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Theta body versus Body Thetans


There is an interesting discussion on OCMB about the difference between Theta Bodies and Body Thetans.

Apparently, they are not the same. We all know about Body Thetans but did you study about Theta Bodies? :confused2:

Here is what one writer wrote about Theta Bodies, trying to explain to a non-Scientologist what Theta Bodies are and he explains it on a neutral (neither pro nor con SCN) level:

"The PABs (Professional Auditor's Bulletins), where this information on Theta Bodies is written, were the written technology of auditing from 1953 to 1959. They are part of the full technical writings of LRH, and are studied on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, which is a very lengthy study of all materials written and recorded by LRH on the subject of auditing, studied in chronological order. This course of study is done at a Saint Hill organization (eg: ASHO -- American Saint Hill Organization -- in Los Angeles). But so far as the specific how-to of auditing, that is contained in the HCOBs (Hubbard Communications Office Bulletins) that were issued later, in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. The PABs tend to be viewed as historical information, and not really the nuts and bolts of current day auditing. I was trained and interned as a Class IV and Dianetics auditor at a Class 4 Org (nowadays called Class V Org) in the early 70's, and there was no reference to the PABs in that auditor training that I recall. Class IV training, along with Dianetics auditor training, was training to do all pre-OT auditing done at Class IV Orgs and missions at that time. And there was no mention of Theta Body in the auditor training that I did, and as far as I know there are not any present day auditing actions that in any way address the concept of the Theta Body. You are right in that Body Thetans are completely different from Theta Bodies. Body Thetan's are what are handled in solo auditing on OT III and above. For those more recently involved with auditing tech, please correct any misstatements I may have made -- 36+ years since my auditor training, so there are quite a few cobwebs present."

Do you have to add something to it?


Theta bodies, body thetans, Obscene Thetans, Obsolete Thetans, etc. Hubbard hallucinations. My imaginations.


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Is this kind of like the difference between Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, both of whom are distinct and different from the Tooth Fairy?

fretting over the precise definitions of nonsense terms that a pill popping sociopath pulled out of his bloated ass in order to enslave other people is what I call mental masturbation.