a twist in it, or actually half twist in it. And, if you open that out (that
line in it) it becomes an "Infinity" symbol. And that is the symbol of "Infinity" that is present in
all of these "Ring Games". That means that the "Ring Archives" (that he will also run into on
these levels) are the old Ring Games that have been done already. And I found out in these
Levels that: No "older" ring has been done twice. They all have been done once. In other
words, they have gone around around again and finished with an "infinity" and that's it. And
they haven't been done again. So, it's like that they haven't gone two times around the Ring,
or "twice around the Ring" or twice "around the Infinity".

You will understand what I mean if you just draw this out.You will see it. But, in this
particular "Game of G.U.M. s Series, or this particular Ring that we are in now, apparently it
HAS been gone around on the 2nd time and we are on the "2nd Time Around" it and that's
where all the "Fatalistic Philosophies" come from that "everything is the same" and it's going
to be "predictable" and it will all come out that everything is the same, and it is going to
be"Predicted. and it will all come out" according to Karma" and 'Fate". Because we, as
Thetans, have agreed to play this Ring AGAIN and therefore we are sort of on a twice around
the circle(or the Infinity)" we are at another ",jumping off point" right here.

And This Time Around (TTA), we are going to really improve the "Quality of Theta",
because Last Time Around (LTA) it went differently. Last Time Around it was different, in
this small respect, that the "Taken Over Church" was the one that continued and pushed
thetans into an unable "Static State" where they couldn't quite make it out of the whole Series
of Rings. And that's because it was "allowed" to happen that way, actually as a "proof" that by
"Not-ising" or "Altering" the Technology that it would not work! And now you are the
people that are still in the Church are dramatizing "The Last Time Around". They are still
under Xenu's direction (who took over with his forces Last Time Around and did the same
thing). And now you see that Elron Elray is showing us that now you can do it right and we
have all something to learn from this. And you will learn from this,And you will learn it on OT
14, 15, 16.

But now, TA going up means that what he has hit, is a bunch of Thetans who have been
pushed by Auditing (actual auditing) Last Time Around the Ring into a state of Static which
left them totally ineffective. They have locked themselves out of the Game, you understand, so
they could not, therefore, deter Xenu. And they therefore, could not be effective against him
or actually get to the end of the point of the true Game to "Improve The Quality of Theta."
They believed they are improved, but their auditing had lies in it and the TA goes up because
they think, "Its an overrun." (They think). But, if you find out very quickly that what it is, is
BPC, charge from Last Time Around The Ring, The TA will come down, immediately down,
just like that.

You see, as you start saying "Hello" the TA will start going up, up, up. And if it starts going
up and you start to say "Hello" "Hello" there is nothing there. They don't want auditing.
Nothing, nothing, nothing, OK. Then you say "Is this BPC from Last Time Around the Ring?"
Phuff!! TA will come down, Ha!! "What's happening?" "How come?" "The Game is Over?"
"What s happened?" You know? So it will come down and then you can get the "Hello" and
"Why don't you want auditing?" (It could come up on anyone of these questions.

Then you can get the ARC Break, and then the ARC Break LD and it may go back before this
series of G.U.M.s before the Cascade to Collection Cycles and maybe back to the Last Time
Around the Ring, or even back into the Ring Archives, but it won t probably go back there
until these guys are handled. Anyway, they usually "Blow loose" by a very simple handling on
just one of the rudiments, or maybe 1, 2. or 3 rudiments, but when they blow they want to
help because they were betrayed by the "Taken Over Church" of Last Time Around, and they
want to help, and they want to help free others and do it right This Time Around.

And you will find them caught in such weird beliefs as "Pantheism," "Psychology Tech" -
(Super "Ego", "Ego", "Id," etc.) - and others, where they have been taught carefully that "God
created everything. He created your ancestors and your ancestors created you". And "your
ancestors are dead and God is dead and you are the only creators left." And "No one else
exists except, you and, these creations that are left around. Therefore, anything that you
experience is either your creation or somebody else's. So, when you start to audit these guys
they think you are a "figment in their Imagination," you see? They think you as the Auditor
are not really a different person, because they are the only creators around you see? So no one
else can "create" anything.

So you are some sort of "Figment in their mind". And they are pushed out into a "Static State
of Total Isolation" or shall we say, "in the honeycomb", each one locked up into his own little
tiny "Static Universe". They are totally ineffective by that, so the TA might start going up on
those kind of guys because it's overrun. They were pushed there by auditing from Last Time
Around "Squirrel Tech", that type of thing. Sec Checking the guy into making the guy into
effect, and pushing him into a corner as a Static, and making sure he stayed out of the Game
for the rest of eternity.

You get the idea? Its so incredible, I was even amazed to find it. I couldn't believe it at first,
but this is what blew the TA down and F/TAed and finished the bloody cycles so that's what it
was. And I think most of the guys are going to run into this type of activity. So that will blow
down the High TA, to find out: "It's BPC from Last Time Around the Ring". They think it's
the same old shit. They think they are going to get pushed into a corner again. But it's not.
You have to groove them in. This is The Freeing Game. This is Elron Elray's This Time
Around. It's different and it's NOT the "Taken Over Church" that is doing it. OK? So that was
quite amazing , but also gives the basis for "Prophecy", "Karma" and all that kind of
"fatalistic" idea that "everything is all pre-determined from now on". It is really just because
it's the 2nd Time Around. OK? So that will come up.

And the other thing that will come up, once that is handled, (and these usually come up on
16), but after that comes up finally the guy will spot the entire "Ring Archives" of ALL THE
GAMES PLAYED. All these Rings,CCCs, played, played. But they are all there. Lots and
lots of them. And before that, of course, were the Original 1st and 2nd Postulates and before
that of course was the " Original Static State". I call it that, because in that "Super Static
State", of course, the person was in "A State of Static without Comparison". There was
nothing to compare to and the comparison had to be by creating something of "comparable
magnitude" to compare the Super Static to.

So the "original creation" was "The Ring Archives", you see? That was the original creation.
It was the Ring Archives. It was all agreed to be done and that was the Ring Archives. And
the "2nd Highest Purpose" was " to Experience the Effect." You see? The "Highest Purpose"
was "the Creation of Effect, to be able to compare the Static State to. Because, how could
you "improve" what Static is? Because, how could you improve anything? How could you
improve Static unless you knew what it was in comparison to something?

Improve it from what and to what? So first had to be a Condition of Source, and then
Existence was created! And that was "The 1st Postulate." And the "2nd Highest Purpose" was
the "Experiencing of the Effect," and that of course made the Conditions. And once a person
was into the "Conditions", of course, he was into the Ring Games- The "Ring Games" on, on,
and on, and on. So, therefore there are Levels and Degrees of Static as well as other
"Gradients of OT" and so on.

And a "Static Point" in-between a GUM, a Games Universe Model, is one "Level of Static,"
And another "Level of Static" is somebody pushed outside, or exteriorized outside, or decides
to stay outside of, the GUMs all the way around. Like riding on the outside edge of the Ring
or around the Ring's Cascade Collection Cycles. He is sort of riding on the outside or the
inside of the CCC, you see? Or he could be outside of the whole of all The Games, on a Ring
and feels very "Static," and very internally keyed out, and he can view everything else, but he
is not really free because he has not got back to all the other Rings, you see? He is inside of
one Ring watching everybody else go around, but that's just another kind of "key-out Static
State". And there's a "Key-out Static" outside the Ring, one Ring. He is outside one Ring and
he goes: "Whah! I see the whole damn thing! Whah!" And he is sort of in "ecstasy", you
know? Whee! But then there's another kind of Static which is outside all of the Rings ever
done.That one, of course, gets you back to the original Source,Existence, Conditions, State,
and that will come on OT 14, 15, 16.

Now, if it does not come on those Levels, I have a Special Rundown for it to be done, which
is called "The Super Static Rundown" and I want to explain that to you now. Now this is to
be done only after OT 16 and is the setup for OT 17. And the 1st Step is, this can be done in
Session or Solo depending on how good an auditor you are. It is called The Super Static

(1) Point 1 (Step 1) is:
(A) Locate your 2nd Original Postulate prior to The Ring Archives where you decided
to "Experience Effect" and " not-is Source and Existence to create Conditions".
(B) Run any "not-is","inval", "suppress" and any "negative Static" or "minus Static" or
"Mocos of your own creation".

Now, you realize for a person to postulate something ELSE if he is totally Super Static, and
he is not-ising "something, well, then he is not-ising his Role as a Source. If he not-ises his
Part of Existence (what he created), then he had to give it Power to be not-ised in. In other
words, he had to create it and then not-is it! So, in the creation of it he gave it Power, just like
he gives a Moco "Power to do something". So that's what I call a "Negative Static". Its all the
things he isn't, which, if he got them back, he would be a Super Static all "together" again.
So, we call that - if he "not-ised Existence" in the beginning of The Ring Archives, then he had
left his beingness in there and said: "It isn't me anymore", "It isn't my creation". "It isn't me, it's
not part of me"- so that's the "Negative Static" part. So, he has to run any "not-is","inval",
"suppress", and any "negative Static" or "Mocos of his Own Creation" to Floating TA. And,
he may have to do a Rud or so, but I have not found it necessary. It just comes off, Whop!!
Bam! So, he could do any of steps 1-10 during that, but it is basically "not-is","inval,"
"suppress" once he locates that point of "original postulate". (That's the one to "experience
effect" the decision to experience effect, that's the 2nd Highest Purpose in the Universe.

Step 2
(A) locate your 1st Original Postulate prior to The Ring Archives where you decided
to "Create an Effect " and Play "The Super Game" of Improving Quality of Static.
(B) Run any postulate, perception, decision, comparison, or agreement.
(Because these are all the key buttons which were at that time: postulate, perception,
decision, comparison, and agreement. And you just take each one of those and run
anything on it until it F/Ns. You know, "At that time, was there a postulate?" "Was
There a perception?" "Was there a decision?" "Was there a comparison?" "Was there
an agreement?" And believe me the charge that "comes off" - that is amazing. Bam!
(You also might have to do Steps 1-10). But this one is also done to FTA VVVGIs.
Usually you do not need any other steps because this is before all of these things you

OK, I did make a note here, and I did have to use it on myself, which says: "ARC Break, KRC
Break, Theta Break, Static Break should all be checked in Steps One and Two''. I advise you
to check that, because I found actually on the "Existence" part, (I believe it was the Existence
part, or ,either one of those two basic postulates, either, the 2nd one or The 1st one) - to do
those I had to make an ARC Break of Basic Basic, and ARC Break of Static, which included
ALL the 2nd Assessment Buttons! It was amazing. I couldn't get just one to read. They were
all giving charge. It was the basic of all basic ARC, KRC, Theta and Static Breaks, and
believe me when that one "Blew Off" it was Totally Incredible. It was the basic because when
I decided to split myself to "create effect" I had to give up all this Static stuff and there was
quite a "Static Break". I mean it was highly, highly, charged on every button on the 2nd
assessment. But it was a "Static Break". So these should all be checked on steps 1-2: ARC
Break, KRC Break, Theta Break, Static Break.

Number 3 (Step 3)
Two-Way Comm. Now get this. This is what LRH said in an earlier Tape. He said, "At the
end of the auditing cycle on the person you must not forget he has been the effect of the
auditing for so long you will have to run out Auditing as well". So this is the point you do
that. Because on the next Levels, of course your "session space" has become LIFE, and LIFE
has become your session space. You are doing your "Tech Work" in your life, and your life is
your Tech Work. I mean, you can handle anything, any type of thetan, any type of being any
type of situation.

It is probable that the next thing you want to do is to create some "New Direction", "New
Games", some "New Things" besides finishing up this one. We have to finish up this one, it's
obvious when you get to this level why it has to be finished up, and "completed cycle" on. But
it's now so free, so enjoyable, it becomes your life.

Anyway, The 3rd Step is to: "2 Way Comm any Auditing Dependence. Scan the track of
Auditing, realize it is a, positive line via U3." In other words, auditing itself was put in by
LRH as a positive line via U3 so there wouldn't be so much confusion from various
"Telepathic Thoughts" and so on. And realize it is on that positive line in U3 but it doesn't
need to be there anymore through U3. It can exist Totally from your U1 to any other U you
want, OK? It can be now done through any combination of U2s, or anything, and back and
forth on The Rings, or where-ever! So realize it is a "positive line via U3" and your State as
Super Static needs no Vias. You don t need those Vias. You don't need those Vias anymore.
You have No Case. And you run this to FTA VVGIs Cog.

I found that the sort of E.P. that I got on this thing is a "Feeling of Caselessness". Absolutely
No Case. There's nothing there anymore. The Rings by the way, the "mockups" or the
manufactured Ring Archives VANISHED on this rundown and there was a new direction, all
directions! You understand? All New in a New Unit of Time. All of what LRH says about
TR0-TR1. It is all there. There's No Case left. There's nothing there. That blew The Whole
Thing. Its back to the 1st and 2nd Postulate and the Ring Archives and then "That's It". There
isn't anything behind that except Super Static and that's what you are when you have finished
with this.

So then you can attest "Power Plus For OTs" complete, and OT 14-15-16 complete. And then
now, the person should be ready for OT 17 and 18 etc.

Now these handle "The Super Game". The barriers preventing others from getting on the
bridge and arriving at this point. By moving then selectively back down The Bridge. (Back
down the bridge, from OT 16 down to Super Nots, OT III and OT II, OT I, Power, Drugs,
Grades, Locks, Secondaries, Engrams, ARC S/Wire) we then open the ways and the doors to
all of them to come up the Bridge and Improve their "Quality of Theta and Static" also.

And those are the "Secrets" of all the other Levels. All the way up from OT 17. Well, you can
take it by counting up all the different Levels up to 33, but you can do - we better do- it as a
Team effort, because we better have another Game ready when we take all of those people
out of These Games. We better have another Game ready, do you understand? We better have
another Game ready. And that is by The Power Formula. Yes!. Because, you see, we can get
people from humanoid to this State, OT 16, in 2 years. That's Real Power. that's really Power.
That's the Power from "Second Time Around". The Real Tech.

We can make people - I've got people on my lines, it takes only 1 year taking them from
totally "not audited" to OT III. And it only takes them 1 year from Super Nots (Excalibur) all
the way to OT 16 and Super Static, because I've done it in less than 1 year, so I know it can
be done in a year - so - 2 years. Do you realize what is happening? This Game will end so fast
once we get going, once it breaks open all these lines that are preventing the other people
from coming up the bridge because of their various Plugs and Monitors and OT III junk at
various Levels! You can see that we can break just enough "off" so they can start flowing
towards the bridge, towards The Exit Point, when we start doing that, we better have another
Game ready because what will happen? what are they going to do after 2 years? What? Help
us! Yes some will do that and so on but a lot of people want to do something new. "Let's do
something New" Yes! So what is going to be The New Game? Well I'll leave that up to you,
but I also advise you to look into LRH's works, into the 3rd Dynamic works, into the ideas of
production organization, establishment. Into the idea of what we, as Thetans, as Statics, can
make as a New Game. A Game which is totally different, different and new from the Rings,
the old Rings. We are not going to play those Games anymore, you know, That's gone. That's
finished. Now this is the time to make New Ventures, New Postulates, New Games, and we
had better have that ready when we "open up the doors" and everybody flows up the Bridge.
Because we can end this whole Game within 2 years of each getting on up the Bridge for
them. So if the flow starts multiplying it will come very, very fast. So let's have a New Game

Meanwhile, I wish you all Success on going up the bridge and arriving at this level. We will
co-ordinate with Elron Elray, and will also keep putting in The New Civilization, which is
"The Game on the 4th Dynamic", which allows people to flow towards the Exit Points on the
3rd Dynamic. So, those are all good. But we need a NEW GAME beyond that, beyond Static,
which will perhaps improve the Viability of Static and of Theta.

That's the end of Tech Briefing number 11, and I know ALL of you will enjoy these levels
very, very much, and I must ask you also as a Technical point, also as a Ethical point, at the
end of every session, to "Thank those who helped", and that always includes Elron Elray,
LRH, The Founder.

Thank you very much and Thank you Ron!

That's The End of Tech Briefing Number 11



Squirrel Extraordinaire
At the end of the page:
GMC #4 16 Jun 86 C/S Schema (pages 1 & 2) for TB 12


“Super Static C/Sing”
Frankfurt - June 16, AD 36 - or 1986 Teegeeack Time
Captain W. B. Robertson

(The tape recording of the lecture starts - with the music 'TRUTH' by Astar.)

Tech Briefing No. 12 covers C/Sing toward the Static State. The reason for this briefing is
that all the way up to Tech Briefing 11 it's been aimed at getting people up the bridge, and
those of you who are C/Ses know that you can get up there all right by just following the tech
and the special areas we apply it to, but "How about let's get the others up there too". So
there is a necessity here for another briefing which covers "How to get people up to OT 16
and the Super Static R/D and ready to play a much bigger game". And that's what we will be
covering in this lecture.

First of all I must mention there is NO substitute for the understanding of LRH's basics in
Dianetics, his books, The Axioms, Logics, Pre-logics, Factors, his Academy Levels, The
Briefing Course, The Class 7 Course - dealing with Power Processing, and the Class 8 Course
and the PTS/SP-tech.There is no substitute for that, because that IS the technology upon
which every thing else is based. There is no other technology as you well know if you have
gone into the higher levels, there is no new technology - there is no new technology! That's all
there is to it, it's just new areas to apply it to, and which technology you apply to the area and
how you apply it, is all based on the basics of the technology that LRH gave us.

Now there IS something to know, however, about this, and that is the evaluation of relative
importances. In other words there are lots of stable datums in tech, but which one do you
apply when? That is the administration of the case. A Case Supervisor is a Case
Administrator. So actually he's working on Dynamic 12 to make sure of the results of
Dynamic 11. Dynamic 12: Admin. Dynamic 11: Tech. Dynamic 10: Ethics. All these three
dynamics are senior to the other dynamics in that they can resolve them, and that they can
bring them forward to a better game and to actually an erasure or As-isness and the
postulation of new dynamics - if it is wanted.

Therefore, if you are going to be a Case Administrator or a Case Supervisor you must know
what are the important points of decision on the case. It is very easy to have a grade chart
there and just say: "Everybody's got to get up THAT". But it doesn't work that way because
there are too many resistive points and things in restimulation on cases and they can't all just
march steadily on to the grade chart and walk out like people going across a bridge. It would
be nice if that was true, but with the amount of restimulation, constant action from the
monitor systems and OT III case and the various restimulative mechanisms on the planet, it is
NOT possible to just march the people up the bridge.

You have to analyze or evaluate exactly where they are when you pick them up. And at
certain points on the bridge what has to be happening and what has to be done tech wise to
bring them to an optimum state where they ARE on the bridge. What we are talking about
here is in the C/S Series. It's known as Repair, Return and Advance programs. Normally, the
first time you pick up a case on planet Earth, it is in need of repair already. Many people make
that mistake by just trying to march it right on to the bridge; it doesn't work; or it falls on its
head or it gets a little bit of gain through tight needles and "difficult to F/N", and so on. That
is because it already needed repair when it came to you, it wasn't ready to go up the bridge -

I am going to cover some of these points on the bridge. But first these points where it needs
evaluation of the case, and which tech to apply at which point. First I would like to go over a
schematic or a "bridge" that leads to Super Static State and through the OT Levels and
validates the thetan. This may not be the bridge that you've read about or that is currently
being promoted, but it is the one that leads that way. It doesn't have many special off-bridgethings
on it that are very interesting and may knock off a little bit of charge over in some
corner of some dynamic. This just leads the guy straight on out. I just want to go over that
first to align the steps that are needed, and to also handle any confusions that people might
have had by other people changing the bridge around and saying: "No, this is more important
than that". "That is more important than that", and so on. First I will do that - go over that
schematic of how you can get a guy out from a no auditing state all the way to OT 16 and the
Super Static R/D, in, shall we say, the optimum path with the minimum amount of Dev-T.
That will be next.

This is the schematic, and you can get a copy of this if you are on the course here and on the
internship here with us. This is just a sort of a flow chart. It is not like with all the "stuff" on
the grade chart, it's a flow chart for the C/Sing, to watch how the case has to go, and how it
should be going.

It starts off with a box that has "Pre-Clear" written in it, so that means "no auditing". The
possibility comes, from that state, that he is a resistive case or he needs an assist because he
has a major action already in restimulation. You also have to get the data on the case. There
has to be data somehow on the case so you can evaluate it. I have it listed here in the order of
sort of urgency, or sequence, it should be handled in. First after "Pre-Clear" comes "Assists".
If he is in a major action he is not going to be actually interested in giving you a lot of other
data or handling any other resistive points. He wants to get out of that particular engram, or
that enormous PTP he is sitting in. The assist would be either a touch assist, contact assist,
Dianetic assist, handling a rudiment he is stuck in etc. It is just to get him sort of able to give
you some data about himself. So first would be an assist, that means the guy IS stuck in an
action so much that he can't get his attention off of it to even understand that you are about to
take him up the bridge- He just wants to get that handled. So you handle that. That's an assist.

As soon as he F/Ns on that or you get him out of it a little bit, you then must do an OCA and
a White Form so that you can get data on which to evaluate the case. Then, from that
evaluation, you must find what are the resistive points on handling him. All the data on the
Class VIII course is totally used in this, and the resistive points, and so on. I don't have to go
over those again, but I will say this - you look at the OCA, and you see also if it is down on
the left or down on the right. The left side is normally the "out of valence" side. The right side
of the OCA is of course the more psychotic or neurotic side, and that means excessive
dramatizations, but not necessarily out of valence. Down on the left it is out of valence. The
most serious problem is someone who is down on the left and the right but up right in the
center on 'ability' or 'activity level'. That means they are a potential suicide. Therefore you
must raise their responsibility very quickly so they won't knock themselves off, and leave you
sitting there with a dead corpse in your hands. So, if you see a down on the left, down on the
right - I mean way down toward the bottom - and up right in the middle on ability - well they
are out of valence, they are psychotic and they have the ability, so they are potentially harmful
to themselves. And others, of course.

These points should be remedied quickly with the handling of a psychotic case - very short
sessions, very good rest, food etc. and like that. Light locks, light handlings, but working
toward getting the case more responsible so they will not do themselves or others in. Then
you handle any other resistive points there may be. There may be overruns in life, there might
be drugs that have to be washed out by the purif before they can even start, because they
won't get any gains over certain drugs, as you know. But drugs can be handled with the
current technology at about five different places on the bridge. You may have to start out with
handling them, but it is not necessary if it is a medium or a light drug case. This is why you
have to evaluate it.

You want to evaluate it so that the next thing you do is getting a gain for the Pre-Clear in the
area he is interested in and is also bringing him up the bridge toward OT and Super Static. It is
something, that, if he ain't gonna get the gain from it, and he needs something else, he better
do the something else first, to keep him winning all the time. The idea behind this whole
procedure is RESULTS! If you are not getting results, you are not in business. So, there it
goes. There's the Pre-Clear. And you see if he needs an assist, an OCA done, a White Form
done, resistive points handling. That's the first C/S - the first little program of the C/S to
handle the resistive points. It's like the repair. Then from that point he can be evaluated to
whether he can be run on the Dianetics side or the Scientology side of the bridge first. This is
a very simple evaluation done as a lower reflection from the OT III case. Does he have more,
shall we say, BTs/Clusters and plugs impacted into his body that is bothering him? In other
words, does he have somatics and body problems that is taking up most of his attention, and
most of the reads on the White Form are on that? Or, is he more interested in his theta abilities
and his ability to communicate and handle other people and so on like that? Is he more
interested in life as a big thetan or is he interested in life as a Lambda thetan (body thetan)? -
Whatever is giving him the most problems there, you can sort of put him on to that side of the
bridge. At this point you can aim a Life Repair to gently knock off any things that may be
concerning him in life, so he can have his ruds put in very easily and that he F/Ns easily. That
is after the resistive points handling.

So he is evaluated - does he go on the Scientology or Dianetics side of the bridge first? Does
he need more of his body handled first so he can have more attention units available? Or, does
he need the grades and ARC Straight Wire? In either case-ARC Straight Wire has to be done,
because that is the basic process that enables a thetan to understand the ability of recalling. He
needs 'recalling ability' all the way up the bridge. Of course, he also needs - in Dianetics - he
needs to go through it, but you first start him off with the recall ability. So either way he goes,
he must have ARC Straight Wire, and that would possibly come after a little Life Repair.

Life Repairs can be done by just taking the reading terminals on the White Form that he might
be having trouble with, and handle some ruds with them or prep-checks or whatever. It's just a
matter of handling the things that are troubling him in life, so he can put more attention on
going up the bridge. When we get to the point here of Life Repair and ARC Straight Wire,
once we get to ARC Straight Wire we are on the Advance Program. We got him ready to
start enhancing his abilities as a thetan, and handle his past track and the past track of other
beings in the composite. For instance those stuck in his body and so on.

If we are going to put him on the Locks, Secondaries and Engrams side at the beginning, then
you do it, just Locks, Secondaries and Engrams, running R3R, and possibly Dianetic Drug
R/D etc., and he goes up that way and then he goes to the grades.

If you run him Scientology wise you would do ARC Straight Wire and then Grade O
Expanded, all flows, and then 1, 2, 3, 4, Possibly you would have to do the Scientology DRD
as part of the resistive points handling before the grades, or if it is a light case of drugs - after
the grades.

Either way you then come back and do the other side. In other words if he has done the
Scientology side of processes, and he is not Clear yet, then you do the Dianetics side as you
know. If you have done the Dianetics side, and he is not Clear yet, you do the Scientology
side. In other words it is either Locks, Secondaries, Engrams and Dianetic DRD, or it's grades
and Scientology DRD. Those are kind of the two options the person has. Which to do first,
depends on what his attention is mostly absorbed in, after you have done the resistive points
handling and the OCA and White Form and Life Repair. You'll know it by then.

After those of course, on the normal bridge, comes Power, Power Plus, R6EW and CC and
then you have a Clear there. That's all pretty normal and usual. Up until the Class VIII course
that was all the way it went. Very simple and understandable. And people did it, C/Sed it that

The things that have come up since the Class VIII course, I have found - have added a bit of
confusion to C/Ses, and they don't really understand what they are doing anymore, in some
cases. These things are these simple points: ONE: The possibility of the person going Clear on
Dianetics, has been found, and also the possibility of Natural Clears, and also Past Life Clears.

So you have now other mechanisms, and if you hear the Class VIII tapes, persons can also go
Clear on other processes, including Power and some types of Objectives and some very early
days processes that were aimed directly at blowing the guy right out of his bank and having
him cognite that he was indeed mocking it up. Any of these points can be obtained, and you
can't stop a thetan from cogniting, so if he reads a lot and he goes far enough back the track
on some of these processes, he may reach the postulate where he decided to mock it up, and
decide he doesn't need to any more. So let's just say a person can go Clear before he arrives at
the Clearing Course.

That is what has confused people before. Then they say: "Well, now we must - well let's see, it
says in there you don't run Dianetics on them. OK, we got that. That is pretty stable, you don't
run the Dianetics side now. But what about the grades? OK. We've got to run the grades,
we've got to run the grades, run the grades on everybody, so we have got to do all this, and
yea, yea, yea". And then they get kind of all a bit confused because the guys kind of go tight
on the grades and they don't really get much out of it, and they feel like: "Well, it's not very
interesting, but I'll go on and do the next one, and I know, it's getting charge off and all that".
Yes, charge is coming off. But the main thing here is that the confusion is caused by the point
that... There is a stable datum on the Class VIII course that the person will not make a higher
grade unless he has made the lower grade. So the question you must ask yourself is: If he
went Clear in Dianetics, some other process or was a Natural Clear, if it was found out he was
a Natural Clear somewhere along this C/Sing, of grades and resistive points, repairs, and
Dianetics, and soon - somehow - he finds: "Haaah'" - he originates about it - you do a DCSI
and you find out that the guy is Clear. Aha! Now, what you must know as a C/S is:


He wouldn't have made that level on the chart if he didn't have the others in at that time when
he resurged. Do you see that? OK. Now, when you have a Clear, you have someone - this is
the SECOND STABLE DATUM - you have someone that is separated out from the
composite case. He has got some space cleared out around him. Before Clear you are dealing
with a composite case. You are dealing with someone that IS his case. He is being it, it's all
him. He is all in it. He is tied into it like in a spider web. When he is Clear however, he's
separated out from it, you see, so he's like in the center of a cleared out sphere of space, and
then the case is a little bit outside of that. So he is Clear. Now what you must realize is, you
must handle anything that would potentially connect him up again with that composite case in
an "other-determined" or an "effect-causing" way. We want him to audit it, yes! When he gets
up to OT 2 he will start auditing it. BUT, how can it influence him, and how can it connect up
to him, and how can he connect up to it by seeing something in the environment for instance,
and then reaching into the composite to find an evaluative datum of similar type of picture?
How is this happening with him? How can we handle it?

The way to handle this is very simple. The way to handle it is ONE: When you have a Clear,
hat him on "The Nature of a Being" and the schema in "A History of Man" --about the
Genetic and the Theta Line Tracks.

That will give him the idea that there can be entities attached to him through his body or on
his Theta Line Track. Then he will understand what he is dealing with. That's the first point to
bring up his knowledge a little bit.

The SECOND POINT has two points in it one for the Dianetic side of the bridge and one for
the Scientology side of the bridge. On the Dianetics side you find out if there is any Lock,
Secondary, Engram restimulations, and you key them out, Tone 40, indicate the bypassed

That is done if he has had any Dianetic auditing past the state of Clear, or any he didn't seem
to enjoy, and you go through the Dianetic Repair List, and you indicate by-passed charge
only. Tone 40. With him already knowing that he is indicating it to these various entities, by
having studied "Nature of a Being". He is Clear, so now he can break these Locks, Secondary
and Engram restimulation lines to the composite. He goes through and indicates Tone 40
those things. It's best to have the auditor indicate it and the Pre-Clear. The Pre-Clear indicates
it and then the auditor indicates it and then you usually get an F/N, or if not, you sort of
indicate it till you finally will get an F/N on this whole cycle of doing a Dianetic BPC list. You
do not run any Dianetics, you just indicate the stuff that is in restim in the composite that has
charge that has just been by passed on that, and that's it. "Your case will be handled later"
Boom, and that's it! He does that.

If he needs the Scientology side handled here we have to find out what flows, or what grades
are still connecting him or potentially connecting him to the composite case. That will be done
through a matter of: He doesn't have those abilities or he doesn't feel certain about those
abilities that are given in those grades processes. Therefore if he doesn't feel certain about an
ability he will look for certainty somewhere else, perhaps in his composite, perhaps reaching
into his composite to get some stable datum out of a picture or a BT. Therefore, if he is
certain about it though, he will not have to have anyone else decide for him or think for him.
Therefore you go through the grades and you check the points of ability, and you find out
very searchingly if he has those abilities on each flow of each grade, and if he does he will F/N
and be VGIs about it, and if he doesn't, he will have the slightest bit of uncertainty, it will not
F/N or it will slow down and stop the F/N and that grade flow YOU MUST RUN!

You may run all the flows of one grade and two of the flows of another grade, and watch for
each flow to end off or EP before the other one, because these are all hooked up to different
entities in the composite - you understand? So you are running two flows of one process
because these are the only ones that he has uncertainty about, and one of them EPs on one
process, and the other one still didn't quite EP - didn't quite have that ability. But then you run
the next process on just that flow and Phuuuu! Pretty soon he is unhooked from all this stuff,
or the potential uncertainty of having to reach in and hook up again with it, because that's
what you are doing when you restimulate the process of course. The uncertainty is first
restimulated and then the process restimulates the hook-up-line, and then you blow the hookup-
line with the process, and then he doesn't have to hook up with that composite any more
until he is ready to handle it with the right processes at OT II. That's how and why you do the
grades on a Clear, you have to unhook his potential uncertainty and his potential use of the
composite as a via for him. The environment is gonna be kicking in on him all the time during
this, or other people lower down on the bridge in his family and so on like this, so it's also
good after Clear and doing the grades checks and the running of the flows and the grades that
needs to be run before that, of course, knocking out any Dianetic BPC with the Dianetic BPC
List indicated Tone 40.

After that it is also good to put in your program a little point of "Needs handled". In other
words, this is something he obviously needs to get handled, and maybe a little training step,
maybe some hatting step, maybe something you see as a disability that, if it reads, you can
handle it, or if it's a training or hatting disability it can be handled or a MisU or something like
that, you can assess and find out if it reads and if he has interest you can handle that. But there
is also the "Needs and Wants Handled". So you do the "Needs and Wants Handled R/D" on
the guy by C/Sing whatever it is by whatever you need. And remember, on a Clear it's better
to take a terminal he is having trouble with, if it's a family member or something like that and
run a prep-check on it. Don't go too far earlier similar - you are gonna hook it back up again
into the composite or maybe into the implanting sequence. It's best to just run it with a prepcheck
repetitively. It keeps the thing as a terminal, knocking charge off of it in PT until the
guy's attention totally blows off it, and there is no more situation with that terminal.

If he has an area of time that he is troubled with or confused about you can limit that area in
the limiter and use an L1 on it, or you can run rudiments with that limitation on it - 6
rudiments. The ways to handle these things are varied. It tells you in the Class VIII tapes how
to use things like these little tools of assessment to find out what his charge is on and how to
remove charge. But after Clear, usually the guy is gonna be in the "Non-interference-zone", he
is in the "Non-interference-zone", so you don't want to interfere with anything until he gets up
there to OT. He gets a Solo Auditing hat on and he can run OT I and do OT II and then get
into OT III, THEN we can start really handling things.

The main thing is: To kick him in the ass to keep him going through the "Non-interferencezone"
by getting him to do the solo course because now he must start taking responsibility for
himself. Therefore, that's what I mean, if you see that something needs to get handled like he
says: "I can never study" - well you might need to do a little study handling there. But
remember, once the guy is Clear there is only certain things you can do, and that includes
rudiments, prep checks, little lists and so on, just to keep him disconnected and unconnected
from that composite case. We are not ready to hook him up to it again and audit it until he is
ready to do it himself. That's what we are doing, we are trying to keep the guy out of it. It's
better just to push them on the training side to get through the solo course, but if they do need
a handling, then try to do it in a key-out fashion, in other words you can spot the moment of
key-in, key it out by a little date/locate in this life time. But if it's something like an implant or
something that keeps bothering him, you can also do a date/locate assist on that, because you
don't run Dianetics on the guy, and he is not ready to run it on his III-case, (because on III
you do run Dianetics running through Incident II and I that is Dianetics, but it's run on
others). The thing is here, we must keep these things off of his back so to speak, and you can
use the process of date/locate. You can date/locate it as a lock and key it out or you can
date/locate something to blow, which is further back on the track, as an auditor, to sort of
relieve it, so he can get on with his study and so on. These are little C/Ses that come in while
the guy is getting through his solo course - you see? Once he is there you understand? - he
didn't, now get this - he didn't - if he went Clear before he got to the Power level, he didn't run
Power, and he didn't run Power Plus and that's fine, and just don't handle that at all, that will
come on later OT levels and will be run on others. He didn't need it to break himself out of
that composite or some early stuck point on the track.

R6EW was of course to take the dramatizations off of the bank, in other words the End
Words that could be dramatized that were similar to the actual items in the bank given in the
CC. But those will be handled as he does OT II, and he might catch himself doing some of
those dramatizations, but again they can be handled by a little assist-type thing with a prepcheck
or a List One or a date/locate of the incident that is keying in and blow it off.

It's actually somebody from the composite case that wants handling, or is trying to handle him,
and get him aberrated again. Either way, whether it's a good guy or an evil guy, it doesn't
matter, you can still keep him cleaned up until he gets to be a Solo Auditor. That's the first
thing, getting the guy from no auditing all the way up to where he is a Solo Auditor.

The difficult part is getting him from there... you see there are several difficult parts... but, the
next difficult part is getting him from solo auditor up to the finish of OT III. And that, my
friends, is one of the most difficult little trips that people have to make. If you have done it
right all the- way, up till now, you have a Clear and he understands the composite, and he
stays out of it or he get's an assist and he knows it's not him that's there and you're building up
his training and you're bringing up his certainty. Now he is a solo auditor. Now you have got
to get him to do OT 1, orientation, and he does that and he feels a lot bigger and a lot better
and he can spot beings and so on. Hey! Hey! Great! If he doesn't carry on up through this
"Non-interference-zone" fast he is going to have whatever is loose in his III-case you know
some of those thetans are still not composited into a solid picture-identity-mass some of them
are still loose; They will start bugging him again and so on. He will start thinking. . . "Well . . .
I 'm not really Clear . ." and all that . If he carries on too long like this, without going up the
bridge, he will need another "Needs Handled and Wants Handled" before he can go on. So he
is just wasting his own time and his own money if he doesn't go up the bridge, and you can
sort of inform them that LRH said: ".... this is the "Non-interference-zone", because we do not
want you to be interfered with here, not even by life! We want you to get on up through it!"

Let's say he does his OT 1. That's very simple. LRH gives the whole C/S for that. Now he
goes to OT II. On OT II there are other points that have been misunderstood by C/Ses in the
past, but I want to straighten those out. did so on Tape 4 I believe, for most of you. I just
want to repeat again: If he has not done the Clearing Course to go Clear, then he must look,
run, and look over the platens on the Clearing Course on OT II. Not for himself through, but
for beings in the composite. Because it is earlier on the track than OT II. Do you understand?
If he doesn't do that he could still have a composite case glued together by the pictures and
items of the Clearing Course Implant. He can maybe break loose a few from the OT Il pack
materials, but he didn't break loose this earlier one on the track, which is at one to one and a
quarter, one and a half quadrillion. It was used quite often. So if he didn't break that he is
going to have trouble on III, you see? He is not gonna be able to get things back through to
incident one, because this bunch of A = A pictures is stopping him. So you must break the
Clearing Course composite. It is earlier than the OT II composite, so it also makes any being
who is stuck in both of them break loose. It breaks loose the earlier similar of the OT II
picture-composite. Therefore, it will make it easier to run the OT II-one. That is only if he did
not run the Clearing Course platens when he went Clear. he didn't run them before, then he
must run them on the composite at the right date, pushing them back the track till that right
date, like he's auditing a bunch of people in an auditorium and running them through those
items till a persistent F/N. That ' s what he must do, and then he goes onto the OT Il-ones, and
he does those the same way, and we find it's best to make sure he gets at least to the
"Electrical" one, because that ' s a good one for restimulating. We know it's right in there. It
was put in specifically for Incident Two and it restimulates the explosions and so on. If he can
really persistently F/N on the "Electrical" one, then he has pretty much broken up the whole
composite - I'll tell you that!

If you don't believe he has a persistent F/N, or you are a bit doubtful about the folder, then
you take him in session and you do a review on him, and you must first if there is no F/N at
the start of session check "Invalidation?" and "Evaluation?" to get those points in, because
you are now operating as a by-pass-handle on him as a solo auditor. You bring him in as a
review auditor to see if he has finished something. It can act as an evaluation- or invalidationlock
on an earlier chain of these from school or from whatever or from implanting or whatever
where he got implanted and checked up on by the implanters or something. It doesn' t matter,
if there is no F/N there the only rudiments you really need to use are inval and eval. Have
those earlier similared to F/N and then he should have his items checked there. If you are
checking him on the CC (before you put him through the OT II platens) you just look at the
ones where he stopped, and just point to the next two or three and see if he F/Ns on those. If
he F/Ns on them, then that's fine. The same with the "Electrical GPM" (if he says he has
finished OT II and you want to check it) and he is not sure about his folder work or
something, then you do the same with the "Electrical GPM", or whatever point he has gotten
to if he has got past that one. Sometimes it will blow earlier than the electrical GPM because
he did the Clearing Course one right, and the whole thing sort of dissolves and breaks apart,
there is nothing there to hold it anymore. Remember, these incidents of the pictures are A =
A; Same picture. Different place. Different time, perhaps. Same picture: That's what's holding
them together. They are not clustered. It's composite. Composite. All sharing the same
picture. They are not forced together by the incident of those pictures. They just have the
same pictures so it's A = A = A. That's what you're breaking up on OT 2.

Tape - Side 2

We are going into OT III here, and this is another area of confusion for C/Ses and solo
auditors. People think OT Ill is all "new tech", and it's not. There is no new tech. The whole
OT levels have no "new tech" on those levels. It's only application of the lower level tech:
Dianetics, Locks, Secondaries, Engrams and Grades Tech, and Rudiments, and Assessments,
and Repair actions. All of that is applied here to the two incidents that LRH gave us to run
that are the most important Cluster-making incidents on the time track back to when the big
thetans were playing earlier universe games. It is the two most important Cluster-making
,Incidents, and they give the key to unlocking the whole case, because they are incidents that
were done with an all-dynamic intention, and they were done by implanters, and they were
done by a specific guy running the implanters named Xenu who you will find is the shall we
say the general 'bad boy' for all of the doing-in's of thetans.

He is the one who tries to suppress their knowledge, their responsibility, their control; give
them substitute stable datums. Pushes them into a corner where they are ineffective, tries to
take over their creations, and tries to cluster them up so that they are less able than he is. It's
just an old control mechanism that he is dramatizing from his own insanity, and we know
where that comes from, because he himself is a composite of all the not-ised parts of static
that were not-ised back in the beginning. That is the secret of Xenu, his case. He is
dramatizing the not-ised parts of static, so a little bit of each of our own not-is is part of his
power. It comes under the definition of the PTS/SP mechanism. The SP can never have any
power of his own, because he is not even there, he is not even in PT. He only uses the power
of those who decide to be PTS to him. Therefore he can, by third partying and by evaluating
and giving false stable datums, get people to believe in those things those lies and therefore
use and channel their power to do themselves and others in for his own purposes of control
and monitoring and status and conformity. That's what Xenu is. I thought I would give you
that because he is the shall we say the "spitze" (peak), or the top example of an SP in the
games and therefore your definitions of SP all apply to him. And other people in his valence,
of course, are just merely copying him, or got cloned with his MOCOs, or, as you know, go
out of valence by overwhelm or whatever. But basically that's what it is.

We are now dealing with the incidents that the SP has done to cluster Thetans, and this
clustering is supposed to make the thetan into a "multiple thetan" so that he is less able. And
that is simply because the mathematics of theta are not the same as the mathematics of MEST.
The mathematics of MEST is: That if you have "so many" times "something" then you have
more and it's "better". In other words, you have one piece of gold, another guy has "n" pieces
of gold like 10 pieces of gold it's better, he is better off you see? But in theta universe it's not
that way. Ten thetans clustered together are less able than one thetan - single. That's the way
it goes here. A single thetan is greater than any number of thetans clustered together.

On OT III we are running these incidents. The main thing to do here as a solo auditor
realized, what we are doing here, one of my students realized that this is our stat here our stat
as thetans here on the seventh dynamic the number of beings we are freeing. You know? It's:
"how many can we free?" The implanters' stat is: "how many have we implanted and clustered
up?" Your stat on OT III is: "how many can you free?" How many can you free to total single
unit state? That means you must run Incident II and then Incident I, and the Earlier I's, down
to "Earlier Universe" on every single one you can do. If you do a cluster from Incident II, and
you break it, and you run all the singles on Incident I and you get the Earlier I's off of those
singles and you get them finally to 'Earlier Universe' then they should all be single. If you don't
do this, if you don't do it that way with the responsibility of totally freeing each individual
thetan, they will still hang there and still have an attention line on you as an incomplete
auditing cycle, and the person will get further along in the OT III case and he will feel like it's
never ending. They are still there, they are just out a little further etc., etc.

No! You want to get them totally free of your own U1, your Universe One. No more
attention lines between you and them. They are free! You do that by the procedures of OT III
and Tape 4, Tech Briefing Number 4.

C/Sing wise, as the guy goes through OT III, there are some things that can come up, that are
not given in the materials, they are only mentioned perhaps. One thing that people should
understand is that date/locating has replaced "Milazzo technique" of R3R. You do date/locate
to break a cluster now. You're still doing, essentially, a form of Dianetics. You are just putting
the guys' attention back to the moment that he had the basic on the chain, the moment there of
decision, the moment of first impact, earliest beginning of it - BOOM! You break it from that
point. It's like a "laser beam Dianetics". The date/locate process is laser beam Dianetics. It
goes right to the basic.

This is what we are dealing with now. You have the incidents. You do run them on the guys.
The Incident I and II. You have to run them Dianetically, get the guy through the incident, get
the charge off. Then he can maybe get the earliest beginning of it. Then go through it and
blow the thing. Then he is free to go back and get the earlier incidents. If he can't get an
earlier incident, there is a later incident still there that is holding him up, so you blow that
loose with whatever you need date/locate or Ruds or whatever and then get him into the II.
He blows through II and then he may have an earlier beginning. The Capture itself may have
been a clustering incident, - OK? So what? - Run that, and then back to I. And if he can't get I
he has got an incident between, and if he runs that he can get I. And if he runs that, then the
Earlier I's will break off. And if he can't get through the wall and go free, you break off the
Earlier Incident I's of others stuck in his valence, and then finally they are all free back to
Earlier Universe, where they could be free. And they all separate out and get into their own
universe. They are not in his anymore. That's what you are doing.

As you go up through this you find several things. One of them is: The guy can't audit. We
understand how to handle that. You just train and drill him. I found Pre-OTs at this level
holding on to their body, not letting any BTs go because they were still holding them there,
uncertain to whether they were still there or whether they were not there, or whatever. Until
that uncertainty was resolved they wouldn't let go, so the poor guy couldn't get loose. You
have to use your body and meter as a positive via in the MEST universe. Let it read through
the body. Let the body be part of the metering action. Let it read. Let those pressure areas be
there, and then when they are not there, you'll obviously see it. Your "holding on to the body"
while you're running OT III, prevents the other guys from leaving. You are the biggest thetan
around and if you're holding on to the body you are holding on to the whole OT III case, and
it won't read worth a damn.

So you have to train the solo auditors to let the body and the meter be the vias in the physical
universe to free these thetans, and the reads and the sensations, somatics, and all that, that go
through the body are just part of the "running out" of these engrams and so on. And they will
read like crazy and they will influence the body. Sure. So what? It's just part of the game:
Freeing up all the beings. That way you can keep the meter reading very well.

The bridge breaks apart here at OT III into, well ,various possibilities, shall we say, and I have
sort of labelled, for convenience, that after OT III, there is sort of an OT IV, that deals with
valences and deals with IIIX type procedures. OT IV, in other words, would be: If the guy
needs a valence shifter, or the whole OT IV R/D and the Valence Shifter and Confront. Or he
needs some III-X, more areas to spot things in like thetans being 'space', thetans being 'him',
thetans being 'his body', etc., etc. because he has not really hit the NOTs area yet. It's still
"BTs" but they are being 'clever', and he is not that clever, so he's got to get his confront up to
handling beings, look for beings, that are being a 'shell around his body' or
something.Individuals you see? They are still awake and so on. He won't hit any dead guys
and be able to run them with III, so one of the indications you have on III that he's hit the
Super NOTs case, is that he won't be able to run the next guys on III when he hits them.

But you want to run him through this. He might have to do OT IV Valence Shifter, Confront.
You do that in session of course as a review auditor. and put him on a little III-X to have him
spot some of these things, and Bang!, he may hit the wall of the Super NOTs case.

Or you can do an "OT V" type remedy. Here is what I call an OT V type remedy which would
be the impacted clusters on the body. That's "accidents and injuries" lists on his own body.
And dating/locating the earliest beginning of those incidents, and maybe going earlier/similar,
to break the clusters on his body so they can be broken up and he can then handle them. That's
all covered in "assist technique" on Class VIII tapes.

"OT VI" would be if a guy has "drug-BTs" and so on and he can't break up the drug-clusters.
He needs to run his drug list, and run the BTs being drugs, clusters being drugs etc., in the
body. That has to do with OT VI. And OT VII is "Intention". He may need an intention boost
because he was basically out of valence or he was a bit low horse power because of so much
implanting done on him. And he may need an 'intention booster' like OT VII. The original OT
VII R/D, to get the guy to be able to finish III.

Basically he will have one or more of those: IV, V, VI or VII. And I called IV: The Valence
Shifter and III-X type handlings; V: Impacts on the body; VI: Drugs; VII: Intention Spread,
and maybe a little III-X after that. Or, back to OT III and running these guys. And then, all
through that is, of course hatting the guy to free them each one, free them each one, you
know? Then after he runs a few thousand BTs and he's done 50, 100, 200 hours of auditing to
do that it's not the hours so much, it's "How many individual BTs has he freed?".

He will eventually run into "The Wall". And "The Wall" will be the NOTs case and the Super
NOTs case. There is no other NOTs case. There is only the Super NOTs case, so don't let
anybody fool you. You can, as a C/S, if he does run into it, you can unstick him from it by
using normal NOTs procedure. Just on each guy use a shall we say "lower conditions"
processes on them. You know: "What are You?", "Who are You?". That's the Treason and
Enemy formulas after you locate them from their Confusion. You can use Ethics there too.
Handle those ones, that maybe the guy ran into, maybe a little 'stuck together' like roots of a
grass plant, crab-grass in the yard. And you can do that in a review session. Sort of 'unhook
him' from that with 'normal' NOTs procedure. Maybe even find the top guy on it and blow him
loose with a little 'implanter technique' handling of implanters.

By the way you should give the handling of implanters technique, as far as OT III goes, to the
guy in his C/Sed part of OT III, his program. The program of OT III is very reflective of the
lower grades, because the first thing you have to do in a program for OT III of a normal solo
auditor is have him put in the 6 rudiments OT style. The first step is get in the 6 rudiments all
to F/N - F/Ning rudiments OT style which means, you know "Mine?" "BT's?" "Cluster's?"
And we also add "Another's?", because there is 'Black NOTs' occurring at the moment, and
you can also put in 'Another's' Rud's. The sequence we handle those in is: 'Others', because
they would interfere with the safe session space. And then we handle 'BTs' because they are
more able than clusters therefore you handle the more able first - the BT. And then you handle
the 'cluster'. And then you would handle any 'Self' reads or reads on "Mine". Because the
auditor shouldn't have a case at this level, and anyway it's usually confused with these other
reads, so by the time he gets there he may just F/N. So we handle them in the sequence:

Others, BTs, Clusters, and then Self.

Once he has done that he is F/Ning on the ruds then it's just "Fly a Rud" and he starts on the
pressure areas around the body, and that's gonna handle most of the Genetic Line Thetans,
and he handles BTs and Clusters impinging or pressuring into the body or in the body or on
the body or around the body. Then when he gets a big win on that big F/N and he feels a bit
clean then he takes a win and goes into the second phase of the program which is locating
BTs and Clusters in his space as a thetan. Around him, further out, or impinging on his space
or his head or something like that, trying to take over his body or whatever, but they are
impinging on him, in his space. And he feels like they have been with him a long time.

He handles those until he feels his space is pretty clean. And then after that, he takes a win and
then he goes back and handles the body some more, because now more guys are getting shall
we say waking up and coming alive wanting auditing. They were alive, but they were just
asleep maybe. They're not really the dead boys, and the dramatizing Org Board guys, and the
zombies in the Super NOTs case. But these guys more or less come up now, and they get
handled in the body and then the space again around the thetan. His space gets bigger and his
body gets cleaner, his space gets bigger, his body gets cleaner. Pretty soon he is totally blown
out and he says: "Hey, there is nothing more there'" He is just totally F/Ning all over the place.
He is: "Wow! - I really feel good!" You know? That would be the normal bridge of OT III.

Now he may need if he says: "Well that's OK - I do feel better, but think I should have gotten
more out of OT III" then you have got to go into this C/S analysis again and find out whether
it's an OT IV needing a Valence Shift and the III-X handling Valence Shift, Confront plus a
little bit more on the III-X, spotting some weird dramatizations of the BTs, or just back to OT
III. Or OT V, handling the impacts and injuries, clusters on his body. Or OT VI handling his
drugs. Or OT VII handling his spread of intention to get him out far enough to really handle
all of them. After one or more of these C/S handlings he will then feel totally clean and free of
OT III, and able to handle as an OT, BTs and Clusters in life. I mean, they jump on him in life
from somebody, and he just handles them, runs them through their incidents, frees them,
singles them up, they are all gone - Phoooo!

So he feels pretty competent about that. And it's either that he feels really good on it, very
clean and can just handle any of the OT III type thetans or he runs into "The Wall" and he
pulls out a little bit of the roots of a Super NOTs plug, and you can just handle that with:
"Spot the holder" and get the holder of all the thetans that are restimulated and break the guy
loose. Handle him as an implanter or whatever, and then run off the guys with the "What" -
"Who"s and whatever other technique he needs, maybe the OT Incident II, Incident I of
course, and then finally the guy is clean, and that little bit of that plug that was in restimulation
has been handled without him so not being on to Super NOTs. You understand? It's just a
little bit of NOTs used in an assist here if he has come all the way through III and dug himself
into "The Wall" of Super NOTs and you can just clean him up with a normal NOTs assist
using OT III tech, and NOTs tech.

But then Super-NOTS - "Excalibur". He must do the study. When he hits that, and he attests
III, and he really feels he has got the result of III, then you are into Super-NOTS and that's
covered all the way on Tape 4, Tape 7 and Tape 8, which deals with the OT Life Repair
which is the in-between steps from OT 8 to OT 9. By that time the guy should get back his
full self determinism and be into the "not having to have obsessive think going on" in his mind
anymore. Then after that it's pretty well covered on the Super-Scientology level, "The
Phoenix" going up through the OT levels.

