Thinking of joining the Scientology Sea Org? Retirement David Miscavige style!


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David Miscavige is so paranoid - he wants to keep any Scientologist's from spilling the beans on the abuse they endured in Scientology.

For you Osa BOTS - fuck you and please, do stay in Scientology. You deserve this.

For any of you lurkers UTR - please don't think this won't happen to you. This is reality in present time in the Church of mother fuckers - Scientology

This was posted on Mike Rinder's Blog:

Maureen says May 25, 2015 at 11:31 am
Newcomer, I do totally expect this behavior but it is still unfathomable to me.

An OT8 and very active FMS friend of mine got MS several years ago.

I found an assisted living facility a few blocks from my home for her to live in, since she was completely unable to take care of herself, lost most of her cognitive abilities, and was actually unable to speak anymore. There were some FSO sea org members living in this ALF as permanent residents.

After 1 day of my friend living there, the ALF administrator called me in for a meeting in his office. He told me there was a problem because when FSO found out that my friend was now living there, they gave him this choice: Either my friend moves out of the ALF or they were going to remove ALL the SO members who lived there. There were at least 10 of them living there at the time. He wasn’t asking me to remove my friend, but he was giving me the info to see if I’d help him solve this problem.

I called up the contact person at FSO and was told the reason for this was that SO and public could not live in the same place. I begged and cried for them to see the illogic in this because the SO were living with at least 50 other residents who were NOT sea org.

They were adament about it and said my friend could stay there, but then they would remove all the SO from this place. This was friggin nuts. Here was my OT8 friend, unable to speak or do anything at all for herself, and she couldn’t be in the same place with these SO members.

Some SO there had dementia and were in diapers, but they could have nothing to do with my OT8 friend who spent most of her career as an FSM getting people to pour in money and arrive for services at the friggin FSO?????? What kind of ‘church’ does that???????

I decided at that moment that these people were so disgusting that I was totally done with them all. I took my friend out of that place and found another nice place for her to live. But that experience was the complete end of my participation with that disgusting cult of scientology/SO people with no feelings of compassion whatsoever.