Now we are into OT levels 9, 10, 11. That covers what is the "Attention/Intention" areas -
The Phoenix. And then it goes into OT 12 and 13 which is the "Ability" levels which covers -
these are on tape - let's see, that will be Tape 10, Tech Briefing 10. Tech Briefing 9, of course,
covers "The Phoenix" and Tech Briefing 10 covers the "Ability" levels of Super Power for
OTs and the Pre-Static Life Repair and also a little bit about the Clone Cycle R/D and the C/O
Cycle R/D.

Then we get to "The Grail" Levels which are the "Help" Levels OT 14, 15, and 16. That's
covered on Tech Briefing 11 and then the Super Static RID is on the back of that, and then
we have the guy sitting there as a normal OT, Static, whatever. He is ready to play big games
now. Change games. Start, change, stop games - whatever.

This way we get the guy all the way up there and he is ready for OT 17. And I explained that
on the back of tape 11. We can do it, let's go ahead and do it. We can change the whole
direction of things from the beginning first two postulates from this point. We know all the
truth there is there. Therefore we are in a position of Super Power and Power Plus and Super
Static ability levels that will bring the guy up through.

That, therefore, was the description of this schematic we use for getting this guy up to these
levels, and you may say: "Where do the Ls fit in? Where does the Sunshine R/D fit in? Where
does all this other stuff fit in?" Well it fits in sort of like a special thing the guy may need if he
needs that area handled.

The Ls, for instance, could be useful in pulling out a disagreeable holder. A dramatizing holder
out of the NOTs case area or out of OT III an implanter out of valence R6 BT. Could be used
for getting rid of those guys if you don't want to run Power on them. Or the guy is at too low
of a level to have that handled, he might need the Ls to knock out some of those guys. There
could be absolutely no reason to handle Ls after Super NOTs level. Everything there is totally
handled, there is nothing more there from the Ls levels that needs to be handled after Super
NOTs. It's all for other determined actual things.

Next thing. I have gone through the "Non-Interference-Zone", the OT III repairs, and so on,
up to OT VII if needed, and - oh yes - the other thing is keeping the training side of the case
up to balance. In other words most of these people, somewhere along the line, will say: "Hey
man, I need some more training" - Great! Encourage that. Make them read books, give them
little check outs, give them little programs to do training on. Some of them start wanting to
audit already, and you give them the basics, get them started on putting in rudiments, or the
Dianetics course, or ARC SW, and pretty soon they will be building up their confidence and
becoming auditors.

Some of the more key-things to watch out for in your C/Sing is: watch for guys' certainty to
improve. Make sure their certainty improves at all times. And if they keep getting uncertain
and so on, look for valence problems there, and you can handle that with certain techniques of
C/Sing to get them more in valence - handling opterms, PTS situations, SP situations and of
course Valence Shifter and Confront. There are many ways to handle this. It's basically
otherdeterminism. Rudiments run on that flow, from the other to them or "Who told you you had a
(rudiment out) when you didn't?", the false rudiment situations.

As they go up this bridge there should be valence improvement. More themselves, more
certainty, more dynamic awareness, more native abilities such as telepathy. The other thing is
they may go exterior quite often, and I must warn you: Take exterior as an EP! If the guy
says: "Hey, I'm exterior!" Great. He goes exterior with an F/N - that's an EP for that process.
Some people say, "Yes, he said he went exterior, but there is no F/N, what does that mean?"

Well, that means he went exterior, but he took some bits of the case with him. In that case you
can rehab the exterior point, and the bits of the case will fall off of the thetan. In other words:
He went exterior, that was true, but he also had some mass with him or some case with him,
and during the process he took that with him exterior and went outside the body and had the
mass with him.

If you get him to spot the mass - you may validate the exterior, say: "OK - that's fantastic -
that's the end of that process: Now let's rehab that - let's get that exterior state really cleaned
up. Is there something you still have, you brought with you about this process?" Or something
like that, or you can just keep running the process after acknowledging that, say: "We are just
going to complete - looks like there is still a little bit you still have with you - still holding on
to something there?" Bom, bom, bom, and you can complete that process, and that exterior
state will F/N as well. It's only when he exteriorizes without an F/N that you know he has
taken a little bit of the mass with him, and that's why he didn't F/N. But it is an EP, so
remember that. And you give him a win on that and rehab it and you see he says he
exteriorized and you took a rehab on it to get the F/N back on it and that means he has
dropped the other parts of the case he was still holding on to.

You then give him a win and say: "When you want some more auditing, you come back".
because when the guy is exterior... let him come back and tell you when he wants auditing. I
mean, acknowledge it as a very causative state. He will probably come back the next day,
because he says: "Wow, that's great - I want to do it".

So, acknowledge wins, and also keep their exchange in. Make sure that people exchange for
this technology. It's not something you can buy at the corner store, boy! This stuff is hard
fought for, hard won and is applicable all the way back to the beginning. So make sure you
get Your exchange on this and results is the criteria. We don't need to do promotion very
much except via results and word of mouth. The results are what is incredible! You do it
right, you get results, and all of a sudden business continues to come in. On the OT levels,
remember you have expected results. You work towards those results. You don't let a guy off
OT III because: "Ohh, I think I'm finished because I feel ... that ... you know ... I don't have
any ... I came ... ahhh ... on a space ship last Sunday, and I don't have an OT III case". Hey
that's all bullshit. Even if he did come on a space ship last Sunday. From last Sunday to now
on Teegeeack, you could pick up an entire OT III case if you hadn't got the tech to handle it,
and hadn't got the certainty to keep it at a distance. Don't let him get away with that. It's the
reality level you know when the guy is F/Ning and really able and really alert and having
certainty. The other guys are just trying to PR you.

You also have to determine, as a C/S, whether his problem or area that is troubling him: Is it
the same level? Is it a lower level? Or is it the next level? Or is it a resistive case point or a
training point or an MU? You must evaluate whether he is... he comes and says to you: "Hey,
I need something handled, I feel keyed in" - or something. Whether it's the same level he is
running now or is it a lower level phenomenon, something missed there, or is it the next level
coming up you see that he is stuck into by maybe self auditing. Watch out for that one! Or is it
a resistive case point that has popped in here all of a sudden. Out-Int or something? Or is it a
training point? You see. Just not having enough training to handle it. Or is it a mis-U? He has
a MU for instance on "Nature of A Being". So he thinks that ... oh, it's just like on later levels:
The guy didn't run out his Genetic Entity, because he thought that if he did the body would
die. The Genetic Entity is so aberrated he is alive because there is a big thetan there keeping
the body alive. It is not the Genetic Entities keeping it alive. That's bullshit. So he can run it
out. That's the MU. He didn't understand. He is a thetan too, and he is much more powerful
than the Genetic Entity.

False reads is the other thing I want to talk about. False reads is a situation where you get a
read, and you know on the lower levels it could be from the OT III case or it could be from
body movement or meter or the guy didn't understand a word or whatever. But on OT levels
there are only a few reasons for false reads. What we look for, really, on OT levels, is not
particularly false reads, but it didn't F/N. Therefore something is holding it up. Instead of
being a read or a departure from some pattern, it's now: "What's holding it from being an
F/N?" But a false read on an OT level could be one of these others, could be somebody else
poking into the session, you understand? Once you get to OT III, it can be somebody, a Black
NOTser or something like that, just poking into the session. Or, of course, it could be that the
BT you are auditing or something or somebody didn't understand the command, and you have
to groove it in, like "auditing equals freeing"; "ARC Break equals upset" - you know and so
on. Those kind of groove ins have to be done some times.

Also you can get false reads of course from any of the Hi-LO TA Assessment areas, which is
you know like problems with the meter, problems with the temperature of the room, body,
skin problems etc.. But, I just wanted to advice you, you can still check if the read is false. But
at the lower levels, sometimes people miss these as C/Ses and they have a whole case messed
up by taking up false reads. You can do a great service to a case, that is a little resistive
sometimes and they feel 'other-determined' and 'evaluated for' and 'invalidated' a lot of buttons
on that, you can do well to take false reads, and just run a whole little series of rudiments on
that. Like you know: "Somebody ever told you you had an ARC Break when you didn't?"
Run off the falsity of the charge, and they will get big wins on that.

The other thing is telepathy. That's a normal state of communication with thetans, so don't
invalidate it! Telepathy grows very very much as you go up the levels. It's a normal state of
communication between thetans, so don't invalidate that. Also you will get a return of selfdeterminism
and ability and the ability to play better games as he goes up. These are
indicators, good indicators, going up the OT levels.

Also incredibles. Remember the things incredible - can come up any time in cases. I mean
that's what we are dealing with here. The reason the guys have such a low awareness level on
Teegeeack is that they can not confront what is to them very incredible. So when they hit it
they will say "Ohhh, that's incredible". And remember as an auditor or C/S your incredible
may be different from his. It's a gradient of confront of truth. Let him have the incredibles.
That's all right. That's good. That opens up the awareness a bit. And these levels are quite
incredible, that's how they remained hidden all this time.

Stable datums and confusions. Remember the stable datum does not have to be true. In the
stable datum and confusion rules, you know, the stable datum can align a confusion, it doesn't
mean the stable datum is true, it just means it's a stable datum, so it can align a confusion.
Like: "Everybody jump on this platform, and you will be safe'" And everybody thinks that is a
stable datum, so they jump on the platform, and then the platform collapses - Crumph! It
wasn't safe, but for a minute it aligned their confusion, they knew to jump onto this platform.
Of course it wasn't true that it was safe and they all fell down and died, but nevertheless, it
was a stable datum for a minute there.

So remember: that a stable datum does not have to be true. The whole criteria we are working
on here, in these levels is, are the stable datums he is getting by cognition and by training and
auditing, are they stopping him? Or are they merely Not-ising the confusion? Or is the
confusion As-ising, so that there is less of it? Remember that the implanters have always put in
false stable datums at all levels, so you find you know 'status', 'conformity' and 'monitoring' or
'control maintenance' as a substitute for KRC, and 'agreement', 'automaticity', and 'admiration'
as substitutes for ARC. It's like these things the substitution of stable datum is what's also
trapping people. They are holding on to those as stable datums and therefore they can't let go
and go through the confusion and get to the truth.

Between each set of stable datums and the next higher set is a confusion and that's maybe why
the guy doesn't want to let go of it. You have got to keep them hatting as they go up so they
can start grabbing onto a new stable datum before they can let go of the old one. That's why
the training side is very important.

I already told you who Xenu is you know who he is and he is really the composite of all the
Not-ised parts of static that people had to do on their first and second postulates - he's the
sort of 'personification' of all that particular Not-is. So he becomes less powerful as people go
up the levels and he vanishes completely. He becomes about the size of a Teenie-Weenie, no
insult meant to Teenie-Weenies, and then he finally just vanishes, and it's just the guys
pretending to be him, and it's all very funny. You know? It's just the guys in his valence. And
who is Elron Elray? Well, he is the person who represents the game purpose and he is an
individual and a very powerful game-maker; game-purpose individual, from the Super Static
State, and he has always believed that an individual is more powerful than a composite, and
now it is proven true.

The purpose of the game is to improve the quality of static or theta or life, whichever
harmonic you want to put it on. So if you do something with that purpose in mind, you will be
successful, because all thetans will move towards that as an 'exit point', to improve the quality
of static or theta.

You get the doors open to a case by reads and interest, but only on the way to OT and Static,
on the C/Sing business. I mean the guy can be interested in running innumerable 2D things or
something, and you say: "Well maybe we ought to give him a whole 2D R/D or something".
But you know, you can go off into the never - never land of running little bits of charge off
here, and here, and here and there, but maybe you just ought to give the guy some hatting,
say: "Look there is more than that Dynamic" - as you are running the resistive points of the
2D case you see you also hat him that there is other dynamics, so that the guy will start
getting his next stable datum, and he can then let go of that one.

What I am saying here is that you can go off into the never - never land of running all these
little bits and pieces of charge and not go up the bridge. That's what other people have done
and that's what they continue to do, and you find all these religions laid all over the planet, and
written up thousands and millions of words about them, and they don't produce OTs at all.
They just go into the never - never land of "Look at the Static Thetans aren't they beautiful?"
"Wow' - All these Gods, lets make statues about them and everything", and "Don't you feel
great when you are praying in the temple of Athena?" - and all that kind of stuff. Or: Fate,
fate, Karma. All is done before, all is done before ... will happen again, and ... bla, bla, bla ...
you can't change it". Yeah? So the guy is running around doing that for several life-times, and
he is not OT yet! He didn't know! You can change it, of course! He just got stuck at that
point on the bridge by going off into the never - never land of the 'stable datum' that he didn't
want to break through the next level of confusion. Or he listened to some thetan from one of
these levels, and he bought that guy's stable datums, and then they are into this "Belief, belief,
belief, belief", "Hold onto it as a stable datum", "Don't go through the confusion", "Don't go
up to a higher level of truth". That is very important.

I want to give you a couple of formulae of life, but I gave you some of them already, like: "A
thetan plus these are on earlier tapes but a thetan plus technology is greater that any number
of thetans you know "n thetans" that's clusters and so on. So a thetan can solo audit. He has
his tech plus himself, so he is greater than any amount of thetans in the bank. And also I gave
you the other one about the ... "the sum of the U2s equals U3". When you have finished up to
a certain level and you are ready for OT 14, 15 and 16 you start seeing it that way. You see it
as "everybody else's" U2 is causing all this U3-mess, and your U1 is sort of around the whole
thing". You can permeate, it penetrate it, be outside of it, inside of it - it doesn't matter. You
are just operating through a Central Viewpoint when you are operating a body, and you clean
up the body and you are operating your own little Org-board there. And you can extend that
out and operate more and more causatively on all Dynamics, and bring people up these levels
so we can start off in a new direction.

With your people on the bridge you also want to make sure that if they need a little bit of
hatting on games they must look at it, that the balance of games and no games conditions is
really optimum. You don't have to have a game going with everything. You can have some
no-game conditions. It is not true for a thetan that "Any game is better than no game", or "No
game is boring", or anything, it's good to have a balance. There are some games, and he likes
those and does those, and some areas he has a no-game condition in, and that way he doesn't
get confused and Dev-Ted and so on like that. So it is OK to have a no games condition. In a
balance on the Dynamics, of course.

And conditions. You must know conditions, because you run into these on the OT levels. This
GUM (GAMES UNIVERSE MODEL), is Emergency, for instance. Training has to be
improved. Auditing. Carry on with it, get up through the Non-interference-zone get him on to
Solo. Ethics. Tech. Admin. These are the three upper Dynamics 10, 11 and 12 as you will find
out very quickly if you don't believe it. But they are there and they can assure the freeing and
As-is-ing of all the other Dynamic situations, games, conditions and etc., so they are senior.
We are striving for quality here in this particular purpose, but also quantity we don't care if
there are many, many, many, many, freed thetans. We don't care how many there are. We are
interested in the quality also, that each one of them is totally single and totally free.

The viability will come as we decide on the next purpose. Your real power here as a C/S is
your ability to get others to free and as-is: All thetans, all games, all Rings, sort of a 'Super
Power' State, you see? So they can all be free, and they can all decide what to do next from a
very improved quality viewpoint, improved Tech, improved Admin, improved Knowledge and
improved Ethics. And you must always thank Elron Elray, and Ron, for the Tech of these
levels. As I say, the Tech is all there, and we apply it to the levels we find and to the situations
we find. So C/Ses, auditors, administrators of cases, and people who can handle life, are the
most valuable and viable beings, and he is showing us the way to become that. And we are
actually achieving it and we can all become Games Masters. So, thank you very much, and
study your basics, use them all the way up, keep people on the line to OT and to Super Static.
Thank you LRH! Thank you Elron Elray. And thank you for listening.

That's the end of Tech Briefing Number 12.


GMC #4
16 June 1986

C/S Schema (pages 1 & 2) for TB 12
Two images attached on C/Sing Schema.


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Squirrel Extraordinaire
“Review C/Sing”
17 December 1986, AD 36 - TTA - Teegeeack


Hello, This is Capt. Bill Robertson, Rons Org, 17 Dec AD36 TTA. Tech Briefing No 13,
Confidential. A briefing to Super Static Review C/Ses or C/Ses trained in Review Auditing.
And some of the data may be applicable to Excalibur trained Review auditors, or anyone who
has run into this.

This briefing covers LTA, (LAST TIME AROUND) Black Static Tech, and Black Static
Thetans, what they are, and "infiltrated creations" or other Phenomena of OT Auditing and
Review C/Sing from Excalibur to the "Super Static" state.

First of all I would like to start off by saying that we have had experience by bringing people
up the bridge. Maybe close to a hundred people on Excalibur. And also people going up all
the way through to OT 16. We have found that certain cases run into something, that may be
from a higher level, while they are doing Excalibur. Or possibly on OT 12 handling their own
creations that they are carrying around. Or possibly on OT 14, 15, or 16. Well, it does come
up there. We know that. But basically the stuff started coming up on cases on Excalibur, and I
looked into this and found out that we had to handle something there, that came from the
OT's "U2" (Universe 2 = the universe of others) or OT 14 15 16, in some cases to resolve
them. And the more research, and Review auditing we did on this we found out that, of
course, there will always be a certain percentage of the people, who will hit this "LTA
Phenomena" or a BST (a Black Static Thetan) on their case. Or possibly they will hit an
"other-determined" creation, somewhere along the line there. So a C/S must be familiar with
these things and to know , though they are not covered on the theory of the level being run
(because it is usually not necessary), but in some percentage of cases these things will happen,
and they should be identified and also it should be known how to handle them.

The point is: Identification is the 1st thing, because any untrained C/S or untrained auditor or
somebody who "thinks" they know what they are doing, will usually go -shall we say: "try to
go OT on the ruds", or as they say, "Look for the Magic button". And they think it's that,
when in actual fact it is just a thing from the theory of the level. Like in Excalibur, for
instance, a guy hasn't been trained well, has studied Tech Briefing 4-7-8, and doesn't know
what the hell he is doing, and he may think he has hit some "higher level Phenomena" when in
actual fact all it is, is he doesn't have the TRO or TR1 impingement to direct a BIG HELLO!,
Tone 40, to the implanter to get his attention and ask him how long has he worked for the
Implanters?! And, so he keeps having trouble with this guy, and he can't really audit him,
because he hasn't impinged on him. Or somebody hasn't even studied the material, or they are
just trying to audit significances, rather than actual beings. So these kinds of things, as we say,
" you can mouth the words, but that doesn't audit anybody." You can read the data but that
doesn't audit anybody." You have to impinge or hit those beings with the TRs and audit them
to freedom, that is the whole purpose.

So OK, let's see what would come up after you have tried all standard things that could be
wrong with the guy, OK? We have found ,however, that lower level charge or out basics may
come up. And if everything else has been checked that could be wrong from below that, then,
these are the things that are the indicators of that Higher Level charge, right? Now, these
same indicators can occur from Lower Level Phenomena. That's why you must check all of
these first, but if it still persists after all these have been checked and handled and tried to be
handled, and this is still there, then this is what it is going to be:


Number A.
A guy feels all of a sudden he can't audit, feels griefy about it and like he is a failure, but he
has audited successfully in the past. Now, that applies to a Solo Auditor or maybe a guy
auditing others. He suddenly "caves in" and feels he "can't audit".

Number B.
He has a High TA, very stuck, needle at a High Sensitivity, not getting any reads at all, allright?
And this is assuming you have checked all other reasons for this, and now this is still

Number C.
He can't audit in one location, but he can audit in another location. In other words, you call
him to your Org for a Review and he can audit there, and he can be audited by somebody, and
he can do a Solo Session. But, he can't audit in the city where he is from.

Number D
The body itself feels "Dead", or almost like it is "two different persons", and the person is
complaining about "compulsions to do something", but he knows it's illogical. He keeps
having this compulsion to go 'do this', 'go somewhere', but he knows he should do what he is
doing in PT, so he has this compulsion and he can't understand it.

Number E
It looks like a Plug but it won't run as a Plug. In other words, this is a Plug, on which you
tried everything. You have done a Review on it from Excalibur Tech, and it just won't run
out. It is still sitting there.

Number F
Looks like a "Body in Pawn", maybe, or a body "floating" out in the Preclear's space, but it's
sort of like very much similar to his earth body in PT and it won't handle with anything you
can do with it.

Number G.
He keeps having accidents after Solo Nots, or on into Excalibur. I mean real accidents- falling
down, bumping his head, bumping his nose- not just minor things, but a constant series of
these things, just as though he is not oriented properly (which is actually the case), but he
keeps falling down, bumping up his body, running into trees with his car, or something like
that. Thus he is, as we say, very "accident prone".

Number H.
Feels something, something vague, holding him back from gains. In other words, I'm not
saying he should be "fully OT" after running one Plug on Excalibur, but he feels something is
still there, that's holding his back, and he is not getting the gains that he should.

Now those are the things ABCDEFGH.

Briefing on LTA

Now before I go into what they are and what is causing that and how to handle Technically, I
have to give you an explanation for the record here. It's in note form in various issues, but its
an explanation of LTA which means LAST TIME AROUND.

Now as you know, from Super Static Courses, or from doing OT 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,
16, you know that all the Players, the thetans in the Games, the Big Thetans agreed to play
certain Games , and they were arranged in a certain order. It was all very well decided. Its
very much agreed upon. Now this order they are arranged in is a thing which is called a
Games Universe Model (GUM). A thing which can have Games in it and Universes in it, and
it's a Games Universe Model such as this one containing the Mest Universe, and earlier
Universe Games. All of this. Now of course the implanting was not supposed to be part of
that. But the Games Universe Model agreed upon by the Thetans goes from its Beginning to
its End. And at the Beginning of this one you will find it is GUM O based on the condition of
Emergency and having in it 8 Dynamics. Now, having added to it the 9th Dynamic back at just
before Incident I and the 10th Dynamic, when LRH put in Ethics on the Implanters between
1950 and 1970 and then his Tech (11th) and Admin (12th) has to be added now to fully get us
out of it and through the Game.

But this "Games Universe Model O" is ONE GUM, and before that there is a sort of a "Static
Point", you might say, "a Council of the Players", to find out what they are going to do, what
they have learned, and so on in the previous GUM, and to plan the New GUM. At the
beginning of this Games Universe Model was the "Game of Gods" which was to decide who
would be Quote "The responsible party for all of the creations that the other thetans were
going to make". Responsible for taking care of them, so they wouldn't have to unmock them
or as-is them. And that was supposed to teach them that later on they would lose Power if
they didn't as-is their own creations but instead gave them into the "responsibility" (or
something) of somebody else. And that was certainly true, and you find all about that on OT

Now before THIS Games Universe Model there were others, but they were based on other
conditions, lower conditions, and other combinations of Dynamics (in this particular series of
Games of the Games Universe Models). And a series of Games Universe Models -24- there
are 24 Games Universe Models in one series- and I call that a "Cascade to Collection Cycle".
That is when the thetans "cascaded" into the Series of Games like a waterfall. "Yeah ! Lets go
play!" And when they "collect up" to find out what they did, and they debrief to each other,
and say: " Oh, What a great Game it was !" (or series of Games). So, 24 Games Universe
Models would be a Cascade to Collection Cycle. Now also 24 Cascade to Collection Cycles
equals 1 "Ring". And a "Ring" is a "Ring of Games" which is 24 GUMs x 24 CCC's (Cascade
to Collection Cycles) or 576 GUMs. That is 1 of these "Rings". It is one ring and it looks like
a large "doughnut shape", and there are the CCC's (24 of these) "wrapped around" or going
around making the ring, and there are 24 GUMs on each one of the CCC's. These are all in
"position" on this Ring. Now in the entire series of Ring games, since original Static State
('before the beginning Static State", which is talked about in the "Factors" by LRH, "before
the beginning"), there were 10,000 Rings. That gives over 5 Million Games Universe Models!
Figure it out. It's right there. And we are in the ring number 10,000 and that's something to
know. We are in the Ring 10,000 and that is the last ring in this "Ring Archives Games", and
those are the Games which were all agreed upon by 1st and 2nd postulates of the Thetans
playing them. This is all finally handled on the "Super Static Rundown" after OT16. Those
Rings and games were the "Existence" and the "Conditions" postulates.

The only problem in all this is: That in every Ring, normally, and every GUM in it was only
played once. You see, Thetans went through, they played ALL these Games, 10,000 Rings of
24 CCC's and 24 GUMs for each CCC. They played 5 Million or so combinations (Somebody,
by the way, has to research these by finding out what they all are, so we don't have to repeat
them.) But the last ring, 9999 (because originally there was only going to be 9999 Rings) was
not just played once. We played the last one twice. That is the true reason why people are a
bit confused "This Time Around", because the Ring "Last Time Around" was Ring 9999, and
this one we are in now is 10,000, except they are exactly identical. The Games were all
identical, the positions on the playing fields are identical, we are going around the same ring
again! Now the only thing that is different, is that going around it again, we did not do the 1st
12 GUMs in the Ring, because they were like "Reality Factor", simple basic games to give
ideas about the Ring. We skipped these "R-factor" GUMs the 2nd Time around. And of
course Last Time Around the succeeding GUMs, or the ones that come after this one (11 of
them) were played, except they weren't done right. The "Upper Condition GUMs", or in other
words the "upper conditions", goofed up.

Thetans never really did return to Power, never really did get out of Danger actually, and they
actually didn't make it back to the real beginning and find out all the Games, and what they
should have learned, and the "secret of expansion", they didn't learn that and they didn't
"improve their quality" that much, because they are still stuck in these Rings. So what we have
to do here is realize that 564 GUMs ago (576 GUMs -12 R-Factor GUMs) ago, date it that
way if you want to, we were in the same position of the playing field playing the same game.
Yes, the same one. What happened at that time? What was different? Well, at that time the
Church got taken over by Xenu, but there was no Free Zone and there was no Excalibur and
so Xenu retained control of the Church, and the Grand Council decided to let him run it to do
the Administration Project. Elron Elray had done the Technical project, but Xenu got hold of
the Administration Project, and was there to administer the Technology to all beings in the
universe. And you know what that means if you have done a little Excalibur! That he wouldn't
do it right and he certainly didn't, he squirreled on the upper levels and everything, and tried to
make sure he would take over control of everyone and/or they would have to do it again, or
go around the Ring again, so he would still try to retain control of every Thetan, and try to get
the rest This Time Around.

How did he do it?

You can start to see by comparing what was "Last Time Around auditing" (or the auditing
that leads to the Black Static State") with the "Black Nots" going on in the Church now that is
teaching people to be implanters. You see? To cluster people, put case on them, restim them.
That's teaching them to be implanters. So you can see already that this carried on to a great
degree would result in very, very strange OT Phenomena and OTs. And in fact that is what
you are going to run into on some of these Levels, especially 14, 15, and 16. It is actually
Thetans who have been processed in the Church "Last Time Around", after Xenu took it over.
And they have really been screwed up. And that is what we call Black Static State, all-right?

They paid for going OT and they did. They don't have a body but they are sitting there
compulsively creating the Mest universe, or compulsively "holding" onto something for Xenu.
Or waiting for the "resurrection". Or doing some crazy, absolutely "Bananas" thing which no
intelligent Thetan who knows his Axioms would ever do, but they are doing it, because Xenu
coached them on a slow gradient into OT "wonderful" Static State. And they are the most
resistive cases, and some of them absolutely think they are "everything", they are "Gods".
They think they are the "only beings in the Universe" and so on, but they are absolutely
"fucked" and are usually stuck around this GUM or this area of the playing field. And some
times they were built into strange formations like "cubes"- ten this way, and-ten that way, and
Ten that way, 1000 Black Statics "holding" onto something. And they try to hold onto the
"Last Time Around Mest", and hold onto everything "for Xenu" until he "gets back" and all
these kinds of crazy things they have been taught to do. They are "Static" though, but they are
not in a body, but can influence people. That's the point, ok?

It went on for several thousands of years, very slowly, getting everybody up the "Bridge", the
"phoney Bridge", which was missing a lot of things: Like OT 13 wasn't there, Excalibur wasn't
there, a very skimpy OT III, and a lot of "squirrel tech", on OT 12, a And no confront at all
on OT 14, 15, 16, and nobody really ever got out, and nobody ever got really finished, or
looked at their 1st and 2nd postulates. And you will see why, when you go up through these
and compare the real Levels, and compare them to what the Church was doing in Last Time
Around. You will see that they are totally "Mickey Mouse".

Now, there was plenty of 3rd Party, of course, on the founder, Elron Elray, and politically
there was a Scenario going on between the taken over Church and the Galactic Patrol at the
time, (where they did get some good auditing by the way, if people were lucky enough to get
off to the GP or escape to it). Now one little interesting thing about this I found out about.
Apparently -you can confirm this, perhaps,- but if people paid enough Last Time Around, if
they paid enough money, and devoted themselves entirely to Xenu and told him how loyal
they were to him, he would order the Plugs he had put on them - now get this, because they
didn't need or use Excalibur you see, they didn't know about it, nobody could find it, but Xenu
knew about it but he wanted to keep it as a control mechanism so he would order the
monitors quickly away from the guy as he was paying money and getting auditing.

So he would never audit the Plugs. He would never find them. They were just ordered by
Xenu to be pulled back and they would be returned to the implant org and stored in his Pre-1
base in Andromeda. He had a big, hollow planet there. He had it there, it was full of "jelly
beans", "Phi Thetans", and all kinds of "BTs and Clusters" from Last Time Around. They
were all stuffed into this thing. I ran it, opened it up, and freed all. Though there maybe some
still floating around. So just remember, he did keep "safe" all his plugs from Last Time
Around, as he pulled them off of people as they were being audited.

They were never freed. None of the Thetans were freed, so people felt they were getting
better but they weren't going OT, because it was all other-determined. You see? And the
Plugs, or pieces of Plugs, were stored away.

Now, he even didn't use these TTA yet. Except in a few cases, you won't find any "Old Plugs"
on people. You will find some, because when I say "you run into this" you might find they
they run into it because they have an old plug on their case, they held onto it because Xenu
was experimenting with them or something. That means an Old Plug. What that means when I
say an Old Plug is not "4 to 8 Quadrillion", I mean from Last Time Around. That's really old.

Some people of course would hold onto the LTA Moco's or plugs or something they valued
very much, just like Thetans hold onto their creations. Anyway, when they do this, when they
held onto it from LTA or Sot experimented on with the Last Time Around Black Static Tech,
or they have a piece of charge from LTA on something, or run into something they should
have handled Last Time Around, like didn't handle a Black Static, or one of their own friends
that was made into a Black Static, or something like that- then they keyed in and the Case
stops. That's what it is.

Anyway, the person hits it. Now sometimes, they hit it during Excalibur. Now sometimes they
hold onto the "Last Time Around body", so it's in the Moco's from that body, so that would
key them into it. So the lucky ones got away to the G.P., as I said, and they had some good
auditing and they will go right on up the bridge as it's written and won't have any problem and
will hit LTA when they hit it on OT 14,15,16, but remember, that LTA there was no
Excalibur, and there was no OT 13,14,15,16, either LTA.

Now lets get some more recognition. All the events were the same: Inc II, Inc I, Game of
Gods, etc., even to the degree of Teegeeack being a "restricted planet" and your "political"
incidents. And everything very much parallel to what they did LTA, because most people
ARE keyed in on LTA, especially if they haven't looked for the truth. They are just following
an LTA pattern enforced by Black Static Thetans who are ordered to sort of "hold that time
into restimulation on people". So a lot of people get into restimulation. The lucky ones, like
some people when they do Power blow out of LTA or they do a good TR Course, they blow
out of LTA, or do a good run of Objectives, they blow out of LTA. That is why
Scientologists are so fortunate - most of them - but they can get keyed in again to it by some
of the phenomena and you see the unfortunate cases of Mayo and a few of the other
independents' which are walking marching, steadily down the LTA track, doing exactly what
they did LTA. So realize, that not all the Scientologists, shall we say, are in PT, TTA. Now
since they didn't do Excalibur and since they didn't do OT 13, the Phi Thetans from Last Time
Around were never freed as no Thetan took responsibility for the creations he had dumped
into the Mest Universe. So therefore, those creations were left on that position of the playing
field. In other words, in the Mest universe, stuff was left where it was on the playing field.

Now, so when TTA came, these bits and pieces, these Planets and Suns were very grey, dull
and solid. The dumping in "This Time Around" sparked up a bit of life. It put up about
another 12 to 15 percent, because the "unresponsive" ones were already sitting there, (that's
88 percent from LTA). That's why those guys are unresponsive, not because their ARC was,
no, well it is because their ARC Break was much longer and so on, and they were left totally
abandoned by all thetans playing the Games, for 564 GUMs. So that's a long time. So those
little Mocos who belong to all these thetans, they really, really got solid. Not only that, but
Xenu ordered Black Statics to stay in the area, to keep holding them holding them into there
positions, so they not only had an ARC break of Long Duration, abandoned by their thetan
creators, but they also had Black Statics, also abandoned and "being The Universe", holding
them and waiting for Xenu to tell them what to do and all this kind of crazy shit. So you have
these two effects.

Remember, a Moco can audit another Moco, but a Moco can't audit a Big Thetan. And a Big
thetan can audit all kinds of thetans, but a Moco can only audit other Mocos, so they maybe
put a telepathic comm to a Big Thetan, but they don't audit them, they are not big enough So
the Black Statics were all Big Thetans before they got into the "OT Levels" and therefore
they, because shall we say, were "dispersed through the Physical Universe", holding onto the
Mocos and that's what made the Mocos also unresponsive in addition to the Long Duration
ARC Break charge. So the ones This Time Around that were dumped, the 12 to 15 % or
something, they were much more responsive, because, of course, they weren't being held out
of time and they are the ones that run out very easily just by finding their ARC Break of Long
Duration. And they are the ones that elected the "Board of Directors" and tried to handle the
other, unresponsive, 88 % of their companions who couldn't move, don't talk couldn't
respond. They became the "3rd Force" in the Game, the little Mocos who decided that all Big
Thetans were bad, because they had made some of their Moco "friends" (same type of
beings), they had made these little allies or these little comrades all dull grey dead and so they
really didn't like Big Thetans for doing that. So, unless you are in the Free Zone you probably
won't get any co-operation at all from the "Board of Directors". Because we have handled
them and taught them how to audit their companions and get them woken up and free them.
But don't be surprised, if a guy is trying to "squirrel around" with some of the stuff, not being
trained at Rons Org or he maybe has been trained in Rons Org and who is on OT 16 and can't
handle a damn thing of this because they don't ask for or get any help from the Board of
Directors of the Phi Thetans.

Now, as I said before, they did in LTA some OT III, maybe a little bit of 9,10,11, a little bit of
12, maybe, and then went into creative stuff and went on past the EP, and made the guy try to
"be The Universe", "Be this", or "own all your dynamics". Misown everything that was kind
of the key at the time, and convince him logically to be in a state that he was a "superior
being", very "status oriented". No one got OT 16 LTA I can guarantee you, because I haven't
found anyone who did.and I was already back to the beginning of the 1st two postulates and
there was no one there from LTA.

So thetans playing on this Ring 10,000 were less Powerful than when they were doing ring
9999. You see, the Tech was bad after 1980 LTA, and Xenu was running the Org so who the
hell could get better? So they could only dump about 12 % more Phi Thetans. As they had
dumped a lot LTA and they hadn't the Power back from those as they had not gotten back and
handled their not-ised creations, they only dumped a few more and those were the
"responsive" ones and those were organized under the Board Of Directors.

Now remember, Xenu did not agree to The Ring Games and didn't implant himself although
he betrays all other thetans who were working for him, and does betray everyone. He tried to
take them all over. He is now exiled from this Galaxy, but can do Telepathic comm from
Andromeda, or from wherever he is, so you will find him behind various Scenarios on the
GUMs and rings, but he is losing the control faster and faster as more people go up the bridge
past Excalibur. He knows it, and he is now fighting a rear-guard action, he just is trying to
control those who are so stupid that they can't even see that the bridge is already complete.
He is still controlling some of the politicians and the stupid Scientologists who are going along
with other practices and so on. And the people in the Church and so on.

Anyway, we have the handling for that on OT 17-33 though, and that comes later. We handle
all the cases, all the U 2 people, (Universe 2 -others), the people that are not cogniting yet.


Now lets look at these LTA Phenomena on the case and see exactly what is behind the A-H
steps that I talked about in the beginning .

The "can't audit' or feels bad about auditing after he has been doing well , and he get real
griefy about it: That means there is a Black Static Thetan in his U-1 and it may be an old
friend or maybe even a Clone Moco he sent LTA to find out about LTA OT Levels. You see,
he wants to find the OT Levels, so he sent a Clone into it, and that guy got really messed up.
Anyway it means he has got a Black Static, or one or more Black Static Thetans on his case,
that were friends of his, or were his own Clones, That's why he feels so bad and because he
knows he can't handle them, they have really been fucked up. There's no auditing tech that he
knows, that will handle them, and they have been screwed up by auditing, so the whole thing
caves him in as an auditor. Of course, you can handle it, so you don't get caved in. That's
Number A.

Oh Yes ! I should mention that the "can't audit" grief is a failed help restimulation from OT
14-16. Restim of failed help. A person or persons he couldn't or didn't help or can't help even
with the tech he knows, so that's your "Can't Audit", suddenly spins, grief, terrible feeling,
can't audit, can't help anymore, he is really saying "I can't Help anymore"- because he can't
help this Black Static Thetan who is a friend of his or one of his own Clone Mocos, that he
sent in to find out about it. I'm not telling you the process yet for handling these guys, but if
you ever find, that a Clone Moco is one of the guys you free out of this stuff, remember to
have the guy (preOT or OT) debrief his own clone before he gives him his choice. Must
debrief him, all-right? Otherwise the cycle isn't complete.

Is a stuck high TA and High sensitivity case: This is a Black Static thetan again, or one or
more and overrun on LTA auditing. And the reason there is high TA and sticks, is because it
had auditing already and they know it's terrible and they have been totally overrun, ok? That's
why the TA goes up and sticks and surprise!- it will sometimes just shoot up all the way right
up to 6, and normally the TA hasn't done anything like that maybe, in years! That means, if he
has been doing real good solo and so on like that and can't figure out what it is and he is a
good auditor, shit, that's Black Static.

A person can audit in one location, and can't audit in another location: Well, he is in the same
location as he was LTA. In other words, same country, same language, everything the same,
the city even. So he has objective restimulation going 24 hrs a day, that's all that means. He
can't audit there, but he can audit here. That means where he can't audit is the same place he
was in LTA, and everybody else in it is dramatizing LTA. His friends, he has got charge there.
He is walking down the same streets where his LTA body used to walk down. Maybe there is
a little difference, you see, and maybe that's what's confusing, and God, he is really keyed in
on it So it's objective restimulation and the best thing to do with these guys is to get them out
of the location and audit them somewhere else, in addition to the review session. But I'm just
saying, if it's a persisting thing and he can't audit anytime he goes back, even if he has handled
a couple of LTA things, well then, he will just have to audit somewhere else until he has
handled it all. We had a review case, that took 37 hours before the person could comfortably
live in the city where they were from, so that was 37 hours on Excalibur, right in the middle,
to get the LTA charge off! So the case still isn't through Excalibur. So you see, it could be a
long job. OK?

Or the guy feels he is 'two people', and has strange compulsions to do something else in life
rather than what he is doing: You see what I mean? It seems like he is going down two tracks
at once. Well, the funny part is, he is going down two tracks at once, and it's not coming from
a Plug. You have to determine that it's not coming from a Plug, but it's coming from his own
LTA track. You see, it's his, it's his ideas and it's his own LTA track, and he probably has
saved some "body Mocos" from his LTA body and his body died at that time, those body
Mocos will dramatize death as soon as the restimulation of the same date comes up. This is
LTA. It's an earlier similar incident. They key-in the earlier similar. If the body died in the
beginning of "this year" (LTA), so as soon as the beginning of "this year" (TTA) happens, the
guy starts to feel dead, dead , dead. And maybe later on in the year you maybe pick the guy up
and he says "Yeah ! Well, I'm-doing fine in auditing, but Jesus, I feel like I should go to the
funeral parlor all the time, and I've this strange compulsion to go to the grave yard across
town, I don't know why. I should be doing my Sessions, but I feel dead all the time, really
dead." Well, you know this guy has an LTA body in restimulation from Last Time Around,
and they will never pick this up in regular auditing. You just have to know it's 564 GUMs ago
and that's the way you date it. Not by time, because time is exactly the same. If it's 1986 now
it is 1986 then. That's one reason we can use the "After Dianetics" dating, it's a little more
TTA although it was "After Dianetics" LTA too, they went back and used regular "Christus"
stuff because Xenu liked that kind of restimulation from the Plugs. His implanter Org was
working on those kind of dates anyway. So the AD (After Dianetics) is better, "AD 36 TTA".
You will notice on the Certificates I give out there is "TTA". OK? So that is what the strange
body thing is, the body did die (LTA), if he is feeling "dead" and so on, ok?

This could be several things, it won't run as a Plug, after some good honest attempts: Now,
it's either other determined creations from This Time Around impinged on his U-1 (his
Universe 1) or maybe his own creation infiltrated by Xenu, an implanter, a Clone or Moco and
used against him. It's been an infiltrated creation or an other-determined creation and it could
be from Earlier Universe Games TTA or possibly from LTA, or a a "Last Time Around Plug".
The guys can't go free because they are not being run early enough or it could be a "LTA Plug
being held by a Black Static thetan or several Black Static thetans" or being kept in LTA so he
can't audit it TTA.

You see, it's either a CREATION of his own or other-determined OR it's a LTA Plug being
held by a Black static thetan or an LTA Plug, you see? Or it could be just his LTA body
Mocos that he saved, but it seems like they are part of his TTA body, but really are from Last
Time Around, so he will dramatize as soon as he gets on the same location as he did LTA, so
also that wouldn't run as a "Plug". Or it's a "coin trick". This is an LTA Monitor system that
Xenu used until TTA, by having "faked" the person's LTA body's body death, then he
desiccated the body in a container and then he compressed the container containing the
Genetic Entities and the Phi Thetans left over, and then he stamped coins out of it. Then he
gave them a big Implant: they "wait for the resurrection", and he had one placed by the body
TTA, saving them over in this Mest Universe space from LTA, then he puts one by the body,
tells it to "resurrect". So a piece of the G.E. and all these little Phi Thetans jump into his body,
and the other coins, however, are all safely in the hands of the Implanter Org, or in the
Masonic Lodges, and he can have a whole Monitor system on the guy. It's a "negative cluster"
effect (which you know about if you have handled the OT 13 stuff).

It really is his LTA body or part of it or Mocos from it. He will tell you and keeps telling you:
"It's like mine this time. It's mine!" Well, that's LTA.

Side B

We're just talking about "body in pawn", or at least part of it. Some people don't have all of it.
They might have just the head, or a piece of it floating around. I'll tell you how to handle these
things in just a little bit.

He is "PTS". he is following the LTA track and keeps bumping into things, is accident prone,
etc. It's because the Mest is not exactly like it was in LTA. For instance, St. Hill Manor LTA
was only 10 Kilometers from the sea. This Time Around it is about 30 Kilometers from the
Sea. So there was a difference. Thetans, however, followed down more or less the same track,
so they tend to do the same things, build the same things, do the same "Last Time Games" and
so on, meet the same people, and so make the same mistakes. But in the MEST they built, all
was similar in TTA to LTA, and the point is that it was not exactly the same. So, this guy who
is on the LTA track and is totally stuck in it will keep bumping into things. He keeps having
accidents because the road is not exactly where it was LTA, the corners were a little bit
different, and the house he was in was maybe a little bit different, and the stairs were maybe
over "there", instead of over there, and so he goes to the bathroom, but he falls down the
steps. He tries to duplicate it, but he can't quite make it, because he is not in PT, he is stuck in
LTA, accident prone. After Nots: If a guy goes past Solo Nots in the Church and he is still
accident prone he is stuck in LTA.

Number H. - Holding Back Gains.
That's LTA again and probably is a Black Static Thetan or several BSTs on the case or the
guy's own Clone: Now normally in this case it might be the guy's own Clone who got BS Tech
(Black Static Tech) so he is identifying with his Clone and he feels terrible because he is not
getting any gains because the Black Static Tech didn't give you any gains as a OT, and his
Clone is giving him the message: "Better help! Help! Help! I got to debrief to you. I got to tell
you something. It's not going to go well. It's not going to go well. It's bad stuff!" And the
Clone is all out of PT. So anyway, how do we handle all this stuff? That's what you want to

Handling - D of P Interview

Now you know how to identify. And as I say, you do a D of P. You don't ask, "Do you have a
Black Static on your Case?" No! No! No! You don't ask those kinds of questions. You ask
what I said you ask for the symptoms -what the symptoms are- and see if they read. And
cover also any other symptom that could produce it in regular Excalibur Tech, or regular
ARC Breaks, or ruds anything, anything that could produce it; from lack of training, lack of
TRs, anything that could produce that symptom you put in there. And then you ask the other
question that has to do with this stuff in there with it and you see which ones are giving the
most reads, and if this is giving reads and the other stuff ain't reading. AH! HA! But if the
other stuff is also reading you have to handle that as well. And then you should handle
through that first. But I don't think this stuff will read unless the other stuff isn't reading. I
haven't found it to be so. Whatever has been reading on the guy who I have done a Review
on, has only been this stuff. If he was really into this, it would read on this kind of stuff on
"LTA"- you don't say "LTA"- I'm saying the symptoms would read real big, you see? "Do you
feel you can't help anyone with the auditing anymore?" "OH Yeah ! Well Bla Bla Bla .... "
You see? Well you ask a guy, "Do you think you need a cramming as an auditor?" Nothing. It
doesn't impinge on any other question, just the right one, Bang!! Right there impinged on the
LTA Symptom and not the other one, see? So, how do you handle all these things?

C/S Handling Program

A) Well first you do a DofP. to determine what it is, if they are Review Cases.

B) You determine the things you are going to handle. So, 1st you get what it is, then you
program how you handle it, or what to do with it. (If handling "LTA-, the Pre-OT must be
briefed on it first).

The second step is to determine if it's responsive or unresponsive. That means that if the LTA
Phenomena (the clone Moco, Black Static, or whatever it is) is responsive it will answer up
on "Hello!", and it will read and F/N on "Hello's" and "Who would I have to be to audit you"?
For instance it would read well on that. OH Yeah ! That's great. But if it's unresponsive you
have only little small reads and no real Clean F/Ns or anything. Just sort of dull Huhnn...
Huhnn... Huhnn like that. And if it's unresponsive or you have the least little doubt, it's just
classified as unresponsive. In the "Pre Sessions", in other words, you can do "Hellos" and
"Who would I have to be to audit you?", and so on just to find out whether it is unresponsive
or responsive. Not to find out what it is, you already know what it is, or you wouldn't be
auditing at it, and you found what out from the DofP. Ok? You analyze it, and you make a
C/S and you go on and say, "OK, we are going to handle this condition", say, "Not being able
to audit." Now you would say, "I want you to locate and see if there is a being or something
here, permeating the area. OK. There's one reading now. OK. His TA is going up now. Ok
just say Hello to him a few times." Small reads, no falls, TA not coming down. He is
unresponsive. Now some of them are responsive, by the way, and they get more so as people
do auditing, so responsive ones that have been run on Black Static Tech, like a Black Static
Thetan, can be run on Power Process 3, that is, using it with the commands: "What condition
have you encountered in auditing LTA?" Around "auditing", or "auditing LTA", you impinge
on that. That's the way you run it to Big F/N on Pr 3 and big cog. Now, you will get a lot of
data on how the Black Static Tech was done. It's very weird.

On the internship here you can study several folders about that. We have plenty of folders on
exactly how the Black Static Tech was done, and we can use that to predict exactly what the
church is going to do This Time Around, because they are still under Implanter Control at the
moment, OK? We know exactly, we are just predicting them, looking right down their throat,
and predicting them every step of the way. We know exactly what they are going to do.

Now if it's an unresponsive, what are you going to do? Well the good old reliable tool that
works TTA, LTA, anywhere on the bloody Ring Games, it will work, and it doesn't care
about time, and that is Power Processes 4, 5, 6. And you use Source, Existence, and
Conditions, these 3 processes on the unresponsive, --and the EPs of those are quite definite:
On the Power Process 4, the "Barrier to Comm - there is a barrier there, it seems to be a
"Glass Wall" between you and whatever you are communicating with back there, and it seems
to break and the guy is back in comm. In Power Process 5 ... Plus F/N VGIs of course from
the Black Static ... Now I continue: Power Process 5 seems to get the guy around the whole
ring all the way back from LTA to PT, he seems to come to PT, you seem to feel he has come
closer in Time to you, and that's the E.P. on 5. And on Power Process 6, a very definite E.P.,
it breaks the blackness or the greyness or the solidity and it goes into a sparkling theta, feels
free, feels "just like another thetan" that you are auditing, it doesn't seem to be "black" or
"lost" or "confused". It seems to be "nice" and "right there" right in PT.

Power Process 4 breaks the "Glass Wall" comm Barrier, the space barrier, so to speak,
between now and LTA, although it is in the same area of the playing field, it still is a barrier, a
Comm Barrier. How can you talk through 564 GUMs? You see? OK.

Then Power Process 5 tends to bring the guy from LTA to TTA where you can audit out his
6, and 6 runs him right through the "engrams", or shall we say, the "OT Levels" he was stuck
in, because they come off like that.

Now you must remember something when running Power Process 6. That if the incident the
person is stuck in, is a "Medical" incident or something like that, then it will come off slowly
and it will come off with the unconsciousness coming at the beginning. So, he may go through
some pains and a lot of unconsciousness and finally wake up and be in PT. In other words, a
"Medical" or "experimental" type incident can start with the unconsciousness and the pain
comes later. Therefore, they don't operate like a regular "impact engram", where the pain
comes and then the unconsciousness. So they come off differently as well. Carrying on, you
will get a lot of details of weird things going on, and what they were "Cogniting", Quote,
Cogs, Unquote. Not real cogs, but cogs that kept them under Xenu's control. And you get a
lot of data on this as you run the Power 4, 5, 6 on these BST or unresponsive LTA Thetans.

Blow and Can't Blow Steps

Now after that, you have to do the "Blow and can't Blow" Steps, and from OT 9,10,11 also
14,15,16 and from the auditing steps on 12. But the "Blow" and "Can't Blow" steps just
briefly are:

Blow A) is the "Who are you?" question for the Big Thetans.

Blow B) is the Moco Commands for Mocos. You know, "Return to your moment of
creation or go free, or wait at Static, or help me." (If it's a certain kind of Moco that wants to
help you, if it's a body Moco he might want to help you, OK?) You can have those 4 choices

1) Return to your Moment of Creation.
2) Go Free
3) Wait at Static (if his creator Thetan is aberrated the Moco may not want to go back to him.
But he does want to go back to a state of static, but his Creator is not ready yet, so then he
can wait at a static point).
4) Help me.

Now the basic on all Mocos is that they were created to help, so they will respond on one of
those 4 and leave a guy's Universe or decide to stay and help him. Now, Blow C) is of course
Rights of a Thetan - "to his own sanity" and "right to leave a Game", and this may be looked
upon as "self-determinism" and "Power of Choice" as well. OK?

Can't Blow A) is Out of Valence. This is where you ask the guy to "look for others stuck to
you" or "are you in somebody else's Valence?", or "somebody in your Valence?", or, "are you
in my Valence?", or "are you in Xenu's Valence?" BLA, BLA, BLA. You just check all the
different Valences he could be in. You just run him out of them and Boom!!! It breaks them
all apart.

Can't Blow B) Is the list of incidents they could be stuck in, and this is where it goes: "Mutual
incident?" or "Something in Present Time?", "A mutual Incident, all the way back?" "Inc II?"
and "Inc I?" "Pre I?" or "Earlier Is?" "Earlier Is, Earlier Universe?" for the big Thetans and
"Pre Is?" For the smaller ones, "Dumped in the Mest Universe?" etc, etc, Or "Captured from
earlier universe?" All the way back to "The Game of Gods TTA?". And when you are doing
LTA auditing you must do the same things LTA going back the track. So it's incidents going
back: "Game Of Gods, TTA?" Ok,"How about LTA?" Now, LTA? The LTA of PT,
"Something happened in LTA, 20th Century Teegeeack?" "Inc II LTA?" "Inc I LTA?" BLA,

Now this is when you are running the Incident Step, can't Blow B). You run them from PT
back all the way from This Time Around then back all the way from LTA. Later on, when you
are adding LTA to Incidents in the guy's normal auditing, he just checks the LTA incident that
he is running the TTA incident of, to widen the F/N or blow any extra charge there if there is
any. In other words, if he has just run an Incident II on somebody, he could say, "Inc II?
Good, did you have Incident II LTA too?" " Oh Yeah! same thing!" It gets the F/N bigger.
"Incident 1, Incident 1 LTA". You see? You run them in pairs like that Paired Incidents
parallel pairs as you are using or adding LTA, on incidents. But on the Can't Blow (B) you
just run them back through TTA and then LTA through. That goes back through the whole
system of track, because Can't Blow means there is some resistiveness there and you have to
go back through in sequence to find it. Can't Blow means "something resistive".

Can't Blow C) needs Purpose, a Game, or orientation. You handle whichever it is, or all of
them, to set any of the Thetans handled. Remember, you are always auditing groups here, so
remember, Black Static Thetans can be in groups, they can carry a lot of Mocos and BTs with
them, so you are handling groups here. So the Purpose, Game, orientation- they need a Gameor
they need a Purpose- a new Purpose, a failed old Purpose, don't know what a Game is,
need an understanding orientation. They all might need a bit of that, to find out what TTA is
and Teegeeack and the Free Zone and the new track we are making and so on. And there you
go back and run the Blow steps again. You roll these over and over. Because you have done
the resistive things, it doesn't mean they blow, it just means they couldn't blow because of
these resistive things . Now you go back and do the Blow things again, the "Who?" for the big
thetans, and that frees any of these, and the "Moco choice steps" for the Mocos, and then the
"Rights of a Thetan", and "Bang", pretty soon, you keep going through these and you will get
the whole group freed, and you get the FTA. OK?

Adding LTA to Excal or Above Auditing

After the person handles that thing from LTA, it maybe was just one piece from a Plug, one
holder on a Plug then he has to go on, of course, running the plug. But now, on whatever
incident he runs, he now uses the LTA Question. Inc II?, Inc II LTA?, Inc I?, Inc I LTA? on
all incidents on his Solo Auditing. Anything that has a "Date Type Event" on the track. It does
not apply to "Who are you?" And the guy says "me". "LTA?" You don't say that. NO, NO,
NO. It doesn't apply to Mocos or the Moco commands. It doesn't apply to Rights of a Thetan,
those are all the Time there, they are there, period, there, there. It does apply on Blow Step
(B) Incidents where you run, in sequence, This Time, then in L.T. It applies in any Incident
you run into, where you have to run a guy through in a Plug. So if it was Coltus TTA, he
might have to run his Coltus LTA. In Incident II TTA- also Incident II LTA, do you see what
I mean? It doesn't apply to Games, or orientation either, I mean it can come that a guy has a
"failed purpose" LTA, but that is just a matter of dating it, and finding out when it was. I'm
talking about Incidents. These Incidents. These happened both times, you have to realize this,
that they happened both Times, these major incidents. The "Take Over of the Church", which
we call "Incident III", it's a joke of course, but you can call it "Incident III" if you R-factor it
closely enough to the cases and so on. You can call it: "Incident III, the take over of the
Church-. But anyway, Incident II was Incident II LTA and TTA and Incident I was Incident I.
Now, each has a slightly different experience track, in that from TTA to LTA or LTA to TTA.

Now when you have a guy on Excalibur like this, when he gets to OTLR, he has got to do
LTA also on steps I, II, III. So this is important when he does OTLR I,II,III. He has to do his
Inc.II and Inc. I and he has to do also Inc. II and Inc. I LTA and he has to do those in parallel
like you do on a regular incident, because his attention is going to be right on that. And so it's
going to be: Inc. II, and he gets off all the reads as being BTs and clusters to F/N, Big F/N,
clean F/N, cogs. Then do Inc. II LTA. Then do his Inc. I TTA, Inc. I LTA, Coltus TTA,
LTA. "BTs and Clusters connected to Coltus", "Coltus in restimulation", whatever you use,
"BT or cluster connected to Coltus or having a Coltus implant", whatever. Do this TTA and
LTA. So to those 3 OTLR steps you would also add LTA. That's on OTLR I,II,III.

Caution on PrPrs

Now one other point I must make. When you are running Power on these LTA things, make
sure, very, very sure, below OT 13, that you are only including that what you are auditing in
the TRO for Power 4, 5, 6. For these 3 processes, you must make very sure you are only
including what you are auditing. Have the guy narrow his attention to exactly what he is
auditing. I know, if it's a Black Static thetan there, he's real big, maybe covering the whole
Universe, but still he is auditing the Black Static thetan and no other. You must do that,
otherwise you get (which is described on the other tapes), or you might get that and trigger
something off of something on OT 13, and all his Mocos start coming in onto him and he has
trouble because it presses all his Nots Plugs into his body and then you have to take him into
Review and get him to free all his Mocos. OH Boy! What a mess, because he is not up to OT
13 and you have to teach him how to do that, Bla Bla Bla. and you are right in the middle of
Excalibur.It is very difficult. That's why I say these are Review actions. You must control the
Pc's attention to only run the commands of 4,5,6. on the Black Static thetan or the Thetan
from LTA, whether it's a clone, a BST, or a regular thetan, or Moco, or whatever. Still, Pr
4,5,6. will break them free of that.

More on the Use of LTA

Now realize, in PT the track is now split but many people are still on the LTA track. We can
now predict the future of LTA People just as easy as you recall a movie. You have just seen a
movie and someone asks you about the movie, "OH Yes! And the next thing that happens is

Now when these people are stuck in LTA you can see what their future is going to be because
it already happened to them LTA. Now we can change things, we can change these things, but
the general political stuff and so on- we can tell you exactly what is going to happen. And
"prediction" is just the game of people in the past who were getting some awareness of LTA,
so they had the pictures there already and they had the Incidents there and so they just put
them down. And they were the "great predictors" of history, Nostradamus and all these
people. they weren't predicting a damn-thing. They didn't have anything special. They didn't
have any "OT Abilities". They just had fairly good recall or comm with some BTs who had
fairly good recall of LTA and that's all it was. They just picked out the same things that
happened LTA and said "it's going to happen again." That is basically what it was, and you
notice they are all full of symbolism and religious significances and all that shit, and that's
exactly what the Implanter Org laid out LTA and exactly what they laid out This Time
Around on the Scenarios. So remember, that prediction is simple if you know LTA! And we
can "predict" the future for the Church of Scientology. We know all about the BS Tech and
how they are going to produce it, and so on like that, that makes guys misown things, things
like that, how to get them out of their bodies, donate their bodies to the "cause" and all that,
and they are going to "suck up" the Mocos and try to use them in plugs again. There is a
whole "Bad Scenario" on this.

And now, anyway, there should be no more questions about LTA, it's just like realizing that
it's like the earlier similar of TTA (which is in PT) is the LTA. In other words he is looking at
his objective Physical Universe environment and it is almost totally the same so it's totally
restimulating him every moment into LTA.

That also explains the incredible amount of charge and BPC on the breaking up of the Church,
because it did happen LTA. So it had a much earlier Basic on the chain of doing it again and
the hopelessness that's in the field right now, is because of Last Time around. There was no
Free Zone, there was no Free Zone people. They were doing Missions to handle this and that
but they didn't develop Excalibur. TTA it is here and the rest of the Game is going to it's
obvious conclusion, to finish up on Ring 10,000. It is going to finish This Time Around,
properly, because the Bridge is all there.

Now let's go back even earlier in the Games, now that you have wrapped your wits about
LTA you might have to run a Plug in LTA. I'll make this comment on some Reviews. I'm not
saying that Power is the only thing you do, you do use all your other Tech. Like, we had one
person who knew similar people in Present Time as they did in LTA, and family members and
lovers and so on. Now, Last Time Around they were the same Thetans running those same
types of bodies, so they have and had out ruds with each other. So it came up on, as what you
would look at as OTLR 4, "Out Ruds with People", and it had to be run LTA and any plugs
between the people LTA had to be run out and this totally straightened out all the ruds with
those people. We didn't have to run Power on them. Just knowing the briefing on LTA...
before you run a PC on LTA you must brief them thoroughly on what LTA is before you go
on. It takes about half an hour and you show them a picture of a Games Universe Model and a
CCC and a ring and you say, "All this happened before in the same place on the playing field
and it was all just like this." Let them sit there and cognite and that will blow a lot of charge
right there. I guarantee you, it's like the first little 5-10 min of this tape, where I explained to
you what LTA was. Well, that way they can cognite on it then you can run them and that way
they can be able to put their attention on it and help you, and as the Review Auditor you will
be able to help them because they can now look at LTA. As I'm saying, your main tool in
handling LTA is Power Process 3 for responsive BS guys. There are some unresponsive BS
guys who will respond to Power Process 4,5,6. with those specific EPs. There will be a lot of
blow off of case confusion there, right?

Creations, Auditing Of

By the way, someone might ask you, "What about these creations? they are not the same."
No, that's right. Creations come from OT 12 Tech. You just run the same procedure you
would run on the OT 12 procedure: Locate the intentions, sorry, the ownership, intentions, all
the attentions, postulates, perceptions, and pretty soon the guy, as he goes down the
identification steps of OT 12, he will discover who is making the creation and what it is, and
all that. And whoever is making it, you do the "as-isness steps" with him. And of course you
may be having to run the Power Processes on the auditing steps of the creation, because it is
unresponsive. But, if that comes up you just handle it like a creation, but realize it is an otherdetermined
creation and therefore you don't have to do the whole of OT 12, you just do
enough to where he identifies it and run the auditing steps on it.

And you have to do the "Admin-As-isness" as well. You get the FTA on Tech and you get the
FTA on the Admin. In other words, a shortened creation handling: When he realizes what it is,
then you can just go in and audit it. You don't have to do all the full identification steps that
you do on OT 12. Just do the steps down from the beginning until he understands what it is
and then you can audit it. You might have to know "Via Mocos" and a few other things. You
hat him, and he takes the "tour" through it, with the Mocos that are making it and the other
creators. And it vanishes and when he has indicated the Admin as-isness step to all concerned
that haven't left yet, he gets another FTA. (That's the "real why" of the creation, which causes
the Admin as-isness.)

Universe Zero

Gosh, I wanted to talk a little bit, thought I'd have one hour and a half, and I thought I d tell
you this in that time and this is amazing! Looks like I've only about 15 mins left of the tape.
Well, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about U-O, because some times U-O comes up, so I'll
tell you before the time is up. U-O: That's the basic Universe that all Thetans agreed to create
with their "Existence Postulate" way back at the beginning. U-O is actually the Postulate that
made the playing-field there. And Games, the Ring Archives Games, it made these too. It was
an agreed-upon co-postulate so it's like a "co-create", like "co-postulate". It's like a
"composite cluster". It's like whatever you want. It's made out of Mocos, and the Mocos are
tiny, tiny, tiny. They are smaller than any other Moco the guys normally made because all the
other Mocos have to "ride" on this basic postulate of "Existence", and the Mocos were the
images of the Rings, the images of the Games. And space and potential energy Mocos that
filled in all around. All around and beyond and so on. So that it would be a playing field. So
that is what blows when the guy does the Super Static rundown, he blows his part of that
Postulate out and he can totally get out of the Games then. However, some people run into
this or something about it before, or some people do, before they get to OT 16 or the end of
OT 16. And remember, Universe Zero (U-O) was created by the guy's agreement to go into
the Games and was created by the "Big Moco" that was made by each Player to keep track of
the Games and the Rings and so on like that. And to create other Mocos on the "Via" to fill
up all the space in there. And they were all done identically the same and that was the
agreement and that was what made Existence, and that is what Xenu influences the Pre OT or
OT through. He influences him through that, because to make that and then go into the
condition of being in it and assume a "beingness", the guy had to Not-Is that he made it, you
see? So then Xenu used that "not-is" postulate and started to influence people through the UZero.

It's composite mutual cluster from all players and there are 10 x 10 to the 40th power
players. That's 10 with 40 Zeros after it. That is that many players, those that are "Big
Thetans", same thing. Mocos, there are many, many, many 10s to the many, many, powers
beyond that because Mocos were made by all people, all beings in the games. But, there is
only 10 x 10 to the 40th power players, and those are the the guys that are walking around
with the cases because they are the ones playing the game and they haven't figured it out yet.
Now the U-O, occasioned by the 1st existence postulate is sort of like the "canvas" of the
artist. In other words, he "paints" over that. So all this "Mest Universe stuff" and all the space,
energy, time was painted over the U-O. The U-O is a total Via in which telepathy
communication and other types of communications occur. When the thetan is too small to
bridge the distance he uses the U-O to communicate Via to other players and that's why it is
instantaneous and so on. It's right back at the 1st Postulate. It does not follow the Laws of
matter, energy, space, and time. But it does follow the Laws of Beings, so it can be. So the
basic postulate of which it was made was "to help", so when you get U-O helping, you can do
quite amazing things in the Physical Universe, I guarantee you, such as different healing
actions, you can heal very fast and so on because many of the U-O Mocos are long asleep.
Long asleep and dormant and anaten and just "being there", and nobody has recognized them
for quite a while, but if you wake them up, you get quite a lot of energy coming from them,
ok? So that's just to let you know it's there because sometimes people run into their "Prime
Mocos" and there are 4 Prime Mocos. The one, the "Big Moco" that created all the little tiny
space and potential energy Mocos and mock ups of the Games of Rings, he is one of them and
he is the U-O Moco. And there is a U-MINUS ONE (U-1) Moco, which kept the Players'
"secrets", this was done right before he got in the game. And a U MINUS TWO (U-2) Prime
Moco which was to keep track of the plans of, and track of the other players in the Games.
And a U Minus THREE (U-3) Prime Moco, who was to keep the person's own plans in the
game. All-right.

Prime Mocos

Now these 4 Prime Mocos should not be run out. They were postulated to help the player
through the entire Games. They will refuse to be run out. They were made at a time when his
postulate level was as high as or higher than OT 16, therefore they will not run out. He will be
postulating right against his own postulate. He will be stuck. They won't go! So what he
should say is, "Ok, thank you very much".(If they come into the session.)"You may return and
help until the end of the Games". And the Moco will go "Yeah! Ok, thanks". If it's his own
Prime Moco it will F/N right on that. That's what he wanted to do anyway, and that's what
this guy postulated him to do. You cannot run out Prime Mocos until you are ready to run
them out. They are your own postulates! OK? So you can't go against them until you are big
enough to go "against" them. to as-is them, and have them achieve their purpose. And their
purpose was to help you get through the game and you are not through the game until you're
passed through the Super Static Rundown, ok?

Occasionally, one or two people have run into their Prime Mocos. You recognize and handle
it by: "He is a big guy, really terrible, he helped, but now he won't go!" Ok, is that a Prime
Moco?" Hum ! Bam! Big Read Bam!" It's one of your own Mocos, a Prime, at the beginning
of the game." "OH, Yeah!" "Ok, just thank him very much for his work. He has done his job.
He's helping and he is to continue to help until you are really to the end of the game." He says,
"Yeah! Ok, great!" Big F/N, FTA.

Now these Mocos can be regulated, Ok? You can compare them to and you if you are C/Sing
you really can understand the mind when you get to this point, because The U Minus 3 Prime
Moco which kept track of the guy's plans and every thing the games and his own beingness,
and so on- that maybe relegated to the "analytical mind". That's the basis for the analytical
mind. The Prime Moco, U-3 and all the other Vias created, compose the analytical mind. The
U Minus 2 Prime Moco, which kept track of all other's plans and what other people were
doing and so on, is the basis for the social mind. You know, e.g.: "Well, I don't know if others
would like what I do". Because it's the "others" flow and is there when you run "others to
others" and "others to me" and so on. And then there is the Security Moco or the U minus 1
Prime Moco which kept the secrets he didn't want the other players to know. That was
something he had to W/H, so that was used also to become the basis of the "reactive mind".
Because the things he didn't want others to know: that if he was in trouble and things didn't
happen the way he wanted, some incidents occurred to him that he wasn't able to "figure out"
and all those things, of course, become engrams, O/Ws, etc, etc. Those things became the
basis of the reactive mind and so we know the basis of the reactive mind. And Xenu knew
those things too, and so he used them cleverly to make sure that the thetan wouldn't want to
talk about his implants and he wouldn't want to talk about the things that Xenu did. He would
feel very "analytical" or he would just think, "Oh, that was nice!" But, he wouldn't remember
the implant, you see? And that would become data in his "security mind". So he wouldn't tell
anybody else about it, you see? He created his "security mind" for his own purposes in the
game to keep things from other people that he didn't want them to know. An he wouldn't
want them to know of his disabilities, does he? That's why auditing is the only way out. OK,
these things are just a few, so that you understand fully C/Sing and so on, and about Life and
the Games and what people are doing. These are just some of the basics you may need to
know as a Super Static Review C/S.

Pilot Processes

Now I have also made 3 pilots at this Time.
1) The Body Straightwire Pilot (Body S/W)
2) The Exteriorization Straightwire pilot (Ext.S/W)
3) R6.E.W. for Clears pilot.

So far, I haven't got full experience on these. What these are to do is to try and handle body
somatics of continuing nature or chronic nature, and exteriorization problems (this is the first
two), at a Level Lower than they would normally handle. In other words to bring somatic
handling down, if somebody has somatics after Excalibur for instance, to try and handle them
there rather than have them wait for the CO Cycle Rundown at OT 14. The Exteriorization
S/Wire is the same. We use it if the guy has problems, or feels problems, with exteriorization.
To bring it down to where he is on the Bridge before he gets EXT to the Whole Games, at
OT 16. He will, but he may have problems with it before.

Body S/W

These are still in a pilot stage, but I know on the Body S/Wire, it was very helpful and maybe
we will put that onto OTLR No 8 on Excalibur, as an option. If the person has chronic
somatics after Excalibur, it only means one thing. It comes from the Mocos of the body, the
actual Phi Thetans of the body who were there, present, during the auditing of Excalibur and
all the past auditing he had and gave. And yet they did not get audited themselves and so they
got restimulated by it. So the Body S/Wire essentially is started off to run Pr Pr 3 on the Body
Mocos and then the Blow and Can t Blow steps giving them their choices, of course. It was
intended as a sort of help to keep the guy cleaned up until he got to the CO Cycle Rundown.
It went F/N TA on one Case, and another Case went into some more of this LTA stuff, LTA
Body, LTA creations, etc, etc, and finally finished it after about 40 hrs. And by that time,
however, OT 9 was pressing in very close. But it did finish. So this Pilot is still not fully
complete. I want to see it on a couple of more people. I know we can finish it under expert
C/Sing and control conditions but it's not just something you hand out and give to somebody
to handle out in the field. It has to be very well supervised.

Exteriorization S/Wire
R6EW for Clears
We don't have anyone on that Ext.S/W pilot yet and the R6EW for clears is something I
thought they could take charge off the OT II Case while doing the Solo Course. Auditing
another person on the essential, "What is being dramatized by the composite?", you see?
Anyway, that is written up and some time we have to pilot it out and see if that works for
people who are a little delayed between doing Clear and OT III. Ok.

OT 17 - 33

And I just wanted to mention also that on OT 17 to 33, of course, we are handling the U-2
Cases of those who are not, shall we say, analytical enough to realize that we have the bridge.
So we have to handle them by breaking loose the resistive points on their cases, so they can
turn around and see it. And get them off the LTA track, or what ever. These are all ready to
go as soon as we have enough people to organize to handle the flow that will come from that,
right? Right now we are busy as hell handling the people that are coming.

OT 34 - 40

OK, and OT 34-40 is handling these Phenomena of U-Zero, Minus I, Minus II, Minus III, and
really understanding that. And how Thetans got into the games, and how to get out of them,
and what the basic purpose is "to improve the Quality of Theta", what that meant and what
are these things that Statics do that gets them into trouble, just "naturally" and how can they
avoid that, and what should they know, and what are the basic certainties, and what should be
the basic certainties, and what did the guy learn during all of this. There is a lot of data there,
about 7-8 inches thick of written up things on it. And one thing that comes out of all this is
that the tendency of a Thetan or of a Static actually to CONTRACT (by creating something
and not-ising it or creating a Moco and then saying it's somebody else) IS totally handled by
the end of this Game and so that the guy then realizes that the only way for greater and
greater fun and greater and greater freedom is EXPANSION. And therefore that becomes OT
40 Plus- Expansion. And that's going to be what we are going to find out when we really
analyze what LRH is telling us in Policy applies to Statics and Thetans, all-right!
Administration, based on New Games, based on Expansion.

So with that I will conclude this lecture and say also: Administration became the 12th
Dynamic once we had to use it on handling creations and so on, and certainly does come into
it's own in all these upper OT Levels. In actual fact, somebody asked me the other day,
"What's the 13th Dynamic?" And I said, "Well, I don't know." And he said, "Well, is it
Games?" And I said, "I don't know, well, maybe there is some better Games for everybody."
We sure know about this one and whatever Game you do play, I want you to realize that
Elron Elray was the 1st Games Master, and he gave us some Great Games and we had a lot of
fun and it was only Xenu who came in and messed them up. Remember that, it wasn't Elron
Elray's idea to have you in such trouble. It was Xenus jumping in and trying to take over the
Game that caused all the disturbance.

Game Masters and New Games

I want to make more Game Masters. I think a Games Masters Game, with every player in it a
Games Master, that, I think, would be the most EXPANDING Game ever! And that's what
Elron Elray wants, too. Some kind of enormous Game, one that we all can have a great time
with! And remember everyone is more and more individual as they go up the line to Static,
and it's only the Mocos that have Creators, not the Statics. They didn't have a "creator". They
are just individuals. And somebody asked me if there was a sort of creator "because where did
they all come from?" I said: It's just as hard to find out where one came from as it is to find
where a Billion came from or 10 x 10 to the 40th Power Thetans came from. It's just as hard.
It's no difference. How can you explain 10 x 10 to the 40? If you're going to explain that, you
can explain it as easy as one! And I'll tell you another thing: If there was nothing, if there
wasn't one of these guys or 10 x 10 to the 40 of these guys around, there wouldn't be any
Games at all and you wouldn't be around asking the questions! So the fact is already provable
that you are there. You are there and when you finish all this you will be a "Static without
Comparison", and then you will realize, of course, that now you can compare yourself to
something, and that is: what kind of Games you can get into, what you can do, and what we
do next."

We can EXPAND.

It's going to be wonderful and the Game is a lot of fun! It's a lot of fun just coming in, seeing
all the complexities we have made. All these bloody RAGS! Everything is there. Everything.
And now we are handling it all and freeing it all and getting it back to it's natural state. So I
wish you all the best in your Expansion on all Dynamics and to the 13th Dynamic. And thank
you Elron Elray and thank you anybody who helped, and HAVE A GOOD GAME!

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Squirrel Extraordinaire
13 July 1988

This is an Upper Level Review Tape, and it is for those people who have completed the Super
Static C/S Course.

It contains data about things you might run into on Upper Level Review Cases and how to
handle them and how to get them back onto the normal bridge to OT.

We are considering the upper bridge here as anything from Excalibur on up, but also, in more
specific instances, these things can occur even above OT 16.

Now this brings up the question of, when the person is caseless, where do these things come
from? Well, there are other cases around, as one knows - not everyone is up the bridge yet and
these other things which come in are normally things which are opposed to or counterintending
or in opposition to the persons own achievement of his ideal scenes and any Mission
he may have here in the Games.

So before we go into this, I would say that first of all, a person, when he has no case, is able to
operate, he is able to start acting, not reacting and during the course of operation or action he
may run into counter-intention that cannot be handled by normal - shall we say - activity in the
Game. He has to do some Auditing on it and that is because of other beings who also still have
their cases.

Now let's talk about some of these things, but first I would like to cover some of the things
which Interns and C/Ses have had some confusion about or at least some part of it

On the LTA Handlings, which is also a Review situation, LTA is normally handled when the
person breaks through the unknowingness about the Ring Games and has to clean out all the
incomplete cycles in the rings. This normally happens somewhere on the bridge between
Excalibur and OT 16. It happens obviously at OT 13 because the person has to run the
unresponsive group of MOCOs that he dumped into the physical universe. And since this
physical universe is the same one that was there in ring 9999, or LTA, when he is running the
"unresponsive ones he is also handling those MOCOs he dumped LTA. So at that point on OT
13, of course, he is handling LTA whether he knows it or not. By OT 14 to 16 he does get
briefed on it in the tape of that Level and he is able to confront and handle it from a point of
view of help.

Now, let's look at it when you do an LTA Review. Sometimes you have to do an LTA Review
during Excalibur or even in some very rare cases at lower levels, when the person has been
impinged upon by LTA or has got into an LTA circumstance, such as an LTA body death. Or
some associate or friend or enemy from LTA which has been made into a Black Static is
perhaps in his space.

The main thing I want to cover here without repeating anything from Tech Briefing 13, but
just to emphasize, is that the priority of handling LTA is always finding out what is interfering
with the session first. Because LTA is usually handled as a Review situation, when the
auditing on the normal level stops. And it can't proceed or it levels off and he is getting - his
TA won’t move very much - something interfering with the session.

Well the first thing to handle, of course, after you assessed that LTA is the reason - that's very
important to be sure that LTA IS the reason, not to give out LTA data unless it is absolutely
necessary, because you may overwhelm the case - to find out then after he is in LTA and does
have a briefing on LTA to know what it is - what area he is handling, to then assess what it is
that is interfering with his auditing. Now, pure interference, again, can come from others, and
that would be for instance Black Statics, Resurrection Clones, things of that nature, that are
not him, but are other players which have been put into a badly audited state, and been made
to be MEST-like.

Now these come in two categories, these interference phenomena, and they should be handled
first on the case. Now that is so that you can do the session with HIM of course. You must
handle the interference of the session so that you can actually have the definition of a session.
And those persons or beings come in, usually, two categories, responsive and unresponsive -
as we've already gone over in Tech Briefing 13. An interesting thing to know is that the
responsive ones have maintained at least an awareness of their condition and, therefore, are
more or less just mocking it up rather than being it. So, therefore, they can be said to have
retained some degree of clearness or clarity about it and, therefore, can respond.

The unresponsive ones can be said to have been audited past that state to where they became
"unclear," and so they have become very unclear and are back into the state of being a
composite with whatever MEST or Dynamic they have been audited into being. So they are
actually being those things and cannot respond until you run Power Processes 4,5 & 6 again,
which will then break them out of that "existing condition" for them and to make them Clear
again. And then they will be able to see the thing they were caught in and handle it in a few
more commands and possibly be able to then do the Blow and Can't Blow Steps. So we are
looking at those two categories in LTA, responsive and unresponsive, and theoretically you
can look at is as: "Was the thetan processed past the point of being Clear?" In other words,
was he made unclear again? Or,"Did he maintain the clarity of a viewpoint and just do the
processes as a "mock up" and got stuck, sort of "with the mock up," not IN it, not being it,
but "stuck with it?"

OK, so that might handle some confusion on responsive and unresponsive and, also, on the
handling priority. We have to handle the interference type first. That may be beings that are
impinging on the session that are big beings (Player Thetans), impinging on the session.

Now we get that out of the way, and then we can handle the person's own - own LTA track -
his own personal LTA track. And that will usually be the reason you can’t audit him, it will be
that he has had auditing LTA and is still hung up in it. When that becomes aware to him, when
maybe it becomes real to him and reads on the meter. That will impede all future auditing on
his own case, until it is handled. And you know how to handle that from Tech Briefing 13.

After that we should then look at his association in LTA with others and "others." He may still
have "others" that he knows in PT or "others" that he committed overts on or invalidated or
something or they invalidated him or some flow of rudiments here. So he can then get in the
rudiments with others and handle any Games or incomplete cycles he had with others and that
is the next priority.

And then the last, of course, is now to handle the beings who are MOCOs which are impinged
on by LTA incidents. And those would be the things such as his body has a LTA body death in
restimulation, meaning that some of the MOCOs in his body are from LTA and possibly were
from his LTA body (because they have not left the universe either). They are still around. And
if he is especially near to his LTA track, in the very same area, he may have picked up some of
the very same MOCOs that he had last time around. They tend to stay around the same area,
being unresponsive and stuck in those incidents.

So here he was, trying to get out of the Games LTA, going up the Bridge or something, or
around the planet Teegeeack when hope was there that beings might be freed and get out of
the Games again and get better Games going, and all of a sudden there was some body death
situation. Now those MOCOs remain in the ground or in the air, in the whatever form they
were, water, gas or solid, and this time around (TTA) he picked up some. And they, by being
on the same track, with the same Player and in the same environment restimulate the body
death or the sickness which preceded the body death and start giving him something that is
unhandlable in PT because it is so far out of PT. The incidents - you see we are talking about
things that are diseases of LTA, but appear in TTA as merely an "unhandlable illness" such as
cancer or various forms of untreatable, unknown about, unhandlable body diseases. Remember
that a cancer, by our definition, is merely a dramatization of a real illness that was there in
LTA. In present time its manifested as a cancer. In LTA it was what it was. For instance a
lung cancer could have been emphysema, or some lung disease like tuberculosis from LTA.
Cancer in the blood or lymph system could have been blood poisoning, or an incident of
breathing poison fumes, or something like that and dying from that. So all of these things - like
cancer in a certain part of the body could have been a fatal injury inflicted in that part of the
body LTA - these cancers are of course all so far out of PT that they (doctors) can’t handle
them. All they can try to do medically is bounce them off that track to another incident.
Sometimes it works, but you’ll normally find out that it only works when they also move the
Player off of his LTA track. And if they move him off of that by removing him to a hospital or
foreign land where he never was they even may get better. If his associates, friends, his
environment’s intentions do not stick with the LTA pattern. Then he may just pop out of it,
and the MOCOs may pop out of it too, because the big thetan is more powerful than the MOCOS.
And if his intention is toward survival perhaps they will also move toward survival. But it is not as
simple as that, as we know, because there are counter-intentions and other beings around and
his own compulsion to follow his LTA track. And this is much more powerful on the case and also
occludes the handling of the MOCOs. It makes them stay in what they are stuck in. You have
to take the intentions of the big thetan off to be able to handle MOCOs or Body Thetans or
whatever you want to call them - not Body Thetans so much, but Body Organization Thetans,
the ones that are supposed to be there that are actually running your system, your Body
Organization. Those are the Lambda Thetans and the Phi Thetans that are the actual particles
of the body.

Now, this is a nice organization. It's got billions and billions of members in it, and they are all
from various Players in the Games, that were dumped - they were dumped, these little
MOCOs - into the MEST universe. So you got quite an organization here. It is easy to handle
on the levels past 14 because the person has done his CO Cycle Rundown, and it gets easier
and easier, but at the Excalibur Level it is good enough if you can just get the LTA Body
death handled of the incident the person may be stuck in there, that LTA Body death. And
that's handled also, as we said, AFTER you get off the interference, the persons OWN LTA
track auditing, the others, other beings he may be involved with, from LTA, still needing the
Ruds put in and so on. And then you can handle the body death. Now the way you do that of
course, simply, you prepcheck - sorry - you find the date/locate of the body death, date to
blow and locate to blow and then you prepcheck the incident. (Note: The D/L steps should
find two dates and locations - the D/L of the LTA Body Death and the earliest beginning of
the illness or incident that caused the LTA Body Death. This will open up more awareness for
the Pre-OT on the Prepcheck which is done over this entire incident and not just the end of it.
This has been found much more effective as a person may have an illness for some time even
years before his body dies.) So what does that do. That removes some of the charge off of the
person himself of confronting the incident so that he opens up the comm lines, so to speak, so
that the MOCOs can be audited, because he may be putting his own Prepcheck buttons in on
the body, you know - invalidated, decided, asserted, careful of and all that. So you get all that
off and then the MOCOs can be audited. And they are then put in session and run on Power 4,
5, and 6 and blown out of LTA into Present Time. OK. Now, and afterwards the Blow and
Can't Blow are done for those who are going to leave, and those who want to stay and help
and so on and so on, all the other incidents they may have, etc. So all of this can - and
sometimes it has to be done more than once because the person ... I say more than once.
Sometimes there has to be more than one Power Process 4,5 and 6 cycle run on it because the
person cannot confront all of the MOCOs. His TR O is not really, shall we say, impinging
enough now into the Body to really handle all of it at once. And sometimes he will just handle
a part of it and then there is some more and then there is some more, and it's all involved with
this one body death. and on other cases it could be another body death which you then have to
handle separately.

The interesting thing on these is, I must tell you that if you have a person suddenly get a
restim of an LTA body death and then he even tells you that it is .. he felt like be got hit by a
car when he didn't, or he felt a bullet going through his body when he woke up but he didn't
have a bullet going through his body. But yet the physical aspects of such a thing happening
actually do impinge on him. And the doctors are mystified. Then you do have an LTA body
death in restimulation on this person. And he must, I am saying, the physical result of this kind
of thing cannot, it's not something you can "key out." It just is getting worse and worse and
worse and worse and nothing can handle it. You can't key it out, medically handle it, or
anything. Then, when you handle it in a session, after you've handled the interference, his own
LTA auditing and other people's rudiments and so on and when you get to this body death you
must handle IT. You must handle that one. Do not handle another one. Handle that one. The
one where that bullet went through him. Or the one where he felt like he got hit by an
automobile. Where was that one? Date/locate that one and handle that. That will get the relief.
Not just handling any LTA body death.

Now the other thing that was, say a bit not understood by some interns and many Solo
auditors is: "Why is a creation different from a plug?" They didn't quite understand that you
couldn't run a plug with a creation C/S and you could not run a creation with a plug C/S. This
comes again from not much study and not much understanding of the theory. Because a plug
is totally other/determined and it is implanted to be what it is and, therefore, is very willing to
go free as soon as you run through the incident and it goes free as soon as you run through
and get the holders off. We know that because that's the way Excalibur works. Now a creation
is totally different from that because those MOCOs are all self/determined and are there to
help. Creations were all created to help the big thetan who created them. Therefore, the
creation cannot be run on the same process as a plug. It has to be run on the basis of exact
duplication and also finding the administrative why, of why it is there, why it was created,
debrief, acknowledge, etc, etc, thanking them all for doing it. It's a help flow they were doing
that creation on. So it is not the same as a plug. The creation was put there to help the big
thetan and the MOCOs in it are part of him which are "helping him" to do what he is doing.

Now, he might have forgotten about it, may have invalidated it, may have ARC broken it and
all that, but basic underneath all that was the postulate to help. And that is why you have to
get the Admin Why off or they will still hang around and want to make it again. They want to
keep helping, you see? Ok. Now a plug is totally different. It's other/determined and it's made
by implanting. And it's later on the track that the MOCO was created anyway. OK. But
basically it's other/determined. That's why it blows outward, outside of the persons universe.
And anything he has created, it usually blown inward through himself and through his body or
the session space he is in. Self/determined charge like that when it is released on a creation, on
OT 12 and 13, or on OT 9,10,11, blows inward,and the other/determined charge coming from
others and from implanting and so on blows outward. Because that is stuff that they just
wanted to get away from and they are thanking you but they don't want to come back to you
because they were not originally with you.The MOCOs of your own creation were originally
with you if you created them. And also any Games Participants, MOCOs or beings who were
in Games with you, they have to come back to full affinity and closeness in time and space
before they can leave. Or, if they are MOCOs of yours, they join back into theta. OK.

Now, I got those two sort of straightened out with you I hope. And that was the priority of
handlings in LTA, what LTA body deaths really are, and how they appear in present time, and
why a creation is different from a Plug.

So now we start into the Upper Level Review handlings. And first I'll give you a little bit of
theory here. First thing is that what we are handling above 16 is a being who has the potential
of total logic, 100% or total illogic, 100%. A thetans quality, if you want to say "closest
quality to a thetan," if you take away all the creations he's made, matter, energy, space, time,
location, etc, etc, what is the closest quality that you can describe him with? Well that's Logic.
Now, how do we improve the logic? The answer to that question answered will also improve
the thetans quality. So since the whole bridge was to improve Quality of Life and Theta and so
on, we are now in the process, after 16, to improve the Logic of the thetan,and that will
improve him.

Now the Games Master course starts this off by getting him to logically confront and see how
the Ring Games were put together and what all is involved in it and some of the things that
were created to make the Game possible and so on. Now this is quite interesting and so on,
but those levels, the Games Master Course, the Games Series Course, the Games Basic
Course, and the Source Levels, (there are 4 of those), and the VAST Level, which I call the
Viable Application of Source Training Level - those above 16 Levels are in a sequence which
actually improves Logic and brings about a better operation and a new or improved ideal
scenes, better operation on the dynamics, much more better handling and improvement of the
body Org and of MEST around the person. Some of these things become quite miraculous but
they are simply and easily obtainable on these levels above 16, because we are improving the
persons ability to operate.

Now, that is similar to the lower bridge in that the person goes right on through that and
everything will come out ok. And he will be able to operate and improve to whatever state of
OT he wants. Now what we get coming in against this is counter-operation or anti-operations,
intentions or counter-intentions to these operation states or to his own Logic. And these are
things such as postulate thetans. These are thetans who were made to be postulates. They
were implanted or audited, convinced, encouraged, made to believe etc. that they are nothing
but a postulate.

Source in Pawn, that's another one, which was a normal thetan, taken to a "nice place" and
processed - like Coltus - processed or audited in LTA to become just like another Player, and
he is then used as a sort of a "Body in Pawn" for that Source. He is sort of a Source, but they
have given him a body in the implant station and now they use him. Whatever they do to him
is supposed to affect "his" Player.

Now, there is also the Hidden Body Incident, which is on the person’s own body that he is
wearing in present time. And that's merely from other big Thetans who were around the body
when he wasn't there. And they have given intentions and instructions and cross orders and
illogical things to the body and the body has a whole bunch of out rudiments with these guys
and they have also crossed up the operation of the body so that when the thetan came back
into it he couldn't figure it out and he just forgot about it or left it alone. It isn't on his own
track, you see? It's with his body - but he was asleep; he was unconscious; he was drunk; he
was exterior; he was whatever; he wasn't there; he wasn't aware of it. So other big Thetans
gave the body some bad data and he can't work with it and the body doesn't get better and so
on. So that is a Hidden Body Incident.

Then there is the OLD Commanding Officer's solutions for the body. The Body Org, the
Lambda part of the Body Org - this is usually a team of Lambda Thetans who are trained or
created to help run bodies. Again they were created to help run bodies. Now they could have
had many COs on their track and these COs could have had other solutions for them to do.
Like for instance concentrate on swimming all the time or concentrate on 2D all the time. I
mean these old solutions could have been very strange and different than what the current
Commanding Officer wants for his Body Org, and sometimes they come into conflict. Those
can be handled too. But again, this was from the old CO. You see, it's all Players. Players that
influence the guy above 16. The Source of these counter-operation postulates or counterintentions
to his operation are all from big Thetans. And no more - they might come through
via the Body MOCOs - but behind it all you will find another Player, or a former Player, or
some Player that got implanted or something. So we are no more in the person's "own" case
area so much, although he could have operated poorly because of this. But the result of it after
doing the review will be that he gets off these lines and connections between him and the body
and the other big Thetans and Players in the Games.

Now they couldn't, they don't have to be just in present time, although they are still there
affecting him in present time, you know what I mean? Those beings are still there, they are
infinite. But the time when the intention or the postulate or the whatever went in and affected
the guy could have been earlier. He could have "bought the postulate" himself or the being
could have been implanted earlier himself to be a postulate and is still being it. So we do have
to still deal with Games tracks here. But it's usually the Games track of the counter-intending
being. OK?

So there is also of course the present time Black NOTs (and Black 8) which can give wrong
items and wrong conditions to the Body Org because there is no more Case there to give it to.
This was one thing that was found out: that when Black NOTs is done on a person over 16 -
over OT 16, not just 16 years old - but when it's done on a person above OT 16, the Black
NOTs does not impinge on the person's case because he doesn't have one. So there are no BTs
and Clusters there for it to hit. Now what it does, though, it impinges on the body, the Body
Org Lambda and Phi Thetans. So from Black Nots auditing a person could get wrong items
and wrong conditions given him and other data given him from his old case folder or whatever
that the body believes is something he wants done. Or at least it's intended that way by another
big thetan. It acts sort of like a hidden body incident. So, that may be the source of it. And we
found also that the Black NOTs boys are doing it in groups now, they are doing like 3
different Auditors will have the job to handle this particular person at a certain time. And they
will all be directing these wrong items and wrong conditions and earlier incidents out of the
folder toward the guy. But they're handled just as in the earlier implant handling of the Black
NOTs'ers and probably you find they're all stuck in LTA where they were working for an
implanter in those days. After 1980 the Church was being run by Xenu so they were all
working for implanters. OK.

Now, let's see, all of these things, the Black NOTs, the old CO solutions for the Body Org,
the hidden Body Org incidents with other beings giving commands to the body when the CO
isn't around, the Source in Pawn trying to relay instructions from the implanters to the person
through this copy of himself as a source, Postulate thetans- they are always giving the
postulate so that he has to effort to counter postulate against it. You see, if a person has to
"effort" all his postulates, that means there is something Coming against him - so all these
repetitive things of trying to get better, get well techniques, and all that, just means that when
a person has to do more than one time a postulate, that means he's got counter-intention on
that postulate. If you just run out the counter-intention then he only needs to make the
postulate once. The counter-intention would be a continuing counter-intention, you see. A
thetan doesn't normally sit there postulating throughout time, he just makes it once and that's
it. A postulate thetan however was made into being a postulate all the time so that he is
therefore more effective in stopping the OT's postulate because he is doing it all the time and
the OT only does it once. So if he runs these guys out he only has to do it once, you see. Very
simple. OK.

Now there was an issue sent to the Super Static C/Ses on "Roller Coaster OTs" and this is
very useful in handling some Review situations even above OT 16. It is also used below 16
and that was the - again, who is the bad guy in this one, the bad Auditor from LTA. That was
the "LTA Future Auditing". We found out that some people didn't quite handle all the LTA
future, future Auditing. That's Auditing from the year 2000 on forward in LTA. Sometimes
they did not handle it on the OT 16 RD where they just scan out the Auditing track. They only
scanned out the TTA one and never got all the LTA even though they knew about some of it.
Because some of the LTA future Auditing was also directed at sort of theta conditions which
could be outside of the games so it probably wasn't even considered to be in the Ring Games.
But it does come up somewhere. Usually above OT 16 if it's there. And this could be future
Auditing from LTA" even "other practices from LTA" which were similar in trying to make a
person "join the one and only" or "become holier than thou" or whatever. These things can
affect a guy above 16, and make him rollercoaster. They can have given him wrong items,
that's the main thing, and overruns, or unflat processes, or wrong conditions. Now the wrong
item is probably the worst because he will get stuck with that wrong item and he can't shake it
loose until he finds out what was the right item. And if he doesn't know that the wrong item
came in session in LTA future, well he is not likely to get rid of it. So, you'll have to straighten
these things out. Whenever you get a wrong item indicated, always find out what the right
item was. OK?

And there may not have been a right item, but that will also be the right item "that there was
none". But whenever you indicate a wrong item -that will give relief by itself, but then wait for
that to FN and then give: "What was the Listing question?" and "what was the correct item
then?" OK? And that allows the guy to put back in his own Logic, you see. All of this has
gone against his Logic and now we allow him to put in his own stable datum, his own Logic,
his own particular policy, his own purposes, his own operating basis. OK.

Now the "Rollercoaster OTs". Again that is an interesting issue because you can dig around in
there and find in there anything which has to do with LTA future Auditing, and Black NOTs in
PT, Hidden Body Incidents, old solutions from COs of the past for the Body Org that the guy
is now using. I mean these things are part of the complexity of playing in the game. The guy is
not trained enough or not aware enough yet to understand how they operate. So if he still
chooses to use all body in the game then he is susceptible to these things and if he is still
involved in the game here he is susceptible to these things. So, the thing we are trying to do
here is get back his ability to differentiate and his + ability to use Logic.

Now, let's look at the postulate thetans for instance. The intention of all postulate thetan is
probably not his own intention, because we know we can free them. But the intention of the
implanter who gave him the postulate or made him into it, or the intention of the person who
made him into all Postulate was to confuse or disrupt the logic processes of the other being
that this postulate thetan is supposed to affect. Or in some cases the other group. It can be all
postulate thetan covering several or many People.

The same intention applies to the makers of "Source in Pawn." It's obvious that was done to
mess up the Logic of an individual. Now these processes we use to handle the postulate
thetans are based on Logic, and also based on the fact that they were processed into this
condition and that when they got into this condition of "being an illogical postulate," that they
were then committing overts and withholds as all thetan, in other words, against the quality of
Theta. And against their own freedom and so on. So the processes - usually when we identify
these postulate thetans normally - if they are responsive - then the thing to run on them is the
Power 1 process, you know: "What overt have you committed"- and we also include the exact
postulate, you see - "by being that postulate" or "while being that postulate" - you see. So
"What overt have you committed as an I don't know postulate?" or something. So,"What
problem are you trying to solve?" and "What have you withheld being an I don't know
postulate?" or "as an I don't know postulate? And you run that until the EP on that. And then
we run the Value/Importance process because - to make all guy into all postulate you have to
realize the guy had all value to it and considered it more important to be all postulate than to
be all Player. So somehow they had to get him to reach into that state and not withdraw from
it. So we run V/I Reach and Withdraw on that postulate. We run "What is the value of
reaching for that postulate?" "What is the value of withdrawing from that postulate?" What is
the importance of reaching for that postulate?" and "What is the value of withdrawing from
that postulate?" And after that we run the actual PR 3 so that he gets off the auditing
conditions under which he was made into that particular postulate, or made to start getting
into the state where he had to reach it. In other words we are getting now into the processing
that was done or the implant that was done.

Now, on an unresponsive postulate Thetan you can just run Power 6. That is also possible
because it is that this postulate for him is an existing condition. And he will reviv through the
incident which made him into it. OK?

Let's see: The Source in Pawn was done in an implant station. So you can run it as all PR 3
auditing type implant, as sort of all continuous process to "be this guy," or PR 2 (Power
Process 2) "What condition have you encountered in the Source in Pawn Implant?" and that
usually gets them through it real fast. That's after you Date/Locate it. That's all covered on the
issue how to handle those guys.

Now that's to get the Source in Pawn loose, you know? And the situation where he was or
where he is still. But after he blows loose you probably will find all the intentions and counterintentions
to you behind it and so on. You must have been kind of important if they made all
copy of you to try to monitor you with. But anyway, that's part of the game. OK.

Now, we also find out that, of course, in LTA when Xenu thought he was going to win and
had all this Tech under his control there was the attempt by him, when he saw that some
others just wouldn't come into the Church, wouldn't go up the "Black Scientology" bridge, he
did try to create some interesting variations of postulate thetans and so on. To try and trap
these others and trying to not let them go out of the game where they could influence him or
could bring the truth back into the Game. And this is why he made all lot of postulate thetans
and he made these postulate thetans from players who were either so badly off or so caught
into these or earlier games or messed about or so fooled that they were glad of all little help
and he gave them little help to get them into sort of LTA PT and then he made them into all
postulate "that's the way they could help in the game cycle and become all better thetan or all
better Player .." or something. That was all trap and to trick. And mostly, postulate thetans
were perhaps players, shall we say, who really had all bad game record - they "got lost" or so
or "stuck" in the game somewhere or they "needed some new purpose" and they "couldn't
figure out" one for the games themselves and they were "so confused" and so on. So you
might find some of these come from very far back, even beyond the boundaries of the Ring
Games, way far back into other experimental Games that thetans have played. And these
thetans got stuck there. And finally Xenu found all few of them - they were still floating along
on the time track or more accurately Games Track, you know, and he found some, fixed them
up all little bit, and then made them into postulates. So some of them don't have any reality on
the Ring Games at all. They are just being all postulate. So don't be surprised at anything you'll

OK, that's the end of Side One. And now on Side 2 we'll go all little bit further into this theory
of the Upper Level Review cycles.

OK. This is Side 2, Upper Level Review, Tech Briefing Number 14, for SS C/Ses and Upper
Level Review Auditing.

To continue with the theory of why and how these review situations come about, we must
look at what the Dynamics are. As we know they come up from: 9 - Aesthetics; 10 - Ethics;
11 - Tech; 12 - Admin - and then above that is the Dynamic of Games at 13. Now Games is
the actual point where - shall we say - the "Illogic" begins. Because outside of Games there
should be just Logic, because anything IN all Game - to some degree - is illogical. And it is
not pure Theta, it is not Axiom 1 & 2 - sorry - it is not Axiom l, it is Axiom 2 coming in to
make some creations there. And right away those things are, to some degree, illogical. So all
Game provides the differentiation point between what is logical and what isn't.

Now, Games, of course, are all abberative - but some can be fun - as LRH says. And what we
want to do as logical beings is try to produce all Game that is fun, and that we can apply our
Logic to and enjoy it. Now that is the basic behind it, and that would be sort of all "viable
game." So, that would be one that people didn't get stuck in, but they enjoyed and had an
optimum Havingness - Exteriorization Balance all the way through. So that is the purpose
overall: to try and make all viable Series of Games that will be fun, have wins for everybody
and acceptance by others.

Now this is all covered on the Upper Levels so I won't go into too great of all detail on it -
except to give you - here we are trying to give you some of the oppositions to this - things
that can come in as all Review cycle on it.

So, let's look at some of the possible Dynamics above Games and how they would fit into this
and how they would try to be blocked from entry or from people arriving at them by the
implanters or the people who wanted to stick thetans into Games forever - for their own
purposes and control.

Above Games we could look at "Source Operations" as being the next Dynamic, (Number
14), and there we would find people choosing - from an "outside the Game Viewpoint" -
choosing their "Source Mission" to do. Or evaluating the Source Mission they want to do
from an overall viewpoint of Games. They can see what is necessary and what would be fun
for them to do to try and help the other thetans out or to improve the Game Quality. Above
that would be all "Dynamic 15" idea of "Logic" which would be used, of course, to make this
determination of what all person would like to do to improve the Game Cycle and to help.
Now Logic also includes the Data Series and Evaluations. And it also, of course, comes into
the Administrative Dynamic inside of all Game, but I am talking about it now as used outside
of all Game - from the viewpoint of pure application of Logic. So we can look at the need to
APPLY it as being all little bit higher than the Logic itself, and so 16 would be an
"Application" idea, and this is the Application of Logic itself. The potential of Logic and the
potential of Illogic -which are both present in Games - the Logic is present as the Viewpoint
which you are bringing up the Bridge - and the Illogic is present as all the things which he has
to handle to get into an optimum state.

Well, this "Application" situation is what I am talking about as "earlier game experiences" or
"earlier game experiments." The Application Idea is to apply the Logic of all Source or Thetan
or whatever - or Theta - and make something that will be "viable." So "viable" means, of
course, that it is "able to live" and in this instance it would be something that is able to be
logically handled - and therefore can remain fun, can give wins and can get acceptances. So,
above - sort of all 15 idea, Dynamic 15 of Logic - we would have Dynamic 16 of Application.
And all Dynamic 17 "Viability." Now the "Viability" is, of course, the Senior Idea. But it is
still all Viability of Application of "Total Logic Potentials" plus "Total Illogic Potential" - so
it's higher than Logic, it's higher than Illogic - it's just: What is the Balance of these two for
Viability and Optimumization of the Game?

And you say: "Well, why have to have Games at all?" Well, then you have to look at 18. And
Dynamic 18 would be all "Totality" area, which would be the "Awareness of Infinity" and
"Infinity of Awareness." Now - if you look at those, they are not the same thing. The
"Awareness of Infinity" is - sort of - "Aha - I can see all the possibilities and the possible
applications of Logic and Illogic. And I can be aware of them as they are or as they could be."
Now that would be all nice viewpoint to evaluate all Game from and to do all Source
Operation from. But the other side of it "Infinity of Awareness" - now that is taking all
viewpoint of what I call "OMNI." OMNI meaning "all over" or "overall." So, "OMNIViewpoint"
would give an infinity of awareness - meaning that not only are you aware of what
the infinity of possibilities are, but you are also aware of what all of those - say - creations and
other beings and other Players, and so on, are aware of. And this is all "Full-Responsibility
Attitude" and it is the one of an ultimate OT-Operation State. This is the one which everybody
keeps talking about, which they can't quite get to. And the main reason is - it requires all full
responsibility. It therefore requires all pretty full Knowledge of what has been going on, and
what is going on, and what could go on in all Game or in Games themselves. And it takes full
responsibility - sort of all full ability to control things - and all complete evaluation of the
situation. So I don't think anybody is going to arrive there unless there is, shall we say, all predetermined
evaluation and all pre-arrived-at conclusion already existing. And this is probably
how OTs who DO operate - on and off - have operated. They have run into all situation where
it is ALREADY evaluated, it is already determined what the handling must be, and then they
DO the operation, the OT-Operation, and then they instantly don't understand how they did it.
How did they do it? Well - they have to find out: What was the evaluation that preceded it?
and: What was the awareness-level that preceded that. Instantaneously perhaps - but very
quickly - there was all full evaluation, all full assumption of total control and responsibility to
do the handling. Most of these incidents of "OT-Operation" where somebody did lift all body
or moved some MEST without anybody's agreement and just did something totally miraculous
- if you examine these with auditing you'll find: all quick evaluation has been done right
beforehand, which was: "Wow, if I don't move my body out of the way - I won't be able to do
my Source Mission" - you know - and that was so important that the guy - the evaluation was
obviously necessary, the handling was obviously necessary and in that split-instant he did it.
And he may have done something quite miraculous - stopped Time or Motion or other
people's activity or action and handled, controlled all whole area of MEST, or all more local
area of MEST and did something quite miraculous that people could not believe - and then
when it was all handled released that control and everything went back to "existing scene -
normal operation in the Game." And everybody was staring around going:"Did I see that - or
didn't I see that? - Wow, I wonder what happened." Even the guy will wonder what happened
- you see "I did that - but I don't know how I did that, haha." So, this is the Level where you
can find out how you did that. And I will tell you that you better - sometime along here - study
the Data Series, because it is necessary to know what evaluations have already been done and
what handlings are already in progress. Because you just won't be able to do any OTOperations
that go against those. Because those OT-Operations are already IN place, and they
have been evaluated properly and therefore yours would have to take into account those
evaluations. So, it is good to find those things out, and that's why I encourage those of you
who want to, to continue on up the Bridge and up to the full "Source Levels" and the "Viable
Application of Source Training Level," which involves all of these things - and you will get all
full reality on it at those Levels.

So this "Awareness of Infinity" is - to make all small example, say: You can be aware of all
dog. All right? There is all dog, and he is brown and he is barking - or something. But - the
other side of that - you see - is the infinity of awareness, which would be: All the dog's
awareness that YOU are aware of as well. So you are not only aware that there is all dog there
- but you are "having" that dog's awareness, and you are able to see or be aware of that dog's
awareness toward you. And all of his MOCOs toward you, and toward other things as well.
So we are talking about all - rather than just an awareness of something - but an "infinity of
awareness," which involves all the "something's" awarenesses too.

And that is how you are able to, on all gradient, contact MEST MOCOs and solid objects and
have them respond to you - you'll be able to audit them and so on. You are actually getting the
viewpoint of how their awareness is, establishing the comm line both from your side and their
side - and THEN they are able to communicate. Because before that they were only being an
"awareness," not an "awareness of awareness." And you have given than that extra little boost
by being AWARE, aware of them, and having the awareness of their awareness, so that they
can now communicate to you. And this is all simple as looking at it - let's say an electronic
eye, sitting across all door, you know, the little light, that when you interrupt the light it opens
- it does something, it rings all bell or something like that. And there is this little electronic
eye, the light on one side and the receiver on the other side. And that beam is sitting there and
it is supposed to respond when you walk through the beam. Now it's being aware of you when
you walk through the beam - that's true. But it's not sitting there saying: "Ah, here comes
somebody - he is walking slowly toward me, I will get ready to break the beam and ring the
bell when he hits... ahh, there he is, now, buuuoam, do it!" No, he is not doing that, you see?
He is only going: "Beam broken, ring the bell" - you see. Or just: "Beam broken" and then the
next MOCO goes "flick" - and the next one goes "flick" and the next MOCO goes "ring" - you
know - it's an automaticity. So, that is "awareness." And "awareness of awareness" would be
the other thing... being aware of the various approaching events and the evaluation of what is
going to happen and what has happened and so on. OK?

So, what is this "viability" thing that seems to be the thing that everyone is searching for? At
least when you get to these levels you find out that is what the Games Pattern has been after.
Now - let's look at some of the Games that have existed and we find out that if you took it as
all - sort of - Awareness of the Potential of all Games, or the Potential of all Logic and all
Illogic - there is an infinite possibility. And that now just because you are in all Game, that
doesn't mean that all those infinite possibilities have been played. You could be somewhere in
the middle of this "infinity" right now. But at any point there, there is this OMNI Viewpoint of
being aware of the Infinity of Awareness so that is all the Awarenesses combined together at
that point in the Game.

Now when you examine those - and you examine the history of these experiments, you'll find
that some of them went much too far into the illogical area. In other words, the Thetan - or
the "Logic Part" of the being created himself - or created so many MOCOs and so many
illogical parts of himself, that he fell below the point of being able to get out of that or as-is all
those things himself. Now perhaps if he was only operating by himself he might have come out
of it. But the complexity was caused by "there are other Viewpoints" - if you notice in the
Factors - it says: "But there are other Viewpoints." And these points also extend points to
view and so on. So, the complexity of all this together is what we are trying to resolve and
make more viable. Not just the personal one - that can be done by just doing the Bridge - and
the guy sees how far he can "create MOCOs" and how far it will go before he gets illogical
enough that he can't uncreate them. But with all group, or with all "but there are other
Viewpoints" existing as well, then it gets to all very complicated stage, and the Games have to
be regulated in some manner. Now, these are what we call the "Absolutes" which regulate the
Games, which are things like "the Rights of all Thetan," the idea of "Dynamics," (but not the
Dynamics themselves), which are just all way of bringing order to the Games. And the idea of
"Improvement of Quality," the idea of "up all Bridge" rather than "down the spiral" - those
kinds of things. And those vectors, differentiations - are kept at all logical - shall we say, "safe
point" above Games - so that they can be used to regulate these things. And that is what all
person evaluates when he works out his own Source Mission.

Now that is all Level of Source Operation (Dynamic 14). Now, he only has to have an
awareness of these things to "operate" all Source Mission. But to operate an OMNI Mission
or do an OMNI Mission -- he has to have this Infinity of Awarenesses, or it had to be
evaluated from that point even if he is operating in it at all lower point in the Games - as all
Viewpoint or something. The original evaluation of that OMNI Mission had to be done from
an Awareness of infinity and an infinity of Awareness - to be correct. (Dynamic 18)

And it was correct. The one we are doing is to handle this psychotic area in the Games, where
things are so solid and so mixed up. This experiment that is going on now in Games with the
Archives - the Ring Archives Series - and the Games Series that goes with that and all the way
back to the CVP creations and so on - that I call "Loop 3," meaning that it was all descent into
Games or into Illogic and it proceeded on its course and went down into all "Gameless State"
and then it started coming back up with improvement and finally is now moving toward the
end of the cycle - with the Bridge and it is all complete - sort of - "hanging Loop," as all cable
"loops" or hangs on all bridge - holding up all suspension bridge between two towers. If we
look at the top of the towers being the beginning of the Games Level, and above that Source
Level, then the descent along the cable would be going down into more and more illogical
states and then the ascent or the rising up of the cable to the other tower would be the
improvement toward more logical states. Now this is what I call "Loop 3." There were at least
two others before that which involved all great amount of Players. There may have been other
things (Games) before that which involved individuals and private and personal and other
arrangements of Players, but these with many many many many Players in them (10 X 10 to
the 40 or more) - there are three major Loops to these. And the first one went steeply down
into illogic and steeply back out, but left some of the Players still caught in there. And they
weren't ever actually rehabilitated. They just floated along on the Games Track. The second
went down, went down also, but not as steep below the point of - shall we say - "no return,"
and it left some people in there, and lasted all longer time, and then came back out. And the
third one is the one we are familiar with - CVP Creations for all while, then Gamelessness, and
then the Games Series.

Now, this third Loop is the one where we have all lot of counter-intention toward the end
here. We find that the implanters want to keep people into the Games, and they are "Anti-
Games-People" or something, I don't know. They intend to keep the Thetans IN the State of
Illogic, so they had to be pretty illogical themselves - you see? So they themselves could have
been some of the perpetrators of the very illogical Games, or some of the ones who were
caught in them. Because, you notice, that the Implanters require much more organization to
keep you in, than you do to get out. You only require all good Auditor, good C/S and all lot
of study - and you can get out. That's only 2, 3 people. They require whole organizations,
whole masses of implanted thetans and so on to keep people in. So, you can see how their
effectiveness is very poor and it requires much more effort on their part to keep people
abberated than it does to release the aberration.

Now - when you have this viewpoint of things you also then realize that some of the thetans
that were stuck in the earlier Loops could have been partially rehabilitated if they were known
about - because we can do it now. And they were maybe perhaps used in the LTA Future, by
Xenu and his implanters. When somebody may in all session, for instance, have run into these
guys and they thought "O boy, here is all new resource, you know, we take some of these
guys from earlier Loops - failed Game experiments." (Game cycle experiments, I should say,
they are not just one Game). But, they would take these guys with no - absolutely no reality
with the Ring Games themselves and make them into Postulates - you see? Sort of rehabilitate
them up to the stage of "wanting to be all Player again," and then make them into Postulate
Thetans or make them into somebody who would "project all Body Image" to all person and
sort of mess him up with somatics and so on - like that - by duplicating all mock up of his
body sort of all little "Body in Pawn trick." But these guys were so - shall we say - primitive,
that they had no idea of what was the Game in present time, and what were the Rings or
anything. And so they just automatically did this thing. And they are - they are quite
uneducated in terms of Games, and when you run them sometimes they are unresponsive or
they are operating in little groups or something. And you find them on all "Postulate Thetan
Chain" - one of them won't go until the other one is free. Or, you try to run one postulate out
and then interference comes in from another.

And so we found the best way to handle that is: Just go straight to PR 6 and include whatever
comes in into the Auditing, with clearing the commands for it and then just carry on with the
PR 6. And they will eventually all reviv and come out of their situation. Now we find that
some of these guys were also given something else - to make sure that they didn't escape from
their little improvement they did get - which was they got rescued from whatever deep part of
illogic they were put into in some of the earlier Loops. That's why I call them "Loop Thetans"
- you see, they have no - No reality - on what's going on in present time. They just want to
suck out all little experience and all little pleasure and sensation out of the Players in the
Games now. It makes them think they are in something - they don't even know what it is. They
are just being Postulates or being commanded to give somatics or whatever. Or "make it hurt"
- you know - or whatever. So, some of these guys when you find them, they will have to reviv
on PR 6, because they were given something else, all neat little implant to make them stay in
these conditions. And that implant was - we call it the "Big Source Implant." They were given
some kind of electronic prelude implant where they felt like they were dead - or dying.
Probably "Lasering" up all their case mass with electronic waves, and so on, to where they felt
totally confused. And then they were "woken up" and told they were just "brought to life by
the Big Thetan" and if they did not want to die again they would do the job the "Big Thetan"
wanted them to do. And he would give them all job. And of course, the "Big Thetan" job they
had was always to do something against the other Players in the Game. It was always some
counter-postulate or some postulate that they now believed was "true" because they thought
they were created. In other words, they had become MOCOs. They thought they were now
MOCOs. And so they had to do what the "Big Source" said or they would die again. And the
fact is that if they - if you start processing them on the normal Postulate Thetan handlings,
they will run into these somatics themselves. They will feel that they are going to "die" or
something like that. When you see that, you know that they are stuck in this "Big Source
Implant" and that they need the Power 6 to reviv on.

Now, sometimes of course, the Pre-OT running on this will experience the somatics on his
own body - of course because these guys are sort of pressing in on it and are connected to it.
Or even inside of it. But they don't even know that they are in the Game, sort of. They have to
be blown through into present time. And they are working totally with the implanters. So don't
worry about it, just run them out, and you'll find out all the stuff that they've been through.

Now these Implants were normally done to them in the LTA Future. That's when they must
have been discovered and been utilized as all resource. They were not freed. They were just
helped out all little bit from the condition they were in and then made into all "Postulate" or
into all body - "Anti Body Mock up Duplicator." You know, they mocked up all copy of the
body the guy has so they could push somatics through the mocked up hand and it will impinge
on the hand. Now there has been some interesting development in this, and some of these are
quite amazing and you can read about them in the course, which goes along with this tape.
There is all course pack and some folder data that goes along with this tape, and you can find
out all about it from that.

So, this can be not so much on one case - and on another case - or shall we say another OT -
it can be all lot. We have found that it varies. Now this is all matter for the C/S to handle, and
these kinds of things like Postulate Thetans and Groups of Postulate Thetans, or connected together
Postulate Thetans of the unresponsive type, or of this implanted type - because some
of the Postulate Thetans, usually the single ones, they were not made with this kind of implant,
they were usually convinced to do it logically - but these guys had to be implanted. And
weren't even logical enough to be convinced. And they were from earlier Loops or something.

Some of them may have been just very failed Game Players from LTA, but the point is - it
does not matter where they came from. They are - or originally were - Viewpoints, Logical
Viewpoints, Players, and they want to play all good Game and make it all viable Game. So
they will reviv, and they will come to present time and they will be ok after that.

OK, so we should say that all Solo Auditor probably will not be able to handle these when
they come in this form, when they come in all connected together group. It will probably take
all Review Auditor to take it all the way through because apparently it's very hard to confront
by Solo Auditors - if they are not very well trained. This is up to the C/S determination, but I -
in my experience I found that this is the dividing line, whether the person is trained or not.
Because you are now looking at Big Thetans opposing the Big Thetan who is the OT - so you
are looking at more or less equivalent horse power, but one side has an implant on it and the
other one doesn't - so, the Solo Auditor should be able to do it, shouldn't he? But sometimes
there are so many of them that he gets overwhelmed and the Auditor -- Review Auditor - has
to do it with him. And you get the old formula again "Auditor plus PC greater than PC's -
Postulate Thetans."

Now these things are against the Logic, remember, they are against the Logic. What are we
doing to encounter these, how come they just showed up and so on. Well, the reason they just
showed up recently, in the last year, is because we are into the Levels of Logic, and we are
getting completely out of all the agreements - the illogical agreements - that are made in the
Games. So they are operating as all barrier. In fact the first ones that were found were not
even in all Review session. I think I found one of the first ones, and I was just looking at
several - at some of the Source Level data - and I found an area that I couldn't reason in, that I
couldn't do all logical analysis in. And I went "Huh, hey I can't analyze that, there is sort of all
barrier there." So, being all bit - shall we say - dubious about that fact, because once you've
done the Data Series you think you should be able to reason in any area or logically look at
the outpoints or so - the outpoint I saw was "omitted data" here: "I don't know what's
happening." Something is keeping it from me. So I used Auditing on it. I identified it as all
certain "consideration," sort of an - it wasn't an "I don't know" but "this is not to be found
out" or something like that - "not to be found out" on some area - you know, it had all
mystery on it. Anyway, I took the wording and I ran it as all being, who was being that
wording. And that is how the first Postulate Thetan was found out. It freed up and then I was
able to think again, and reason and do logical application in that area.

And I found all few more sitting there right as all barrier between the Dynamic of Games and
the Dynamic of Source Operations. So obviously they were put there, and by the Auditing
session result I found out they were obviously put there to prevent Thetans from reasoning or
logically getting out of the Games. That was all they were there for. And then I wrote it up as
an issue and then all couple of more showed up on other people every now and then. And then
some people started coming up with these - shall we say - "more than one" groups of them.
And these are the ones that we found were definitely "created" and given jobs to stop
individuals and groups in LTA from getting out of the Games. So this is all harmonic, almost,
on the logic level of all little bit of Excalibur here, which we are talking about. But it's not the
same processes as Excalibur, and it's not the same type of beings, these are all big Thetans.
Now I might say that also some people might have created their own postulate MOCOs or
made other thetans into postulates. So they could run that out too, the overt side of it. As all
sort of all OT 9-11 on it. But - and also I 've looked at all the other harmonics on this, and
there could be an Application of Logic or Illogic that the person made and he didn't like,
which could be - or it was not viable - and that could be the "similar" on all higher harmonic to
all creation. It could be like all creation, but it has something to do with logic and Illogic
rather than ability. So, there are these and I have these all written up and they are ready there
on the Viable Application of Source Training Level to handle normally. If they are needed as
Review Processes then you should just take this course and go up the whole Levels yourself
and you'll be knowing then when to use them and when not to use them. But they are part of
the normal movement into the Source Level and the Viable Application Level. OK?

The definition of "unresponsive in ULR is not the same as in SS C/S Course. In ULR
unresponsive means that you can't complete the process on the thetan you are running or
interference shows up or all group stuck together appear. In other words - it tries to force the
auditor to Q&ALL. It means "Big Source Implant" - run PRPR 6. I must say this. Whenever
you run out one of these "Source in Pawns" or Black Nots or Postulate Thetans, any of these
things where all big Thetan has been impinging into the area of the Body, you must at the end
of the Blow/Can't Blow - or after the Blow/Can't Blow - you must also look for any effect this
has had on the Body Org - impingement of these items, or wrong items, or postulates, or
whatever onto the Body Org, and find out if it picked up any false policy, false datums, false
operating rules or anything like that and run them out and put in the right ones again - or get it
to see the right ones again. OK?

So the effect on the Body from these can be quite large, and it runs off on all gradient. Some
people may think it's totally "Wow, feels like I have all whole case there again," but it's not.
It's just that these other beings had wrong items impinged onto the Body, the Body got hung
up in them and so on. And they come off, one by one, bumm bumm bumm bumm - and finally
everything is fine. There is one other process that I have - it's in the normal levels, up to
Source and so on and in the Viable Application Level on handling improving the Body Org,
but it becomes almost all little Review trip - sort of the way you used the Pre Static Prior
Assessment (or Pre Static Life Repair) sometimes down the Bridge. Well, you can use this
Process for the Body Org sometimes at lower level. And that is the Process - it's called V/I
CDU on the Body Org's Creators. And that's "The value/importance of being connected to
your creator" for each of the Body MOCOs. Now, what we are doing here .... and then you
do disconnected, and unconnected. So it's: "What's the value of being connected to your
Creator?" "What's the importance of being connected to your Creator?" Run that until it's flat.
And then "What's the value of being disconnected from your Creator?" and "What's the
importance of being disconnected from your Creator?" and so on, and then the "unconnected
with" on the same process. And Blow/Can't Blow afterwards and "Rights of all Thetan"
including the possibility of the MOCOs to help - remain and help. Now those - that process is
very good in relieving the ability of other Sources to influence the Body, because each of the
Body MOCOs is connected somehow back to his old original Source, and he might as well
just neutralize that connection until the guy goes up the Bridge. Or until he wants to go free.
So that process is very good. And recently I found there is another companion process to that,
which does the other half of the job, which is of course V/I CDU on Creator's Cases. Because
the first process only gets rid of their compulsions to remain - say - connected to all pipeline
into their creators, but this one - their creators aren't even confronting their cases, their own
cases. So this one removes the compulsion to be connected into the creator's cases as well.
And of course they themselves are probably part of their creators cases - so this is even more
effective in breaking the line, and putting it into all sort of all holding position, all reserve
position until their creator goes up the Bridge. And that way you don't get any of the effect.
Just because Joe in Asia is having appendicitis - it does not mean that the MOCO in the
appendix here that belongs to Joe has to start hurting. You see? - Ok.

So running V/I CDU on Creators and then on Creator's Cases and the Blow/Can't Blow
afterwards is very very useful in handling sort of chronic body things that keep bothering the
person, and so on. But again this can only be run - since it's done on the Body MOCOs - it can
only be run after the CO Cycle and other influences are off - such as Postulate Thetans and so
on. You have to find all time when the person is not being influenced from other big thetans
and then you can run this - and experience all great deal of relief. Because it's run directly on
the MOCOs, you see, taking responsibility for their connections to the creators, not running it
on the creators to the MOCOs. This is run on the MOCOs to the Creators, you see? You're
getting them up the Bridge to be responsible. And that's part of bringing the Body up the
Bridge as all Third Dynamic. I might mention that the Body Org itself is all very large and
complex organization and anyone that cannot confront handling that needs all good hatting on
the Third Dynamic, because they are also responsible - if they are going to keep all body - to
bring it up the Bridge. And it does come up the Bridge, but after all certain point - say - the
OT 14 CO Cycle Rundown - you now have gotten these MOCOs into present time. Now you
have to handle them quite all lot administratively - not as much technically, because, I mean,
they are all in present time. You have to bring them up administratively, and this is where it
becomes necessary to know Policy and what Policies and regulations and so on should be
there in all Body, not to counter-intend them and so on. This is covered also on the various
Levels and if it is not so obvious now, it will be when you study these levels. What processes
are for the Body Org and what are for the Thetan and how you bring the Body up the Bridge
parallel - because it is all different Bridge and so on -- you understand? It's all whole group
and it's MOCOs so they don't have any - shall we say, case, like any regular Player has. They
have - once they are in present time - they have organizational problems. OK.

One more thing. About the "Rights of all Thetan." It's been found out there are actually - at
least now in the Games there are necessarily 4 Rights. The first two are the same, which are
"Right to your own Sanity" - and now we can look at that as the "sanity" being the "Right to
the person's own Logic" - his ability to be logical, that is sanity. His ability to differentiate.
These "Loops" I talked about: you can call this one the "Differentiation Loop" - the one
before that the "Association Loop" - and the one before that the "Identification Loop". That's
where these Thetans come from. Those Games that were played on an identification basis
were "copy - copy - copy - copy Games," the ones played on an association basis were sort of
"link-together - link-together - link-together" and Org Board type Games.

The Loop 3 differentiation Games are getting each individual to handle his own incomplete
cycles and then bring him on up back to these States of Source Logic and Omni Logic. And
then to get all more viable Game going, because this one itself was all little bit too far into
illogic - as you notice. Why? Because people need help to get out. ALL good Game would be
one, or all viable Game would be one, where people would not go into it any deeper than
where they could get themselves out of it. Where you have to go below that point and there is
no help - then the Game is really bad. If there is help it - it requires help to get out of it, and in
the case of this particular Game at this time in Teegeeack it was only one or two people that
came along to try and help everyone out. If you really look at it, LRH came along and he gave
the Tech and data and so on to help people to get out. And before that no one had come
along. You see? No one that had any effect whatsoever. So, this is very important that we
have more viable Games and that the ability to help stays widespread - the real ability to help
stays widespread - and that even the ability to go below all point or the possibility of going
below all point where one can't get out by oneself is very remote. And now we are talking
about Viable Games. So where do you have to get to? - I think you have to do this whole
Bridge, because at that point the Game can start becoming viable for each person that does it.
And then ultimately for everyone in the Games.

So what are these rights of all Thetan? The "Right to his own Sanity" - and that applies to all
MOCOs, because when Thetans didn't give them to the MOCOs they, therefore, committed
little overts, and those creations stayed with them all the time, those MOCOs never went free,
until they go back and free them. So, "Right to his own Sanity" "Right to Leave all Game."
Well there you are. He can leave all Game, he can get back to all State of Logic, and he can
get out of the Illogic, when it gets too illogical. OK? So, "Right to his own sanity," "Right to
leave all Game," and "The right to make or choose or not make or not choose his own Game
to play." This is another attempt to get the Thetan more creative and more - shall we say -
logical, on choosing Games and making Games, and also to not have to get into Games that
he doesn't want to in the first place. Just leaving - right to leave all Game - doesn't mean that
he has any choice of getting into it or not - the "Right to make or choose or not make or not
choose your own Games to play" - that is very very important. And the 4th one is of course
"The Right to visit Source and OMNI Levels" - in other words, the right to move right out of
the Games and be totally logical and totally able to evaluate what's going on in all the Games
and be able to do - see how to handle it and handle it. If that right wasn't there it would be
possible that there wouldn't be any Source or OMNI Missions. So there will be more viable
Games, and I wish all of you all very pleasant and rewarding trip up to these Levels and that is
how we will do it. I want to thank everyone who helped and contributed on researching on
these Levels and want to thank LRH for the Basics without which we would have never found
them. That's all.

Thank you very much. That's the end of Tech Briefing 14.


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26 May AD 36
Capt Bill Robertson

Hello! This is Captain W. B. Robertson, Frankfurt, RON’s Org. This is Tech Briefing Nr.
9, 26 May 1986 or AD 36. Tech Briefing Nr. 9 is confidential and it is for those who have
finished Super NOT’s or Excalibur and, if needed, the OT Life Repair steps, which were
covered of those who have finished Excalibur and the Life Repair steps, so that you are now
ready to confront any thetan that may come up when you open the doors on OT 9,10 and 11.

I will read you a little bit from the theory. You have a copy of this, But I want you to go over
it with you on the tape here. This theory was written in 5 March 86, and we’re calling this
level, by the way, THE PHOENIX. The phoenix is the legendary bird that rises from the
ashes of death and lives again. Once you have finished OT 8 and the OT Life Repair, if you
needed it, you will realize that you are pretty much alone. For the first time you don’t have
any other-determined or sleeping or dead or implanted BT’s and clusters and Jelly Beans and
such like things around you. And then I suppose, as I did, you will realize very shortly that:
“why the hell are you alone?” You must have been in with some other thetans and playing
games on other dynamics and perhaps in other universes, earlier in this gigantic Games
Universe Model, and where are these guys, and what happened and so on like that. Well
occasionally one or two pop in towards the end of Excalibur or on the OT Life Repair, and
you have to repair some comm-lines with them. But the great majority of them are, shall we
say, behind closed doors; and those doors were closed because you had quite an other-
determined case, and that other-determined case of course was courtesy of Xenu, the master
implanter, and now we removed that.

So let’s open the doors again and get back in communication and find out what has happened.
Another thing you must realized is, that this level is a very causative level for you, because
you are undoing some things that you actually caused to happen, and the things that you
caused to happen were these, shall we say, “out rudiment situations” by your own attention,
or lack of it, and your own intention, or lack of it.

On this level we will be handling 3 phases of this, and the 3 phases of it, I should say, on the
next three levels we will be handling the 3 phases of it. The 3 phases of it are: the being that
you were - were, or are “connected” to, and in the next level above that which is 10, OT 10,
you handle the ones that you are “disconnected from” and on the next one, 11, you handle the
ones you are “unconnected with”. These can be looked at as gradually increasing sphere of
influence, and of course you are most closely connected to those that you are “connected
from”, and then a sort of another dispersal out there of “unconnected with”, way out on the
edge. In these various areas of “connected”, “disconnected” and “unconnected” association
with, or have been in communication with, or have played and KRC with you, because you
still have job to do here to take responsibility for them, and also to start freeing up the things
you have created in this MEST universe game and in this particular Games Universe Model -
and other. But that will come after you do these 3 levels. You must have the assistance of
people and beings who you were in communication with to actually handle some of the co-
creations and some of the multi-creations that exist on the case, and those will be helped in
OT 12 and 13, but you have to get co-operation of those you helped with, or they helped you
with, on the creating, and therefore we use these 3 levels to get those beings back into ARC
and KRC, so that you can get their assistance in handling those creations.

The first sheet I have here is from the 5 March briefing on Super Scientology for OT’s, and it
says that by getting through all the other-determined plugs on the case, the person becomes at
full cause on the First Dynamic, that is OT on the First Dynamic, and Clear on all Dynamics.
Your Dynamics are pretty much Clear, by now you are next step is to work on OT ability on
the remaining Dynamics. Why did a thetan loose abilities to handle the second and third
universes? (That’s the universes of others, and of course the physical universe, the agreed
upon universe.) This is what will be handled on this level which uses all the basics of

There are some references here, and you can read over those, and some of you may have
studied these already, but I guarantee you they will be useful in evaluating your cognitions.
Because you are going to have some quite fantastic cognitions on these levels. Some times
you can’t even express them unless you know The Axioms, The Factors, what the KRC-
triangle is, or what about Games, the components of Games, and you won’t be able to really
handle these beings you meet on these levels without knowing what Resistive Cases are, and
how to handle Rudiments and Long Duration Rudiments, and there are few extra little things
that may be needed from time to time like the “prevent” process, and you actually also have to
know also about “group auditing”, because now you are not just auditing one at a time. You
are going to be auditing large groups of thetans, all at once, and you have know, like when
you have to know, like when you address a group and you say: “Put your foot on the floor” to
people in the audience, you have to wait until all the people in the audience have put their
foot on the floor. Then you say: “Thank You”, and then you can say: “Raise your hand above
your head”. And then you have to wait until they all do that. Then you thank them and then
you give the next command. It is quite a bit like that here. We are looking at your OT ability
now as a solo auditor to have a confront which is large enough and free from any “out-
rudiments” yourself so that you can confront anyone in large groups of thetans and can audit
then all as a group and you can then progress through this level very rapidly.

The entire level has been accomplished in less than 50 hours. That’s including 9, 10 and 11.
Some people take about 40 hours per level. But it doesn’t matter, it’s just what you have to
handle, and what you have to handle from your won past history that is necessary to do. We
don’t care how long it takes, there is no particular status in doing it fast or slow. It’s just a
matter that you have to handle what is there. I hope you understand that.

All your Super NOTs tech will be valid because you may find a few of these guys hung up
with the implanters or Xenu, but they are not - shall we say, possibly they got “accidentally”
hit with it - but they are not on your cases like “plugs”. You understand? This is something
else. This whole level was started, or came to be because of your own intentions and
attentions. Those are the monitoring factors on this level, just as thought was the monitoring
factor on Excalibur. On Excalibur we took thought, and then we found out what was
connected to that, plugs and so on like that. Thought have us stack wording. At this level
you are looking at attention and intention-areas. The reason for that is that a thetan’s
attention and intention are the things behind his postulates and his perceptions. And those are
the two native abilities of a thetan. So when he does those, anything he gets into trouble with
can be traced back to intention behind a postulate and his attention behind a perception.

Let me give you some examples. You can read the theory over. I’ll just give you some
examples here from the theory data. The KRC - triangle. I’ll give you some examples here of
things that you have to know to do this level. The KRC-triangle is of course the upper
triangle. And on this level you will find beings that don’t just have “ARC-breaks”. They may
have KRC-breaks. An ARC-break equals Understanding, ARC equals Understanding, so
that’s a break in understanding. KRC, what does that equal? KRC equals Power. You might
have a thetan here with an ARC-break which you have to assess A-R-C-U, and a KRC-break
which would be assessed K-R-C-P. You see - maybe one or the other. And then there may
be some of these Static breaks which I told you about on the last tape. Theta is power and
theta is understanding. So they might just have a “theta-break” if they are very close to a
Static State, and happen to mess up when they poked around into the game or something.
You can find all of these. If you don’ t find an ARC-break, you can also check if it is a KRC-
break or a Theta-break, And knowing also that KRC equals Power. These thing are found on
these levels as well, and you might have to use then in your assessments of ARC-breaks.

Let’ s take a look at this KRC-triangle. We have the knowledge from LRH's basics of
Scientology and Dianetics, Axioms, Tech, Policy and Ethics. This data is used to free thetans,
to make them free, absolutely free. And that is the Game of Games. It’ s the Game that is a
bit bigger than all the other games going on. It cover all of them because it’s all the reasons
why the guy got unfree, and it handles that. Now responsibilities is raised by handling what
your attention is on, or was on, or keeps avoiding. In other words, your attention is very
interesting here. Your responsibility will cover the areas that your attention has been on, or it
is on, or it avoids. You understand? That’s why we get into these “connected”,
“disconnected” and “ unconnected” areas. As you handle the connecteds after you have
handled the disconnecteds. It’s a gradient of handling responsibility. And then control is
raised by handling what your intention is on, or was on, or avoids being on. You see -
because in control of course you have to put intention on something to control it, to make a
postulate about it, start, change, stop - whatever. Your intention will then therefore bring up
the control factor as you handle these areas of intention, and as you handle the areas of
attention your responsibility will come up. So we expect to bring you all the way up to fully
onto the KRC-triangle, not just on the ARC-triangle, but on the KRC-triangle, during these 3

This idea becomes a process or a technique when you realize that at one time of course we all
had full OT abilities, and if now we don’t, and now we have some aberration around, then we
must have used them in such a way, as to decrease those abilities. We had those abilities,
therefore we must have used intention and attention, in such a way, which are two abilities of
thetan, to decrease our other abilities; or those abilities themselves. You see, you had then
once; now you don’ t have them, but you had these abilities, now you don’t have them, but
what were the two abilities, postulate and perceive, but what’s behind that? Intention and
attention. So you must have used then in such a way as to decrease the ability. These
processes in OT 9, 10 and 11 remove the fixed, stuck, unsuccessfully used postulates and
perceptions by location the intentions and attentions behind them and handling the effects the
caused on other dynamics, other games and other universes.

An example would be: A thetan puts a Tone 40 intention of anger in the space of another
thetan. Then he goes away. The other thetan who resisted it, has a ridge or ARC-break. All
the smaller thetans or Jelly Beans, Teenie-Weenies, BTs or Clusters in the area, either are
frozen by the Tone 40 or carry it with them as an impression or picture - forever. As you
found out on Excalibur, you are pretty powerful when you are dealing with these beings you
find in a plug and some of these smaller beings won’t leave the session until you let them go,
you have to tell them “OK, that’s it, that’s finished!” They have fixed attention on you. You
tell them to “ find your incident” - whatever, and they find it, and then they sit there and wait
for you; they are already free you see, but they are still waiting for you to tell them to go free.
Because you are the strong guy, you have the intention there, and they are going to stay there
until you end the session - boy! The same thing happened coming down the spiral.

Another example: Two thetans are playing a game of “laser war” or “beam war” in an Earlier
Universe Game. They each command thousands of troops who are other smaller thetans
mocked up as soldier or space ships etc. The game is over. Both big thetans leave. One
with a win, one with a loss. The broken pieces lying around in the mocked-up form of course
are still solid, and became part of the MEST universe. They are dead. Out of comm. ARC-
broken. Or even missed withhold from the big thetans who controlled them. Maybe they feel
bad because they didn’t do the big thetan’s orders fast enough and got beamed or knocked
out of the game. Both the big thetans take on responsibility for handling the mess lying
around. The loser may abandon the rest of his team, The winner may take some of his
winning team with him to the next game. Later he may forget about them. They are out of
comm, still got those attention lines hooked. You see?

Here is another example. Some thetan wants to keep a big secret or hide an overt from you.
He postulates a shield of BTs around himself. But they are facing you so that telepathically
you can’ t get through. Or he instructs them to give you false data if you come around, or he
gives them a command to never let you find out the secret. Never let you find out the secret.
Later on down the track all the above stuff is forgotten, it was an old game - you see? But the
shield is still there, and if you meet this person you feel “there is something I don’ t know
about him”, and he feels “ I mustn’t get too close or say too much to that person”. A Big
Missed Withhold phenomenon. But it’s a shield - you see, of frozen BTs or, shall we say
Lambda Thetans. They are sitting there and they are still doing his orders, and neither of them
have spotted that.

So, all the above show that the reason a person hasn’t recovered his abilities, is that his
connections to these earlier intentions and attentions have not been as-ised. You see, they are
just floating in time, they have never been ended cycle on, and they have not been as-ised, for
another reason. It is because the thetans don’t know how to as-is them because they have
resistive case points, and that prevents them from regaining or as-ising those intentions and
attentions and regaining KRC and ability. Very simple.

Now we will take up: “What are the resistive case points?” We will have some notes, that I
took from my Class VIII course, and from those tapes, and we will have some notes on this
level which can show you what the Resistive Case Points are and how to handle rudiments
and so on. You see, you don’t need any “Super - Duper” tech for these levels, you just need
the basics. There is no new tech for any of these levels, it’s just using what LRH already
found, he had all the tech there by the time the Class VIII course was done. It’s just applying
it to new areas, that’s all we are doing here at the areas of the upper levels. OK, so these
Resistive Case Points are: Out Rudiments; Out Valence; PTS; Earlier Practices; Out-Int; or
Interiorisation phenomenon which we know as ‘some body being in his valence’; but it is also
‘stuck-in’, ‘ stuck-on’ or something like that; and then Drugs, of course, and Physically Ill.
Drugs and Physically Ill, by the way, don’t come up much on this level, it should have been
handled earlier in the first place as on this level you are dealing with exterior thetans, either
that, or they are just caught in doing something by an intention or attention. They are usually
not in a physical condition at all or have anything to do with drugs.

The basic basic behind these Resistive Case Points is why you can’t audit someone, they can’t
be audited on the Bridge, is because they might have these Resistive Case Points you see: Out
Rudiments - can’ t get in session. Out Valence - can’ t as-is. PTS - roller coasters. Earlier
Practices - confuses it with Scientology - you see. Out Int - “oh, can’t get out - big problem -
ah, ah, ah ...” Sticks him, he can’t get any wins because he is stuck in this thing. Drugs of
course - giving him hallucinations so he can’t get in session and you are just restimulating
Drug BTs, and Physically Ill of course because it is a constant PTP. So all of these things are
Resistive Case Points. But the basic basic here is a simple one . This is covered on Class
VIII, it just is that the person doesn’t want to be audited - you see? You can’ t handle the
Resistive Cases Points because the person doesn’ t want to be audited. So how can you get
him in session to handle the Resistive Points? Well, that’s also covered on this level.

And of course there is one more basic than that. Another Resistive Point. More basic than
the basic basic, and this is called the basic basic basic, and that is the person is not there. He is
not there to be audited. You understand? It’ s not that he doesn’t want to be, maybe he
doesn’t want to either, but he’s not even there. So that’s the most basic basic Resistive Case.
But - now you can get them there because your session space can be as big, bigger than the
physical universe and the whole Time Track - you understand? Because you can put them in
your session now, so you can get them there, so they can be audited, or so that you can find
out why they don’t want to be audited, so you can handle there Resistive Points, then you can
audit them and free them from whatever intention or attention has been hung on them by you
for so long. That’s the basic of OT 9, 10 and 11.

Next point. I want to clarify here, some definitions, because I did it briefly on the last tape,
and you probably uncovered these types of beings in the Excalibur level, but you must be
familiar with them, and that is - we will start from the lower end - the smallest guys:

It’s the Greek letter PHI - that’s a MEST-Thetan - I call it PHI-Thetan, that’s the guy who
has been dumped into the MEST universe and he is pretty much ARC broken with any big
thetan, and they didn’ t even respond much to Xenu or implanters, and they just sort of have
their own sort of social democracy in the MEST universe - push things around there, try to
handle things themselves. As I said on the last tape, the people that get closest to breaking
through the Resistive Case of these phi-thetans are artists, because artists tend to validate and
admire MEST and sort of try to get in comm with it. So, they sort of lead the way in
civilization in being able to communicate with all the thetans that were dumped into the
MEST universe. Of course we all mostly came in here to help handle this phenomenon
anyway, because it does have something to do with us, which you will find out as you start to
get cognitions on this level.

The next one up would be the Lambda-Thetan. We call it Lambda, because that means body
form, or something to do with the body, hangs around bodies and so on, or life forms, so that
would be what you would call a normal BT. Body Thetan - you see. Lambda Thetan - Body
Thetan and things like that. The Jelly Beans you find in the NOTs Plugs or the Super NOTs
Plugs, and the Clusters you find in there are mostly Lambda Thetans which were captured
from Earlier Universe Games.

They were being bodies back there. Being things that the big thetan wanted them to be to
play games with, and they got captured and they got smashed into those Pre-I experiments,
and then they became on the Plug on the Super NOTs Case. Those are Lambda Thetans,
mostly Lambda Thetans - alright?

They weren’t dumped into the MEST universe, they were captured from earlier universe
games and brought to the MEST universe, experimented on, and put into Plugs, or they may
have just come down the Time Track with the big Thetans, you know, and have been part of
his “entourage” or his “ body servants” or whoever.

An interesting - one of the most funny ones I found on these levels was a “house-hold unit” of
Lambda Thetans that had been servicing me for a long time in Earlier Universe Games and so
on, and there was a funny character there, he wanted to know if I ... he wouldn’ t leave, you
see, after the whole session was gone, there is this one guy sitting there and he wouldn’t
leave, and I said “what’s with you?” and he said “I want my old job back” - he sort of kept
eyeing up my body you see. “what was your old job?” - he was a ‘Doll Chauffeur’! So back
in the time of doll bodies he was a doll - he took care of your doll while you weren’ t in it you
know, and he brought it to you if you needed it, or if you needed to change dolls for another
social occasion, he would bring you the doll which you needed, you see. Just put a telepathic
thought to him, and he would bring that doll, and he would take care of it and keep it clean
and serviced and so on like that. So he was a doll chauffeur. I just cracked up on that one
when I heard he wanted a job, he wanted to chauffeur - he thought this was a doll body you
see, that this body was a doll and he thought that he would just get another job. Any way I
think he is going to get a job somewhere as a - he will pick up a body of course and probably
be somebody's - will probably be a very good promotion for Scientology - will probably
become a servant or chauffeur for some very important person and steer them over to the Free
Zone. He was a regular Lambda Thetan. He was a doll chauffeur. But right now, with what
he knows, he could be - I would say - more powerful than 90 percent of the thetans on this
planet. Because he is free. He is single and he knows it.

So that’s what we are trying to do: Improve the quality of Theta and get more of them free.

Going up one notch we’ve got the Theta-Thetan. Theta Thetans are guys who are more or
less the players. The guys who play games. The guys who make games and play games - the
wheeler-dealer thetans, and they played a lot of Earlier Universe Games. You find them all
over the orgs - Pre-Clears, you know taking bodies and doing this and doing that, all of the
various hats and duties of men where they are originating and creating things and doing
things. Those are big thetans or Theta Thetans. They know who they are - more or less, they
know who they are as a post or a hat, they have a purpose - they are just always doing
something - playing a game - you see.

a notch up from that though is what we are all sort of working toward getting from being a
big thetan before we got into Scientology probably, or getting to be a big thetan in
Scientology. We are trying to get back up to OT and on past that to Static.

Static thetans didn’ t get much connected into the game at all, they sort of hung on the outside
and didn’ t much agree with it at all. I explained those in the last lecture. They usually poke
in every now and then like giving revelations of great truths to some big thetan in the game
and then the big thetan goes around and spouts about it and maybe gets killed or maybe
founds a religion.

That isn’t what they wanted; they wanted the guy to stop playing that stupid game down there
and come on out and be a static thetan again so he can start another game. They get a little
lonely, so they just carry around and they maybe form little clubs or social clubs of groups of
static thetans, and they may bet on the games, and they poke around in them - you know like
people at a horse race, watching the horses running around and betting on the horses or
stirring up little conflicts in the MEST Universe to get people to fight each other and then
betting on the outcome, you know? All these things can happen.

Static thetans can influence things, but mostly they have Out Ruds because they are doing
something unusual against the basic nature of theta, and they feel not so good about it. The
main thing they wanted to do, usually, is, have the guys finish up this game and they didn’t
have the tech for it, they didn’ t know what to do, what to tell them - you see?

So they ended up like a bunch of bored - shall we say - aristocrats in a British Club - going
around, you know - ‘What shall we do today?’ ‘Well let's go out to Ascot Downs and bet on
the horses’. Or maybe they don’ t even go there, but just sit in the club and bet on the horses
through their butlers and servants, who go out there. That’s the kind of thing - Static Thetans
just stay out of it, and play it from a distance.

Anyway, they are quite funny guys, and you can handle them on this level because you have
the tech, and by the end of these levels you will be much more than they are. At least you will
be by the time you get to OT 13, I know that. But they are quite friendly, and they can
appreciate the fact that we are coming out of this game now, and they can open up their
telepathic links and lines and so on, and they can be quite useful in giving and receiving

But you were associated with these back on the track, so you have to handle them.

So, we have the Phi Thetans which is MEST guys who are hanging around in the MEST
Universe. Lambda Thetans which are hanging around life forms or bodies or Body Thetans.
And then we have Theta thetans who are the guys who run things, they run bodies, they run
games and so on. And then we have Static Thetans which are the ones hanging outside the
games sort of exterior,sort of, you know, not in it, but just poking in every now and then.
You probably found out on Excalibur that Xenu tried to make his implant org into a bunch of
exterior thetans, but they certainly weren’t Static Thetans yet, they were betrayed, all
clustered up and robotically fixed in place to do what he said. Those were not Static Thetans.
Those were just implanted Theta Thetans, and he wouldn’ t let them take a body, he would put
them in a monitor sphere or something like that, and they would cruise around a planet
forever, but that’s not the same. A Static Thetan is very exterior, and he knows it, and he is
not being run by anybody except himself or he may have some agreements with other Static
Thetans and they are playing a game on the outside. Maybe diddling around with events in
the MEST Universe, but they are just “kibitzing” or folling around with it.

So that’s the ones you will run into here, and there is one other that I want to explain to you
because it has started to come up on Excalibur level, and will come up again on this level as
well, and that’s a CREATED VIEWPOINT.

This is an entirely different class of thetan, because we are looking at it now from a different
idea, not with size of responsibility or part in the game, not in MEST or body line or theta line
or static line, we are not looking at that breakdown of thetans.

We are looking at whether the thetan actually has a time track past the beginning of this
Games Universe Model or whether he was created as a specific viewpoint since the beginning
of this Games Universe Model. If he was created as a specific viewpoint by a big thetan, then
he has a limited function, and a limited, shall we say - ability, and he was created. So his time
track started right when he was created and the command to handle him is: “Return to your
moment of creation! or go free!”. You have to give him that choice, because sometimes their
creators are quite aberrated, and they do not want to go back to them, and when they go free
they just return to a state of - sort of - “static”, but not as a static thetan, but just clean,
outside the game, and they wait or they may play around and do something like become a
Lambda thetan or become a Phi thetan or whatever. But the more causative, because they are
free - you see?

These are created viewpoints and this is what has confused a lot of religions in the past. They
think that all thetans are created and everybody came from “one” thetan, and this is maybe
because some guy went into this drug universe and he talked with a couple of MOCO’s or
created thetans, and they said ‘Yeah, we were all created by one guy’ - so they got the idea that
- ‘maybe so am I’. That’ s a lie, because you can create thetans today if you want to, you can
put a viewpoint in the wall opposite the door and tell it to say ‘Hello’ to people when they
come in, and it will. And people will look at that spot on the wall and say “Hey it’s telling me
hello!”. That’s a created viewpoint. It’s all it is. Ain't got the abilities you have, because you
had to create it. You created it for a specific purpose - you see. So that’s a MOCO. That’s a
created viewpoint, and I call them differently, I call them MOCO, because it gives you the
process to handle them, so you never forget that. If you check in the session: “Are you a
MOCO?” or “Are you a created viewpoint?” You have the process right there. Moment of
creation of viewpoint. That’s what you have to get them back to, and then BOOM! Then
they go free, or they go back to their creator and join back up with him. Very simple.

Before going on to the actual procedure, I will just check down here - ah! The “opening and
closing” of the door. Yes I will say this before the ending of this side. On Excalibur you
realize it was all an other determined case, and the instruction was to Tone 40 shut the door
at the end of the session between one plug and another, because if you didn’t shut the door,
these other determined guys would edge in there and start to influence you between sessions.
So that was a level where you had to shut the door, handle a bit of it, and then shut the door

That’s because it was all other determined.

Now on this level - you don’t do that. The doors have already been shut because of the way
things went in the universe, because you had such an implanted case, because you got out of
ARC with them, because of all the things you may have done. But never mind, the door is
shut. This is why the Resistive Case. We have to open the door on this level. After you have
finished Excalibur you feel alone and then you start saying “Hey, why am I alone - Hey!”
Well there is the shut doors, you see, the door are shut to these guys. So you have to open
doors, you see, so at the end of session you do NOT shut the door, you leave it open.
Because you are going to need their co-operation, and knowing these kind of beings and what
they have been doing, on the next levels OT 12 and 13. So on this level - 9, 10 and 11, you’re
opening the door at the beginning of the session and you leave it open at the end. There is
nothing other determined about these levels at all. It’s all something you are involved in. So
you want to leave the door open now, don’t shut it, that will just put you out of comm and
lower your KRC again. So on this you open the door with the Resistive Processes I’ll tell
you, and then at the end of the session you leave the door open. How do you leave the door
open? Well, instead of doing a Tone 40 “That’s it!”, you just say ‘That’s it’, softly, and just
let the session drift over into your life, and by the end of 9, 10 and 11 you will find your life
has now become much more real on the dynamics because you are now able to perceive and
handle and be in communication telepathically with all these levels. You see. So you leave
the door open. It’s gonna become your way of life. That’s the end of side one. Thank you
very much.

It starts off by taking notes. After you have finished Excalibur or OT Life Repair, you may
have certain areas of attention or certain intentions you start wondering about, and you should
write these down, and you should put them in your folder, your OT 9 folder, because these
areas of attention and intention are going to be the key to getting into the level. So if you
don’ t have any down yet, you just maybe read through the Axioms, read through the Factors,
and the Scales book or anything like that or 8008 and you might get some areas come to

But anyway, first thing to do is, of course, you note these down - any areas of attention or
intention. This covers your whole track, nothing limited about it at all, and it could be
anything like ‘How did theta get started’ or ‘Organization of the game’ or ‘What were the
happenings around 4 Quadrillion years ago - before Incident 1?’ - you know - anything like
that. Anything you may wonder about, even ‘Why haven’t I retained my power?’ or “Why am
I not rich at the moment?’ - whatever. It doesn’ t matter - you are going to find an area of
attention or intention, or, that you “always wanted to be free”, ‘Why can’t you be free?’
That’s an intention. Those areas will be the ones that respond to opening the doors here on
what has been going on.

To start off then you make this list of attention areas. And you put it in your folder, and that
will be used to locate what to run. So in your first session, you assess these, you note the
reads, and you just note any reads about it until you, sort of, feel good about that, and you can
note the reads, small fall, fall, long fall or blow down and so on, until they stop reading. And
end off when you feel it’s complete for now. It should be a nice F/N on this list when you
finish it, and then, you know, you can always add something to it later if you need to. But we
found that normally, by the time the guy starts, he usually has most of his areas there.
You always set the sensitivity on these session one third to one half a dial for a normal can
squeeze, and you don’t need a high sensitivity, the reads are enormous on these levels. Just
absolutely enormous, they almost knock you out of the chair.

As a solo C/S, then, you add up the reads for each attention, intention area - of course you are
interested in all of these you see, so we can’t really go by interest, so we go by what is
interesting but has the most reads, that will be the realest or the next thing to get, you see?
And again it applies if both of the two areas seem to be almost the same, well you could
combine them. But some people get two areas, some people get twelve areas, it doesn’ t
matter, you are going to get the groups of thetans that have been affected by those attentions
and intentions, no matter how you put them together, you are going to get them.

So if it is combined, great, but if you just maybe get a few more that were just in a separate
category, and you might have to handle them all in one longer session than in two shorter
sessions. The sessions on this level can go anywhere from one hour to three hours or four
hours. You might have to take a break in the middle, but the idea is to finish each attention -
intention area as you come across it. You get those, now you find out what is the most
reading attention - intention area. So you take the first one in your first session, now you are
going to handle, you have done the assessment session, and you take the first are and you
word it, just as you would word a stack wording, but you word it to a nice laughing, VGIs,
big reads and interest. In other words, it has to make you laugh. If it isn’ t funny, it’s not fun,
so don’t run if it’s not funny. It should be very funny. It’s your own stuff you see, it’s self
determined so it should be a nice VGIs where you can laugh. This is important because the
wording will then impinge, you see? Impinge, will be the closest to the actual intention used
at the time that you affected these guys. So when it laughs and it really gives you good
indicators, that’s what you did, or that’s what you were doing or that’s what you were
intending or attending to. By golly, it will be right on and will impinge and hit these guys, and
wake them all up or at least get them almost towards the session - right? So you get that.

Then you use that in this command, and you intend it - by the way you have to put your TR 0
in now all over the MEST Universe, all over the time track, as big as you can make it to cover
everything. You are going to be their auditor now, so you are going to start opening the
door. And remember this thing will read like crazy. You may have to use invalidate to get
something to read in this level, but boy, when it reads, it will, as I say, come like an express
train. It will open the door BANG! Like that. It will be an enormous fast falling needle -
POW! - there it is! And it may give a jerk or a shock through the body, it is that powerful.
You have a lot of attention units stored up you see. These people, these beings have a lot of
attention and intention units frozen there in time for a long time, so when you release these
boy, it just comes through like BOOM!

So, the question. What is the question you ask when you have this best reading, most
interesting, laughingly, worded area? OK, so you ask, now this is in OT 9, in OT 10 and 11
the questions are slightly different, but you only need to get the areas in 9, because you will be
running the same area in 10 and 11, and it’s just a different question you go after. So, in 9 the
question is: “Thetans connected to me by (the wording)?” See! “Thetans connected to me by
(the wording)?”, and you give that nice - BOOM! You see. Let’s say if the area was “selling
apples” you would say “Thetans connect to me by selling apples?” - BANG! - there will be a
read right there, you see. And if there is no read on it you say: “Thetans connected to me by
selling apples?” No read. “Suppressed?” “Not-ised?” “Invalidated?” BAM! One of those is
gonna read, because if you have the thing and it is worded, and it’s reading, it is going to be
there. You are just gonna open the door. So you might have to use quite a bit of intention in
this whole space; remember to keep your TR’s in, because if you are doing the whole universe
- it will read. Now you do these 10 steps on it. We call these steps one to ten, regular
numerals 1 to 10. Because on the next level there is some roman numerals I to X, but this is
the regular numerals 1 to 10, that you do here these steps.

Now the first step is, just “HELLO!” And you do a nice Hello! Tone 40 in all your space,
right! And you keep doing that Hello until all the charge blows out of that and everybody
wakes up and sort of gets there, and you may find all kind of weird answers coming and
feelings and everything. That’s alright, you just keep saying Hello! And let the stuff blow
through you, and Hello! and let the stuff blow through you until you get a clean F/N. You
just keep doing it Tone 40 until you get a clean F/N. The needle won’t have any slow or stop
on it, it’ s just a nice clean F/N. It will go Pfffeew! like that, and you won’t feel any pressures
or words or weird telepathic thoughts coming to you anymore. It will just be Boom! You say
Hello! and there is a clean F/N, Pfffeew! So that means they have all got the “hello”. OK,
and you can say Hello! and Boom! you get all kinds of somatics going and reads and
everything else, like that, and the body twists up in the chair and everything, and you just keep
saying Hello!, Hello!; Tone 40 Hello!, Hello!, Hello! and that big TR 0 in that space, and
finally BOOOM! It will get a clean F/N. Hello!, and just a clean F/N. Now the door has
been opened and there they are.

Next step is number 2, and that is the question: “Why don’t you want auditing?” Same thing,
Tone 40, into that whole space: “Why don’t you want auditing?” Now you are gonna find,
you might get 20 minutes of an incredible mixture of telepathic comm telling you all the
reasons why they don’t want auditing you know ‘You left us alone’, ‘You didn’ t talk to us’,
‘You are a bad guy’, ‘You’ve ARC broken us’ Wah, Wah, Wah, whatever they come up
with, doesn’t matter, don’t Q & A with anything yet, just keep asking. Remember you are
running a group here. All these answers are not coming from one being, they are all coming
from different beings although occasionally they will have a “spokesman”, but you can hear
the rumblings in the background, and they are all Roooarh - roooarh - roooarh - you know,
which is just coming off, coming off, why they don’t want auditing. And you just keep doing
that. Repeat the command. Repeat the command. Until they finally realize that you are back
in comm with them, and that they are going to be audited, which is of course, what all thetans
want, they want to get free, they want to improve their quality. So auditing by the way mean,
to these guys you are handling, it means FREEING. You see? Auditing is a communication
used to free them. So if you also intend that auditing is a “freeing technique developed by
Elron Elray”, that also helps to get through this part of ‘why they don’t want it’, you see?
You ask them: “Why don’t you want auditing?” and you intend this freeing procedure by LRH
- you know - BOOOOOOGH! - and they keep telling you all these reasons: blablablabla -
maybe five, ten minutes, and you finally get a clean F/N when you ask the question. You say:
“why don’ t you want auditing?” Pfeeeeew! Clean F/N. OK, so it’s clean, no slows or stops,
just a big nice F/N, maybe half a dial, two thirds of a dial, OK. So there will be a babble of
telepathic answers, in other words when you ask this. You just keep acking, you know, say:
“OK”, “OK”,“OK”,“OK”, - “Why don’ t you want auditing?”, “Why don’t you want
auditing?”, Bam, Bam, you just don’ t Q&A, just keep doing it until you get the clean F/N.

Now, now that you have got them there and wanting auditing, see, those two Resistive Case
Points are handled, now you might have to handle ARC Breaks, and you ask: “Is there an
ARC Break?”. Now you might have to do “Is there a suppressed ARC Break?”, “Not-ised?”,
“Invalidated?”. You have to use those buttons sometimes, but there will be an enormous read
if there is, and when you do the assessment there will be enormous reads. A-R-C-U, and you
have to assess the entire of the KUCDEIOF scale. That’s given on ARC Break tapes. ARC
level tapes, level 3 and the Briefing Course, but it’s: K is “Known”, U is “Unknown”, C is
“Curious about”, D is “Desired”, E is “Enforced”, I is “Inhibited”, O is “No” or “Rejected” -
you can even add the ‘rejected’ below that - I - O - R - F, so it’s ‘No ARC’ or ‘Rejected
ARC’ - and F is “False”. So KUCDEIORF, that’s the scale you use on the assessment.

You’ve got to, because these thetans go much higher and lower than a normal PC in the chair.
OK, so this whole scale has to be assessed, and the read, I said, will be enormous, so you can
never mistake it. So you do A - R - C - U, and then K - U - C - D - E - I - O - F. And that’s
your assessment. You indicate that bypassed charge, right? Now if it doesn’t read on ARC
Break, on Suppressed, Not-ised, and False, then ask is it a KRC Break, and do the same thing,
you might get it and if you are dealing with Static Thetans it may even be a Theta Break. But
remember they are all gonna have something on this ARC Break thing. It’s either going to be
an ARC Break, KRC Break or a Theta Break. It may read as an “Understanding Break” or a
“Power Break” or a “Theta Break”, but it’s gonna be there, and then you have to assess it on
whatever level it was. Now, when you have a KRC Break you just assess it K - R - C - P,
knowledge, responsibility, control, power, but you do the same assessment on the second
assessment K - U - C - D - E - I - O - R - F - right? OK. And the same on a Theta Break. Is
it a Theta Break. You say “Theta Break?” - “Good” - “Is it a Known Theta Break? an
Unknown Theta Break? Curious about - ? Desired - ? Enforced - ? Inhibited - ? No - ?
Rejected - ? False - ?” One of those will go BOOM! That’s it, you see. So, the first one
could be ARCU or KRCP or just Theta. Now, you indicate the major By-passed Charge and
you may start getting blows right away on this step, guys may go free or something, just keep
on going until you get a clean F/N on the ARC Break. You might have to go earlier similar
you see, and assess it again. But there will be a nice clean F/N.

Next you have to handle ARC Break of Long Duration, because all of these guys, remember
you are doing a group, and some of them may not have responded to ARC Break, because
they had a long duration ARC Break. OK? And if you had trouble getting the F/N on the
other one, but you almost had it, or you felt it wasn’ t quite clean, but there was an F/N, but it
wasn’t clean, then, well you can say: “Was that really an ARC Break of Long Duration?” “Oh
yes!, That’ s it!”

The guy was trying to handle his Long Duration on the ARC Break question. So you can sort
that out, and that’s next. So then, now - ARC Breaks - clean F/N, and then you go now - the
ARC Break of Long Duration - Boom, and you get a read on that, and then you also, now an
ARC Break of Long Duration, the trick on handling those, is, when you get the read on it you
have to find out how long that ARC Break was there? “How long did you have it?” or
“Since when?” but it’s usually, with these guys, “How long have you had it?”. And it might
be up to a hundred centillion years or before the beginning of this Games Universe Model, or
even further back, but you will get it. Alright, and it may not go by years - it may be three
Games Universe Models before this one. OK. But it will date something like that, very old
ARC Break. OK, then you do the assessment when you find out how long he has had it, and
you do the assessment A - R - C - U or K - R - C - P or Theta and then K - U - C - D - E - I -
O - R - F, indicate the By-Passed Charge, and the only reason it wouldn’ t blow out and F/N is
because of it may have started earlier, alright? And he spots that, and he will either blow it or
it will F/N there, and the guys will start blowing off from that one, or you may have to do the
assessment again when you find out that it started earlier. But never the less, you run that to a
clean F/N anyway, as well. So you have the ARC Break and ARC Break of Long Duration,
and that’s step three.

Now number 4 is PTP and PTP of Long Duration. You see, you have to handle both of
those. PTP, you handle it itsa, earlier similar itsa to clean F/N. The PTP of Long Duration,
you get how long they had that PTP, indicate the By-passed Charge, handle it itsa, earlier
similar itsa to clean F/N. Indicating By-passed Charge is very simple, you just indicate: “ I
would like to incate that charge was by-passed by having the PTP for so long.” It’s just the
truth of the matter. OK, now clean F/N of course means the F/N doesn’ t slow down or halt
as it goes across the dial in at least one sweep of one third to one half dial. Some times it goes
all the way across. If it does slow or halt it means that most of the thetans got charge off, but
there are some who didn’t yet get it. Just like group auditing, one of the guys didn’t put his
foot down yet, and you told them to put their foot down you see. Or you may find if it bugs a
little bit that some were trying to handle the Long Duration rudiment on the Rud question.
Anyway, you indicate that any Long Duration Rudiments will be handled next, and the F/N on
the Rud will be clean. You understand? You just straighten it out. OK, next.

Number five is Missed Withold, or actually we do it as a Withhold, right, and you pick up any
Missed Withholds that are Withholds. So it’s Withholds or Missed Withholds, but you will
just sort it out which they have, whether it’s something they didn’t want somebody to find out
about or it’s something they have just been withholding themselves from you or something
like that, or they have a real overt they are withholding.

But you handle this. Itsa, earlier similar itsa if it’s a Withhold, and if it’s a Missed Withhold
you handle “What?”, “Who?”, and “All of that?” and “Who nearly found out about it?” etc;
and then earlier similar to F/N - clean. Clean F/N - alright?

And the Missed Withhold handling steps have to be there on a Missed Withhold, that’s “Who
missed it?”, and “When?”, and ”what did they do that made you think that they knew?” etc;
And get all of it. All right, that’ s all covered in earlier bulletins, but you have to handle that,
and the Long Duration one too. So this is a separate question: “Is there a Missed Withhold or
Withhold of Long Duration?” BANG! Get a read, find out what it is, handle it; is it a
Withhold, is it a Missed Withhold. Withhold goes itsa earlier similar itsa to F/N, and Missed
Withhold goes through the steps, then earlier similar through the steps to clean F/N. All right.

Next, number six is Overt - alright? And Overt of Long Duration. Now if you have the guys,
any of these guys with a continuous Overt - right, on the Long Duration one or even the
Overt one, it’s like a continuous thing they are doing, you know, or a continuous Overt and it
doesn’t F/N cleanly and they haven’t quite got the charge off, then you can run the “Prevent”
process on it. And that is simply: “What are you trying to prevent?” See, just: “What are you
trying to prevent?” and you get his answers, and you keep giving them the question until it
gives a clean F/N, and that blows the Overt, the Continuous Overt of Long Duration. All
right? OK, now if you’ve used the prevent process - perhaps you might have had to use it on
the Withhold step number 5, and if you have to use it again on number six, you are still
auditing a whole group here, isn’t the same people, but you still don’t want to Overrun those
guys you have already run on it, because they may not have blown yet, so, they haven’ t gone
free yet untill you get to later steps, but some of them may, but not all of them, and you don’t
want to run the same command again, you don’t want to run “What are you trying to
prevent?”. Well, if you have to do it again on number six - the Overt question, then you can
run “What are you trying to obtain?” - you see? So on one case you are running “What are
you trying to prevent?”, but if you come up with another continuous overt on question six
about overts, then you have to run “What are you trying to obtain?” And that’s so that you
don’t overrun the other question on the guys who already have had it. They can both come
out of the same area, and they both F/N if there is a continuous overt there. OK?

Number seven is Invalidation - simple Rud - six Ruds you see. Invalidation, itsa earlier similar
itsa to clean F/N. And on these you may have to handle some PTS-ness to Xenu or
something. They might have run into him on the track somewhere. You know, those little
things that you handled on Super NOTs. But anyway the Invalidation one will give you a
clean F/N, and then you do Invalidation of Long Duration. Get how long, and then do itsa
earlier similar itsa to F/N. All right? You might have to handle, in there, again, “PTS to
Xenu?”, because he is the original bad boy. OK. Now, any of these Ruds may be on any flow
- so it doesn’t matter, you don’ t have to run the flows, because these guys are each running it
on themselves - you see. So if the guys have self-inval or they have inval’d towards you or
they think you have inval’d towards them - it doesn’ t matter - you just run it, you see. You’re
getting reads like crazy, and it just runs until you get the clean F/N that means all the charge is
gone. OK.

Now the flows in this case however, are from the viewpoint of the guys you are auditing, not
yours. So flow zero in this level is a flow zero of the guys you are auditing. It’s not yours,
you are not in this, you are the auditor - you understand? If they have charge on you, that’s
their flow towards you - you see? Or your flow toward them in the past, but you don’t have a
case in this level, you are just the auditor, you are doing your responsible thing by freeing
them from all this By-passed Charge.

And number eight is Evaluation, itsa earlier similar itsa to F/N - clean. And Evaluation of
Long Duration. “How long?” Indicate the By-passed Charge, itsa earlier similar itsa to F/N.
OK, so that’ s it.

For simplicity: First step: Hello! Second step: Why don’t you want auditing? Third, Fourth,
Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth are the six rudiments and the rudiments of long duration are
those six, so each step there has, from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 has two parts to it. One is the Rud, and the
other is the Rud of Long Duration. You only have to run to clean F/N - each one of those.
Now, finally you have got the most resistive points handled and you can now start handling
the freeing part which we call the “Blow Steps” and there is a “Blow Step” now and a “Can’t
Blow Step”, that’s Nine and Ten. OK. By the way, if blows start occurring on these Ruds,
sometimes the guys just start going free on these levels quite a lot, you may have to assist it by
saying: “Hey look, you can go, I am not holding you!”. You know, just let them know that
you’re just not holding them anymore. Also the interesting thing is, when they do start
blowing, they start coming through you as an Exit Point. Don’ t be surprised at that. You are
the only safe terminal in the whole universe. So they start coming through your session space
- you see, blow right through you, just let them go. Let them go right through. Pheew! You
see - Blow! You are the Exit Point. They are getting out of that trap, you see.

Now, so the blow steps are these, and first one - the blow step has three parts, number ‘A’ is:
“Who?” Just the who - question from Super NOTs, “Who are you?” - OK? That’ s simple.
And the ‘B’, ‘B’ question on the blow step is: “Are you a moment of creation of viewpoint?”,
“Are you a created viewpoint?”, in other words it’s MOCOVP. Is there a MOCO, then you,
if anything is reading there, then you say: “Return to your moment of creation or Go Free!”
Very simple. In other words ‘A’ handles all the thetans that are regular thetans, “Who are
you?” baaah, and they all go Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, - Ack, Ack, Ack, Ack, Ack, Ack, Ack, Ack,
- Blow, Blow, Blow, Blow, Blow, Blow, Blow, to clean F/N - Pfeew. Right. Then the next one -
you have some guys left and they didn’ t respond to that - see. “Are you a created thetan?” “oh yeah!”
- Pheeew! “Return to your moment of creation or Go Free!” Pfewewewewe! And they keep doing that for
maybe five minutes or something and then, clean F/N. And ‘C’ is for the guys that are still hanging out
there wondering what to do a little bit, and you go “Rights of a Thetan” - “Do you understand the
rights of a thetan?” - “You have the right to your own sanity or your self-determinism; and
you have the right to leave the game or you have your power of choice”. A lot of them just
blow on that, just getting that, and that’s number ‘C’, the Rights of a Thetan. And these may
be assisted by saying: “ I’m not holding you - no one can!” and also you can say: “You may
return to the static state and wait there until you decide!” That’s if they can’t decide what to
do on a MOCOVP, you know, can’t decide if they should go back to there creator or go free
or what to do, and you say: “You may return to the static state and wait there until you
decide.” - “Oh boy - PHEEW”. See. So that’s A, B and C on the Blow step. It’s just
“Who”, MOCO handling and ‘A’ is “Who?” ‘B’ is MOCO handling, ‘C’ is The Rights of a Thetan.

Now the “Can’t Blow” Processes is Step 10. And this Step 10, has also three parts, and this
is to handle the ones that can’t blow or couldn’t quite blow on those freeing processes up
there. And number ‘A’ here is, number ‘A’ is: “Look for others stuck to you!”. Alright. So,
“Look for other stuck to you!”, you can also word it: “Spot others in your valence!”, “Any
of you in my valence?’ - you know. You as the auditor, they think you are so great to free
them they want to go into your valence, and they didn’t go because they want to be you, so
you say: “Look for others stuck to you!” Pheeef. “Any of you stuck in my valence?” - “OK,
get into your valence!” - Pheeheew. You see, and you can maybe revert back to “Who are
you ?” “Who are you?” “Who are you?” And get them going again, and you can also look in
this case for Mules, or MOCOs that are stuck to another MOCO, you see. Maybe one of
your MOCOs is stuck to one of somebody else’s MOCOs like we had in the earlier level of
the OT Life Repair and Excalibur, they used to have Xenu MOCOs - remember? Stuck on
each other. Xenu Mules, stuck with the Pre-Clear's or Pre-OT's MOCO. So those can be
blown also, by just spotting the moment they were put together - Pheew! They come apart
and you do the MOCO handling: “Return to the moment of creation or Go free!” OK.
Now, number ‘B’ in Can’t blow is to run though and see if anybody is charged up on
Incident Two, Incident One, as mutual incident, a Pre-I incident dumped in the MEST
universe. In other words, these basic things on the Time Track, that stuck them into U3 or
the MEST universe. ‘B” is a sort of an assessment for where is the guy stuck at? You see, if
he didn’t go on any of these other things, he is a little bit more stuck into the game somehow.
So you assess: “Incident two?”, handle and if needed “One”, handle, “Earlier Ones?” - of
course, and then you can run it there just like you do on Excalibur, The Experiment, then The
Capture from Earlier Universe, that’s the Teenie-Weenee, just run them back to the moment
of dump into the MEST called The “Loser Laws” which they agreed to after they got dumped
(you will get a copy of those on the level) and any other little things, but they will usually go
free real quick on that, just the ARC-break from being dumped. OK, and then ‘C’ of course,
of this words, does one of these guys need an orientation, is he totally out comm with him and
handle what it is, usually just give him the tech data about what is a game, what purposes we
are doing to free beings and so on, and where is he in the location in the U3, Teegeeack, you
know, and Sector 9 and so on, and - BANG! You know, they will go. Now you might have
to go back, so then after you have handled these ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ of the “Can’t Blow” Step,
you might have to go back and do some of the “Blow Step” Processes, of course, to do
“Who are you?” and “Return to the moment of creation!” and get them all going to a
beautiful F/TA. OK. And it is possible that you might have to use some of these more - you
just keep doing them until the guys go. You just roll it back and forth. Blow, Can’t Blow,
Blow, Can’t Blow, and finally it will just go into a beautiful F/TA, and that whole area will be
totally cleaned out of beings. OK, Now, the F/TA and the free feeling freed. Now, you as
the OT may just sit there and keep cogniting like crazy, but the F/TA is the technical end of
the session on all the other guys you were handling. Alright? Now you of course write your
cogs in the session and so on, that’s fine, but don’t try to run anything more over the F/TA at
the end. Because you did all the steps these cognitions can continue after the technical session
is over and you have put the cans down. And you don’t end the session Tone 40, you just say ‘That’s
it’ (soft voice) you see. You let your cognitions float right on into you life, you understand? And
when you have finished with the F/TA with all these guys you say: “Good, That’s it” (soft
voice) you see. You let your cognitions float right on into your life, you understand? And
when you have finished with the F/TA with all theses guys you say: “Good, that’ s it” (soft
voice). Then you sit there and cognite. You may sit there like I did some time and keep
writing cogs for 20 minutes after the session is over, but you have finished the session with
those guys. OK.

The next session you do, you just take the next area of attention or intention and you word it
and get it laughing and impinging and you run on 10 steps to F/TA, VVGIs, Cogs. It’s just
the same procedure every time on each attention, intention area. Alright.

OT 10
When you have run all of the ones that have to do with your attention/intention, then you just
don’t have any more, and you have run all these on the ‘Connected’ command, when you have
run them, that’s finished on OT 9. Then you do OT 10, you run them on ‘Disconnected’
command, and ‘Disconnected’ command is: “Thetans disconnected from me by (the same
areas)?” And you will run the areas in the same order that you ran them on OT 9. That will
be OT 10.

OT 11
And then OT 11 will be running the same A/I areas, same order, with the command to begin
as: “Thetans unconnected with me by (these areas)?” Whatever the area is. OK? And that
brings you up 9, 10 and 11.

Now you get on this level, so much incredible things come up, I don’t even want to talk about
it, I want you to get them, but I have to give you some orientation. You will achieve all of the
EPs that are given on the Old Grade Chart that the Church is messing around with, you know,
talking about Purposes, Character, Truth and Future; you will get all of that on these levels,
all of that. You will know the future from 11 GUMs back, Games Universe Models, up to 11
in the future, you know exactly what is happening forward and back on the whole purpose
line. You will know exactly what the purpose thing is on the whole schema, the whole
‘gestalt’ of all these GUMs, and it is to improve the quality of theta, that’s all it is. So this is
what we are doing, you are right on purpose when you are doing this. So, this kind of stuff
will all come, the future - no, there is no problem about it at all, I mean you just get totally,
totally more and more blown out, more and more cognitions. You start getting basic
mathematical concepts of the simplicity of the whole game, the whole “rules of theta” and so
on like that.

Also you will get an enormous certainty on ethics, because these Games Universe Models are
based around conditions, and that’s a little secret you must know, this particular Games
Universe Model is based on the condition of Emergency. And that’s one of the things, that’s
why the Emergency Formula works in this particular Games Universe Model very well. But
of course you have to know the other ones as well, that LRH gave us.

But these things are here, they are truths, they are sitting in the very fabric, the woof and
warp, of these universes, the U3, the U2 and the U1. And when you get to these things, you
realize more and more that when LRH wrote the Axioms and so on, and the Ethics Conditions
and policy and all that stuff, he wasn’t kidding. He was giving you the real basics of life. OK.

So, when you get a big win or an ability return in this level, take a win. You shouldn’t do
more than one session per day anyway, but give yourself time to adjust to the new ability
state, or the new reality state. OK?

Now, as I said before, don’t be alarmed if the thetans blowing during these procedures seem
to come in from wherever they are in the universe or time track or wherever or whenever they
were, and leave via your immediate area or body. You are acting as an exit point for freeing
these beings, and they will flow to you as the big thetan, you ARE the big thetan, and maybe
they will even thank you or “Kiss your hand” as they depart, just ack them and intend “I am
not holding you, no one can, you are free!” and they will go, they just keep going - beautiful!

Now, the EP of the level, while you have all those realities and cognitions and abilities and so
on, coming back you will know everything about the whole game all the way back, many, 11,
12 GUMs, you will understand the static points in between the Games Universe Models, and
you will understand this one, particularly this one. It started off with the MEST universe, well
it started off with the Pre-Game Council, the Game of Gods and then at the same time Earlier
Universe Games started, and the dumpings from those became the MEST Universe and you
will find that there is a lot of thetans doing that and a lot of creations have been dumped into
that thing. Now, when you get through these A/I areas of your own, and you will be looking
at “Well, I want to take responsibility for my own creations that I have made and handle that
too”. And when you start looking at that - baby - you are ready for OT 12, because that is the
area where you start handling the actual creations that you and others have made, and those
creations are real creations. We are not talking about mental image pictures here, we are
talking about real Matter, Energy, Space and Time and other things like that. OK.

So when you are finished with all your attention and intention areas on all of the three, shall we say,
“characteristics” of connected to, disconnected from, and unconnected with, and you will be
ready then to participate in handling your creations, and you will be able to have open comm
lines with all the other beings you have co-created with. So that is this level, and we must
thank LRH for this, because the Tech is very, very basic, and it is so easy to do once you
understand the basics and nature of the games in the universe, it all becomes very simple. So
when you get finished with this, you can then take a win, and then you will have OT 12 and
OT 13, which kind of go together like these three levels - they go together, and that’s called
Super Power for OTs. Super Power for OTs. And it really is - I’ll tell you - it really is. So I
hope all of you will work on OT 9, 10 and 11 diligently, and handle your areas of attention
and intention, and don’ t skimp on these things. The worst thing I found so far is that people
would get an enormous blow on the ARC Break and ARC Break of Long Duration, lots of
guys leaving, many thousands of people going: “yea, finally we are free - ahh that whole ARC
Break gone ...” Thousands leave and so they have a big F/TA maybe there, and they just end.

Aha, now there is about a thousand, maybe a hundred, hundred or two hundred guys out
there, that wasn’t their charge, they didn’t have charge, well they had charge on that, but they
have other charge. They have charge maybe now on Inval or PTP or Overt, so they didn’t
handle them you see. Now that’s gonna hit you if you don’ t handle it all, so you have to go
through all of these, if the Rudiment or Long Duration Rudiment F/Ns cleanly on call, then
don’t handle it. There is one or two guys didn’t get it, remember you are auditing a group,
you have got to get them all free. That’s your purpose here, for all of these thetans ever
influenced by your attention or intention and you will find the most amazing things. Some
sessions you will have Static Thetans coming up, sometimes you will have Phi Thetans coming
up, sometimes you will have Lambda Thetans coming up, sometimes you will have MOCOs
coming up, but each time it will be different and it will be utterly fantastic.

Now one of the things I want to mention, if you keep running your “connected” flows on this
and you are on OT 9, and you get toward the end of the list, or you start trying to find some
more areas of attention or intention, and you can’t find them, and you start feeling a tight
pressure around your head or something, a tightness, well that is a similar feeling to the
Clearing Course when you get an Opterm in restimulation. But I found out it is a simple
thing, it means the guy is finished, almost or damn near finished his “Connected” part, and the
“Disconnected” part is starting to press in on him. That means he has wiped out the
“Connected” area around him, and now the “Disconnected” stuff next is pressing in on him
you see. Or that ridge between him and the disconnected guys starting to show up in his
space. It’s there because all the connected guys are now gone, you see? So there can be a
sort of a feeling of, sort of a general tightness, that can come after you have run so many of
the connected flows on OT 9, but when you run them you find that if they are all cleanly freed
all the way up, and you get to that point where it gets a little tight, then you will just be at the
last session or something, and you should be going onto OT 10 on the next session, and it
will instantly vanish on the first, running on the first I/A area that you had, and running it on
the disconnected flow. The same thing happens at the end of the disconnected list too when
the next time through the list comes up - Pooom! It’s the “unconnected” flow, but it mainly
happens right there, and I must warm you, we found it’s not OK to run one area on
connected, then disconnected, then unconnected. It doesn’t work that way. It will not work
that way at all. It just goes too far, the thetan is reaching through still charged areas to try to
get to other areas and it does not work, it totally messes up - alright? So he has to run it off
in sequence of Attention and Intention, Connected, that’s OT 9, and OT 10: Disconnected,
and then 11: Unconnected.

OK? So, that’s all to this briefing, and I thank you very much, and I thank LRH, Elron Elray
for this Technology and all the basics we use to go OT. And I will see you all for OT 12 and
OT 13.

Good-bye for now! That’s the end of this briefing.



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Uh oh! :ohmy: Looks like us SPs are in trouble now...:nervous:

Do you know what they were "promoted" to?

In case anyone is wondering, comments as usual are welcome. As I said 41 feet above at the start of this thread, I'll link to the items that are CBR's, so don't worry about burying them.



Do you know what they were "promoted" to?


Well, I don't want to search around for it, and my recall is fuzzy (due to overts, no doubt), but Hubbard was already the Sector 9 Commander, and Robertson was already Deputy Sector Commander so, I think, Hubbard is now something like Supreme Rula of the Galactic Grand Council, which pretty much runs the galaxy. As for Robertson, he's probably the Deputy Supreme Rula...

Just so we don't skip any gradients, or go by any misunderstood words, as we proceed up the Bridge... 'Excalibur' was initially called "Super NOTs." Here's the description of it from Ron's Orgs, and a link to their Grade Chart:

" 'Excalibur' - handle the most secret and ancient barriers to OT, an organized attempt on the 7th dynamic to force one to conform to a lower state of awareness." http://www.freezone.org/e_bridge.htm

And here's the basic hatting material to orient any new Free Zoners:

"The Free Zone Decree was received on Earth on the 10th of November, 1982 at 1030 GMT. It states, 'as relayed from mainship, Sector 9'..."

Video/audio below features Bill Robertson talking about Hubbard (Elron Elray) and his doll body, etc., starting around 34:10. Or, if one wishes to hear more of this briefing, one can jump to earlier - around 30:40 - and hear about the 200,000 Marcabians on the planet.


Here's another description of the Ron's Org Bridge: http://www.ronsorg.ch/english/bridgeenglish.htm

Message from Ron to the the founder of the Free Zone and Ron's Orgs. From Hubbard dated 11 May 1986:

"I wish to thank all my friends in the Free-Zone and especially Captain Bill, who carried on in spite of great odds, on my behalf.

"The tech is all in his hands and is ready for you now. I wish you all success on it.

"When enough are ready for OT 17 and OT 18, I will return..."

Some other items from Captain Bill and Ron's Orgs:

This is the FZ Marching song: http://galac-patra.narod.ru/index.html

And here's Xenu's SP Declare: http://www.freezone.org/cbr/sector9/e_sob20.htm

And then, Markab, the Final Handling: http://www.freezone.org/cbr/sector9/e_sob19.htm

Ron's Orgs is the largest and most successful FZ group.

I suspect that the Markabians will be busy suppressing this Free Zone data, just as they suppressed Ron's cancellation of Disconnection and Fair Game in 1968, which created the false impression in the minds of the Earth people, a.k.a. Teegeeackians, a.k.a. meatballs, a.k.a. wogs, that Scientology is a wacky cult.:whistling:


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Tech Briefing 4 - Charts:

CBR_TB04-1.jpg CBR_TB04-2.jpg CBR_TB04-3.jpg CBR_TB04-4.jpg CBR_TB04-5.jpg

TECH BRIEFING No 4 (Tape 1 of 2)
22 August 1985

Hello everybody! This is the 22nd of August 1985. And this is Captain Bill Robertson,
Frankfurt, RON'S ORG.


Bravo. Ah so! And we'll give this R-factor: This will be Tech Briefing # 4 - but it's a
CONFIDENTIAL BRIEFING. And is just for people who are starting NOTs, or on Solo-

And just to bring you up to date since the last Tech Briefing a little bit: In the last year we
have done the things which for instance RTC or the Implanters would call "Our usual
suppressive and squirrellish acts". Like bringing people to the State of Clear and straightening
out their messed up DCSIs. Getting them programmed to go up the Bridge and getting them
onto the Bridge, and making real OTs, where they are Cause over the data and CAN apply it.

So, we say to the other side: "Those are Suppressive Acts and we are very proud to be able to
say that we have accomplished quite a few of those and have many people on the OT-levels,
at least 12-15 and have produced in between 20 and 30 - maybe a couple more - Clears. Or
straightened them out from their misdeclares or their invalidations, plus a lot of other grades,
and so on."

Now, what the purpose of this particular meeting is - from the C/S viewpoint - to show some
of the traps and tricks and problems that cases get into and that cases do not know about.
Even people who are - ah - went up the Bridge in other areas, because they didn't have the
benefit of Flag C/Sing, and the benefit of reading the LRH C/Ses on Advanced Levels.
And to handle some of the possible misunderstoods, possible confusions, possible things that
would affect their ability to audit NOTs successfully - that is the purpose of this particular

To start off - let us assume, as we are all here OT III or above - I will talk from the OT III -
NOTs- viewpoint. So, we don't have to go back and look at very simple things, but I will
assume that you understand, that first of all we are dealing in the beginning with the
composite case. All right. That means it's a complete mass of BTs and clusters. The guy's
stuck in there somewhere and he is dramatizing whatever occurred - maybe on his OWN track
- maybe on somebody ELSE's track. And he is totally the effect of all these charges, BPCs,
wrong items, things, events, engrams, secondaries, locks. Everything that you can imagine in
Dianetics or in regular grade charge or anything you can find on a list can be wrong with a
guy. All right?

So, it is very difficult to get a guy from a "no auditing" up to the State of Clear. But basically
we know that is what's done on the lower levels. All right, now we DO that. You have got a

Now, this is where the confusion starts with the most people, that I have talked to, because of
the security, that was put around this area. And even in the beginning, after the people are on
it, they are treated like they shouldn't know anything about it. They were just given, totally
robotically, to "Run this". And, "That will be your next level".

So, first I want to straighten out the confusion of - from the OT III and above viewpoint - like
"What is a Clear?". And, "Why do we therefore define this guy as a Clear and how come there
are four different ways of Clear - the ways that they could BE Clear - but there is really only

Well, this is interesting, because if you look back the time track, you will find that ... I'll just
make a diagram here, but it can be given out with copies and so on ..., if we look at - from the
OT III data we have, what LRH calls - Incident I. It occurs at start of track, right?

So, just let us take a single being now and we have start of track here as a line, and we have
here Incident I. Now exactly why is that the start of the track? Because that is the first point,
that he started COMPULSIVELY to make pictures. You may say: "Well, yeah. But why?",
and so on. "But that implant, that's weird!". Well, this comes up again and again, but the point
is that he is COMPULSIVELY making pictures FROM HIS OWN VALENCE from that

In other words: He, having gotten his Incident I, is now somehow making pictures. And we've
run guys out from Incident I, that have discovered the reason WHY they make pictures like
that - and it's because they had BTs stuck to them from EARLIER INCIDENT Is, who went
into THEIR VALENCE - all right? Therefore they don't see them. Some of them do sort of
feel it as a little something, they can't get a hold of around the back here. But some BTs, that
were so much - shall we say - at effect, or just totally ready to be robotically inclined, that this
BT you are handling started making pictures, or at LEAST he saw things and then he found
out, he had MEMORIES of these. He could have RECALL after Incident I. And no matter if
he looked at it, and he COULDN't as-is it. Why? Because of ownership. It's actually THESE
guys, that are holding the picture, you see?

So, he looks at the picture - HIS picture would as-is of it - but then, there is still the other
guy's picture, that he would have left. And since they are all SHARING THE SAME
VIEWPOINT coming up the track, you don't get a blow on this guy, you don't get an asisness.

So, however, he CAN DECIDE for himself and FOR HIS VALENCES - you see? Because he
right? So this is not the only point where Clear can come. It can come there, but it doesn't
have to. Because he CAN decide for himself and get the agreement of these guys NOT to
make pictures. It doesn't make a STABLE Clear - but it makes a Clear, all right? Because they
are not having to have pictures and they can create them and unmock them all as a team. "We
all do it - because the boss says we do it - right?"

Anyway, the difference here being that this guy is NOT "out of valence" - OTHER PEOPLE
ARE IN HIS VALENCE, see? And he is the boss. He says "OK, you guys, now ..." Or
whatever he thinks it is. After Incident I there is a confusion. He never knows exactly, what
happened in the "snaps" of Incident I, etc. WE know, that there were OTHER BEINGS PUT

So, if he can therefore handle these guys and control them easily enough by his more ability,
he can get them to agree NOT TO MAKE PICTURES. So, we have what we call "a Clear". It
would be a guy who doesn't NECESSARILY have to have run out his OWN Incident I, but
somewhere up the track, right? he may have gotten (graph) - you see? - into Incident II here
and let's put back here (graph) I think it's dating 1 Quadrillion - 1 and 1/2 Quadrillion was the
CC Implant, (graph) Incident II is 75 Million with the 36 days and the OT II stuff, ok?

Now, so there is THAT on his track and then here we go, he is up into PT (graph). Single
being, except with these guys IN HIS VALENCE. So, any point along here ... . Now we are
in PT AUDITING this guy, right? Now we KNOW, that essentially he is NOT just this - he IS
A COMPOSITE. He has other beings, who have done the SAME STUFF in various causeeffect
points and they have all come conglomerated around him - all right? And that guy, we
are auditing, is the most strongest or the leader you might say or the boss or whatever.

So, in essence, since Incident I he may have had (graph) more additions to his composite case
at any point along the line because of mutual incidents or because of implants or because of
whatever. But these guys have their OWN tracks down the line, all right? Have their OWN
tracks, no matter HOW they come into HIM. So, when you get into this PT auditing, you
have the guy somewhere in here, as a thetan, with all these other thetans around him, shaped
up into his body form and everything else. Well, it's what we know as the NOTs and OT III
Case, right? So, this is what we get.

Now, how does a guy go Clear? OK, he can do it in several ways: One is, he can run
Dianetics. And he gets in back of an engram, which has got THAT POSTULATE in it that
HE (needed pictures) - or he UNMADE the postulate, so that now "he didn't need pictures".
You see?

"I MUST remember this" or "I must HOLD onto this" comes from that Bulletin - I think some
of you have seen - where "a thetan can do anything forever". He also tries to HOLD
POSITION forever. So he gets in a certain incident, that he didn't want to happen. So he tries
to hold on and says: "No, I'm not going to let that happen". So, he is always making an
impression of it. But also, SO ARE THE GUYS IN HIS VALENCE. So, he can go
UNCLEAR at that point.

Now in Dianetics, if you run to that point of that engram, he does: "WOW, Oh God! Man! No
wonder I was holding on that that thing! Ahh, I didn't need to make that picture. Hey!
WOW!" As soon as he doesn't need to, then he goes out of agreement of course with all of
these guys in here (the composite), that HAVE to make pictures, right? HE doesn't need to
make them, HIS VALENCE-GUYS (IN HIS VALENCE) don't even have to make them,
right? So right away all the pictures, that are NOT his (but that he copied) and all those that
ARE his and the guys in his valence - Phffft! - disappear!

They don't need them anymore and he clears out some space. Because of course, if you are
the BOSS of an org, you keep your OWN files closer to you, than other guys keep their files
to you, (than other guys keep their files close to you), you know? So in YOUR office - your
files - and in your office - Boom! - right away, you've got a LOT OF SPACE! No matter if
some other guys may have been duplicating his files, they certainly move out of they way:
"Uh, what's, what's going on here? All those - all that stuff - that was holding us -

So he as-ises his part of it. So he clears out a little bit here - a little space around himself.
These guys (composite) are still hanging around. They're stuck in the body and still ... and
everything like that. Basically the guy has cleared out a little space around him - and we say:
ANYMORE. And you notice how "delicate" that the Clears are, right? If you don't hat him
properly on "Nature of a Being", if you don't get them up through the non-interference-zone
quickly, if you don't treat them with very - you know - handle the grade charge, that may still
OTHER PEOPLE. If you don't cut these little lines delicately, because - realize the guy is
Clear here - and you didn't HAT him yet. He's not hatted. TWO sides of the bridge, you
know: You get the auditing side and the training side. He's not hatted - doesn't get the
knowledge WHY he is Clear, and "What did he get out of?" or "What's in his space?"

It's VERY delicate. He may start having little comm lines back in here, back into the bank. So,
you get off the grades charge by severing those possibilities of these guys - let's don't just say
HIM - or charge in reflection from the environment, HITTING them and they're influencing
HIM. And HIM seeing the environment and then wondering about it from something, he
knows in the bank. Anyway, he's gonna get connected up again, if you don't handle him. So
we try to handle the grades charge and the guy who needs anything as a "wants handled". Get
his OCA stable. Get him hatted on "Nature of a Being", so he realizes, if he sees any pictures,
it's NOT his. It's gonna be handled LATER. So he isn't going" "What is it? What is it? Is it
mine? MUST BE MINE!". As soon as he decides that - Zap! He's got an increased ability to
postulate here - that's the other thing - an increased ability to postulate as a Clear - means that
HE CAN POSTULATE HIMSELF UNCLEAR. That's simple, it's simply it.

So, some point on the track he decided to HAVE TO MAKE PICTURES and later on, now
he decides, he DOESN'T HAVE TO. All right? That's all a Clear is. Now he can go that way
on a Dianetics cognition - getting that - pffft - at the back of one of this "must-hold-on-to-it"s.

He CAN get it from contacting a BASIC on a BASIC-CHAIN of engrams - which is like -
something in Incident II, you know? Like that explosion or the big holder of ALL this engram
stuff. These pictures are very much then "explained" to him and he realizes, that he's just been
mocking them up and - pffft - the whole thing goes. So he can get it through (graph) C.C.,
Clear through Dianetics, through hitting a large holding incident - right? - which is causing
him to be connected into all the others' pictures. That's also a Dianetics type thing.

But it CAN happen on other processes as well, 3D Criss Cross - 3DXX - as we can call it, the
old Criss Cross; goals processes - if you get a 'reliable item' on the guy, he goes back to a
purpose line or something like that - you possibly can get it blown by prepchecking it - the
postulate comes off - BOOM - and he doesn't need to make it. Anyway, there are ways to do
it. Or he can get totally in P.T. with Objectives, and realize all that other stuff is pictures and
he isn't making them. This is sort of - again he is not very hatted about it - he realizes:"Hey, I
don't need to make pictures!" Even Power Processing can make a Clear, because it blows off
the engrams he's stuck in. OK? So there's a lot of ways you can make that.

Now, what is a "Past Life Clear"? Well, that's a guy, that has had auditing since 1950 here
(graph) and somehow went Clear in auditing. So he - but he did "Bunk" there and he went
from one body life into another one. So you are just really dating, where he went Clear. Just
like a Dianetics Clear, but :"What process?" and "When?". All right?

So you have a Clear and your "Past Life Clear" (graph). Then you have the "Clearing Course
Clears". Now the Clearing Course is where it gets interesting, because the Clearing Course
Clears - the ones who did the Clearing Course... It's this particular incident. It's one which
forces a guy to mock up these certain items and pictures and it's done with a lot of pain and
unconsciousness. And since Incident I is the FIRST time, that he can go really out of valence
as being - see? - and has not recognized, he's got other people in his valence... But he can
REALLY go out of valence on the CC too. There is a LOT OF FORCE in that and also, there
were other beings going through that. But not all at the same time. They were done one after
the other.

So, if you happen to get smashed with them later - or with people (beings) who have done it
(gotten the CC-Implant) later - there is liable to be a great confusion about it. Now, because
as he is ALSO going OUT OF VALENCE he can't as-is it, because it's somebody else's as
well, you see? Even if they had it a second later or 3 years later or 1000 years later, he
says:"Well, yeah, I cognited, 'Oh ho!' I'm not an animal!" He still has got this PICTURE of an
animal. So, he runs the CC. He runs the item. And he is not only running it on himself, he's
running it on ANY BT that he's got around him, that has that item.

So that's why it produces a Clear, that ... - pffft - it blows all the COPIES in his space, all the
copy charge, that would have connected him up and confused him since the CC all the way to
PT. And then puts him back basically to this state again, to where he's got his - you know - his
Incident I charge and that's about it.

Now, it's not necessary to have Incident I charge - understand that. This is what makes him
delicate. Because he can get into the unknown of "Why?" If he changes his mind, he can't
quite get out of it, you know? He can't quite understand, what's happening. He still hasn't
handled the Incident I. OK, but that's people IN HIS VALENCE. We're talking about now
what makes him OUT OF VALENCE. The cc, Dianetics engrams, other major events on the
track, Incident II especially. OK, (graph) this is another. So, in any one of these points, he can
have or make a cognition, that he's "making up these pictures"' and - pffft - knocks them off.

Now, what's a Natural Clear? This is a guy, that's HAD THE COGNITION only, OR HAS
MISSED THE STUFF. Either (graph) from there (Inc I) or somewhere in there (Inc II) has
come along into PT and he therefore knows - essentially - or at least when he came to the
planet, he knew it - (he might have forgotten since then) - that HE IS NOT HAVING TO
MAKE PICTURES. That's all it is, he's not making them compulsively. He's not mocking up
mental matter, energy, space and time, yeah? Now, it's no definition of a Natural Clear how
FAR back from Incident I (or Inc II) he became that way, you see? He may have gone
UNCLEAR at some time and then really took a look at it and blew out of it. By being clearly -
you know what I mean - by being VERY observant, very, very,...

And then, other people, who were Natural Clear, have decided to do missions. For instance,
to come onto THIS planet after Incident II and find out how aberrated it was and then work
out experiments to try to handle it. So in case of a Natural Clear, that comes to the planet, has
a job to do to get aberrated, to bring in the case and try to explain it to an auditor, so they can
work out methods to handle it - you find these. I mean, several of us were in this type of
experiment - you know? And I did the whole Clearing Course and went Clear after 80 hours
of running the Clearing Course. Later on, on OT III, I realized, that I was Clear before I came
to the planet. But I came to the planet with a purpose: To build up a case and then to use it
for research, whenever that was going to be, and to bring it with me all the way to that point.
And I got there too late, because the research had been done already! I didn't arrive at Saint
Hill until LRH HAD the Clearing Course.

But when I ran it, I had all these data sitting in it, that I wanted to lay out for LRH. So I
started writing to my C/S, writing my reports - all this data how they did it - bap bap bap. And
that's when the C/S was saying: "Hey! That's not necessary. Just run the items."

I said: "No, send it to LRH, it might be important!" It is my mission, you see? Now, I WAS a
bit late. And then they send it up to him. He wrote back and said:"That IS how it was done." -
you know? - "He has those cogs - let him write that, all right? - that's all right." So he knew
that was somebody, that was doing the mission to find out that stuff.

So, anyway, that's basically what it is. A Natural Clear has already - before he came here - he
HAD that state, right? Now he MAY have gotten aberrated. We found a few Natural Clears
in the last year, that have had a severe life time or something. They got very much drugs, sick,
hospitalization, baby, childhood stuff, and they got MADE, or postulated themselves,
essentially UNCLEAR, by their desire to keep that body or something. And they then had a
hell of a lot of engrams and invalidation and then they decided, that this is really theirs, so they
immediately mocked it up themselves. And they decided, they were unclear. Essentially we get
them back to the beginning of that and they realized, they WERE CLEAR ALL THE TIME.
And then they went into agreement with all this composite.

So, any questions now about the State of Clear? Because I wanted to clean that up: It's a guy,
who is cause over mental matter, energy, space and time on the first dynamic. That means, he
can knowingly mock up or unmock mental matter, energy, space and time. OK? Well, a lot of
people do have confusion about that, let's say. Right?

But now we get to the interesting thing: What is OT I? Well, OT I is the getting of the guy a
little more stable, you know? He goes out and he looks, spots beings, spots bodies, looks at
things, this and that, notices how people operates their bodies, etc, etc. Find a place where
there aren't any beings, you know what I mean? He's getting more stable and we are sort of
waking him up into the spiritual universe - 7th dynamic. A lot of people think, when they are
Clear on the 1st dynamic, it means their BODY is Clear. It doesn't mean that. It means HIM
as a spiritual being. Clear - 1st dynamic. Huh? You have to orient him, which is OT I. Doesn't
mean, that he still can't have a pain or a rash or an itch or "Do I have to smoke?", or what
ever that is. He does not clear his body. There's a lot of misunderstoods and so on. It's the
BEING - means he's SEPARATED OUT FROM THE COMPOSITE - it's all it means. So,
OK. Any questions on OT I?

OT II. What is OT II? Well, on OT II, you're NOT running the guy. This is something they
FAIL TO TELL YOU on OT II. You're not running it on a Clear. All you're doing on OT II -
and by the way, if a guy hasn't done the Clearing Course, I also have him look over those
platens, until he gets a persistent F/N on that - but basically, these two are the major incidents
of the line-plots and Implant GPMs, that occured to most, most, most all thetans in this area.
This one for the universe (CC) - and this one (OT II) for the Sector - and this one (CC) near
the start of track for all. So this one (CC) is the more general, and this one (OT II) is a little
less general, because it's mostly just Sector 9 and it's just this planet, where Incident II was

And I know you all ran BTs, that you found out bypassed that, and they came here later, after
Incident II. You know? But they got associated with other people, who GOT it. You know?

So, OT II takes these items, the actual line-plots - the CC, and actual line-plot of Incident II -
and there's lots of them - we don't need to go into that - that's just a lot of garbage, that the
implanters put in and CONFUSED the guy and gave him WRONG VALENCES or WRONG
ITEMS and keeping him being MEST or a BODY or WHATEVER, OK?

Now, these items were not "cluster-making", when they were given. Exactly WHEN they
were given - they were given on a machine or an assembly line, that gave it to "SINGLE"
BEINGS. It was for SINGLE BEINGS. It was NOT a composite making incident IN
ITSELF, you understand? It was just like if you have a hundred people in the same picture
show, that are all seeing the same picture, but at the same time they are NOT being mashed
together with a big A-bomb, you see? So, it's not just a composite making incident.

So everybody has the SAME PICTURE and he's maybe moved along a little track (machine
track) to get the SAME VIEWPOINT OF EVERY PICTURE, you see? Then they ALL have
an IDENTICAL PICTURE of the item and the run. And they confused that even more,
because they were given it at DIFFERENT TIMES. One guy went through, then another guy
a week or a bit later, and another guy over here and in another place.

So, TIME, LOCATION, DURATION, ALL that is different. But the PICTURE IS THE
SAME. So, there's a confusion. And by confusion they go A=A=A, because they all have this
picture, right? They think it's ALL THE SAME.

Before you can run, of course, the Incident II and I, you HAVE TO GET THIS
CONFUSION OFF THE TRACK, because otherwise all the BTs think they are the same,
because they all have the SAME MAJOR PICTURES OF THE IMPLANTS. And they all run
at the same - TRY to run - at the same time. And you'll either end up stalling the PC or they
all go through together and into a free-wheel or something, into the 36 days or they all
experience the explosion at the same time and maybe blow the guy right out of the body,
maybe killing the body. That's what LRH said. That can be a hell of an impact, you know. 20
000 BTs all running the explosion at the same time, you know? Be enough to stop the heart.
Boom!... you know? So, you can't run the guy on OT III with these guys acting as a

So, the running of OT II, and the CC Platens - to check them - to get the BPC off these, is to
get this composite thing around the guy - after he's cleared out the space - it breaks it up in
fragments (graph). Right? BTs and clusters, basically. It does not much touch the NOTs case,
by the way. It just breaks up the BTs in his space, like this (graph). Instead of being a thing
like this (graph), where it looks like "my case" - and I tell you it's EXACTLY, what they tell
you, as I'm just doing it on an OT II. He really had to cog, that first of all he WASN'T
RUNNING HIMSELF on the process. And then he got that. And then he couldn't understand,
why there was an "earliest" run. Why do you have to intend the "earliest run" and he says: "In
the materials it says, that the "entities" have these runs." You see? That EACH have ALL of
this thing and he couldn't really quite get that, until he demonstrated it and then he finally
understood, that what you are doing, when you are doing this, is: You are running the
"earliest" on each entity, that has it and as you go through it, other guys WILL BLOW
CHARGE ON HIM TOO. Because they realize, "That's the same pictures", "Hey, hey, hey".
They get interested - bap bap bap bap -and you are running them through later and later items
and finally - wham! - it all breaks apart and all the guys are discharged on what's been holding
them together as pictures - all these items.

So, they then break apart into this sort of thing BTs & clusters (graph). Any question on OT
II? Those are the MAJOR incidents, that hold together people by pictures. Same picture,
different times.

These are NOT the ONLY incidents on the track. You can also have Fac Is, and stuff like
that, but they come up - they're not as universal, not as basic. And I'll say one more thing
about this, before I ask for questions. One more thing or reason these are basic - more basic:
It's because they affect MORE DYNAMICS. These ones, these ones, that LRH put onto the
OT levels. Why didn't he put Fac I? Why didn't he put the Helatrobus Implants? Why didn't he
put..., you know? Well, those were minor game implants in a large history of the universe.
You also have local wars and whatever they did to each other during the "take-overscenarios"
- bababap. But THESE (CC & OTII) INVOLVE MORE DYNAMICS. They were
done with an INTENTION and a SPREAD, a widespreadness to affect the 3rd, the 4th, the
5th, the 6th, the 7th dynamic. And too, with an EVIL INTENTION behind it to handle all
thetans that way. Even if they didn't succeed totally, they were INTENDED to handle all
thetans, not just a game of "us against them", you see? It wasn't local war. It was a 7th
DYNAMIC handling for ALL.

And of course you recognize the insanity of Xenu in that. He was connected with most of this.
He was connected with Incident I, Incident II, and also part of the CC. Also that was used -
also that's part of track warfare and stuff. He was big backer of that kind of implant, see?

So you get DYNAMIC CONSEQUENCES with these. And what is a Clear? He is Clear on
the 1ST DYNAMIC. He must be expanded now on more DYNAMICS. He's going to find
these processes are handling things up through the dynamics with most at these incidents. Any
questions?... Yes?

"What is the technical aspect of the repeat of the CC in Incident II?"

That was at first supposed that that WAS done. And I'm sure in my data - that I picked up
from people around this planet, that have this stuff - is that it was put in a few places. We'll
say it was "saved" from the old civilization a long time ago or something and the implanters
had it in their files. Sort of like archives. They put it in in some places. It did get stuck in some
places - shall we say - 36-Day-Implant-Places.

What we've been finding out essentially by running these guys and getting all their stories off
and so on like that through the "What happened here on Earth?", is that there was a bit of a
sloppiness. You can't expect renegades to do everything perfectly, you know. And there was
sloppiness. I mean, we found guys, that were dumped here to be A-bombed and they
MISSED the bomb, because the guys said: "Oh shit! I'm late! Man, let's just dump'em." So
they were dumped into the ocean, and they go back you know? So he dumped them into the
ocean and they didn't get NEAR the bomb, you see?

"And maybe some of them were afraid to put down or land on earth. So they missed the
whole planet."

They missed - maybe missed - the whole planet! We found out all kinds of weird things like
that... some guys go through - and like you say - you sometimes find these funny implants,
where the machine breaks down and you'll find the guy sitting there, looking at something in
front of it for like days, before it starts up again - bup bup bup - and on he goes. You know?

Or we hit another guy, who had missed. Now they dump him off target or something - they
didn't want to get themselves fooled around down there and they started to drop the bombs or
either were late coming from another planet with a shipment, so they just threw it, just opened
it up, and this guy fell down in the ocean near Africa. His interest was Natural Science, and he
saw: "Jesus, look at all the shit, that's happening over that way!" And after he melted out of
his ice cube with his cluster - he didn't have a FULL cluster there, except from Incident I - but
he went into Africa and he tried to save all those animals, that were dying from the radiation.
That was his old game and he had been down there trying to save all these animals - they were
all dying from the fall-out, you see? Very, very strange stories you hear from these guys. But
is IS true. They didn't really get everything exactly like it says in the things. And that is your
MAJOR stuff. That is a 90%, 99% that's all that. Right?

"And what was the purpose in repeating the CC? To restim? - or what?"

Just implanting. I mean, that's - look, they got the 36-days-pictures. All these were in stock -
let's put it in this way: The Incident II stuff - most of it - was in stock, in the usual stock. Files
of an Implanters trade, right? Because it's not their first attempt, you know? The CC was also
in stock, you know? But it took a little more finesse to set up a CC implant. They had to be
really well organized. It was a real tuck-tuck-tuck, you know, and different items in sequence
and all that. So it was a bit too sophisticated for some of these places, but they did set it up in
a couple of places, where they had time.

You see, they were really on a tight time schedule. So they were reporting half-dones, notdones,
you know, false compliances, and all that. So some people did get the CC again there.
But their BASIC on it is really earlier, see? You WON'T find that on all the guys, that were in
it. But you will find the Incident II mostly or the 36-days-pictures, and maybe some guys - we
ran one guy - the machine broke down, as he came down from the electrical ribbon -
electronic ribbon - it captures the thetan and tracks him down, puts him through this - sort of
a tubular flow line with the implanting (Incident II) stuff - Ahh sorry - OT II and 36-daysstuff.
So, he's down in there, going along the line, seeing all the pictures - and once we had a
guy - the thing broke down. You know, it stopped for a while. And he exteriorized from it.
He just - Whooop!... - came out and he only had a piece of it. But then they caught him again
later - this is why, it wouldn't blow - you see - they were still going around with the "Hoover"
- whoosh-whoosh - and the ribbons, and they caught him again - Foom! - and put him through
it AGAIN. So he had sort of - like you would get that far of it and he had some more later,
you know what I mean? It was just weird. So you get all of these possibilities, you see? OK.

So, if the guy's attention is fixed on that, you can always figure there's something in there, that
isn't completely as-ised by the exact time, place, form and event. OK?

So, then we get this guy's case broken up like this (BTs & clusters), by the time he is on OT

Now, why?... now we go back to Incident I (graph) here, and Incident II here, and PT here.
Now, let's ask: WHY is Incident II and I run on OT III? Anybody know that? Why don't you
run other stuff? Why do you run Incident II and I on OT III? Why do you run II and I on OT

"It's the basic of it."

The basic of what?

"His charge."

The basic what?

"Of the dynamics."

The dynamics also. Yes, much 7th dynamic and it put a basic in in terms of implant side and
technical side. What are we trying to do here, now that we got the case split up into BTs and

"One can handle it with one go, break it up. It can be done with..."

Yeah, but why? Why are these two implants VERY, VERY important?

"Because they make clusters?"

That's it! That's it! They're CLUSTER MAKING. These two - the 36 day by itself - and the
CC by itself, were NOT cluster making incidents. They were the same picture, but at different
times. Accidently a guy might have been put through it with another guy, but it was NOT

The INTENTION of THESE TWO incidents (Incident II & I) - and they WERE the major
track incidents - was to MAKE CLUSTERS. As you know, there are also, so called
MUTUAL INCIDENTS. They can make clusters too, but they are individualized . They are
more like... for each cluster there is a different one. But these (Inc II & I) are the MAJOR
ones that MAKE CLUSTERS. So, on the OT III (graph)... we have these two cluster making
incidents, THE BASICS. So with running that, you're freeing up thetans. Essentially you're
starting now the procedure of getting the thetan to realize, what gets him OUT OF
VALENCE or what gets others IN HIS VALENCE, OK?

And that's, what is keeping him on this little continuous idea, of... only a Clear on the 1st
dynamic. Because he can suddenly go UNCLEAR by another dynamic force - you know - by
3rd dynamic catching him again, throwing him through another one, or whatever dynamic,
you know? Or he can go unclear because of a lot of 2nd dynamic stuff, that he gets into. He
saw pictures from this (composite), or from his BTs and clusters. And he can attach all his
lines of attention on them and hold onto it and decide, that he needs all that. Once he does,
forget him. He picks up all the other stuff from those guys too, so he's now going unclear. I
mean, these guys (Pre-OTs) are delicate!

So, now we get the Cluster Making Incidents, II and I (graph). Now we know those ARE the
two main cluster incidents, because THIS (Inc II) was a mutual incident taking place on Earth,
where the guys were exploded on top of the mountains. And whenever we get a false picture
of a volcanos and all that, he went through the 36 days. But the important thing is the
INCIDENT ITSELF, that made the cluster - AND the EARLIER BEGINNING, which is the
CAPTURE. The capture.

And that's why you have to run from the capture on, because it's like the earliest beginning of
that incident. The first time he felt the EVIL INTENTION, you see? This is an intention on
the 7th dynamic to destroy thetans. The first time he FELT that, is that point, he gets in the
capture. You know, what I mean? "Hey, something wrong here, these guys coming after
me...", and you get it. If he doesn't... if he just hits a guy and he contacts his Incident II, it
MAY not blow, because he hasn't got the EARLIEST BEGINNING of it, when he felt the
first hint of evil intention. Because the evil intention is always present throughout the
incident, more and more intensified.Because behind everything, of course, you have in the 7th
dynamic a communication of evil intention. But as soon as you start to "do thetans in", they
feel it. So the incident will release, when he (BT) spots that exact time, place, form, event and
gets the first indication of the evil intention.

Now the cluster, however, - part of it - will break up by spotting the mutual incident (graph).
So, here we have a Cluster up in PT from the old Incident II. These guys - or say a "Cluster" -
so these guys must audit THAT and let's just say, they don't have another mutual incident in
here. Let's just say here is Incident II. So, they go back and they spot the explosion here as the
mutual incident and they go - zupppp... - and right away they separate out. That WAS their
mutual incident, right?

Now, each of them MIGHT have a different capture. They even might have a different first
part of the incident, you see? So the key thing is however, that you find the MUTUAL

Now we found also some of the guys, and you will probably find too - that on some of the
guys - THE CAPTURE W A S THEIR MUTUAL INCIDENT. The earlier similar mutual
incident of theirs. (graph). There was a whole group, that got blown away all at the same time
or later. Out of existence... a Laser or something to wipe them out - fffft - collect them up as
thetans within communities: non-conformists, artists, people who spoke against the
government of Xenu's.

* * End of Tape 1, Side 1 * *

This is side two, 22 of August, 1985, Tech Briefing #4, CONFIDENTIAL SUPER NOTs.

We have just gone over, on the 1st side, the basic reasons for Dianetics, Grades, Clear - what
Clear is - definition of OT I and OT II - what it does to the case - and then we were on OT III
and we just went over the basic Clustering Incidents, why they are on OT III. It's simply
because they ARE the basic clustering incidents, with the evil intentions spread across the
dynamics, especially in dynamic 7, to suppress thetan. So, it is more of a generalized incident.
And we're just now speaking about that in running (Incident) II on a Cluster. II could be the
Cluster making incident, but ALSO the capture could be a Cluster making incident on that
Cluster. If not, they may have an earlier similar, even one between Incident II and Incident I,
that is a Cluster making incident, or they could have a later one.

This is something, you have to sort out with a meter and with the Cluster itself, if you can get
a "spokesman" even for it or you get it talking to you as a "unit". And you can date/locate it
and find out what it is, OK? But the basic thing is, that the Cluster Making Incident can occur:
AFTER Incident II (closer to PT), Incident II, the CAPTURE of Incident II, BEFORE
Incident II. All right? And it can also BE Incident I in some cases. All right?

"Could it be even BEFORE Incident I - as we do have earlier Incident Is?"

We have only found... -yeah, it's not a general thing though - we've only found a couple of
examples about it and that's something, I want to bring up later. Why, why that can be, right?
So, Incident I IS a Cluster making incident. It didn't make as big Clusters as Incident II.
Incident II you had like maybe millions of thetans put on the mountain top. Incident I you
maybe only put him together with a guy in the incident plus a number of other BTs - 20, 30,
40, maybe only 5, some of them - depending how early they had their Incident I - some were
only like 2 or 3 thetans put together.

The interesting thing is that it has the COMBINED CHARGE of the Cluster making incident
AND the same thing we were dealing with in Clearing Course and 36 days - that it is a

We don't... haven't found anybody, that went from one volcano to another and did Incident II
TWICE, because that all happened almost on the same day, you know? Most of the action
took place very much in a close area of time. But, Incident I was a bit more covert and was
done with a lot of PR and so on like that. So that it was something, the Thetans were very
much into, but it was done essentially many, many, many, many times - as LRH says:
Everyone, that has a time track, essentially in this universe, will have them, you see?

So, there you go. So, it (Incident I) is also - MADE A CLUSTER WHEN IT WAS DONE,
because it IS that. It just goes - Snap! - and the "snaps" are when the beings were put together
on the other guy. In the "snaps" part they (BTs) come in. They stick to the being on the
"snaps". And that's why the guy didn't see them! He's immediately overwhelmed with all those
pictures of a chariot, colors, waves of light and so on.

Now, the tricky part is, that it was done so OFTEN. It's just like "tax collecting", you know?
It was "tax collecting" every year, and they do it all over the place, so if the guy has a mutual
incident such a paying his tax - income tax - with his whole family paying tax - say that was
the mutual incident - then he did it last year, and he did it...He may have done it more than
once himself AND he may have been put together with the guys, who had it (Incident I)
EARLIER in a different place. So you have all these complexities and that's why you ask
"Earlier Incident I?"

That's what the button is, you see? You understand the "effort to stop" and "effort to
withdraw"? - that's just from that incident. But the "Earlier Incident I?" is trying to BREAK
UP THOSE CLUSTERS, and sometimes it goes - brrr - and they all fall apart! You see? It's
even more direct, if you say to them: "Is there - are there beings with Earlier Incident Is, who
have confused it with this one?" "Can they please spot their Earlier Incident I?" - bummm -
and they start spotting it, see? You see, what I mean? They just go - brr - like that. Now the
guy himself, that you are handling, may have an Earlier Incident I, but if that doesn't resolve it,
then you can say: "Are there beings connected to you, that have Earlier Incidents Is? Please
spot them." - brrrfff - they go off, you see?

"Something is freeing while you are giving the lecture!"

Right! Now you see, that's how that works, Now, the other reason a guy won't blow - after
you've run II and I off, and Earlier Is - is the other button we're talking about now: Earlier
Universe. And that comes about because - of course, if a guy comes across to play a game and
he gets a "snap" in Incident I, instead of doing what his PURPOSE is, you know - he goes in
to play: "Wow- wow...I want to build a planet." or "I want to help create some orderly
MEST." or "I want to do this.", "I want to have a...have a...I want to be a big Thetan!", or
whatever. And the next thing you know, he is snapped in and he's just a Cluster, a part of a
Cluster, and he has a great big FAILED PURPOSE.

The only way you can get him out of that failed purpose - because he can not obtain that
purpose and he has not obtained that purpose in this universe on his time track - so you have
to get him to SPOT THE EARLIER UNIVERSE, where he COULD have the ability to do
that. And so he actually gets that ability rehabilitated from there. Now you could say, he gets
back into his OWN VALENCE and he is able to create on his own and handle his own
purposes. But when you first got him out as a "single being", and you assume he IS a single
being - after he has done his Incident I and you have a SINGLE guy - but he can't leave - or as
a sort of assist there as he is not "VGIs" - well, on III you just ask: "Was there an Earlier

"Haaaa, yeah!" - bummm - "That's where I could create! Yeah!" See? He CAN'T CREATE
HERE. He's back (after waking up) in it (the MEST universe) and he's here RIGHT NOW -
to him he just woke up from a long sleep. He is just like on the BEGINNING OF HIS
TRACK! And he HASN'T ACHIEVED HIS PURPOSE! And he now knows that in all of 4
QUADRILLION YEARS, he never achieved it! So he's in a failed purpose.

THAT HE CAN ACHIEVE HIS PURPOSE. "Earlier Universe?" The guy goes: "Yeah!
Wow! Yeah!" , "Well...Boy, that was OK!" - pumm (blow). So you CAN HAVE IT yet
again. You CAN HAVE a universe, where you CAN complete a cycle of action and so

Now we don't know, which one he goes to - I mean, he may have been in many games. He
may go back to his own. But it doesn't matter. When he gets to an Earlier Universe, that is
one, that he WAS AT CAUSE in, and one that he COULD achieve his purpose in, and one he
COULD complete a cycle of action in, he'll feel good. You have actually rehabilitated him by
directing him from this universe to his OWN universe, essentially, OR one that he at least feels
"This is a good place", you see? He may feel, he knew some other people in it and he was
playing with them - at least he feels CONFIDENT in it enough to "BE".

So, that's the Earlier Universe part. A lot of people don't understand that, why that works.
And it's very important on SUPER NOTs as well.

"Very interesting!"

OK? And it is true...now - because realize, that when you have the guy through Earliest
Incident I, his Earlier Incident I is off, and any ones (BTs) that were added - put to him - that
are now in his valence off - you get him out of that; HE IS A SINGLE BEING.

So, he's essentially an "OT on the 1st dynamic". A little bit more than a Clear, because a Clear
doesn't NECESSARILY have to have the guys out of his valence (in a state that they are not
in his valence anymore). He's just totally controlling them, because you find a lot of Clears
that have to run their OWN Incident I. Because they were put together with others but they
are running (controlling) them all. And they are going: "We won't ..." or "I won't mock up
anything!" and they all go: "And we won't either." because they are exact duplicates. He says
"Yep!" and they go "Yep!" but all at the same time as they are all in HIS VALENCE. So,
actually a SINGLE BEING - from cutting off his Earlier Incident Is and the people stuck to
him - you have something: a sort of - like an "OT on the 1st dynamic".

So, what is the first thing you want to do? I mean, the guy can't go, he is feeling "BTs" or he
is "sad" or something. You have got to rehabilitate him a little bit, orient him to some first
dynamic universe he had, give him a little space, get an Earlier Universe where he did feel ok,
did feel safe, did feel good - Yes? And he gets "in valence". He is "in valence" here, BUT he is
in an ALIEN ENVIRONMENT, so it essentially comes under the theory of DANGEROUS

You exteriorized him into the "3rd Universe" (the agreed-upon Universe) as a single being,
but he is in the 3rd universe and he knows: "Jesus Christ! I don't feel safe here, man. Last time
I jumped into this one (Universe), about 4 quadrillion years ago, I ended up as a BT or in
somebody's picture" - you know? "Horrible, I was a Cherub, in a Chariot, some "Zaps" you
know - to Hell with it!" So you have to get him into a safe environment so he can feel free
again. Then he is free. And that's the key on that one.

Any other questions about OTIII and OT levels? No? I'll end up on that. "OT III handles" -
and this is where we will bridge into SUPER NOTs right after this - but I just want to make
you sure what OTIII handles - the beings who essentially, by the tone scale - right? - have not
gone - well, you can look at it in several ways: they have not totally identified themselves with
MEST, they have not totally lost some beingness as a being - in other words YOU CAN
STILL COMMUNICATE TO THEM - even if they - they're thinking they're a "thing", they
can STILL be a LIVE thing. They still - to some degree - retain Liveness, communication, and
some sort of little line that you can get hold of them with, ok?

So, you can spot them on the tone scale. Some of them are in various theta-degrees, but they
are - most of them - are below death on the tone scale - Ah, sorry! - ABOVE DEATH on the
tone scale, you know? It's not always that simple though, because as you will find out soon
enough in the next stuff, there IS other aspects to this, that come with other LRH datums, but
basically on the tone scale you find these guys anywhere from death, above that, grief,
propitiation, sympathy, lining up for auditing, you know? Or being really quiet, propitiating
the auditor, even antagonistic, different things. But they are usually at tone levels above, yes?
That's III.

Then you get the guys (Pre-OTs), who has gotten rid of all the ones, he can easily get into
communication with. He hits the solidity wall or the solidity factor of NOTs. And the NOTs
area is of course, where we have the guys BELOW BEING ABLE TO BE A BEING. But
there is a CONDITION on that and that's very interesting about NOTs, and how we found out
that you can actually handle it without any reference partly to lists or L&N or anything else,

So, that's handled there on NOTs. (And I would actually put on that sheet (graph), that that's
important back here: Earlier I and Earlier Universe (graph). Those are important buttons in
the III case.) Now, you need to know ALL this data to handle, what you are going to run into
on NOTs, because you are actually handling PCs all the time. Yes, PCs, OK? And these are
the major things, that you get into.

OK, now we get to NOTs, NED for OTs. All right? And we still have this basic pattern
(Incident I (graph), II, PT). Now, what's different about this? It's very interesting, this. I have
to give you some references, that sort of give the basic point on this NOTs stuff. You've all
heard of the NOTs packs, I know. But I just want to point out a couple of things - besides of
the tone scale - which is BELOW zero tone scale items: caring for bodies, hiding, all these
different things here - numb, sort of being a ...

"being objects"

...victim - no, that's still above. Right - here we go: "Failure, Pity, Shame, Accountable, Blame
(punishing other bodies), Regret (responsibility as blame), Controlling Bodies, Protecting
Bodies, Owning Bodies, Approval from Bodies, Needing Bodies, Worshipping Bodies,
Sacrifice, Hiding, Being Objects, Being Nothing, Can't Hide, Total Failure". You know what I

So, and all the other scales apply too. Symbols, the Lower Awareness Scales, all that. But the
one thing, I want to point out, is in the Axioms. (I wonder where I put that? Here it is.)
Interesting Axioms here. This is Axiom 29, of Scientology Axioms: "In order to cause an asis-
ness to persist, one must assign other authorship to the creation than his own. Otherwise his
view of it will (would) cause it's vanishment." (or as-is-ness) "Any space, energy, form, object,
individual, or physiological (physical universe) condition can exist only when an alteration has
occured of the original as-is-ness, so as to prevent the casual view" (or casual view) (it's
casual here) "from vanishing. In other words, anything, which is persisting must contain a 'lie',
so that the original consideration is not completely duplicated." You see? In other words: We
know from NOTs, it's a MISOWNERSHIP thing. It's a misplacement, out of time, place,
form, and event, and ownership.

But it's interesting to look at it from the viewpoint of Axioms. These are THETAN Axioms,
apply to all Thetans. And to the case you're running on NOTs. So look at the fact there: that,
if the guy (BT) is NOT blowing - then YOU HAVEN'T GOT THE TRUTH ABOUT THEM.
It's probably this: you haven't got the truth about it. OK?

Now, what we're going over here are the most "usual truths", that you will run into with these
guys, plus some more, which I'm going to tell you now, which we found out. It's very
interesting about guys below zero on the tone scale and also very interesting about these guys,
who are being "solids".

OK, so, let's take point one: Point one in SUPER NOTs is the ORGANIZATION of these
guys. It's a very interesting fact, that run properly - if you're approaching the NOTs case
properly - I'll tell you, how that's done also - but if you're approaching it properly, you'll find
the thing is ORGANIZED. It has an ORGANIZATION to it.

Now it's the CRAZIEST ORGANIZATION, you may ever come across and you'll find this
stable datum of LRH's comes (from Policy) out of it. And the stable datum is: "The point,
where a thetan goes crazy (or criminal or out ethics), is where HE CAN NOT WORK, or do a
useful job." And, you know, that we find every guy, who is in there - whether he is a good
guy, bad guy, an SP, or whatever - when you wake him up and get him talking, in
communication, you find out, that he is holding onto whatever sanity he has BY

Now this guy needs to be ACKNOWLEDGED for that duty. No matter how crazy it is to
you - but to him it's a very serious one - because if he COULDN'T DO THAT, he would be or
go TOTALLY insane. You see what I mean?

So, if he's been a spot on the bottom of a coffee cup - "Well, somebody has to do it." I mean,
they always think they are - they are a REAL GOOD SPOT. It's an incredible thing, that these
guys are holding on to their sanity, because of the fact that they'd been doing something. And
whenever we acked for that - you know - that's where you have to acknowledge VERY
WELL, when they give you a valence answer to: "What are you?" See? Yeah, it's almost like:
"Hey, fantastic! You're being that!" "The whole time? Oh, wow!" You see? And they think,
they're performing a useful action, NO MATTER WHETHER THEY'RE DOING BAD OR
GOOD. We haven't got to that part yet. It's important to get THIS blown first, so you can
handle them. But the guy reckons, he's doing that - and boy - if he DIDN’T believe that - (to
THAT point he'll be sane) - but if not - he'll be insane. If you invalidate him or if you totally
not-is it or don't believe, what he tells you - Ohh no! (He goes) nuts... you know? OK?

So I just want to point that out to you: There IS an organization there and no matter how
crazy it is - like these cups, and saucers, and things on the table, say that might be a whole
NOTs setting - a "tableau" - that you came across. You know - you ask the question and -
Boom! - first thing you see is a table with candles and so on. This is in an office and there's a
desk there and so on and there is a chair - waiting for somebody. And: "OK, anyone being a
spokesman for this group here?" - and you get this voice coming out of the candle flame: "I'm
the flame of life!" - you know? You ask him: "OK, what's this all about? Any BPC here?" (or
whatever). And the answer comes: "We're keeping the office ready."

YOU know now, they're all smashed down to little spots or something like that, but THEY
have been keeping this office ready for eons and eons and eons and eons. You know? There
used to be a big Thetan there or something and they all had been wiped out in one of those
captures or something like that and then they got smashed, put together for 75 million years
and have been keeping the office ready ever since - you see?

Maybe all the office staff were herded into a room then vaporized with the Laser guns. So
these guys were all - they took - you know - they tried to protect the boss' office, so they all
grabbed part of the MEST as exterior Thetans. Then they got smashed together in the icecubes,
put down on the planet, blown-up - Boom - totally! More incidents, more incidents,
more incidents, and NOW they're just there in the NOTs case keeping the office, and they
would go totally crazy, if they couldn't do that! You see? A whole organization.

So now, knowing this, you may find, and you WILL find, that knowing this - now of course it
doesn't all have to all go together THAT logically. I can't - I can't even think, how illogically
it CAN go together, until you run the session, and you'll find out how illogically it is, right?
Because this whole office may be under a button, which is on a uniform of somebody in
another service, right? There HE is with a spear and there's somebody else being the spear,
you know? And there's that guy in an airplane about 30.000 feet up and the guy with the spear
sees him for the 1st time - as he got shot by the plane, and he's the "bad guy" (the one in the
plane) - you know what I mean? That's how weird it can get.

But that whole thing holding together all the way down is an ORG BOARD, you see? And if
you just run a little piece of it, you're NOT HANDLING THIS WHOLE THING. Now, this
whole thing, that's an ORG BOARD, all the way down from guys with the evil intentions at
the top. That guy - you know - and maybe HE got blown up at the SAME TIME by a missile!
So, it's a mutual thing and all were captured put together - poom! - you know, whatever their
story is - who cares? Or they got together later in that relationship, because they sort of
"fitted" - an "out of valence fit" - you know? It doesn't matter. They ARE organized in that
RIGHT NOW and they are all doing THAT - frozen in time like - what do you call it - "the
Enchanted Moors" - the music, you know? They're FROZEN IN TIME. So, they're sitting
there, doing that whole org board. It doesn't produce anything. It just sits there. But each guy
thinks, he has a duty in it and it's a frozen duty as well. The whole thing is frozen. So this guy
is shooting those guys - this guy is resisting that guy - you know - and he's an officer and he
has the spear and then his button - there is a GOLD BUTTON just shining in the sun and it's
the last thing he saw - and underneath the button, he's got a group smashed in on Incident II.
Maybe he found these other guys had a nice office and that's what he really wanted to be - an
executive - so he's clutched it through all time to his breast - some kind of weird computation.

In other words: There is some kind of crazy illogical A=A=A=A=A holding this whole Cluster
mass of BTs and Clusters and solids all together. And so, if you run it knowing that, and you
sort of "poke" into it at the level of the "flame on the candle", where you are not getting any
as-is-ness and can't get these guys to sort of "break up" or "get the little office mock up to
dissolve", or them to realize 'who they are' - THEN you must suspect that SOMEBODY IS
HOLDING THEM. Just somebody higher up the org board, you know? Do you see? So,
that's one way to look at it - right? Just: "Is somebody holding you?" And if you have a
"spokesman", there's only about two things, that can be wrong, once you get the thing talking
- in communication - whatever it is - wherever you hit this. When you try to get into
communication and you are not getting any blowdown, you're not getting any reads, the guy
IS telling the story, but nothing is happening, you get a "what?" you get "who?" - but uhh -
HE IS - OK? - (it's says in the materials, it could be a picture you're talking to or it's only a via
- another guy in the background - that's possible - but also it could be, you're talking to a
Cluster instead of an individual.)

So, you're not handling the mutual incident yet, see? And therefore the mutual incident
occured before - so it's earlier - so it's holding this guy together - but HE CAN'T OPEN UP
AND LET GO OF THE REST. So it's also possible, that he's being HELD BY SOMEBODY
ELSE. Even if he IS A CLUSTER. So, even a Cluster doesn't really break and you can't get
the mutual incident going, as SOMEBODY ELSE IS HOLDING.

Now this is the key thing: That there IS an organization to this stuff. No matter how crazy.
And it occurs IN the body, AROUND the body - WHEREVER you have this stuff. It's there.
And a lot of it is by-passed. This is the interesting thing on these orgs - "NOTs Orgs" . They
have - some of them - have persisted from here (graph) into PT, right? From Inc II into PT.
Some of them have persisted from Incident I into PT WITHOUT EVEN BEING AFFECTED
BY INCIDENT II. They were already "MEST", BEFORE they got into Incident II and they
may have been the MEST on THIS planet in some other fashion or form or in some animal
body at that time and weren't thought worthy enough to be put on the mountain - you can't
put everything on the planet on the mountain - they just put the Thetans on the mountains. So,
when they saw a dog running around - you know - or somebody's gold watch - they would
STEAL it all the while rather than put THAT on the mountain, right? But the gold watch may
have been a bloody Cluster, see? (or have a Cluster "being" it). And they may have come
across of the "gold watch" in one of these "Hoovering" operations, where they suck up
Thetans and stuff - you see? But they (the Cluster) still are a gold watch, see? Got missed
going through the 36 days. But later got hooked up with a bigger being, who sucked some
other guys for havingness and companionship after the incident. "Oh, there is a gold watch!"
You know? He doesn't even realize, he doesn't have a BODY ANYMORE, you know? He
still is floating around as a Thetan after II: "Oh, my watch, ohhh...". So he pulls in a little
Cluster and it's a gold watch. This - this IS how it happens - so. Anyway...

"That's probably why there are something like two thousand nails of Jesus Christ's cross still
existing on this planet."

Two thousand nails...yes. There are BTs on them stuck in that incident. OK. So, we have even
found these guys, that were put together at Incident I and of course they haven't - they
bypassed Incident II even, or Incident II DIDN'T EVEN AFFECT THEM and they've come
up to PT (graph) totally asleep since then (Incident I), and totally messed up since then, right?

Now somebody asked about, "What about before that?" - you know - "Is it possible" - before
the earliest Incident I on the case "to have had some kind of thing ?" Yes, it is. Because before
they had Incident I, the guys (implanters) who were STARTING IT DID EXPERIMENTS
ON THEM. In other words, they didn't just create this Incident I out of "whole cloth". They
experimented with "How do you put together Clusters?" "How do you put together BTs?" -
"To stick them together the best and to make them most influence the Thetan to get him to
accept them but not recognize them being there?" You see? That's very well thought out.

"It's very vicious!"

VERY vicious!

"This is like the dramatizations of transplants now with body parts in the MEST Universe -

I) and all of the real "dummy" Thetans - I say "real dummy Thetans" - but they're just not very
causative. They have just been sort of dead a long time. Some of them were actually the - shall
we say - the "priming " Thetans they used in Incident I. What I mean by "priming" - you
know, the old pumps, where you can't get the pump going unless you put water in it to start
it. (That's called "priming" the pump.)

So, to start off with, the first Thetans, they wanted to put through Incident I, they had to have
some already put together to push on him. In all these different experiments, the way to get
rid of the ones, that had an "experimental" incident - we have found a few, that went through
that place and they were sent together with some others, through all different kinds of
incidents to experiment with, you know?

And some of them were part of a big Cluster, that sort of "came apart" and so they don't use
it, and then this, and that, all kinds of real weird stuff. They WOULDN'T BLOW, because you
had their Incident I, BUT they had an EARLIER SIMILAR INCIDENT. Not very many, but
you DO find them. OK? And then - after that - THEN they can do "Earlier Universe?" - or
"Captured from Earlier Universe?"

Now, why do you find "the capture out of their Earlier Universe"? Because they were free and
then they were CAPTURED OUT OF THEIR OWN UNIVERSE. So, it's almost the
EARLIER SIMILAR of the "Capture" of Incident II! Apparently they were in their own space
and doing their own thing around and/or they were playing somebody else's game, and guys
(implanters) came around with some kind of "beams" and just - ffft! They were gotten
INTERESTED and they then were going - wufft! - and it will pull them in, you see? Or they
promised them some kind of - with a theta comm they would say: "Hey! Hey! Why don't you
come over here and see? We got a nice..." - Zap! - you see? Give him some kind of electronic
- dzdzdzdz - and "What's up? What's up?" You see ? Big confusion thing. And then taken to
some experimental area. It wasn't really a tailored implant or something - it was just the
capture. And then they were "stored". They did some special kind of "Zaps!" to them to make
them sort of nutty, and unconscious, and usable as Thetans. One visio we had on this, was a
guy who was kept in a sphere, which had a magnetized interior. So they couldn't quite touch
the wall of the sphere, but they couldn't get out of it either. So they were kept in a sphere like
that, you know? And then put through the "experiments" to make Incident I.

OK, so that could be there on the track. Don't be amazed at anything you find, There is a total
- well, you're starting into the AWARENESS OF INCREDIBLES on this level already. Now
the thing I want to - that's the FIRST THING, IT WAS THE ORG, ORGANIZATION, OF
IT, right? (Graph) It's ORGANIZED. The second thing is: THEREFORE, IF IT'S
noticed, that they DON'T DO elsewhere in programming cases, is what's mentioned as: "Don't
worry if a guy's case doesn't run exactly like this, because it's not STACKED UP THAT

Well, that little statement in there - after studying it three times, we just passed over that
statement. Now we were going to go down this list, and we started the D of P interview.
What it says is to cover first these things on the D of P interview and see what the guy needs
handled, yes?

This is VERY interesting. We found out in the D of P interview, that there was certain things,
that read, you know? You have some questions like: "What is your attention on?" "What is
your attention avoiding?" "Do you have any body problems?" "Any mental problems?"
"Vitamin deficiencies?" "Any auditing, that you have your attention on from the past?" You
know - you're just doing a typical D of P interview.

"It will give reads on this type of stuff and not so much on other. And - hmm - well, by Tech
you should put these into order of reads." MEASURED UP EXACTLY ON THE NEEDLE

And we did this, we sort of realized that: "OK, that must be what he's (LRH) talking about,
this 'stack up' thing". So we still - at this point, there STILL wasn't very that much
importance to it - well, we said: "OK, we should have the MOST CHARGE FIRST. That's
obvious, MOST REAL, MOST CHARGE". And then all of a sudden we realized, that by
TOP ITEM - IT WAS THE TOP ITEM, you know, what I mean?

In other words: You START WITH THAT ITEM OR THAT SUBJECT - say the guy says:
"Well, you know, a pain in my hand, I've trouble with my hands." Or it could be "BTs with
Out-Int" or "had bad auditing session with..." or "this is what never got handled" or "had too
many..." or "when I, when I go to sleep, I get voices in the head ". You know, things like that.
Whatever that subject is. Even if it involves the naming of a solid or a thing, that he thinks it
could be, you understand? But it usually is a physical type of location, space, time, form, event
type of thing or a bad condition. Whatever that is, it comes off at the D of P interview. We
start that - it's amazing - but knowing that it's - what we will find on NOTs is really not our
own case - but is the stuff, that's preventing us from being OT. It's amazing, but this
phenomenon starts right there and with that particular subject - say for instance, it's "voices in
the head", which is quite common. Guy goes to sleep and "voices in the head". Everybody has
had it a little bit, and some people are troubled by it, so it's important. OK, let's say you start
with that from the NOTs D of P. "First we are going to take up with you this best reading
area, 'Voices in the head'. Any BTs or Clusters connected with that?" "MAN UHHH!...."
Right away - wumm! - and right away - bumbumbumbumbum! - and you start getting this
whole bunch of guys connected with that. And you pull out the PLUG - pumm! - The "plug"
is a whole Org on it, and there may be another one and another one. And each session you do
ONE plug, until you end up with a FTA. I wanted to say - you get a nice Floating TA, when
you pull out ONE of these Orgs. And you get another FTA on, when you've handled the
subject (or a "broader" FTA at the end of that subject, when the Pre-OT is no longer troubled
by that thought. Added by Capt. Bill)

This last FTA may be looked at as if it may be the same one, that you had in the LAST plug
(and plus any copies and stuff). You get this FTA on the guy, but this time he goes..."And
that's TOTALLY GONE." "Voices in there?" "NOTHING there." You know? It's totally
gone, nothing there, NOTHING! So, we find out that - when you do that - and THEN the
next item on the stack list - which may be "BTs with Out-Int" or something - then THAT one
is really RIGHT THERE. No matter what the guy says, it's THAT item. He comes in with the
TA high, at 4.5 or he says: "I have a problem, I have an ARC Break..." It doesn't matter
WHAT he says. It really doesn't matter. It IS the next plug to be run from the stack!

We found out, that when you start a session, you don't have to check a Rud. You can, if you
want to, but just ask: " What is your attention on?" (Even if the Auditor just says, "have you
had a good night's sleep?" It doesn't matter what you ask, the Pre-OT will think there's
"something there". - And you're going to find out, that that bloody thing is the first entrance
point to another one of these plugs and when you pull that one out, you will then find, that he
is now connected to the NEXT THING on the stack.) It's almost like you're changing the
valence of the body every day! Hmm, you see?

At first, it's a body (or Pre-OT), that has problems with "voices in the head". The next day -
when you've handled all that stuff - pfff - it's gone. Now it's one with "Out-Int problems", you
see? And when it's gone, it's a whole new body (or Pre-OT) with a whole new thing. You see
what I mean? (Note by Capt Bill: Plugs can be attached to the body or the Thetan, or both,
just as BTs & Clusters can in OT III to the OT III case.)

And I know you've run into phenomena as well - oh, there is a lot of them! - but the
interesting thing is here, that we could not figure out, why other people were having different
experiences on NOTs, than we were. Because we've heard of these short "5-minute-sessions"
and people "blown-out" and "great cogs" and so on and we didn't have that. Not that we
didn't have the cogs, not that we didn't have the blown-outs. But we sure didn't have "5-
minute-sessions", you see? Sessions took from 45 minutes to even 3 hours in some cases. But
it was always blowing a plug of these guys (or an Org Board of these guys) and making sure
of course, that you didn't then start the next, because the next one will be sort of waking up,
as you get that one gone. So, when you see the thing blow down, and when you get the
Floating TA, just have the guy spot: "Anything left there?" "Any copies left?" "Tell anybody
else, that's started up on this or got restimulated, that it's NOT THEIR ITEM, that they will
be handled later, this does not apply to them." Whatever statement it is that - ffff - quiets them
down. (In the case that the guy says: "My attention is on that one." "All right. Ask the one
guy left there, does he want to say something?" Whatever. "Last call." You handle - fffft - and
then his TA is just floating, and he says: "OK, they're all gone!")

So, it's great! When all during the session we had cogs, when all during the session we are
getting...interest! It's very high. As long as you're running along the correct line, you can't get
any losses and you're running it - very interesting, very fun to run. And it's very much making
changes on the guy, you know, on his case and on the body. Because now he is progressing in
areas, where he's before been blocked up with all this junk.

Now, Ulrich, he will tell you - I mean, he was saying, before he started his SUPER NOTs:
"you know, I'd like to find out more about this Inc I. What really happened in Incident I."
Well, that was not just an idle statement. That was NOT an idle statement. Yes! He had a
whole bunch of these guys, that had a LOT of charge on this Incident I business and
experiments and all this kind of stuff. Just because he said that - as an auditor (he thought he
was saying it as an auditor) - actually he was, BUT the cases were saying: "Heeeeyyyy...", you
know? They were almost like calling for his attention. His attention was - it was enough to
where that stack came up real quick, you see? There it was! Right!

So, very interesting, it's a very interesting thing. There is: One, the organization. And the next
is: It's organized, AND it's STACKED UP in a certain way. OK? You might say: "That is the
ORGANIZATION and SEQUENCE of the case left to the Pre-OT."

Now, remember, all this case - some of it is attached to your body, some of it is attached to
you as a Thetan through the track. But, a lot of this stuff is attached to the body or to other
Thetans, who were attached to other Thetans, who were attached to the universe or whatever,
you see? A lot of this DID NOT COME TO THE PLANET WITH YOU. Some of it is
picked up HERE. You see? So if you get some mystery about it, say..."Oh, how come this
Thetan or these guys were in Rome, when I know, that I was in England?" You know? It
doesn't matter. They could have come through the body-line, through the genetic-line, they
could have come in just from engrams, incidents, injuries, any kind of way, you could have
picked them up. This planet is crawling with this stuff. Somebody could have intended it on
the guy, I mean. We've found recently many examples already (on getting the more recent
charges off of BTs & Clusters) of real witchcraft, using Thetans, using Clusters as magical
objects and symbols and so on, right? On this planet - very recently so - a magic sword, you
know, magic sword...consisting of a Cluster, which is taken from the body of a dead soldier,
so it has heroic qualities. That kind of stuff.

"That's the point behind this Siegfried Tale. Where the sword is hardened by sticking it into
the blood of a body."

They kept the courage of the dead body by pulling it out with a Cluster stuck on the sword.
They actually did a little more: It was a necromancy type of thing, that the armourers did -
they came up to the magicians and got their help. The magician says: "Come on you guys, I
want some heroes here, I want some heroes here for a special job, it's the sword of a king!"
You know? Then the armourer will beat it in (the Cluster) real hard. Clang ! Clang! OK, now
they're REALLY IN THERE - humm - a "Singing Sword", right? The whole Cluster goes -
"humming" - . This is what's been happening here on Earth. This is always "mystical" stuff,
OK? So, that's the organization and that's the stack.

Now, any questions about that stuff? Because you can also find this by doing a little interview
on yourself or down the list to find out what is reading the best if you've run out the stuff to
"What next to handle?" It's almost comes, after a while, as easy as: "what's my attention on?"
or "What's my attention avoiding?". See? So, there IS a sequence. And it's vital too, not to
leave BPC on this or you get this "build up of the charge". We didn't have that. Because - if
you don't pull a whole plug (graph) - this is the whole plug - and you contact the top of the
Org Board, and you're working till this is all out, and you get the F/Ning TA, OK? Bumm.
But if you just cut the top off, just handle the top few guys, now you have an ORG
WITHOUT A HEAD. So, it sort of destabilizes and goes into restim - bzzz - all over the Pre-

You sort of have woken them up, you know, what I mean? You've taken off the SUPPRESS
line or the HOLDING line on them, cut off the top of the Org, you see? So now you go and
run something else and cut off another little bit of it, and so on. You now have this whole
failed NOTs case - like you have more people out there going: "Uuuwwwagh, I don't want
auditing anymore, uuuaagh...!" All of their whole case is humming! You know...? You see?

"They are leaderless."

"Erupting like a volcano."

Yes, but it's that they didn't pull all these plugs out completely and sort of keep the case in
"PT". And it's exactly like it says; when you do pull out the thing, the whole thing, it sort of
grows - boop - expands. It's bigger and bigger and bigger and you handle it in the room and
you handle each thing and then you go on finding and cleaning the area. Then you have a few
guys on the edges, sort of "waking up" in the other areas, but they are not in THIS area
(where the plug was). So you just put them back to sleep, after handling the "last call" guys,
looking for copies, whatever.

But gradually - if you just keep looking at the thing - you will see the other guys on the edge
of the next plug - not even waking up, but they are just sort of going: Whoo - expanding!! But
the space is clean now (or at least cleanER), and it's more CLEAR - it's like water - you know
- it's like when you take a bowl of muddy water and pour clear water in it, quickly, you see
suddenly clear water and then slowly the dark mud flows back in again. It's just like that. And
it slowly goes muddy again. That's the viewpoint, you get of these guys - in the beginning of
the case. Later the areas stay clear and clean.

Now I must tell you a very important thing (to sort of end up for you to ask the questions)
and that is the thing, that I think most people have trouble with on NOTs (besides the Org and
the Stack thing). It's the guys, which I have experience with, on LRH C/Sing. And I know,
that it's not very well known around, and this is the guys, which he called "out of valence in
R6", which are - this is, shall we say, (graph) along here, they where in "implanter valences".
OK, LRH called - this is the guys, LRH called them "out of valence in R6". What he means by
that - he calls the stuff, that was done on the Clearing Course (Implant) and those line-plots -
he called them R6, just another name for bank items, R6. Routine 6 was one of the ways, they
found them. They're called R6.

OK, so "out of valence in R6", what does that mean? That means: " The other guys, they
GOT it. He's the one, who GAVE it." He is one of the bad guys. Now here you get all the
PTS/SP-phenomena, evil purpose phenomena - what do you call - the "Laudable Withholds"
and stuff like that - I mean "implanting" as a withhold: The guy thinks it's OK (or laudable) to
withhold HOW MANY Thetans, he implanted, BECAUSE HE WORKED ON THE EVIL
SIDE. So a withhold, to HIM, is like, he "let a Cluster get away" WITHOUT IMPLANTING
IT, you know? He's withholding THAT, whereas on the other side THAT would be a "good
thing" to do. But he withholds this from his boss: "Don't let Xenu find out, I let them go!"
You see, what I mean?

So you have these guys, that are "out of valence in R6". Now, this is where it gets interesting,
because you find out - funny enough - that they've MISSED Incident II by being in the -
implanter Org, or (graph), when they were renegades or some of the guys, that were helping
Xenu in Incident II. Now this is where it becomes important again on the organization basis to
understand "Sector 9" and "Revolt in the Stars". It's where, it becomes important. Because
now you get the knowledge to start handling these guys, who are out of valence in R6 - or
let's say - worked on the implanting side. Because you DO FIND THEM - and the reason, I
say you'll find this, is because - on these stacks (and I think, that is a lot of the reason, that
people are just "chopping off" and just doing a little "by passing side step") a lot of times these
guys are HOLDING THE WHOLE STACK or holding one whole plug.

***End of side 2***
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Squirrel Extraordinaire
TECH BRIEFING No 4 (Tape 2 of 2)
22 August 1985

This is 22 August 1985, this is side 3, Tech Briefing #4. It's a Confidential SUPER NOTs
Briefing. And the last thing I was talking about here was that, we have just gone over the
organization aspect of these dead BTs and so on, there is an organization there, and the stack
up of the case. How you find out by your D of P interview, or by your own assessment of
things, that are going on, or you just run into it naturally at the beginning of the session, if you
really get aware of it. But the whole principle is to pull out the whole stack - or the plug part,
that was connected to that and you run it by going up to the top of the Org Board first and
then handle it all the way down. We find it happens much quicker that way. You may go on
for 45 minutes handling the guy at the top of the plug and then 15 minutes later, you blown a
thousand BTs out - ffftt you know? Because he was HOLDING ALL OF THEM and they
all actually couldn't get out of that without a lot of effort, because his intention is on them
(either good or bad intention, it doesn't matter). The guy IS HOLDING. Because he's an old
Commander of an army troop and he has all his soldiers, he's holding. Or a father and
therefore he's holding his family or something, who knows? But we could have an EVIL guy
there, a suppressive one. And that's what I am talking about.

Now, because this is the 3rd thing that's not covered very well in the materials. But it IS
covered in C/Sing Tech and it is covered in PTS/SP Tech, Evil Intention/Evil Purpose Tech,
and some of the LRH's C/Ses on the Advanced Levels having to do with people "out of
valence in R6", which means, they were the guys, who DID THE IMPLANTS and therefore
didn't receive them. And you find combinations: The guys who got BETRAYED, after they
did a lot of implants and they got through them (implants) themselves. And they will stick up
and won't blow. You get them through their Incident II and they sort of still have charge or
something like that. They say: "I deserved it" or something. "I was betrayed". And they are
sort of "mean" about it, you know? And you get the idea of Missed Withhold with them or a
Dirty Needle or something. Maybe a little small Rock Slam, you know? "Hey, were you
working with the other side?" "Oh, hmm, hmm, you know, I was a pilot, you know, hmm,
hmm...., hmm, hmm, I did drop the bomb...: Then you get, of course you have to get him to
tell: "How many times you did that?" and so on. A lot of times they take no responsibility: "I
was just doing my job!" - you see, everybody has a job. ("Bomb the Thetans!") - just a job. So
you have to get this, you get it off, and you still maybe don't get any needle action, (because
you've) not getting it ALL off. So then you have to get, either that the guy is totally
overwhelmed and in the valence of the SP, so you have to know: "Who are the SPs in this
business?" You know, Xenu, Chu. Chi, all these guys. If he was in banking or in psychiatry or
the army, he was working for one of these guys. It's true. That is the names, that come up out
of the case, you see? And we even had some guys stuck - like guys we have found, who say:
"So what, I did my job, followed orders." NOTHING HAPPENING. "Evil Purpose?" "No,
that was just a job." NOTHING READING ON THE GUY, right? Say: "PTS to Xenu?" -
wham! - big read- "Whoo? Don't tell him about this!" "I'm afraid you guys were checking up
on me. No, I did my job. Who are you? What do you want?"

The guy totally comes out of it, you see? He, and a lot of guys come out of this thing, because
they thought YOU'RE MORE IMPLANTERS, that are "checking up on them". They think
you are the implanters checking up on them, to see if they are still keeping their "Shut up!"
(silence). You see, what I mean?

So always remember, you may have to use that old auditor process: "Who would I have to be
to audit you?" Especially for guys, who are - even if you get him in comm - and he "Uuaargh,
uuaargh, so what?" And he keeps going silent, you know? Might need: "Who would I have to
be to audit you?" And he pops up and says: "Xenu!" or "Chu!", "Chi!". You know, one of
these guys, who run the thing. Or some of them are more "religious minded" and may say:

So you have to remember, that when you are dealing with these guys, who are either "resistive
cases", because they were in earlier therapy, or because they were on the overt side, and
therefore they have a lot of withholds and have lots of "out of valence shifts" from the time,
when they were really in their OWN UNIVERSE. They have lots of "out of valences". They
were into the "knocking out thetans" stuff. So you have to get them INTO SESSION. And
first they have to RECOGNIZED YOU AS AN AUDITOR. So, just to get him in comm is
not enough sometimes. You have to find out, WHO YOU HAVE TO BE TO AUDIT HIM?

Then you have to handle the overts, they did. And if there is no charge coming off of that and
it won't free him up on the track, even after you get "how many times?" and all that stuff, you
have to find out their PTS situation. Or they are withholding because of some association
within the organization, or you can go back and date: "When did you start that?" or "What is
the date of that evil purpose?" You can date the evil purpose. He says: "Yeah, it's all right to
"do in" thetans - it's OK." "OK. When did you make that?" And then you can go - you know -
"What were you BEFORE you made that purpose?" - After you get charge off the purpose.
You usually find out HE HIMSELF was either "convinced", "PRed", "blackmailed",
"implanted", some how, in the normal criminal fashion of Xenu and his boys, MADE to do
that - Very much like the Russian do with their population - but on a much broader scale, you

You know, "If you don't do this, you will be one of those!" - you know - an ICE CUBE...
And boy, we found that these guys, who PROTESTED ANY PART OF DOING INCIDENT
II, were marked down and they were put through. Either there or later. Anybody who sort of
went "You know, maybe it's not a good idea to do."...It's always another guy reports him. So
when he comes in, he's called into the office - Zap! - you see? So he (Xenu) didn't allow
anybody to talk. "You want this to happen to you?" So he kept the lines tight. There negades,
you know, if they betrayed Xenu, then they would get SMASHED. So of course they got a
big withhold. They got the overts, they got the withhold, they got the PTS situation, they got
the betrayal....EVERYTHING. You see it right there on the case, as you run these guys.

But if you know this data in here, you can unravel it, because you can throw a few questions
in there about PTSs, about evil purposes, about "Whom you work for?", and you can get the
read, you see? And you can unmock it. OK, so that's the little hint on the "out of valence
guys" and LRH's C/Sing style.

Now, why are these guys holding on a lot of these stacks? Very simple. A lot of them are
holding the stacks, because they are more powerful than everybody else in the stack. Why are
they more powerful? Because they didn't have the Implant with the same intention or they
didn't have it at all. They got it in a later Mutual Incident or an earlier one or something like
that. But they weren't in that particular Incident II. They may have got dumped down to the
planet later by betraying the renegades, they may have got just shot and dumped on the planet,
because they thought they may be a security problem, you know what I mean? They might
have been left there, so there wouldn't be any "witnesses".

So, while some were there, busily doing the other guys in and then, after that was over, they
said: "OK, get rid of those guys, we don't want any "witnesses" - rat-tat-tat-tat (machine
guns) - you see? That's it. So they got left on the planet. They may even have gotten put
through the "36 days" but rarely - sometimes you don't find these guys had the Volcano
Incident. They haven't had the explosion of the H-bomb. So they are sort of still more
"competent" as a thetan. They are still "there", not so much "made into a Cluster". So they
were more powerful.

So, they sort of "take over" a thing and some of them PRETEND to be good guys. This is
another thing - they would say: "Well, you know, I'm a good guy, I'm a good guy." (Apart
from HOLDING on to these other guys in the plug, they're ready to do anything, that you
want.) But you can get the indicators of Dirty Needles, teeny Dirty Needles, and some times
little Rock Slams, stuff like that. When you get a Rock Slam, you can just date/locate the evil
purpose and you can usually find them.

Now, some of this stuff goes all the way back BEFORE (Incident) II (graph) and you find the
guy "out of valence" in (Incident) I as well! This is interesting, because that means, that he
came like this (graph), and he may have been out of valence in (Incident) I, he may have done
(Incident) I, come all the way down the track here (graph), he got nailed by the implanters
back here, for betraying them, doing Incident II (I) wrongly on people - letting some escape
from Incident II (I) - (I'm sorry - from Incident I).

But thetans have gotten out of Incident I for not doing it properly on them. We found guys
that were only "half-done" on Incident I. They didn't have the full thing or they escaped from
the full impact of the snaps, you know? By avoiding various control mechanisms on them of
electronic charge, and so on. And if the guy, who was running it - and they have thetans
actually running this stuff - who were...who were supposed to make sure, the guy was in
position before you "zapped" him with the snaps, you see? And if he wasn't quite in position,
then the snaps and Clusters all formed up here (a bit off target) and then the guy wasn't quite
in it. And so he comes out sort of "dragging" the Cluster along with him on the time track.
And he "sees" it! And we had a guy, who was dragging it like a trailer. He says: "Yeah, I can't
get rid of the thing, because I don't know what it is. But it makes pictures for me." You know,
what I mean? Then you go back (to Inc I) and find out he was "missed" and then nearby him
is another guy, who was - who WAS the guy who did the "errors" and right after he went
through, they snapped this other guy through it, because he was on the bad side of Incident I
and he messed up. Same Xenu pattern here: BETRAY EVERYBODY!

So, he was an operator here(graph), an operator in Incident I. And these guys are sort of "out
of valence in Incident I", see? But then later they got betrayed and thrown through. But you
find out, when they RUN THEIR INCIDENT I, they still feel "evil", they still have an R/S,
they still...they don't "blow" really. "Earlier Incident I?" "Earlier Universe?", doesn't work on
them. Why not? Still CHARGE, evil purpose - bum bum - all of this. And THERE you have
to get AGAIN the PTS/SP phenomenon or the evil purpose, because that's...Before he came
into the game, he may have had a good purpose, then he got recruited by Xenu, turned it into
an evil purpose. You see? Or he might have formed the evil purpose by saying: "Hey! That's
the way to do it! I want to work with those guys!" You know?

They really caused some effects though. Because back in those days - I mean - it was like - it
wasn't looked at necessarily as a - because it was the first time, that was done, it wasn't
looked at how horrible it was, you understand? Back there, people were more - they were free
of track before that, so they didn't have pictures automatically and so on - they thought: "Hey,
that is a good game, you know, let's "zap" all these guys and confuse them!" You see, what I

So, he could be "out of valence" in INCIDENT I AND INCIDENT II or he could be "out of
valence" in ONE OF THEM. So again you find them hard to blow, after you get way back
here (Inc I and before) and then ask them: "Who are you?" and he says: "Oh, I'm a nobody"
you know? OK, he had a failed purpose. You know? Can't do what he wanted, you know?
And "Earlier Universe?" "No." And he's sort of a "Nothing". He is still there and he's still
"holding on" there or something. And nothing is really blowing down on this guy. Nothing is
getting "loose".

"What were you doing there around Incident I time? Were you connected in DOING Incident
I?" You get a little read there on him - dididid (small R/S) - he's coming along, you know?
Then you ask: "OK, what's that? What's the story there? Come on, what's the BPC?" "Oh,
well, you know - I wanna be free, but if they find out, that I'm talking to you....you know?
They won't let me go free - NO!" You know? All kinds of computations come out of that and
then finally it opens up, he gives you the whole story, and you say: "OK, and what were you
before that?" You see? Then he gives you: "I only was a lonely simple little guy. I came in. I
wanted to play a BIG GAME. I wanted to be a BIG GUY - and they promised me a big

So - you blew him loose of the evil purpose, now he CAN go back to his own universe. He
did have to do his purpose - you see, what I mean? He got a "big post", he got to play a "big
game", and he got....he THOUGHT he failed, because they betrayed him, they put him
through the Incident himself. But basically he's been a "solid" ever since Incident I. A lot of
these guys - when they wake up - they are just - "zip" - from THEN TO NOW NOTHING
HAPPENED IN BETWEEN TO THEM. They are just very surprised to find themselves 4
quadrillion years later and they have to be oriented. Or sometimes they are very clean and they
know, where they are and everything like that. Or you single them up and there is nobody
connected to them, but they sort of hang there outside the body or outside the room and sort
of just "hang there". And you ack them and he still "hangs" there - "Ack!" - and you get sort
of this puzzlement, you know? And then you realize: "Oh, the guy is not oriented." Just orient
him, you know, he got the cog, he got the "own universe" business, he got "who he is". But
he doesn't know what to do. He is sort of "brand new". You have to orient him: "That is
planet Earth outside - right here on Earth was Incident II, 75 million years ago - ..." "There
were some bad guys running Incident II, that's what it was, and so on, so this is planet Earth
75 million years later than that. We're trying to rehabilitate all these guys and all that stuff like

"Wow, yeah, yeah, I see! Wow! What a game! What are these things...?" Some of them have
NEVER SEEN A MEAT BODY. They've only seen DOLL BODIES. Incident I was run with
doll bodies. In fact there were a lot of exterior beings at that time, at least until they got
captured or "PRed" into it: "Hey, experience the viewpoint of that doll body" - you know?
"They're pretty fine, they're amazing, they're nice." "There is the thing - get in there - pshsst!"
- you see?

So the whole idea was to suppress thetans and OTs down to a lower level of not being able to
as-is, not being able to postulate, not being able to operate. To start them "being" or
"pretending to be" MEST, and so on like that. All the things OPPOSITE to the things
Scientology is trying to do.

So, back here is the other incident, you find "out of valences", right? (Inc I) And by the way -
any questions on the "out of valence in R6" or "out of valence in Incident I"? Remember,
these guys are holders - a lot of them are holders - they are either HIDING or you find these
guys sort of feel "withholdy" or some feel "mean", you know? So, you get him IN
VALENCE, OK? You may have to use any or all of that (given above) as well. One other
thing: This is why we don't see the repair list so often on NOTs.

At certain points on the track...if the guy's...if you contact the guy in PT - you know - you get
him AWAKE and contact him, then by his ANSWER on the FIRST VALENCE QUESTION,
you can usually tell, where his charge is going to be. If he gives you an answer, that is a piece
of MEST - right? - you are going to find out, that he is usually having to be taken through all
of these steps, all right?

If he is...giving you an answer as - after he wakes up from being a..."whatever" - you know? -
he was a spot, and you woke him up and you say: "What are you?" and "Whaat...? Well, I was
a spot, but now I'm really an Officer." If he gives you a body identity or a body name - if it is a
meat body or he gives you a picture of meat bodies - then he's usually somewhere - he's going
to be stuck in between Incident... between from NOW BACK TO INCIDENT II, right?
(graph) And sometimes BACK OF THAT. You are going to find charge of course, but you
basically - Bang! - (chart) - you will ALSO have charge on INCIDENT II on this guy,
because he's still dramatizing meat bodies, and if his incident was ON EARTH, he definitely
WAS in that (Inc II) - all right? But if he wakes up, and is giving you a sort of "space opera"
thing - you know - where there were robot or doll bodies and zipping around in very fast ships
between different planets and stuff like that - it may be, that's his BPC in that area somewhere
- you know? Where he got "zapped" with a laser or whatever. He may have come all the way
through this thing unconscious and he may be back of that somewhere on the track, where he
has to find his true identity. In other words - especially with doll bodies and stuff like that - we
get him into that stage there (chart) usually back around Incident I and from Clearing Course
stuff back (graph) - 1 quadrillion, 2, 3, 4, something like that.

Although there were meat bodies at that time, it was NOT, it's NOT THE BIG THING there.
Anybody knows there is a much bigger status in having their "doll bodies". So, anyway, it's
not an invariable rule, but you can sort of spot, where the guy's charge is going to be. So, if a
guy is telling you: "Well, yeah, I had a nice doll body at one time, and man, they fucking got
me and - bla bla bla - that's my BPC." "I lost my whole game there." - and so on. And you say:
"OK. Well - must have an earlier incident. (Somewhere between Incident II and Incident I).
Whenever it WAS a doll body and you ask: "Do you have Incident II?" - you won't get it. So
flowing forward in time. Usually it's Incident I.

Whereas if the guy's giving you: He was a "priest" or a "conquistador" or some kind of a
"space guy in a body" or a... you know - any kind of thing in a meat body - then you are going
to say: "OK" - (after he's finished telling you his BPC or answered a few "What's?", and you're
not getting any cog on the "Who?") - and then you say: "OK, let's go get Incident II from the
Capture." And he will find: "THAT"S where it's at!"

Also, we've woken up guys, who were a whole army troop, or a whole troop of religious
people, and they still thought they had their bodies. And they woke up fully on running the
Capture of Incident II. They are waking up, and you still see this funny "solid object", and
then they wake up and you see this thing come apart - the solid object disappears - until you
get this impression of thetans around, and little mock-ups - a group of mock-ups around and
these are their BODIES and they're all going: "Yes..." - straightening up their clothes. But
then they suddenly realize, they don't have any bodies anymore!

The thing happened so fast, that they - they're just coming "alive" again - you know - like he
(LRH) says on the tape - on the revivification - he's revivifying now, he's coming right out of
that incident. He still thinks, he has his body there. You know, these people straightening up
their coats, and all that, but it's only thin mock-ups. They are not REALLY there. But when
you see that, you now that the guy is still stopped on that valence of "being a body". He's still
carrying along a thin mock-up.

And then when the guy has come to the point of being a thetan and he realizes: "Yeah...yeah,
I'm really me!" "I'm a thetan!" - BUT he's STILL NOT BLOWING, then you can suspect
basically, that his charge is going to be back here in (Incident I) - people stuck to him, or he
was on the other side of it, or he had a failed purpose - like that, you see? It's more or less
way back in this area.

Or we will find some guys, who had missed (Incident) II. All right, they had missed Incident II
- were pretty clean - like a Natural Clear or something like that and later the guy got suckered
by something on Earth or something in the Universe and got thrown down onto Earth by
some spaceship accident or some warfare or something, that the implanters laid on him and he
got captured, implanted, thrown down here. And they have been out of valence ever since.
But when you wake them up, they're immediately a thetan. They KNEW, they were exterior
before that. You do find it - and it's not too rare. But those guys would usually be running
around and pick up bodies. Some of them did get fooled into "being" a body. And usually
because they had never spotted their own EARLIER INCIDENT Is. So they had with them
other people who were smashed and they went with it: zap-zap-zap-zap, see? The other guys
got caught up in the pictures and they just went with it. They're "done in" by their own
valence. So, we do find guys, that when you wake them up, they are - have theta abilities,
right away - zip! - they are Clear almost, or are Clear. But they are VERY EASY to run. I
mean - that's not the problem.

The problem is: Where is the guy when he's giving these answers like: "I'm your evil nemesis"
or "I'm a bird" or "a horrible beast" - or something like that. Oh boy!

Then you probably have got to look at it, as the guy maybe has charge on the Middle Ages -
you know? - some of this religious symbolism or something, which "earlier similar" locked
onto an Incident II picture - you see, what I mean? Then he won't answer the rest of the
valences questions. He's just giving you a "36 days" picture. IT'S NOT WISE TO LIST AND

It's wise to just know from C/Sing that here's this guy. He is stuck in a fucking religious
mock-up. He's giving you the stuff with "hoods" and "capes", and "beams" and all this kind of
stuff - you know - and he is saying: "Evil perversions, yes, I must keep all these people from
going into evil perversions." And so on like that. He's just "fixed" and he won't give you the
evil purpose - no date, nothing like that. So, you say: "OK, you have BPC on Incident II - 36
days picture of that" - you now? And you just - poom! put his ATTENTION on it. "75
million years ago." - poom! - and that was it - psst - it vanishes.

You see, these guys are very easy - ONCE YOU GET THEM IN COMM TO INDICATE
BE. Knowing the 36 days - pictures of devils and all these different kinds of things. All the
things you see dramatized on television today - it is one of those. Boy, the guy has got charge
on that. So, he won't get loose until he runs that BPC out of Incident II. And you might find,
that he's on the OVERT side of it. Before he GOT it, he was GIVING it. So, if he doesn't go
easily from (Incident) II back to (Incident) I, then you KNOW, that he's got some charge in
between and usually RIGHT THERE. He was GIVING it, before he GOT it. And he
"pretends" - we have seen some guys totally - fft - like this (flinching) - trying to "get away
from responsibility". You've probably seen that.

He says: "Oh! Yeah, I was captured. Right here on "Terra" (Earth). Thrown through the thing
and - bup! - Yeah, that was Inc II - yeah - Ohh - feels a lot better. What's next?" And then you
would say: "Incident I" (Nothing) "Huh?" "Is there some more charge there in Inc II?" "Did
you tell me ALL about that or is there some more By Passed Charge?" - You got a little read -
and you say: "Yeah, what IS that? What were you DOING right around Inc II?" - "Ahh - well
- uh - uh -." "Where you on the OVERT side of it?" - "Ahh - well - haha - yes."

Then you get off this charge. And then: "When did you make that purpose?" And then you
have to get THAT off, BEFORE the guy can get back to Incident I and see it, if he needs to -
BEFORE he can get off the other guys, that are stuck to him.

So, what you are doing essentially here in SUPER NOTs is: YOU ARE C/SING EACH
CASE, AS IT COMES UP! And that's what we saw immediately - that what you are doing is:
C/Sing YOURSELF - by finding what the STACK is in your area. C/SING the FIRST READ,
or CONTACT with BTs & Clusters, you get in the STACK - which is the "Org" aspect of it -
(You have to know a little policy on that - org policy DOES apply to Plugs) (And there is this
data here, about how the organization of the "bad guy" is stacked up, and so on - as well.)
Because it's all Org Board knowledge, but BASICALLY, it's FINDING THE LEADER of
this group. Getting who is "holding" who. If you're not getting a result, when you first contact
- you find out, WHO IS HOLDING HIM, and so on. Or, if it's a Cluster, then: "Who is the
spokesman for the Cluster?" and: "What is the Mutual Incident for the Cluster?" If you can't
get it this way, then: "WHO IS HOLDING THE CLUSTER?", and so on.

Remember, a Cluster is a less able thing than a single being, so always suspect that there IS a
holder. "Somebody holding?" "Suppressed?" "Hiding?", but DOING IT anyway. They may be
outside. They may be somewhere else. OK, so you get the stack on your own cognition. Then
you get your area of attention. And you get the Org - ORGANIZATION. You start out, go
up to the top, and work down. All right? Being ready to handle, or "C/S" any of the guys you
find. And expect up near the top to find the "implanter", the "out of valence in R6".

Any guys, that are "out of valence in R6" and any guys, that may be "implanters operating
around this area", could be holders on these things. And these guys - as LRH says - they got
VERY SOLID because of their overts. True - but ALSO because of their LIMITED TRACK
OF BEING ANY KIND OF A CAUSATIVE BEING. They're always working for
SUPPRESSIVES. So he WORKED for a suppressive - what happened - he BECOMES
suppressive. Right, and so the guy ends up being a suppressive at a very LOW LEVEL -
HOLDING on to a Cluster - who is holding a BT - who is holding other Clusters - and so on.

So, it's not uncommon to find these "out of valence in R6" guys. Not uncommon at all. We
haven't yet had to run Power on any of them, which is interesting. But I'm sure you can find
them so "stuck in", that you have to run Power on them. I've run other people on Power, but
we haven't found any in our auditing, that we had to run Power on yet. But if they just got so
STUCK in ANYTHING or the earlier thing they had, they just got so STUCK in the incident,
it was PT FOR THEM, and so on, or NOTHING woke them up - then it's a process, that
CAN WORK on ANYTHING, you see?

But to run Power, you do need to be in comm with the guy. You CAN do it by straight
intention back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, till the guy finally blows loose of it,
giving him the Power command - which is also getting him in comm, you know - because it's
asking for rudiments anyway, it's asking for EVERYTHING, with a beautiful Tech of ONE
PROCESS, that handles everything on the guy all the way down, to where the engram stuck
him in. You often WILL need the Power Processes. Especially "Power Process 6": "Tell me
an existing condition." "Tell me how you have handled it?" It's for the RESISTIVE case.

The other thing, I just wanted to mention quickly, was, that there is a lot of data in "Revolt in
the Stars", which will enable you to understand the actual organization, the factors, that went
in to producing Incident II. It tells about Xenu's "3 Phase Plan" and all of that kind of stuff.
PHASE ONE: Assassination of Loyal Officers. PHASE TWO: Blowing up the bases of the
Armies of the Loyal Officers of the troops, so they could not respond, and then - PHASE
THREE: Capturing the populations, bringing them all to Earth and blowing them up. And it
gives details of how they did the transports and so on. They just don't mention the ice-cubes
and they don't mention the implant. OK?

So this is exactly what happened. And they give a list of "bad guys" and the financial thing,
how it was financed. Also the planets where they came from - or at least the stars where they
came from. You can't maybe get the name of each planet with the stars, but we've already
found guys that want that. To get more oriented to what happened or to who were DOING
the capture. One said: "Yeah, I came from Antares." You know, they will give you that. So,
it's good to know, what these names are, because it gives more R (Reality) with the guys you
are handling.

These are important things, that I think you have to know about. This is that first, thetans are
HOLDING ON to a beingness, you know? They are afraid of becoming molecules and cells.
That's what they fear. But even then, we find out on lower levels of these stacks, thetans are
holding - there's the guy who is right over the cells and molecules and he monitors them. They
blow up by inspection almost, after the other valence stuff is gone. But they're down there and
they haven't quite become a molecule or cell. And they are still thetans and they are still
holding - they are the "monitor" of those cells.

Now this, this other thing is very interesting to Doctor Prinz: This is probably what prevents
medicine from working and so on like that - because THEY are being held further up the line
by SUPPRESSIVES. So they are holding the cells, so that the blood stream for instance, in
that area, will not flow. So medicine can't work, because this guy is putting intention there:
"Don't let anybody in!" You know? You see, what I mean? OK.

And those are the key points of this thing. One is the organization point, and then using it to
handle plugs, stacks, and seeing the transparency build up even before the space closes in
again. Even so it's always getting less solid. And recognizing that you have, or are going to
run into some people, that have these problems of OT III in restim and By Passed Charge in
particular, right? And that you have to get some of them - you have to get them into comm by
letting them tell: "Who you would have to be to audit them" - and blow any charge on that. Or
recognizing that there's a sort of comm of a name: "Aha, that's a ... that name is a bad guy in
Incident II". "So, you worked for a bad guy in Incident II?"

Now, the auditing is a bit - because you're dealing mostly with - here you're not dealing with
a TOTAL COMPOSITE CASE. You're taking up individuals out of that, that essentially may
be hung up by Incident I and II, but not much else. So, they - when you are dealing with them,
you can sort of bypass maybe Grades... some of Dianetics, Grades, and so on like that. But
not all of them, sometimes you need to get them in comm, you need to get problems or
overts handled, if they need and so on. But the valence process, by itself, because - basically
you start with the valence process, then you find you can't go any further, you use this data,
and then again you can end up with the valence process, after you got all his charge off. Then
the guy finally realizes, - for example, you are working with the guy and right away you know
it's a waste of time. You ask the guy: "Who is he?" He's "The devil" - "Who's he?" "The
devil". And "Who was he, before he became that?" "Ah, I was a picture of the devil." You
know? Come on, this is going to on forever...right? You say: "What's the By Passed Charge?
Is it Incident II? Another Incident?" "OK, I see, it's II. Good. Was it a 36 days picture?" - you

"Oh, oh, oh, I see, I was fixated on a picture of the devil." "Good, OK." "What's your
capture?" Right away you got it. Just by pushing him back to that time - 75 million - pumm,
pfft, tshh - you see? YOU KNOW THAT. I mean, you don't have to go fooling around with
this thing and by pass charge on this. You spot the guy - pumm - back to the incident. It's very
easy, you see.

So, you can do a C/SING ON THE CASE, AS YOU SEE IT.And you can always ask:
"Holder?" And - the guy must be stuck, you see? Ask for the Holder, "being held by
something?" Find out where he is, OK? All right. He will still be there. He's not going
anywhere else. Don't worry.

We've had a funny experience of a guy going through a wall, when he was trying to blow, and
he just stopped. He couldn't get through the wall. He had to spot, that there were two more
Earlier Incident Is, that were stuck on him IN HIS VALENCE. And WITH THEM he
couldn't get through the wall. So we blew him loose of those and they ALL got through the
wall. You see?

That just shows you, that if you understand the track and you understand the (OT) III, and
you understand the basic, where the case is "stacked up". That's a VERY IMPORTANT
LINE in NOTs. So if you understand that, you can run it very successfully with a lot of
interest all the time, because you are always gaining data about the whole track, and a lot of
Incidents. And you're EXPANDING the PLUS GAIN, the POSITIVE GAIN now, not just
the "negative gain" to you. But the positive gain to you is: "My God!" "Wow!" And you
become informed and causative on the other dynamics. And you find all the things, that
caused aberrations on every single dynamic. And you KNOW THIS IS THE TRUTH.
So, the guy gets Clear on all Dynamics, and OT on all Dynamics. It's possible. I mean, this is
HATTING for thetan who is running through this auditing either as a PreOT or as a Solo
Auditor. You understand VERY MUCH.

So, to see for yourself what happened with thetans. All the Dynamics we have in here. There's
thetans, who have entire 4th and 3rd dynamics in these plugs. You can have entire
populations, groups, towns, army corps, all kind of different jobs, populations, in there -
messed around on Earth - put through Incident II.

And before that, when you get back (on the track), and if you really understand Dynamics 3
and 4, then you go plenty above that. When you're going back here (chart) and start doing the
stuff around Incident I, you start finding out, what all the considerations are about Dynamic 5
and 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10. Because back there, they were doing a more of a thetan's
game. They were thetans and doll bodies, but not so many meat bodies and they experimented
over here with these little woody things, that were only plants, and help that to grow up into
trees and so on.

Remember the old Dianetics Axioms: Theta, Lambda, Phi. Theta is Theta. Lambda is the body
form, and Phi is MEST. But as you get these guys through Phi, then finally come up from Phi,
through Lambda to Theta and then - pffft - then they are single, and they're back in their own
universe, OK?

So, whatever happens, that's the beauty of the level. I can not understand how people get
bored with it, and so on like that, if they're running it right. I don't expect sessions to be short,
right? I don't expect people to get bored with it, because it's very interesting all the way
through. And you think: "Well, I'm not running my own case." But it IS your own case, as
you are responsible for freeing it.

If people think, it's not interesting, they must have missed something about it, because it's
always interesting to find out what's in the next plug. Like that: You're always getting
knowledge and you have to confront several very evil and very - so to say - unconfrontable
incredible things on the track, when you run these things. And that makes you ready for the
next level after SUPER NOTs. OK?

So, now, any questions...anybody have any questions about what we said? Or on what I am
briefing you on here? And what will be the reference data, that are talked about? Any other
experiences, that people would like to say or that seems to fit in with this? I know you've been
running NOTs. You've been running NOTs as well. So we - does this seem to summarize
most of the important points you...go after?

"Yes, it does. I still have one other question: I mean, I don't really...I don't know, that they
really blow on Earlier Universe."

Well, they do if it's an Earlier Universe far enough back.

"I wonder about the phenomena of Out-Int. When you are quite a way on the level of this.
And they don't have it anymore...a time track. But still, there is that Out-Int phenomena,
which...which I don't understand."

OK. Well, first the reference on that is where he talks about flows, stuck flows...

"Yeah, this is the point: stuck flows is the problem I have - stuck flows and the understanding
of the thetans. Stuck flows and Out-Int. It's maddening."

Well, he said, that the stuck flow is the sort of an underlying reason for Out-Int. They're
stuck on one of these flows, right? Now, what we're dealing with here is what we're calling
"Review Auditing". See? Because the "Int" problems are usually a Review Case. What I'm
talking about here is the major stuff, you run on the track. That is always handled. But in
Review, we have certain things, that don't fit in the usual line-up of auditing. You see? So, this
is the sort of stuff like Out-Int and when you have to prepcheck him or you have to do a
repair on a guy. A certain kind of repair auditing. A specific thing on that case, right?
So Out-Int is basically a flows problem. You do handle the grade chart with flows...

"With Out-Int on different flows? You mean, I have to do all that!"

Mhm, I understand, I understand. What I'm saying is: It comes under a different category of
ability or disability of a thetan. We now are on to a review thing of - now, see, we're talking
about before the time track in this instance?

"Yes, I used that example, that's fine."

Now we're talking about - when you're in Review - you are always looking at: "Are we
making this thetan able or has he got a disability, that's affecting his case?" This is a totally
different view in order to locate the thing. You know? From the viewpoint of: "Are we
achieving the ability for the guy or not." And, "What - if not - what ability does he need to
have to get back to the abilities of a thetan to postulate and perceive." And the "Rights of a
Thetan" - this is the other thing, we had to brief some of the guys on here - the "Rights of a
Thetan" to LEAVE A GAME, if he wants to, or the RIGHT TO HIS OWN SANITY.


OK, this is side 4, now we have the question and answer period about the SUPER NOTs
NOTs ONLY. Question and answer period.

We're just talking about now the review action and we had this special thing of Out-Int, stuck
flows on BTs, all right? And I'm saying also now, this is when you have to wear the "Review
C/S" hat. This is just straight C/Sing so far. (All before on this tape).

Now, as a sort of "Review guy" you sort of look at the thing as: If the thetan was totally able,
he wouldn't be in the situation he was. So, we're looking at the abilities, that the thetan could
normally have to be an OT, right? Or be a "Static", OK? This comes under the prepcheck
buttons, the postulate and perceive Axioms - you know, where he has the ability to postulate
and perceive, and the ability to AS-IS. That covers a lot of that. And all these buttons, that
you put on lists, on rudiments, and things, which can be out: False and Inval, Eval, Decide,
Altered, and all the different things a thetan can do with things. All right?

So Out-Int is one of these, where he can't flow this way or that way - or that way. He's stuck
in at least one way. He can't come in. Can't come out - stuck, stuck, stuck. So, it basically
comes under the earlier Axioms of Dianetics, where you have a thetan, who is "bringing order
to MEST". The Dianetics Axioms. It's more like: Theta brings order to MEST. And you now
have a guy confused with his identity in relation to or his abilities in relation to MEST. That is
basically what it is. ALL of these disabilities. The thetan is disabled because he's become -
well, he's become Entheta or Enmest, see? Because as I said, a pure thetan could go through a
wall. It's no problem.

"He's stuck. He's stuck, you know?"

Yeah. But if he's stuck in with two other thetans, THAT"S THE LIE. So now he's THREE -
but he THINKS, he is ONE. If you get them each SINGLE, they should ALL go through the
wall. Now one guy MAY NOT go through the wall, and you have done everything else on
him, and so he is the guy on the stuck flow, see?

So, you will get, in the case at some point, you'll get a whole bunch of guys, that now have -
AFTER all this other stuff has been blown - they may even have been sitting there, listening,
the whole time...

"Of course they have! Of course they have!"

Yeah, they monitored, what's going on and now they find out: "Yeah, well, me too - but I, I
can't go...". You know, they really say it (telepathically) just like that, right? If the guy has
been hanging on to these plugs, all the other guys are sort of "listening" too. They blow
charge as the first guy gets handled, the top of the Org Board. He's been holding at the top, so
whatever he's been saying or doing, is affecting them ALL. That's why, when we've pulled him
out and blow him, the whole thing will start to come apart. And now we are getting to the
point, where maybe some don't go, the guys with the stuck flows.

"And they are partially hiding, partially hiding, stuck flows on different flows, see?"

Mmm, you will find, that these guys are the guys who are carrying over a stuck flow from
THEIR OWN UNIVERSE - they COULD DO IT from there,you see? I think, they are
mistaking their own universe with this one and are carrying an old game, or an old stuck flow
or an old postulate with them to another one (universe). You'll find games conditions going on
between two or more of those guys, right? If you single them down - once you've singled
them - and he still can't go or get free, or can't get out or move or whatever, then you must
find the flow that's stuck, like it says in the thing on the assessment on the flows. Do you have

But there WILL be a story of it, when you do the recall. See, you have to get that recall, so
the guy can be totally free of it. And he could be ANYBODY or ANYTHING, because a
thetan can hang himself up in ANY WAY AT ALL.

Now, I would say the reason, you're getting a bunch of these, is because they've been
monitoring the other stuff going on during the case and they sort of "cleaned themselves up"
on "solo".When you get to them, the only thing they have left is within: They couldn't leave
because, they have stuck flows. And that is something you weren't handling on the other guys,
so they didn't get it. And then you have to assess the flows, get the recall - bamm - they find
out, what it is and blow the confusion, they had on other universes or other things that they

"They have no...I mean they are not involved or have no attention, there's nothing. Just
nothing. Just stuck!"

Realize, when you get there, you are dealing - once you've singled the guy up - you are
already dealing at this point of the track, where the beginning of the track is - Incident I - so
now you're dealing with guys behind that point, who have a disability. So you're dealing with
pure Theta at this point and you are only working on the basis of the things "Senior to the
Bank." So, Incident I isn't real to them. Incident II isn't real to them. It's senior buttons you

So, what is it LRH says are senior to the Bank? ARC, KRC, the Grades-charge, and
occasionally, problems, stuck flow problems. O/W - his own consideration of his own overts.
Not as a "body", but HIS as a thetan. His own idea of an overt, his own Ethics for instance -
ARC - of course, because we mentioned that, - AND he can easily create himself a little
Service Fac - if he wants to - by playing a game with somebody.
In fact we found out, that when you get to the end of this that "purposes" always have to do
with GAMES. And some of these guys are stuck are stuck on the "Theory of Games". They
don't understand the THEORY OF A GAME.

So, now you get him really up there, to where the abilities are blocked by non-understanding
of games - you know - freedoms, and barriers and opponents. I mean, just put that up to them,
you know: "Game?" "Are you stuck in a game? Freedom, barriers and opponents?"

"Oh, yeah! I got a barrier here, I made because I got opponents! Where's that opponent?
Ooooh, GONE!! He was there!" You know? They did it one timelong ago, but it's not there
anymore. "Ohh, no more opponents. I guess, I can be free." You see, what I mean? The
theory. They knew, that long ago, they were doing something, that they had a games
conditions with and they didn't understand the game and now it's gone. See?

So, these are the applicable things on the later part of the case here or when you find these
guys when that won't go after Incident I. You find this Earlier Universe, but connected with
that is "purposes", "games", "stuck flow", "attributes of the thetan", "abilities", "postulates".
"Did you postulate something?"

You can't...you don't even get a reaction to: "Earlier?" They don't look at it as being "Earlier".
They sort of still have their attention on it in PT.

"They don't understand that at all. (Earlier)"

Not after you...when they don't have pictures anymore, you don't have an "earlier" concept.
To them it's just an "Is-ness". It's an IS-NESS.

"Almost too simple to sort of see that, because it's so high up."

Right! And so it's easy. Because now you're dealing with...

"I don't think it's easy..."

Well, you're dealing with the attributes of a thetan, and you're dealing with prep-check-typebuttons,
you're dealing with flows, and you're dealing with abilities and games. So, you can
almost be - you know - if it doesn't handle with Int, you can check, whether the guy's stuck in
a game. Find out: Is he stuck in a game? "What is the game?" "Who are you playing it with?"
Or "Did you have one? Did you win? Did you loose?" Whatever gets the charge off, you
know, you dig at it, if "failed purpose" doesn't get it off. Because he could have a failed
purpose in a earlier game. And then, when you get his failed purpose in THIS UNIVERSE,
you then get him back to earlier universe and it's not his only failed purpose. Because he failed
in that one too - he lost a game.

So, now you have to run "games" on the guy. To get him to understand games: "OK" - you
know - "That's it!" "The game is over." And then you can get him to basic LRH "Rights of a
Thetan", which gives the "ability to leave a game". "the right to leave a game." "The right to
your own sanity." That's what we're trying to make here.

"Yeah, I see..." He gets a cog. Sometimes you have to ORIENT him. Sometimes you have to
R-Factor him. Sometimes you have to give him some Tech data, so they can understand
what's wrong with them - you know? Give them data what happened. Hat them. Get them
aware of games. You have to get them aware of failed purposes. You have to get them aware
of "this is the MEST universe", and their freedoms or the right of a thetan - as LRH
says.That's what we're doing. And...or at least 2% of the time or 5% of the time, you have to
orient the guy in PT. Or we have laid out the choices and let him choose, what he wants to do.
Give him "power of choice", orient him to PT, so he can decide, what he can do. Or you have
to lay out some possibilities, he could do: "What are you interested in doing?"

He says: "Oh, this and that..."

"OK, (give him the choice), in this game right now, you could do this and that... or you could
just leave it, if you want. It's up to you." And you can also hat him on some of the Axioms.
You say: "what you are, is a free being, and you're a thetan - we call it "thetan" - and you have
an ability to postulate and perceive. Do you understand?" You see?

So basically what you're doing is "hatting a thetan", because we're ALL having to do that.
They didn't have this Tech. The reason, they all got into this bloody NOTs business, is
because they didn't have the knowledge in the beginning. They had the abilities, but you have
to have the KNOWLEDGE. Now we're restoring him to the ability state, but we've got to
give him the knowledge this time - if they don't get it from having listened to or run through
the processes. OK?

So, in that particular case, does that answer your question? You have to go for restoring the
Theta abilities, the games, Axioms and so on. The "Rights of a Thetan". So, get them

"Yes, I'm sure you're right. It helped a lot."

Assess, assess them on that and find out, what the thing is. Ask for the by passed charge. Get
it. Get the story...OK? Other questions? That also fits with the tone scale, bring them upscale
from MEST through the body area through activity, games and so on. Finally get them up to
40.0, serenity. You know? OK! Any other questions?

So, it's like we should have a lot of successful PreOTs and Auditors around here, because I
was interested - just in closing - I was interested in making sure people here didn't run into the
stuff, that I have seen, and I'm sure, that others are running into. From the folders I've seen on
people C/Sed from outside - first some DCSIs, and on OT-Levels, and then on NOTs itself.
And also to show, that in certain parts of the NOTs Tech, there were areas, that were not
made - in my opinion - IMPORTANT ENOUGH in the data. Which probably, when it was
written, wouldn't have been recognized as to it's importance. But then later, it became more
important - as...has told me. Some of the stuff has now appeared on the Solo-NOTs. You
have to do all this auditing. You have to assess a list to get this, etc. And the "stacking up" of
the case, and this kind of thing ARE mentioned, but only "in passing", almost. You know:
"Don't worry, if this thing don't run like this, as it may not be stacked up this way." It should
WAY THAT IT IS STACKED UP!" See?That should be a BIG DATUM! It really should,
because we have not experienced the...what it says in there: "Don't worry, if in the first few
sessions, you have BPC, because the stuff, as it's kept on going, will lessen from session to
UP BPC. We were removing a whole "plug" (org board), and when that was gone, it was a
whole new ball game. OK?

"It's still a worry for me, because I've come across that in (OT) III. Stacks! We take one stack
away and the other side collapses. And you have to handle the other side of it."

Right ! Now, somebody may ask: "Why are they stacked up this way?" And I've been looking
at that myself. I know they are, but I don't know exactly WHY. But I would say, it is because
in essence, YOU ARE THE C/O OF THE WHOLE CASE. And whatever your attention is
on, THAT will respond to THAT, see? You can look at it as being sort of "planetary C/O" of
the whole Orgs of the Planet, you know, what I mean? So, if you're going: "peacock" - "Yeah,
that's a peacock I guess, white peacock (on the table)." All right - if you're going "peacocks",
then you're liable to get a whole bunch of things on the stack, that have to do with
"peacocks", and birds, and other things having to do with that, right away.

If it's...say you're troubled with sore toes or sore feet or some thing. You're liable to
get...your attention is drawn immediately to all the Clusters and BTs around the toes or the
feet or guys holding those from somewhere else, you know?

But I would say that... if you realize, that they obey you: "I'm really the C/O of the whole
business!" We really get laughing sometimes on these guys, because you have to treat it
like...you have to be RESPONSIBLE for this stuff on your stacks, and it's like sometimes
these guys are great jokers. I mean, they just...they wake up and they say something really
funny. You know, it's like the prizefighter coming awake, after he's been knocked out, and he
says: "Where is he???" I mean, they start coming out of this incident, and right away they
think, they're still in it. OR at the last moment they were still awake. And they're still carrying
on with that action. It's very funny.

So, the whole thing is: You have to responsibility and treat it that way. It's an interesting area
and if it's going away from interest, then realize, you may have a wrong assessment on your
OWN INTEREST LINE. That's why the stack is there, I think, because it's your interest as
the C/O of the whole case. So, your interest will be the monitoring factor here.

And I wanted to put that right at the beginning of any of our SUPER NOTs auditing for the
people that haven't started yet, so that they don't get into this BPC phenomena. So they do
take the things in the right way and handle it as it comes, all right?

"I do have another consideration on that: Why is attention drawn to some areas or specific
points? I think because in NOTs - no, wait a moment please - I think because in NOTs we
deal with thetans and some how - by one way or another - they become more and more awake
and get bigger or whatever and PULL the attention. Because in former times, I very often was
mystified, because I - after completing OT III - I did a lot of III again. Why that? I didn't
think, I brushed it off, the III, I was...I did it through. But in the meantime, I think some of the
NOTs cases came awake, so I could more or less handle them with III. And I think that's the
same here: What pulls the attention, is more awake than the rest, and then that is the first
thing, you could handle."

The first thing is the thing, that you have your attention on and has the most reads. There's TA
there, and you got more TA there and more reads there...

"And that must be the most awake, I think."

Yeah, that's true, it is the most REAL...

"The most active, I would say."

Hm,..."most active"...But I just thought of another thing, you said that...which is: Remember
in III or let's say, remember in II, you're knocking off the charge to expose the III case.
Remember in III, you're getting rid of the thetans, who are most alive, so this can expose the
NOTs case. And remember, when you are running NOTs - as you get a way through that -
you now expose the NEXT CASE to handle for the thetan, right? And if we assume, that
SUPER NOTs is going to free up pretty much of his OWN UNIVERSE, like clearing him on
all dynamics, out of all this stuff HE'S connected to in it - then it might be, that another
universe of - say, the 3rd universe (MEST) - or the 2nd (the universe of others) - may come
up, or any connections to them.

But basically, you have to look at that stuff SHINING THROUGH the NOTs case. In other
words, the effects FROM the environment. Why do you think, they tell you: "Don't watch
television too much, if you're on NOTs", you see? I found a whole bunch of guys sitting
around the nerve channels, that were the ones, that were interested in the television flows
coming through. Because they had pictures similar to pictures like that on the TV. And they
were sort of like urging me to watch it. Just like you feel things in your arm or you feel your
heart beat. You CAN feel these guys, they're not totally dead, not totally inert. They have a
job. And if the job is to do THIS, they want to have some ack for that or want to have some
reward or some flow coming through there.

If they're being a monitor, they want to have something to monitor. If they're being a listening
device - a mocked up "listening device", like an earphone or something, it could be - or a
space ship, then they want some space movies there! You see what I mean?

So, they actually try to influence you, pull it in from the environment, from the other
universes. Either talking with others or seeing it - like the movies on television.

This is why I'm saying: "Everytime you do this in session, pull this whole thing out, you feel a
total change of valence of the body, of the things - like your impressions, you're getting
through the body. You WILL feel "different", as you feel a DIFFERENT RESPONSE.
Different ways to perceive or sense things, or now there's things, you weren't aware of before,
or THOSE are gone and now there's a different "balance" in the case. It's very interesting and
you can actually determine that as a "case change" all the time. OK?

So, let's look at it as possibly, it's exposing the influence of the next level of the case to
handle. Because that's all, the thetan has been doing since Clear. OT I, then on to OT II and
OT III, you are cleaning up THIS, so you can get to THIS. You are cleaning up THAT, so
you can get to THAT.

"Like the whole bridge, the lower levels?"

Yes. That's similar...

"This data itself is almost like...throwing things loose, that want to be acknowledged. Waiting
to say, "I'm here..."

So, not only must you be a SUPER NOTs AUDITOR, but you must also be a SUPER NOTs
C/S. A C/S for all these "cases" you're handling, because you are being an auditor and C/S at
the same time. And that way we will make your run through the SUPER NOTs level very
smooth and very interesting.

So, if there are no other questions? No? I would just like to thank LRH for getting all the
stable datums for us and putting it out. And what is beautiful about it is the final statement,
"Exterior at will". The EP. That was beautiful. The SUPER NOTs data itself - first of all
aligns to experience with ALL CASES but even more than that, it goes right back and shows
again that all the Axioms - Scientology, Dianetics, ALL these basic truths of Scientology and
so on - are totally, TOTALLY RIGHT. Spot on! You know, it just totally validates all the
basic Axioms, as you come through it. One just might start off learning the Axioms and then
sort of go up the bridge and think: "Well, hmm..." But then if you get off to yourself and
think: "God damn, that was right spot on, it's RIGHT THERE, what he says. What's there is
exactly as predicted." And ALL Scientology is based on the Axioms, you know. And now it's
like going through the "circle of knowledge" and coming back to the beginning, full circle.
And saying: "Here's the Axioms!" "And now I REALLY understand why!"

You know, it's like the data analysis. So, it's a fantastic assembly of data, that LRH did. And
just by knowing a little bit more about the data of C/Sing, and what happens on the OT
levels, and what happens on the SUPER NOTs case and C/Sing from the viewpoint of these
guys, then you can make it very smooth. You go through the level easily. OK?

"Fine. Thank You."

"Yeah, I thought on another subject - if you could say a little word about the bridge over from
auditing to SUPER Solo NOTs."

Yeah, that's a good question. Yes, I will mention that. I'm not sure what criteria, they use in
the Church - but there's only two (criteria), that I can say right now, that I feel are necessary:
One of them is that the guy, who is being audited on SUPER NOTs, can confidently handle
the entire of this particular stack (which he's been handling) without hardly any help form the
auditor. Which means by this time, he doesn't even need a meter. So, if he HAS a meter, he
can CERTAINLY do it. AND he has enough free attention to not have to refer back to the
auditor. He's got enough free attention units of his own, so he can keep track of who to

In other words: He hadn't handled THAT guy, but he had to handle the holder, the one who is
holding him. And maybe another guy is holding also. So, he handles that guy and this Cluster
and so on and now he doesn't have to refer back to find out, who is the next guy, he has to
handle. See, if he has enough FREE ATTENTION to handle all of that, then you KNOW, he
also has enough free attention to run the admin and the meter at the same time.

And the other criteria - oh, there is one technical criteria: I wanted to - on audited SUPER
NOTs - to handle all the missed stuff on earlier auditing and OT III. I think that should be
done with an auditor, because it could involve Out-Int and lists and things like that. That
should be done with the auditor.

But the other, ONLY OTHER CRITERIA besides that of "The guy being able to run it by
himself mostly through the session, maybe only one or two little "steers" by the auditor", is:

Because there are TWO criteria here: The guy IS going to be a solo auditor, but it is very
good to have another terminal there to discharge the stuff to. You see, what I mean? And -
even if he has the meter and the admin - CAN HE KEEP THE SAME LEVEL OF
INTEREST? And...interest IS going on when both the guy and the auditor are working on it,
you see? If he still wants that a little bit, it's like you have to bridge him off of that.

I mean, I noticed, that I don't have to talk anymore. I'm phasing out of the session - but I'm
still there as a TERMINAL for Ulrich and he...I don't need to SAY anything. I just start the
session, you know, indicate the first area, and then he's off - bum bum bum bum bum - you
know: "This guy, and this guy, and this guy", you know? And eventually I just tell him: "Your
TA is floating."

After a few sessions, I didn't have to say much. Now I'm just keeping all the admin. Except for
one or two times, you know? And he's going: "Now, let's see, that guy blew. Anybody left
around? I had that stuck one, but I forgot which one he's from." "OK", I say: "that guy will be
from the Cluster here.", OK? And the needle read, when checked "Earlier Incident Is
connected to him." (that's what he last ran on that Cluster.)

"OK, good!" - ptshh - so, he handles that. Anyway, he's looking around to find if any were
left, see, so it's maybe a little thing, but he will spot that sooner or later, if he has free
attention. But the other point is: Is he ready to do it, so that he feels that: "Hey!" - you know -
"I can do it myself, all the finding and so on like that. I'm ready." But it's good to have
another terminal to talk to about it and to discharge to. You know?

"Thanks. Connected to that, I do have another question, a technical question: Rons talks
about the facts that...or the reason, if he is audited, that two cans give a deeper read on the
meter than solo cans."

Ah, yes, yes. We never had small reads. That's funny! I saw that in there, you know, and then
we studied it and all that stuff. And I don't know if M... can confirm this or M... if you had
small reads on solo. But so what, it doesn't need to read much on the meter at all. Is that what
you mean? So you can spot the BPC? When you get the right one, it reads like crazy - LFs,

"I think, the reason, you gave before, is more than this. That the person has enough free
attention to operate himself. I think that is the main point. Plus to know the real technical
thing, that will get the reads and the TA moving."

The telepathic comm is so strong with these guys - I mean - and here you have all these little
datums and hints. I mean, you can almost see: "OK, the next thing is this..." Just Standard
Tech. Because, when you can have a PreOT sitting there and he goes the whole of session
without having to refer to the meter or to the notes and in YOUR session he doesn't have to
confront the ADMIN either...

"And your ARC, and your communication to the stuff is of major importance. ARC!"

ARC! Very important on that. It is: You are their auditor and they respect you and whatever.
You're always senior to them. Remember that. And the guys have to have a senior. And you
have been their senior - that is, what you have to realize. When you took that body, you got to
be a senior to the whole bunch of them - you know? And...so...you ARE the senior. So take
responsibility for the Org - audit them. Free them.

Anyway, that's - if there's no other questions? Anyway, these guys, you can always send them
out on missions, if you get some real big ones. We got some real big ones, who came out of
this stuff, and so on, and they want to do missions. They say: "Hey, want can I do to help
out?" You see?

"Which kind of mission?"

Well, you know, nudge the reporters, and things like that. You know, to look under the news
and see, if there really is a world take-over scenario. Anyway, that's a lot of fun.

"Do they report back really?"

Well, they can do that, telepathically, if they want. But, you know, it's just to give them a
game - if they want. They want a game and some of them do want to help - they feel really
betrayed by these implanters. So. it's up to you - anything to help a "freeing operation" on

And...Oh, one other comment about "Black NOTs": They just like "bypass and try to restim"
your plugs and stacks. I got session data of them having done this and then...and then I got a
copy from Australia of a C/S - it looks like it was altered. From the Church. It was a C/S of
Black NOTs. And it was altered, because it was made to help Thetans. It was like: "We can
help other people, or help the SPs get better or run some SP's case off." - or "Help leaders
make better decisions by handling some of their Engrams, that their NOTs BTs are stuck in."
"And we can audit this on them by contacting them, and finding the BTs there, who is
suppressive and handling."

And this was their C/S, you see? It isn't the REAL C/S. That was the altered C/S. The REAL
C/S was "to take the squirrels and the out-ethics-guys and to put NOTs phenomena ON
THEM, restimulate NOTs phenomena on people by trying to take over control of their BTs
and Clusters, and urging them to restimulate." Now, that's bypass. This was a Big Thetan,
coming from over here, rather than the guy in the body doing it. The guy running that body, is
the real C/O, you see?

But, after going through all this - I can tell you, IT DOESN'T WORK. It can't and doesn't
work. Because of this "Organization" factor. All they can do, is get in there and interfere with
these guys. And they can't tell then, whether they got a blow or not. Because they can...they
can maybe make it "worse", and they can maybe make it "better". But there is no way, they
are going to be able to actually do a POSITIVE ALL-THE-TIME-JOB. Because first, they
haven't got the AGREEMENT OF THE C/O to be in the session and handle it.

"It's other-determined."

Yes, it's other-determined! I found out, it's much more easy to handle SPs by getting in comm
with THEM - the guy who is RUNNING THE THING, the C/O of the thing - and try to audit
HIM. Or to give him some indications like: "How long have you worked for the implanters?" -
or - "Fucked up in an Earlier Universe?" - you know? Or: "Did you ever look at the fact, that
you may be monitored yourself?"

You know, those kind of things. THAT works. You can see some changes: Some, "What's -
what's that? Was I an implanter?", you know? - Or..."Did your seniors find out about your
non-conformities?" - "Oh! Maybe they have. Oh!"

"Missed Withholds..."

Yes, you CAN audit the guy, and you CAN get a direct telepathic link with the guy. But to
REALLY HANDLE this "Black NOTs Guy", and not just sort of "try to handle his case",
which is the "C/S" I saw. As I said, that's what came out in the Free Zone. They thought the
Church was doing "something" to help handle the SPs on the planet. It wasn't that at all, as we
well know. The "Black NOTs Guys" are putting attention on your "old case" from PC
folders. Knowing you had an injured leg in the past, and then using this "Black NOTs" shit,
SOMETHING IN IT, you know?

"I know!!"

Yeah, we ALL know. OK! So, any other questions?

Maybe in the next level...we'll have another handling for those guys. OK? Very good!

("Note by Capt. Bill: The best handling found for "Black NOTsers" is to treat them, when
contacted in session, EXACTLY LIKE AN IMPLANTER, you might find in a plug, as "Black


Thank you very much!


Squirrel Extraordinaire
“EXCALIBUR Continued”
17 NOVEMBER 1985

This briefing is only for Super NOT's C/Ses and Solo Super NOT's Auditors and people who
are taking or have taken the Super NOT's Course at RON'S ORG. Before one hears this
lecture one must hear Tech Briefing # 4 which is the Confidential Super NOT's C/Sing tape,
and also the LRH Tapes which are referenced to get a full understanding of what will be
discussed here in this tape. This tape is beginning from the point where Tech Briefing #4 left

In that tape we discussed the problems of C/Sing on the Super NOT's level, and in fact it was
brought up all the way from Clear, with definitions of Clear, all the way up into the Super
NOT's level. We discussed what each OT level does, what charge it removes, what you are
handling and the things to watch out for. This is all very applicable and it all is very successful
in making good results on the OT levels.

Now we're going to talk about some more aspects of the Super NOT's case which were not
fully covered in Tech Briefing #4. These aspects are necessary to be brought up at this time
because they WILL be found in running Super NOT's and it is necessary for each C/S and
Solo Auditor to understand what they are, where they come from, and how to handle them. It
is also necessary before starting Super NOT's or being a C/S for Super NOT's to understand
"Revolt in the Stars", the film play by LRH about things happening around the time of
Incident II and it is also wise to understand "Sector 9", the book put together to describe
exactly what IS happening on the Planet at this time in regards to Models, Scenarios and
World take-over Plans.

Well, on this Super NOT's level you will find out that there's also very much a "7th Dynamic
aspect" to all of this, and you will find out that you ARE engaged in it whether you like it or
not. You will be finding out that it IS there, after you have gone through enough of the level
to find it. I must stress at first that the technology of the STACKS and PLUGS is entirely
correct and workable and it has proven so in many cases. It removes the charge in the super
NOT's area very completely per session, and it has the advantage of not leaving any amounts
of BPC around, unless there were, at that time, STILL OTHER UNHANDLED PLUGS from
other stacks. We're talking here about: If a case is smoothly introduced into the Super NOT'S
level, AND they remove one plug per session, WITH knowing what stack it is connected to,
AND handle that plug, AND then the next session the next plug until that stack is no longer
reading, AND then to the next one and so on. Then there won't be any BPC building up.
There just will be the continuing wins and so on and more awareness and reality improvement.
However, most people do arrive at the beginning of Super NOT's with several plugs in
restimulation from different stacks, but THE PROCEDURE REMAINS THE SAME. It is:
To assess in a D of P Interview what the person's most attention is on by reads, measuring up
ALL the reads, LF's, F's, SF's, B/D's, on certain areas, and IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. It has
been determined that you DON'T JUST TAKE WHAT HE SAID in the D of P Interview or
what the auditor asked the question about. You take the most reading one and you list them in
order of reads, these different areas, and so on. BUT THEN YOU ALSO GET THE PRE-OT
TO MAKE HIS OWN WORDING OF THIS. This is very important, that the wording that he
makes will read VERY, VERY WELL and it will ALSO READ WHEN THE AUDITOR

I’ll give you an example of that. Suppose a person is concerned in the Super NOT'S level
with, well, "Pictures coming at night." He says "when he is sleeping, pictures coming at
night." And this reads. And the auditor says: "Is that the stack?" and he says: "Yeah, yes,
pictures coming at night". But when the auditor says: "OK, well we're going to handle
“Pictures coming at night,” and there's a very tiny read or no read. Then the auditor should
say at this point: "You know, is there a better way you can state this so that it's worded that it
really, really means exactly TO YOU what the area is we're handling here?" "How can you
word it?" And the Preclear goes: "Well! Lets see, "somnambulistic pictures", "sleep dreams",
"dreams", the whole thing would be connected, you know, would be sort of all connected
with "sleep", you know I always wondered WHY a Thetan needs to sleep anyway. "Sleep!"
Yeah, that's what it is - "sleep!". And boy THAT READS "Sleep". Aha, just by itself. "Sleep!"
There it is.

It could be a little more complicated wording, you know, it could be "somnambulistic
pictures" but the point is, IT’S THE WORDING THAT THE PRE OT FEELS VGI'S
We're going to handle it as "sleep". "Sleep!" And he says it, and boy, IT READS FOR HIM
TOO. Wow this brings up the point that if the auditor CAN’T get it to read he shouldn't run
it. Just because the Preclear is making it read, that's one thing, but the auditor is, in the audited
part of Super NOT's, necessary to handle the meter, the admin and indicate to the Preclear
what to do. And if the area is not reading for the auditor then he is going to be very - shall we
say - hindered, and actually won't be able to technically direct the Pre-OT.

THAT. So these are the points on this assessment that we have found are VERY
NECESSARY and you CAN "get by with it" just as people have "gotten by" with other ways
of running Super NOT'S. But you can't "get by with it" without having the Preclear express it
correctly or directly into the very interesting area that he wants to handle. You can "get by
with it", but believe me, we have found out, if you do it that way, of just "getting by" with it
HANDLED BY THAT MISWORDING. In other words, the guy says: "I have pictures when
I GO to bed." You might get ONE plug coming up on that is showing him the pictures at
night, but later on in the level you will find out that he has OTHER plugs connected with
"pictures in his dreams" and "sleep" and so on, that did not come up when you handled that
particular plug or what you "thought" was the stack.

It will only come up if he says the one that has really been interesting to him, not only in this
life time or yesterday, but maybe for a whole series of life times, or a whole part of his track.
Therefore, when he says: "SLEEP, yes, I've always wondered about that. Wow! Why does a
Thetan needs to sleep? Yeah, that's interesting." He's got his interest there. Oh boy, it reads
like crazy and then you will find ALL THE PLUGS CONNECTED TO THAT STACK. So,
that is a very important point on the assessment. As I say, it’s not something that is vital, but
let's put it this way: To do it standardly on the Super NOT's Level and so it will leave a
minimum of BPC, it should be done this way. And it fits in with the theory of running
Engrams and Dianetics which of course IS on this level. It IS "New Era Dianetics for OT's".

So we do the D of P Interview. We get the areas the PC is interested in. We add up the reads.
We then find out, we take the most reading area and we ask the Preclear: "How would you
like to word this?" And when it reads well for him, when it reads well for the auditor, when it
has the interest of the Pre-OT, and he has good indicators about handling it, KNOWS that
applies to him or is part of his case, and he will be VERY INTERESTED in running it it will
read like mad, and you can start right off by saying:"Good. We're looking now for the first
plug here." Once you have established what this stack is, if You are going to handle the 1st
ITEM)?" Bang! You get a read right there. And you tell the Pre-OT: "Yeah. Yeah. There is."
And then the auditor starts right in with: "Ok. Location?" "BT or Cluster?" (Handling per the
Super NOT's Tech of the earlier tape).

So, right away handle that one plug, and at the end of session he gets his F/N, or F/Ning TA,
and next session: "Are there any BT's or Cluster's connected with (same stack)?" Bang!,
reads, handle. Another plug and so on, until when, "Are there any BT's or Cluster's connected
with (stack)?", no read. Let the Preclear say: "Any more interest in this?", "No, I think it's all
handled." Well, don't expect a big F/N right there because the next stack is probably ready to
go. If there's no reads there don't run it.

Then say: "Well, the next assessed thing on here was “Stomach pains”, “upset stomach”,
something like that. You were talking about it in the D of P interview." "Yeah, that's
something! Yeah!" Well, say: "Well, how would like to word THAT?" "Yeah, well, yeah, let's
see. Oh. Ah! Ha! “Genetic Agony”. Oh! Wow!" Bing! There it is! It's not “stomach pains”
exactly, it's “Genetic Agony”, something like that. So I'm just telling you the wording is
important and then the auditor has to check that it reads for him, that it reads for the Pre-OT,
and the interest is there, and you carry on with the case.

As LRH stated on the "Assists" tape of Class VIII: "You are IN THE MAJOR ACTION
when you are dealing with an Engram that the Preclear has recently had." "So don't expect the
Ruds to fly. You can get in what you can." If the person has attention on something, ARCBreak,
PTP, MWH and so on, you handle it. But don't expect the needle to fly when you are
in the middle of handling one of these stacks, because you are PRESENTED WITH THE
MAJOR ACTION. This is something the Preclear has had on his case many, many, many,
long eons or has picked it up here on Planet Earth, but nevertheless it is a VERY OLD PIECE

A person who has, shall we say, no confront and is not really able to have reality on these
things, first of all should not have been on this level, but second of all has to be handled very
delicately per the earlier Bulletins and Technology on handling a "stress case". But even in
that, when you pick up a Rudiment, realize THAT YOU ARE GOING TO RUN RIGHT
You go on a gradient. You can handle THAT plug. And then on a gradient you handle the
NEXT ONE and so on. The key on Super NOT's is HANDLING THE WHOLE PLUG.
That's what takes the masses of charge off the case.

You just carry on doing that and when you have finished the 15-16 items, or how many, on
your D of P assessment, usually they're right in order just like they came out by the reads.
That's the way the stacks will go. And after that of course, you can do ANOTHER D of P.
Or by that time, if the person has loosened up his case so well that he can handle by appending
his interest to anything he wants, putting his interest THERE and THAT'S what he is
interested in, why then I'm sure he could go down the whole checklist of Super NOT's and
take whatever was interesting to him at that time and finally handle the whole thing. But in the
end it is better to go by the Preclear's INTEREST and it will handle the entire of the
STRUCTURAL part of the checksheet.

The datum here is, again on the LRH tapes, which is that FUNCTION MONITORS
STRUCTURE. The FUNCTION of these particularplugs and so on is going to monitor the
structure of whatever technical field they come into or whatever part of the body they're
affecting and so on, or whatever part of the thetan's awareness and abilities they are affecting.
This Function is going to affect that. But THOUGHT is going to monitor FUNCTION. And
the THOUGHT of course IS THAT OF THE PRE-OT. So, when you are following along
that line, THOUGHT monitors FUNCTION monitors STRUCTURE, and you are addressing
it from the Thought of the Pre-OT, you are keeping his interest first, you are not bypassing
him, you are not leaving him out of it. So then he gets very real gains, very real cognitions,
very real new awarenesses about what's been troubling him all these centuries. So this is
where we do it this way. It IS the way to do it per LRH's Tech.

Now there are two liabilities in running Super NOT's which you will find in people who have
been on it previously, that didn't start this way. And the two main liabilities, besides, of course
not being ready for the level are: ONE: That they have run it so that they have only taken out,
shall we say, BTs and Clusters from the lower parts of these plugs, the lower parts of the Org
Board. More or less the "easy" ones, the ones that could be bypassed and handled, you know?
And any "senior" could come in the Org and order them around. So they take orders from
anyone. So they came out. They disconnected from the org, they blew etc. etc.

And you do this long enough, these easy ones, wake them up and handle them, wake them up
and handle them and pretty soon - what are you left with? You are left with the top of the
executive strata of each plug STILL THERE. And this top executive strata, as mentioned
before in the last tape #4 were more or less the HOLDERS of the whole plug. So if they are
the holders, they are a bit more POWERFUL and usually, as mentioned in the Tech Briefing #
4, they can be "out of valence in R6” or "implanter" type evil purpose beings.

Therefore as the person runs the lower part, or the "easy" part, of his case and just takes up
the lower "juniors" of the Org Board of all these plugs, he ends up with a case with
NOTHING BUT HOLDERS. Holders of a little more powerful nature and shall we say, some
percentage of them VERY EVIL INTENTIONED, but ALL OF THEM HOLDING and what
are they holding NOW? They are holding HIM, THE PRE-OT.

So what do you expect? Him to get increasingly feeling like he is in some kind of a "tight
situation". He is a bit "bothered by things". He doesn't LOOK like he is a NOT'S completion
at all. He is sort of worried about "PTSness" and "sickness" and "illness" and all these various
phenomena. He is going on "dramatizing" around here and there, and he is feeling an
EFFORT to keep his "sanity".

Those are the indications if a person who has run out the lower parts of the plugs and has left
the "tops", or the holders, or the "out of valence R6 people", there. They feel anxious, they
feel like the real "core"of their case has not been reached. And they are worried about it,
anxious about it, and so on. This is merely the fact that they have put themselves at the mercy
now of the TOP HOLDERS IN THE ORG BOARD. And THEY are the ones being held at
the moment, because they took away all the juniors. So if you take away the game, What's
now the game? The game is GETTING YOU. You didn't give them a new game. You didn't
set them free. So the game is GETTING YOU and they're going to hold YOU tighter and
tighter and tighter if you don't take out the whole org board. And that's the first liability.

The second liability is this: There are some people who decided: "Yes, it's a tough level. We
are going to handle all these bad guys first." So what do they do? They go in there and handle
all the bad guys first. They take one of these rundowns that are current in the "independent
field", and they handle the bad guys first. So they take the top off the org board. They handle
the guys that are out of valence and dramatizing, have evil intentions, evil purposes and so on.
And they work through this, through this, through this, through this.

Now you have the other situation, which is: That once you take the TOPS off the org board,
if you have NOT also handled all the juniors, and remember, down there, some of them are
quite asleep, some of them are tied into little "knots" and so on, so that they cannot move, so
when you take off the top you still have to open them up, wake them up and let them go. So if
they DON'T get out the whole org board connected to these top guys that they are handling
on these rundowns, what will be the effect? Well, then you will have an org board with only
the juniors left and no seniors. So they don't have any other senior. So they are going to float
around you more and more, shall we say "cuddle" all around the Pre-OT.

And in this case some of them WILL have woken up, some of them WILL have broken loose,
but not gotten completely handled. And so what the Pre-OT will do is, he will start feeling
like: "Well, this is never ending. I feel almost just as bad as when I was on OT III!" And what
do you know? He has woken up enough of his case, by handling these holders, that the plugs
now, the truncated BOTTOM PARTS OF THE ORG BOARDS, all the juniors and all, are
running around and sort of like they are floating half in and half out, and some of them are tied
together, and some of them are not, and they're sort of going crazy, just like: "When the boss
is away the staff will play".

So they become to him almost like another III case. He's got the fears back that are BT's all
Around him, you know? They're not very harmful, not very dangerous but they are all around
him, they're floating around him. "I feel this pressure here and this and so on...." So by taking
off the TOP ONLY of the org board and LEAVING THE BOTTOM INTACT without
handling it, you create yourself another III case! The "smoke" from the fire. You take the "hot
guys" out and the "smoke" comes up around and there's another III case.

Now, when you do this CORRECTLY AND REMOVE THE WHOLE ORG, then you got it.
So that is the Technology and those are the liabilities of running it improperly: You take off
the top and leave the bottom or you take off the bottom and leave the top. In both cases it
makes a funny type of appearance for somebody on NOT'S. One of them is that they look like
they're really caved in, PTS. Which other people look at and say: "What! That's weird, he
should be really great! He is on NOT'S, but he looks really weird. PTS, sick and all that." And
the other one is, that of course he creates another OT III case.

Then they say: "Well, he's not saying he's making much gains. He even says he feels like he did
when he was on OT III, you know, it's not really interesting." And so on and so on. Well,
these are the effects and you can spot these. But what is the whole handling of these to
correct it? Of course, you do the assessment, you find out what his attention is on, you find
out the way he likes to word that area he was interested in, or is interested in, and you handle
the first plug that shows up through the BT that is first contacted in it and they will line up
and get handled all the way down through that plug.

And in the next session you handle the next plug. And in the next one, the next plug. Next
one, next plug. And you just handle it standardly like that and pretty soon the guy will be
back, shall we say, on the ADVANCED PROGRAM of Super NOT'S. These are the REPAIR
and RETURN actions I'm talking to you about. You have to REPAIR it when he gets into
Way, some holders here, some plugs over here, maybe. And you have to do the assessment
and very carefully pick the area. Run one, or the REST OF ONE that hasn't been run, until
you get a nice F/N and relief and leave it there.

And in the next session take up the next most interesting thing to run and so on. And they will
probably come up as RUDIMENTS. But these are repair actions. They have to be done
OTHER PLUGS THAT ARE IN RESTIM and doing the same thing "cooking up" a whole
overwhelm of the case. We have done these reviews and you can see some of the folders in
your training. Ok? That's the REVIEW.

And then, of course, the RETURN program is to continue handling those plugs and stacks
that were Not HANDLED before. Ordering it up on the case and getting it down to where he
on with Standard Super NOT’s using the plugs and stacks and the interest and so on as I told
you before and then he is on his ADVANCED program again.

Now we have covered the main things here that I wanted to update you on since the last
briefing. I covered these (on # 4) briefly but I did not give you the IMPORTANCES of them,
showing the liabilities of what happens if you run Super NOT's incorrectly. The action of a
Preclear losing interest in Super NOT's, a Pre-OT losing interest in Super NOT's, is merely
one or the other of those and probably the second one, that he has removed some of the top
stuff and maybe some of the lower stuff of the org board too, but he's not been run on his
OWN STACK LIST. It's been run on somebody's automatic idea of what he SHOULD RUN.

And so loss of interest in the Super NOT's case is another review action that you can handle
just running something like a body part. Like: "Start with the right leg and run up and find
anybody there and then up here..." No, no, NO! The Org Boards are connected ALL
THROUGH THE BODY. Some of them are localized, and some of them are up and down the
spine and in various places, and outside the body and inside and so on.

So you don't keep the interest of the Pre-OT if you're just running it by structure. You must
run it by HIS THOUGHT, which is MONITORING the function of the stacks and the plugs
and the structure of the body and the structure of the plug Org Boards, you see? WE KEEP
the interest of the Preclear. That’s one of the prime ingredients in doing successful auditing.
Remember the definition of "In Session"? "Willing to talk to the auditor and INTERESTED
IN HIS 'OWN CASE'". In this case he is interested ALSO while he has these CASES OF
OTHERS. But it IS HIS. He is carrying it around. It is there. It reads on the Meter. It's not
his "individual" shall we say, he's Clear, yes, we know about that, but he IS CARRYING
THIS STUFF AROUND. So he's brought you this case. It may be to him a 3rd and 4th
Dynamic case, but he's got it. And it's his. It is a reflection of the other Dynamics as
mentioned in the last tape. It's the "other Dynamic aspects of Clear" from "Clear on the 1st
Dynamic". Now he must "clear up" the REST of his Dynamics in regard to the thetan

Now, I'm going to break into some new territory here, which was only covered very briefly on
the last lecture. And this has to do with the composition of Pre-I plugs. Now, in the last
lecture I gave you some very amusing examples of plugs that could be composed up from the
area of Incident II. And these are something I think everyone has run into. They are very
familiar to people. However, the holders of these, and also complete plugs, are sometimes,
and in fact I would say, as you get through the Incident II plug areas, you will find more and
more of these Pre-Incident-I plugs.

Now what is a Pre-Incident I plug? Well it is a plug that has been MADE UP ORGANIZED.
MADE ON TO AN ORG-BOARD. Composed of BTs and Clusters. MADE
HIS TRACK, perhaps Incident I, later, or even up into Incident II. BUT IT IS COMPOSED
Incident I Experimental Area we talked about in the last Tape (TB # 4).

Now, as you get to these areas you find that the normal 'Incident I' and 'Earlier Universe' and
so on do not quite blow a Pre-I because there is something else there. Some other BPC and
I. Well, of course Incident I occurred at "start of track”. Of course, FOR THE THETANS,
THE BIG THETANS, Yes it does. So he (a big Thetan) doesn't have "time" particularly
behind that. Expect, remember: If the track began EARLIER for some OTHER THETAN
then THEIR TRACK started back THERE. So some of these plugs, these Pre-Incident-I
plugs, date back, so far, from 4 to 7 1/2, or even more, QUADRILLIONS OF YEARS ago.
But that's the usual range. If you just indicate: "4 to 7 quadrillion?" - you will get most of
them really cooking and coming alive and saying: "Oh, Yeah, that was me! Oh Yeah! Oh

Now I want to give some definitions and then I'll show you how this is also an "Earlier
Similar" to the Incident II, because there was a CAPTURE - from Earlier Universe! In other
words: Those Thetans were "whooshed up" with something very much like a vacuum cleaner
and Whoop!, caught. What I'm saying is, it's like the FUNCTION of a vacuum cleaner but to
"whoosh up" THETANS rather than dirt. Captured and put through these experiments and
made then into plugs. And this resulted in some "standard plugs" and some, sort of,
"experimental" ones.

Now you say: "Wow - that's interesting. That's not covered anywhere." No it isn't, but you
it is there and is the final barrier to finding out "why you lost Your abilities" and "how this
tricky game of implanting was made up" and so on. It is the last barrier. After this, when these
are all handled you can confidently say that the person will obtain the EP of Super NOT's, and
he will also understand everything concerning his own universe and what happened in it. He
will be able then to go and handle other things in "2nd" and "3rd" universes and other
universes. And there will be other levels. But right now we're interested in: "What’s IN the
Pre-I plug?"

Let me give you the definitions first so you can follow what I'm talking about. And these
words are made up to be familiar to people on this planet at this time, so that auditors can
work with them. But you will find out, as you work with them, you will ALSO groove-in the
various BTs and Clusters. And if you intend the right actions with these things, the right... as I
say... a "Vacuum-cleaner", but you can INTEND it as a thing to"Whoosh-up" or "pull-in" or
to trap thetans, and they will "get it" and they will answer: "Oh yeah... that... I have that!"

So, it is just a communication device, to make it easier for us to C/S and to write the notes in
the folder, so it's a short hand for us, just like the rest of the Scientology language,
abbreviations and so on, generic terms, such as PTS, ARC Break and so on. So, what are
some of these terms? Well, let us start off with.... PLUG: You understand Plug? That is: "An
organized group of BTs and Clusters which were put together by either impact, injury, etc.
OR intention of an implanter, to operate as a sort of combined unit or an org-board, and it has
holders at the top, and sort of junior thetans at the bottom, who are just being something to
do with its function, being even mass or weight in a bag, or being a cell or whatever." Ok?

Now, the STACK, of course, is the way this is "stacked up" on the Preclear's (Pre-OT's) case,
and that means it has to do with the Pre-OT. So, he has been having trouble with this area, or
has wondered about it. Therefore, to him, it appears like a "stack of charge". But it could
consist of SEVERAL PLUGS just as you can have several weights, you know? Those little
pieces of metal on a scale-balance, and you have 5 little gram weights on a scale-balance. That
would be five PLUGS, and the STACK would be "what the Pre-OT thinks is holding him
down", and as he removes each one of these plugs, the scale-balance comes up. It comes up!
He feels better.

OK. Now, on these Pre-I plugs, you are going to find the following things: This "vacuumcleaner"
I talked about We call it a "Hoover" and the incident is called "Hoovering", and it is
the first or most earliest, usually. The earliest incident on these Pre-I plug thetans. They were
"hoovered" out of an Earlier Universe, or "vacuumed". The actual instrument used was itself
composed of BTs and Clusters and it looks very similar to one of these outside speakers, or
amplifying speakers, which you see attached to poles around a crowd in rock concerts or in
public lectures.

You know, the big bell, four sided bell coming out, and the round ball at the back to contain
the speaker amplifier. So, it looked not unlike that, or similar to it. Composed of BTs and
thetans, with a nice "black hole" Cluster in the middle of the bell inside, and this little "golden
ball" inside of that, which was very attractive, and kept putting out a message of "Help me to
play this big game, I don't really understand it...." Or similar flows anyway, to PULL THE
THETAN IN. Very aesthetic and so on... The black hole... Now, what was the "black hole"
Cluster? Well, that's a Cluster that is pretending to be a negative energy. It's doing an
"implosion" all the time. It's pulling in, pulling in, pulling in. It's pulling in all things, energies,
thetans, and so on. lt's like a giant... well, just like a "black hole star" suctions in all kinds of
mass, energy, thetans, everything like that.

But it's really a Cluster, which has been PROGRAMMED to do this. And so every thing goes
black around it as it gets sucked in there. It just turns it black, because it's now going negative
from what it WAS doing, and you find it as the "attraction point" of the TRACTOR AREA
which is holding a lot of these plugs together. You find a "black hole" in it. It may occur first
to your vision like a little spot, but if it is down on the bottom of a plug, it could be holding
the whole thing together, in a sort of "maintained force" area. It is NOT the HOLDER OF
THE PLUG. You understand? NOT THE TOP OF THE ORG-BOARD. It's not likely that it
is the top of the org-board. And it could be just put in there to give cohesion to the org. They
don't usually have much to do with the SUPPRESSION of the plug. They are just sort of
automatically charged to just "pull things in", like glue, Except on a SUCTION basis. So, the
"black hole" was in the middle of this "Hoover", and it pulled the thetans in to this little
"golden attention unit" point, which is giving out the nice aesthetic message. When they were
captured, they would then he taken to the "experimental area". And this is... this is "earlier
similar" to Incident II, 4 to 7 quadrillion years ago....

These guys were "hoovered up" out of their own Universe and they were usually kept in a
thing called an "Electrosphere". An "Electrosphere" is a large sphere which has a magnetic
charge on the inside, an electromagnetic charge on the inside, so the thetan cannot touch the
wall. He feels repelled by this. But he also doesn't join up with the other thetans inside. So,
you eventually, essentially, get a thing like one of these giant "gum ball machines", if you
picture it that way... it's a lot of thetans inside of a giant sphere, and they can't quite get out
and they can't move either because of how they're pressing up against each other, and so on.

But they are held in this. And it's kept at a LOW TEMPERATURE (cold). All right. That's
the "Electrosphere". And then they are put through various "processes" to make them
"amenable" to being Clusters and BTs in PLUGS.

The first, or ONE of these, (we don't put them in order because each one may have had a
DIFFERENT EXPERIMENTAL TRACK), but usually these ARE the things which may have
hung the guy up, you know? Like the "Hoover" is the earliest one. And then the
"Electrosphere". Got stored in the "Electrosphere". Ok. Then they could be put in something
we call the "Spin-drier". The "Spin-drier"... you know? Like a spinning machine to dry your
clothes out, right? Or a centrifuge, if you like. But the "Spin-drier" was to IMPACT THE
with this tiny amount of mass that he had been being attached to another, or mocking up
something, or the other being mocking up something. A tiny amount of mass, but you spin it
now at a high rate of speed in this "Spin-drier", and it makes them feel VERY HEAVY. V E

So, he was then given the idea of "mass", and he could then BE MASS. He was ORDERED
to "Be heavy", "Be mass". And some of these guys think that they are as heavy as lead, and
some of them, them are as heavy only as water, and some of them are as heavy only as a light
gas. But there are different DEGREES OF "HEAVINESS" to these little "jelly bean" thetans.
That's how I call the ones that are there in the plug just to be "mocking up mass" and to hold
the thetan down, and keep him from doing OT abilities. These "jelly beans" in the plug are
usually grouped together in a BAG or CONTAINER, and they just have MASS.

They have the FUNCTION of being mass. And these are what I call "jelly bean thetans",
because they look like the jelly beans in the jar you see in the candy stores. There they are.
Separate. Just like sort of "being in a container" and "being massy". Usually you can run them
THE ELECTROSPHERE, and the Hoover. And they go: Pfffst!.... "Free! Wow! Yeah!"
what they've been, and they are FROZEN IN TIME. Just like the "Enchanted Moors" in the

Some of them were chosen to be more "exciting" parts of the plug. Some of them would emit
flashes of light, or flash some kind of "message" to the thetan, or into the cells, or something.
These were put on to a thing the "Sun-Lamp". It's just a filament, a GLOWING FILAMENT
actually. Just like what you'll find in a lamp or in an arc-light. THEY WERE FORCED ONTO
THIS, ELECTRONICALLY. Once they had a little mass, they could get sent through a wire
or along a wire or channel.

They'd been put onto the filament, and told to duplicate that, you know? "Be it." "Be a light."
"Be a light." We found a lot of these guys that were put on the "Sun-Lamp", being stars and
so on. So, apparently, the thetan would "think" he is exterior, but was only looking into an
area composed of BTs being little "stars" and so on. He thought he was exterior in the
universe, but he wasn't. He was just being in one of these plug areas, where the guys have run
through the "Sun-Lamp" and sparkled, they gave off a little light and so on, and twinkled like
stars, but they are just BTs.

And of course, every BT has usually another one STUCK TO HIM, so he has to spot the one
STUCK TO HIM IN HIS VALENCE so that he can loosen them up. I mean, once you've not
the guy single, he's pretty handled. So, in actual fact, the term BTs and Clusters is a little
misleading, because every BT, until he is free, is really a Cluster. Let's put it this way... They
EXPERIMENTS, and to put them in HIS valence, and the guy who is left in charge, IS THE
"ONE". The others are IN HIS VALENCE, because HE ISN'T in the valence of another,
because he would be one of the guys "down the line" and you'd be talking to the other guy,
The one you ARE talking to, he looks, at the last point, he looks for PEOPLE IN HIS

Now, we've got another thing. I've told you about the "jelly beans". That's the way these
thetans are when they appear, just sitting in a bag... or something. But, what's this bag? Now,
that's a "Bag-man", and these are the thetans that were PRESSED DOWN VERY FLAT
BEANS". Now, you can find the "Bag-men" are LAYERED. They're exactly like a plastic,
clear plastic, garbage bag, or a black plastic garbage bag, depending on what way they were
made; transparent, or invisible, or dark. But they look exactly like a big plastic bag, and they
contain all these jelly beans. And why don't these jelly beans get away? Well, there are
LAYERS, first of all, of the guys. Each "Bag-man" is a separate individual, but he is layered
as a Cluster, like each layer is separate but there are about 7 or 8 - 6, 7 or 8 bags put around
these jelly beans.

So, 6, 7, or 8 bags around, and each layer of that bag, each layer of it, IS AN INDIVIDUAL,
and they are clustered together as a bag. So, you have to separate the layers out and then you
can audit them.

Now, you might find it hard to handle these guys, because you might find that they are
securely TIED at the top. Like with a garbage bag, you might tie the top of it, to stop it from
over spilling its contents. And this "tie" you will find is a tiny beautiful little thing, such as a
string or a chain. And that's why we call it a "String Cluster". And those are thetans who are
linked one to another Cluster, being like a piece of chain, or holding together, just like as if
people were in a chain, one holding the other's leg and the other holding the other's legs and
so on, in a CHAIN. All these thetans were forced to do this in an experiment, and they were
made into a Cluster like a chain. We call it a "String-Cluster", or "Chain-Cluster". And they

So, when you get to the "String-Cluster", you handle it as a Cluster of individual thetans who
were put through this incident, to make them that way in Pre-Incident I, 4 to 7 quadrillion
years ago. Ok? Run the incident... Bam, bam, bam! Before that, they were maybe in another
experiment. Before that in the spin-drier and the electrosphere, and they were maybe
hoovered up, and... Pum! And they all go! And then the bag opens up, and the thetans come
out or start to wake up "Oh!" "Ah!"... And then you take the bag-men. You say, "Ok. Outerlayer
bag-man." "You've got that incident where you were made into a bag?" "OK!" "Go back
there." "You were in the... electrosphere... Hoover..." He goes...! And then the others, until
all these guys wake up inside the bag, the jelly beans, and they just go: "Wow - Wow!" "We
are free!"

YOU HAVE TO WAKE THEM UP SOMETIMES, and you sort of put a little command
there: "Ok guys, you wake up, and wake up the other guys now." And you tell them: "Ok.
The game is over. The game is over." (Tone 40).


Ok, this is side 2.

We were talking about the "bag-men" and the "jelly beans". And as I said, when you take
"String-Clusters" from around the neck of the bag-man and you take the layered bag-men off,
then the jelly beans will all be able to run back through the electrosphere containment after
they run the centrifugal machine, the "Spin-drier", and then back to the "Hoover" and their
capture, and go free on "earlier universe". And they'll probably go off as an "assembly line":
You just start it going on one end and wake them up and: "Wake up your buddy, and tell them
about this and this and this, and go back and find an Earlier Universe 4 to 7 quadrillion years
ago." And just keep your attention on them doing that and you find they go off like a cloud of
smoke, and you can get rid of thousands and thousands of these guys - totally individual, and
totally free, if you also indicate to them: "Look for other guys stuck to you during these
experiments, and when you were captured." Have them locate that, and they will all go off,
and no problem. They will all leave because they are single, individual, free beings.

Now, You have the same thing: Some of them may "stick to the wall", and you have them find
the guys stuck in their valence they didn't spot. And if you find a guy who needs an
orientation, or if you find them needing some BPC handled from a game, or from earlier
universe, ok! Go ahead! But I found that most of these are pretty smart thetans. They were
just captured and then "frozen" since Pre-I, and they just immediately "wake up" at the SAME
ABILITY OR AWARENESS LEVEL THEY WERE THEN, before they were captured and
they go - Pum! - immediately back to that area! I think they've maybe learned not to get
trapped again, but - I hope they have anyway - by listening to the others getting handled - but,
anyway, they leave quickly. Now, ok, I gave you an idea of something that can be there.
These are the ELEMENTS of the plugs. Right?

Now, another thing that can come up besides the "normal" org-board functions. Now, these
we were already talking about; the strings and bags and string thetans, string Cluster, bagmen,
jelly bean thetans, and all these Incidents of the Pre-I. And those were sort of like the
"standard assembly line" to make up these plugs. Now the plugs have DIFFERENT
INTENTIONS and therefore your more "top of the org-board guys" are the HOLDERS, and
the people who are "in charge" have certain other functions. All right? By the way, some of
these "jelly been guys" are maybe put into a thing and being used as a sort of memory bank, or
file, or some kind of data storage area.

So the jelly beans CAN be used for other things rather than just mass. They may STORE
PICTURES OF SOMEBODY and so on, you understand? But, basically, they were made up
to be mass. And the lighter ones sometimes are used sort of like a computer, or... "data
storage bank" for some other guys in the org, in the plug, ok? They may even store data about
YOU! Yes! Yes! Ok!

Now, so... let's find out what the other guys do: The MONITOR is an important beast. The
"monitor a thetan" is one of the usual types of plugs. You have a whole plug that was set up
WAY, or BELIEVE IN A CERTAIN WAY, and attached to the top of the plug usually near
the top, or at the top on the org-board is this thing called the MONITOR. The monitor, quite
often, can be a Cluster, yes, and it can be a BT which has a couple more stuck to him in his
valence, but it's usually a pretty powerful guy, and is usually either monitoring one way or two
ways, and sometimes, three ways.

When we say "one way monitor", we mean he is taking whatever occurs in your universe and
relaying it somewhere else. Ah... usually, to the original implanters who made up the Pre-I
plugs. Anyway, you say "That's weird!" Well! You have to realize that ALL THE
THESE GUYS! Now you start to see the game! Now we can get data from them, right? SO
CAN THEY. Ok! Now, the monitor - it could be a "two way monitor", which means that,
when you find them, and you find out he is sending information about you away to some
terminal in the implanter organization, you also find out that when you audit the guy a little
bit, he moves kindly off to the side or gives you the sight, or he blows or whatever, and you
find you now have a direct telepathic sight line to the implanter org, and you can pick up
whatever they are doing at the other end!

If it was a two way monitor in use, then you will find out that you now are directly connected
to the guys who were trying to make you PTS, by activating your plugs. Yes, yes! And YOU
CAN NOW AUDIT THEM if you want, or you can say "Fuck off!" So, that's a TWO WAY
MONITOR. So there it is open on both ends. You can find out what's happening at the other
end, and they can find out what's happening on your end. But once you handle the monitor,
YOU'VE GOT CONTROL OF THE LINE. Do what you want with it! Ok? Now, a lot of
these monitors, when they realize the game is over, and the whole of the plans of the Pre-I
implanters, and by the way, the "PTS to Xenu" button works there just as well as it's the same
guy, of course! This IS HIS PLAN, HIS set-up for the whole take-over of the universe: Take
the thetans which were "easily subjected" in the shall we say "Third World Universe", hoover
them up, make them into various complicate designs that thetans couldn't figure out, and
come over here with incident I into the game which was going on at the time, let's say
"bringing order to MEST", the "CIVILIZING GAME".

And then taking the Big Thetans and sucking them into Incident I and implanting them with
these bloody plugs and other beings, and making them come under control. So, the difference
UPON", or were trying NOT TO BE UNMOCKED or TAKEN OVER BY THE Implanters.

Now, usually, with the Pre-OT, you deal with that kind of being. He's been playing the other
(civilizing) game and he got "zapped" by the implanters. And that's the most usual thing,
IMPLANTERS ALL THE TIME, and THAT was the "other game" that was going on. So,
you can also handle them, and sometimes they want to turn around and play the other,
"freeing up" game, or "Scientology" or the "New Civilization". Sometimes, they just want to
go back and kick the implanters in the ass for betrayal. And sometimes, they just want to go
on a tour, or leave the universe, or make their own game. But that's up to them.

But when you handle them and you get all their BPC off, they're singled up, and they realize
IT WAS A BAD GAME. (Yes, yes.) It was bad game to play with the implanters. A lot of
"promises" and they ended up being a monitor BT or something on the top of a plug for the
next five or six quadrillion years. NOT a good name. Ok?

This is just an idea, so you don't get confused when you look into this. JUST DON'T BE
AMAZED AT ANYTHING YOU FIND. "String of pearls" This is a bunch of thetans that
were made up to be little balls. And the trick of holding these guys together you know, they
are like a chain, they are not holding each other. They are made to have a HOLE in them, like
a string of pearls, and they have a "chain thetan" threaded THROUGH them, you understand?
So... they are like a string of pearls. But the ‘chain' is going THROUGH them, in the middle.
You don't see it at first. THAT'S WHAT'S HOLDING. That's why they can't get separated,
just like a string of pearls.

I told you about the black hole? Ok! Now, the Sun-Lamp, Monitors... MONITORS ARE
RESTIMULATION, SUCH AS IN "BLACK NOT'S". So, when you get a monitor, you may
spend an hour handling the monitor, or an hour and a half with the TA not moving so much.
But, boy!... when you get him handled, Wow! And the whole plug comes apart... Poom! And
the Pre-OT feels a lot better! Ah, yes! Now, what if the monitor is CONNECTED to other

We have definitely found monitors on the case connected to monitors in implanting
organizations, or just the "Tower of Basel" or even an old implant station which is still there!
And this was sometimes "monitor spheres", looking very similar to the old astrologists',
witches', and mediums' "crystal ball". Within the "crystal ball" there were actually TRAPPED
THETANS, CLUSTERS, and INDIVIDUAL THETANS. And that was a big "monitor
sphere". It would monitor several of these other monitors or many of them at the time, or at
separate times, per program. Now, this is NOT REALLY "in the Preclear's universe", but he
finds it, because the monitor says: "Yeah, I was reporting back to the sphere, and that was
relayed to the implanters."

Ah Ha! So... What do you do with this? Well, we've found it's VERY HELPFUL that it's part
of a plug because it's connected (you don't HAVE to run it on the guy, if he doesn’t feel up to
it and so on) it isn't REALLY in his universe. BUT it's fun to exercise now, your shall we say,
your "aggressive tendencies" as an OT, to do the job of taking apart some of these
mechanisms that are making people aberrated. And YOU CAN ACTUALLY AUDIT THAT
SPHERE, once you have a line to it by having the monitor turn it over to you and "debriefing"
on it and so on, and you know now how it works. YOU CAN RUN ALL THE THETANS
OUT OF THAT SPHERE, AND DESTROY THE SPHERE, the monitor sphere for the

Now, we FINALLY have a chance to get back at them, ok? You also find that in some of the
implant stations you might get connected up to in session, there are STORAGE HOUSES Of
INCIDENT II! They're STILL there. Being used as, shall we say "reserves", you
know?...."Got to have your reserves in case some of the thetans go free. You've got to have
some more to put down and monitor more people and so on like that, and that's why you've
got to keep the population small, in these slave societies, because you haven't got so many
BTs and Clusters and plugs to monitor the people with, and you don't want to exceed the
number of individual bodies you have because, if you have too many bodies, you don't have
enough plugs to go around, and you can't keep control of them."

we've got too much population. We've got to get rid of some of these people." THE REAL
BECAUSE THEY CAN'T CONTROL THEM ALL. Ok, so... if you find these reserves, you
find that most of them are in a state of the "Capture of Incident II", OR they may have been
saved from Pre-I! (The "capture before Inc I" and the "electrosphere".) And boy!, you can get
them running on the track, and just start having them blow off by the MILLIONS. I advise
you to do this, because the more you get rid of the "reserves" of the implanters, the less
trouble you are going to have in the future with the implanters, and the less trouble you are
going to have with plugs and something like that.

And you also are FREEING THETANS, which is our purpose. Ok? It's just a possibility. You
don't HAVE to do it if you don't want, but I tell you, there's a lot of fun in doing this. It's sort
of "Now we have a chance to strike back at these guys, and take away THEIR reserves, like
they were taking away OUR reserves!" Yes, Yes!

Ok. What do we have here? Some examples of some Pre-I Plugs and why they are so
important on the case. Well, let me give you another example you will find on the case
usually. It's also a "plug". For instance, a giant, you find it's mocked up in Pre-Inc I
Experiments, like a GIANT CRYSTAL BODY, made of THOUSANDS of tiny "honeycombs"...
and it's about TEN FEET TALL too, and that's 3 meters high, a BIG CRYSTAL
MOCK-UP Of A BODY, You know? Doll body, meat body... it doesn't matter, because the
thetans were introduced into these little "honey-comb cells" on it all over. The crystal was like
a honey comb. And... they were used (and this is one plug, for instance, this whole
structure)... and it was used to "connect" to the other thetans in the other plugs on the case, to
plug THEM into THIS ONE. This one is like a giant "socket".

So these insured that the plug thetans were under control. Each "plug" would be plugged into
the "socket", and it would affect that part of the body if restimulated. But it, itself, is just ONE
PLUG. So that way the "crystal body" or the "honey comb" plug. Ok?

There are other ones. One interesting one makes you understand all the "Eastern religions".
It's actually a plug which is composed of several BTs, or MANY BTs and Clusters, in the
shape of the "Chakkras" of the Eastern religions. There are AREAS OF SUPPOSED LIFE
DOWN THE SPINE. Well, it's six or seven Clusters, put directly on the top of each other,
looking like the human spine. And on the top of that, there is a GOLDEN CLUSTER
LOOKING LIKE A SKULL (a "Totenkopf"). A golden skull. And, of course, this is the
"Crown Chakkra" or "Golden Chakkra". The one they think in the East is where the guy (or
thetan) IS, or something. But that's JUST ANOTHER CLUSTER, and it's usually COVERED

But if the thetan is exterior, he doesn't see this particular "golden skull" and the "six or seven
chakkras" in the spinal area. It's not ALL of the body. It's just these Clusters and the skull. On
top of that, there is a whole field of "flower-looking" things, which I called "Lilies of the
Field", and it's ANOTHER CLUSTER, which is a bunch of little thetans, being "Lilies of the
Field". But, on the top of that, comes a "rod". A "crystal rod" or "transparent rod", going up
into the sky, and inside that "rod", there is another bunch of thetans being an org-board! Yeah,
like an org-board. A function-board. They are supposed to be different parts of the
Cluster rolled up into like an org-board, stuck inside the "crystal rod", and the "rod" is held by
a hand up at the top. And the hand is, of course, the "Hand of God". Yes!

All of this is BTs and Clusters, but it's a whole plug, all the way down, from the "Hand of
God" all the way down through the "rod", through the "Lilies of the Field", through the
"golden skull" and to the "Chakkras" down in the bottom. THAT'S A TYPICAL
IMPLANTER PLUG, almost a "Standard" plug. I found several of those. In any case you run
there may be MORE THAN ONE, or there may be JUST ONE, or it may NOT BE THERE
AT ALL. I will tell you why in a minute.

Another example is the "pyramid". The "pyramid cults" of Egyptians, Masons, and so on, go
way back to this particular plug. So, they're just a PT DRAMATIZATION OF WHAT
THESE PLUGS ARE. It was supposed to be a "body for a thetan", and of course, on the top,
there was a cap on it, a capstone, black, which ONLY TOOK ORDERS FROM, you guessed
it, XENU. And it's a "cap cluster", which was supposed to be the top stone of the pyramidlooking
thing, and right under it, a thetan was supposed to sit, and the thetan was of course,
the "All seeing eye", you know? The thing on the U.S. dollar bill, on the back, there is a
pyramid with an "eye" in it. And the thing was supposed to be under control of this "cap" and
the "cap" was supposed to be on a monitor line to Xenu and the implanter org that was doing
the Pre-I Experiments. And below is the rest of the "pyramid", which is not composed of
stones and blocks, but is composed of a bunch of "jelly bean" thetans, and glued together with
"gluey, tight thetans" in this pyramidal shape, and that was supposed to be the "mind" of the
thetan. So, when he goes exterior, he was supposed to be given this "pyramid" mock-up. He
was supposed to think that he WAS THAT. Any way, this is another plug.

And there is also the "perfect body" plug. It's a series of Clusters and BTs which were made
up to be supposedly "perfect bodies", and, of course, they all have a MONITOR running
them. So, if the thetan desires to inhabit one of these "perfect bodies", and puts it into his
meat body, or his own mocked-up body, or carries it around with him, HE IS ALSO BEING
MONITORED. Ok? So, those are some of the plugs you may find.

You should realize the monitors have been there since 4 to 7 quadrillion years, and their data
is VERY FRESH when you wake them up and get them talking. They HAVE been working
"automatically", but WHEN You wake them up and get them in comm, and get them to
CHANGE SIDES, they will give you ALL THE DATA: If you debrief the monitor, they will
tell you how they were made, and how the plug was put together, and what the purpose was.
So, I don't tell you too much. Just to give you an idea and you will find all the rest for

But, apparently, there were THOUSANDS of "experimental" plugs, so on any case you may
find any of these "experimental" plugs that are very weird, and nothing like what I've
described. And there maybe some other weird things, like "Alice in Wonderland" type things,
you know? That's why we call this level "Alice in Wonderland". You get into it on the seventh
"Chakkra" down the spine and find out the whole thing which is going to be there as you go
up toward the "top" of the org. Wow!

Ok! So, anyway, there are maybe THOUSANDS of these experimental types, but we've found
that there were also about a hundred or so, or several hundred, "standard plugs", that were
used very much during Inc I, and to confuse thetans with. The "perfect body", the-
"Chakkras", the "Golden Skull", the "Crystal Body", and the "Pyramid" things, apparently
were pretty standard. There ARE others which are "set up" in other ways in other cases we’ve
found, but these are a few of the "Standard" ones.

You WILL find maybe MORE THAN ONE on a case. Sometimes, there are "reserves". Like
you run out - let's say one of these "perfect body" plugs and you find ANOTHER ONE! And
Wow! And what should I do in this case? Because you are running the sessions and you are
only supposed to run ONE PLUG PER SESSION. Well, you can do it either way: If the
Preclear has not enough horsepower, and says: "Eh, there's something that's stopping the F/N
here and so on, and it looks like another, just like the one I ran before!" Well, if he's not up to
it, handle it in the next session. But it's better, if it IS an identical one and it's coming up to
REPLACE the one that you've just run, and therefore to make the guy think that he never
made a case gain, then you can go ahead and run it. And you will find usually there is maybe
two or three. And in some cases, I've found a "magic number". They like to make SIX. Six
plugs exactly the same.

So, sometimes...., but the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th, they run very easily, because you know
the entire structure, and you just contact the guy at the top, and - Zap! - run them off. The
rest of the guys, sort of... "Oh.. Yeah!" And the next ones are listening already, so.... it gets
easier and easier. Then you have a REAL Floating TA when you get rid of all six! And this is
with the "old magic numbers". Ah? - six, six, so, they really INTENDED those numbers. In
fact they are printed around, and pushed around in this society, and are supposed to and
INTENDED TO KEY-IN THESE PLUGS. Nobody better believe anything else!

These numbers are there to key-in those plugs: six, six, six. I mean, six plugs of the "perfect
body", and the six plugs of this.... key-in! So, anyway, it's starting a whole "one-world" put
together! Ok! Now, we've gone over that "standard plugs" examples. Ok

The monitors... a 3-way monitor... I didn't describe that! A 3-waymonitor is something that is
set up between you and another, and also has a "tapped in" line from the implanter org! So
you may have a monitor line from you, say to a person you know. An old back track twin, in
some org-board game, or something. (By the way, Tech Briefing No. 5 is interesting for those
of you who want to know more about this. This is the way the implanters "think" and how
they handle the people they captured who were against them, and what you might find on
those kinds of cases.)

So, it's an interesting area, but it shows up in the "3-way monitors", where you and a buddy of
yours who were on the track or something, are monitored by connecting a monitor between
you and him, with a "3rd party" on the line from the implanter org. And he is pushing signals
out, keeping you two guys from getting back together, because, maybe you were VERY
destructive to the implanters at one time. So it keeps you apart by having the MONITOR
between you and him and pushing 3rd party signals down the monitor line. Ok? It's like a 'Y'.
It's THREE ways: Between you, your old friend, who you hate now probably, and the
implanter org. Nice 3rd party arrangement! That's three way. Ok!

One thing I want to mention before closing. About plugs and things you might find on them:
Some of these guys were cleverly mocked-up to HIDE from you, so THEY THINK YOU
CAN NEVER SEE THEM. And some of them are hiding in "other dimensions", "other
universes"... in other words, when you trace up the org-board, you find: "Well, I'm being held,
well, I didn't know, it's... it's some great being from another universe.. Ha!" can't point it out
or anything, so you just sort of get the INTENTION OF WHERE THE CONTROL LINES
ARE COMING FROM, and you find that it goes into sort of an "invisibility field", and then, it
goes around the corner or something, and disappears and then reappears around in a sort of
"another dimension".

So, you can just check on the Meter: "Is this holder in another dimension?", "Another
Universe?", ah, "Invisible?", etc. etc.... And there will be a read on something, and you'll get in
comm with him. It doesn't matter, Once you spot him - just put your attention where it's
reading, and - Pom! - he will come out of that, and you'll realize he was TOLD TO BE IN
ANOTHER DIMENSION. It's not REALLY in another dimension. it's PRETENDING TO
BE IN ANOTHER DIMENSION! So, that's the way that these guys tend to hide the lines
back to the implanter org. And it's by having BTs who are on the monitor line, or the relaypoints

So, it makes it very confusing to the thetan to find it. If, say, the line goes into an "invisible"
area, or into "another dimension", or "another universe".. . he goes: "Huh?" Also some of
these will be "outside" of the thetan's universe, on these "monitor lines", as I said before, TO
IN TIME to the original "implanting experiments" in THIS UNIVERSE! But, nevertheless, he
will be able to trace it as his doingness and OT abilities are coming way up, and IN

So, the Pre-OT gets HIS gains. He is WORKING AS AN AUDITOR in the session.
Remember, he is the C/S AND THE AUDITOR if he is on Solo. He is the "auditor", and
YOU AS AUDITOR ARE THE C/S, when you are auditing Super NOT's. But when he is on
Solo, he is C/S AND auditor. Hah! Oh! Is he WORKING on these guys! IN BETWEEN THE
SESSIONS is when he gets HIS case gain That's when he is really winning and cogniting and
realizing new abilities and so on. DURING SESSION, he's getting wins from
game, and totally interesting, if he stays on the right plug, and stack list. Or... if he will

Now, during the course of the universe, you will find that thetans have "shared" BT’s.... with
OTHERS, and that in various incidents and so on... the BT’s have JUMPED from one to the
other, or in the press of a crowd, or emotion, or 2-D or whatever! So, during the course of
the universe, BODY THETANS and PLUGS and PIECES OF PLUGS moved around from
one thetan to another, and sometimes they come back around, all the way, back to you some
of your "own" that were originally put on you will go around or get stuck in an old body after
you left it, and, as thetans have taken a lot of different bodies and so on, you know? THE
WHOLE UNIVERSE HAS BEEN MIXED! MIXED! Plugs have been mixed, because some
of them are stuck to bodies (genetic line) and some of them are stuck to the thetan (theta line)
and so on.

By the way, at the end of the "body's life-time", THE MONITOR LINE INTO IT WHICH
to handle, the "holder" of the Pre-I plugs at the "local" implant station decides this, you know?
And the whole system of Pre-I plugs is supposed to "exteriorize" from the body and be
"sucked up" to the implant station through the "monitor line", then it is COMPRESSED into
smaller size and put back into ANOTHER BODY. A small body, like a baby, for instance.

So, it's very interesting, because these were their plans. They don't WASTE these BTs, They
don't waste them under the ground in a "dead meat body". They zip out of the body at the
point of death, and they are sucked back to the implant station, and they get zipped down on
another person's body, that is just growing up. And this is shown very vividly in the idea of
"2001", the little "baby" coming down in the "little ball" afterwards, at the end of the picture
show. You know, "A Space Odyssey", "2001". That was the whole idea. That was a system of
monitoring that they described in the picture.

The "big black thing" monitoring beings growing up and so on. And that was based on these
implants, these plugs and monitor systems, etc. And anyway, that's how they do it. And that's
why they want to computer control WHO are the bodies and WHERE they are, and to KEEP
THEM IN A CERTAIN AMOUNT on the planet, monitoring them through implant stations,
and satellites, up through a giant computer system connected up to the central implant

The central implant station on, say "Coltus", a planet of Polaris, or one closer to Earth. In
fact. they will try to use Mars, which explains to you the "ALTERNATIVE III" Scenario, you
know? From the English book that "exposed" it. It was the secret idea that somehow,
because of "carbon-dioxide building up in the air" earth people will set up somewhere else,
like on the Moon or Mars and construct something like a base to save the "important people"
in. Well, that was really the IMPLANTERS that started the.

And maybe, well... they took some Earth people and some "zombies" (psycho-drugged
workers) to make them re establish to the old implant stations again, and the way they
describe it in the book, it exactly fits. By the way, that station on Mars has been handled, but
there ARE other implant stations ON the planet, which we all are having success knocking
out, and freeing all their "reserve thetans", that are still sitting "frozen" in alcohol and glycol.

The interesting thing is, that the PATTERN they were using, the ORGANIZATION
PATTERN for the computering and so on, the COMPUTERS THEY WERE USING
CONTAIN ALSO BTs, to be a "reflection" of the BTs and Clusters on the case. In other
words, the top station monitor used a computer link to the case that was also BTs and
Clusters in a circuit. A "live" unit! If they used another "normal" computer, THEY
WOULDN'T KNOW WERE "YOU" ARE (because they need a "telepathic" connection to
these plugs, and that can only be done with THETANS).

But, anyway, they don't have the right INTENTION in their "Org", but they do have an ORGBOARD.
The "implanter org-board" is NOT operated by BODIES. They are EXTERIOR.
They've been around since Pre-I, and you can "turn them around" quite easily when they
realize "the game is over", and they usually were "betrayed" and are very tired of doing the
game that they are doing with Xenu. And they will try to "zap" you and "attack you", and so
on, at first, under their "directions" (instructions or orders from Xenu).

But finally, they realize they can't harm you, and you just go on and audit them. They just
audit like any other Preclear. They finally are blowing and THAT LEAVES A HOLE ON
XENU'S ORG-BOARD. Just like he blew apart the Church, by taking everybody out that
could have exposed him. Well, NOW YOU CAN DO THE SAME WITH HIS ORGBOARD.
You can take away all HIS "Loyal Officers", and his "implanter friends" from way
back on the track!


Now, this "flows" business and all this exchange has been going on through the universe, for
many, many eons, and this game HAS been going on, on the 7TH DYNAMIC, whether
people realize it or not. And, you will get to a point in this level where you will recognize your
responsibilities for taking care of ANY plugs or BTs or Clusters that have got on to OTHER
TO YOU, and BACK TO OTHERS. You understand? There are "theirs" that have come to
YOU, that are not REALLY yours, but you feel also responsible to handle this end of it. So,
you CAN run it on a "3-Flows basis". If you run into it as a "plug", or it is "connected" to one
plug you are running then you run it out on those flows. YOU JUST LOOK FOR "ANY BTS
"ANOTHER'S CONNECTED TO YOU". Foom!... Foom! From each point of view, you

Back and forth and so on... and you run it out. And, you can run 6 more flows on it too: The
TO OTHERS, and ANOTHER TO ANOTHER, and YOU TO OTHERS, and back and forth.
to you, AND a whole bunch of other people who suddenly, you don't feel any "bad emotions"
about, or "mis emotions" about. Because, all of a sudden the lines are clean of the "third
party" and the PLUGS and the IMPLANTS, and all that stuff. You understand? And so you
can handle that.


You can also do a clean-up of your own universe if you run into it, or if you are feeling that
you are creating a little bit more of a "III case" than you need: Some of the guys are NOT
BLOWING... or something. Or you can do it as a review action. It is simply to extend your
attention and awareness OUT from THE CENTER, ALL THE WAY OUT THROUGH THE
THEY COMPLETELY BLOW. It's like a giant "Int Rundown", working on a basis, on a
gradient, from YOU all the way out of your limits of Your awareness. It also includes in that:
because remember, BTs can also "blow" DOWN or INTO THE PLANET and get stuck into
it. As well as get "stuck in the wall", or "out in space", or at the "Van Allen Belts", so... ? Yes,
Yes! You can also work it completely THROUGH THE PLANET. That's part of your sphere
of influence! All this gives rave relief to Preclears and Pre-OTs, but if you are just running
along, these things will probably come up somewhere in the level.

If a person, say, comes into Review complaining: "Well, I don't feel they are all leaving and so
on." And then you can do one of these "9-flows" things, if they are connected to other's
universe, to other people. You can also do one of these giant "Ext-Int Rundowns". Just run all
the incomplete BTs and Clusters that are hanging around in his universe. But, again, ONLY
GOING ON THE CASE. Now, this is the WAY, let's say, the thing is sort of "stacked up" in
the NOT's level. And don't be surprised if you're running a case, and you first run a whole
bunch on Inc II plugs and so on, and they come off, and maybe an Earlier Inc I guy here and
there holding it, and then you all of a sudden, you are in one of these Pre-I plugs! Wow!
Nothing reads on "Inc II?". Nothing! You've got this PRE-I STUFF coming!

Usually on Solo, this is quite usual. You handle the whole plug and so on, and then, you
maybe find some more on the next stack that have to do with Inc II again, It sort of "cycles"
on the Time Track. Like any good process, or any good Dianetic type process. It cycles on
the Time Track; you run a few engrams and go real early, and the guy will cycle back, and
then you run some more, more recent ones etc. And we found that the cycle goes sometimes:
He runs some from II, or maybe some PT things, PT monitors, and then, he runs II, and then
he runs some Pre-Is and then runs more Pre-Is... and then, he' coming back and there are
some more IIs! Some plugs that were MADE around Incident II, because RIGHT BEFORE
planets of the North Star the marcabian area.

WITH PLUGS and making up some sort of more RECENT PLUGS. They are a lot "sloppier"
and they are not as well organized. Some of them were made up of assassinated & frozen
LOYAL OFFICERS and so on, to further CONFUSE other Loyal Officers, and there were all
kinds of "Mock-ups" done there to make the Loyal Officers NOT WANT TO GET
TO HANDLE THE IMPLANTERS. But this is covered more or less in Tape # 5: "What the
implanters would do to a group, if they captured any members of the group that opposed
them." Ok?

So, you WILL cycle on the track, as you run this. And back, and more plugs, etc. And on the
next stack, you may find that there is some coming on Inc. II, and some more on PT, and
then, maybe back, or maybe that stack is finished after one or two plugs. Sometimes, there are
seven or eight plugs connected to a stack and sometimes, 20 or 30.There is no real rule on
that. It's just how much the guy has collected and how much he has "ordered" his case in that
way by his THOUGHT. How many of those plugs are there lined up by his THOUGHT

So, it will cycle, so.... don't be surprised if the guy is running Pre-I, and all of a sudden, is
picking up present time monitors or something that has been put on rather recently, in the last
life-time, say, or, even THIS LIFE-TIME. And then, he is running a plug which is made up
from Inc II and was attached to his body, you know? And the body genetic line had it there
when he picked up the body. And, another one was "intended" onto him, when he worked in

The point is: If you go precisely by the action of the assessment, the most reading, the
interest, the stack, each plug; and then the next stack, each plug. If you go like that, all will
come loose! And all will come clean! And, it will give maximum gains and minimum left bypassed
charge on the case. And, I guarantee you, that after several intensives of this, ah...
maybe it takes one or two, or maybe a little more sometimes, to get a guy onto Solo; but
when he's done one or two intensives in this manner, he will be PAST THE POINT OF EVER

You'll be past that point, and you will get up past that point, and you'll probably be at the
point of... "Well, I mean, this IS the way to do it, and it's only going to get better and I can
achieve everything I want, and I realize where all those silly fears, compulsions, etc., were
coming from, and not only that, I've now HANDLED the guys who did it, and take care of
their org-boards and stations, and I'm feeling more and more expansion of causativeness on all
my dynamics as a thetan!"

So, that's the way it works, and I don't know how many intensives it would take to complete a
case, but I would... (super NOT's Level has been found to complete after 4 - 8 intensives).
After he is on Solo, it shouldn't be too many more, if he is handling them professionally, like

And the sessions run from twenty minutes to forty minutes to an hour to two hours, or more
sometimes, depending on how big the plug is and how complicated it is. And once he has had
this data and can run it, very little C/Sing is needed; just tell him to locate the next stack, or
the next plug in THIS stack or locate the next stack and run the first plug in it.

Now, there are examples where the D of P interview gives EQUAL READING Items. I found
that when you have items "equal reading", (or two items combined that maybe each item reads
HALF of what another items reads, but they were COMBINED in the plug), in other words,
one guy says: "Well, I had trouble with dogs and cats." Well, first he says "dogs", and then he
says "cats". "Yeah and 'cats' too!", and they both read well: LF, and the LF (long fall) was a
tenth of a division.

TOGETHER, they would be...0.2; but EACH ONE IS 0.1, so you write them down as 0.1
and then, you have another item which is "Mental Ability". The guy says: "Mental Ability" -
0.2, So, you're going down the list of stacks, and the next stack is coming, and the auditor
says: "Ok. 'Mental Ability'. What about 'Mental Ability'?" And he says: "Ummm... I don't
know... No, it's ok, I'm interested in that, but not really... but a dog bit me the other day." "Oh
Yeah? What do we have here about 'dogs'? Well, that's lower down on the list, Well, that's
not reading as well. Umm... but, what about 'DOGS AND CATS'?" "Dogs and cats? Oh,
yeah... oh... I've had troubles with them... Wow! Dogs and Cats." "Ok! So, dogs and cats.
What's the wording of that?" "It's a... Oh... 'TROUBLE WITH PETS'!!" Yeah! You know?

It's something like that, But those are COMBINED. So, that's about one of the only "tricky
things" that can come up. The guy may run OFF THE CHANNEL OF HIS CASE and OFF
THE MOST INTEREST IN HIS CASE because you noted them down as two SEPARATE
THINGS, from the D of P Interview, when really they were COMBINED as one. JUST
WILL BE THERE FOR THE AUDITOR. (It's Pre-OT by the way; I did say "Preclear", but
it's a usual word. I'm very used to saying it, but it's the PRE-OT. He is a CLEAR, and he is
really working toward being an OT now. So, any time during this lecture I said "Preclear", I
intended the word PRE-OT. Ok?)

So, those are the things that will give you a successful run through Super NOT's C/Sing and
Solo Super NOT's - where you have to C/S yourself - and a person who HAS INTERNED
and so on, would be able to C/S THEMSELVES AND OTHERS on this Level. After he's
done all the folder study and has been an intern on other cases to see how they work, and so
on, he shouldn't then have any trouble.

But to a person who is a Solo Auditor, who has come up the line with no training and so on, I
do recommend that they get C/Ses, if not every day, at least as you would with a case which is
running well on III, which is to review the folder every week or so, to make sure that the guy
is staying on the lines, he is running the stack and is not getting trapped with a bunch of "outint"
guys and he KNOWS how to find the next plug and next stack and so on.

So, when you get to the end of the original D of P, and you handle everything in order, you
can do ANOTHER D of P, and find what is troubling the guy, and you just keep right on
going. At the end of the case, you would then, when he is finished with everything he can
"think" of, you could then check down if there, "are any BT or Clusters connected with..", any
of the items on the original Assessment List in NOT's, and you can check that.

But I think, by the time, all these things would have been handled. Because by the time he
finishes this, he is so at cause over his case, and so on, he will go right on through to the EP
of the "transparent body". And then the ability to freely exteriorize and be in or out of the
body at will. He will carry right on to that, because the interest is there: In the total gains of
knowledge, awareness and so on. That's what he is working for. So, I wish you all success on
this Level, and I want to tell you that WITHOUT RON'S TECH IN BASICS, this could never
have been done.



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Hi Paul,

Did you really spend all that time typing this up??? :confused2:

I remember talking with Otto Roos at an Independents meeting some years ago about CBR etc. He asked me what I thought of Bill's "tech". I just looked at him and we both burst out laughing. :yes:

Enough said.



That's a lot of words. The whole thing could probably have been stated in three sentences.



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Hi Paul,

Did you really spend all that time typing this up??? :confused2:

I remember talking with Otto Roos at an Independents meeting some years ago about CBR etc. He asked me what I thought of Bill's "tech". I just looked at him and we both burst out laughing. :yes:

Enough said.


I agree there is less to it than meets the eye.

And God no, I'm not transcribing any of it, but I am doing a bit of librarian work. I think some here will find it useful, one way or another.