Thoughts on Hubbard - for now at least.


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After a year and a half or so out now I've had time to read a huge amount on Hubbard, Miscavige and Scientology and have been able to digest what I think what makes sense to me. At least for now.

In the end Hubbard was just another psychologist. I'm sure he would be turning in his watery grave at the thought of that but that's the reality as far as I'm concerned.

I remember taking psychology in college and talking to another student after class. His complaint was that it didn't make any sense. To me it was fairly easy, as to pass that class all you had to do was remember the names of the different key psychologists and remember what their theory entailed. Not hard if you could remember. And it was always one guy who believed this and came up with some approach and then he always had some protege who studied under him and then rebelled and came up with his theory and said how he disagreed with this point and that point of his former teacher and so put his own spin on it.

And so it was with Hubbard. I mean how much did the guy mention Freud? He came up with his ideas and techniques which had some merit which were as usual based on previous work and were never the absolute the he managed to convince himself and many others to believe they were.

His main problem though was that he had a strong dislike of obeying laws, and refused to be part of any existing system. And so he was always running off here and there to avoid arrest, and had to attack any other mental practice at every opportunity. And so his legacy will be that he created one of the most bizarre cults in recent history and whatever contributions he made will never be taken seriously.

And it's also my belief that all of the real psycho stuff in scn had to do with his own paranoia generated by all the laws he broke, and of course the drug use. And by that I mean all the mean spirited PLs, the Sea Ogre, and of course the "OT Levels". At that point he'd lost any ability to make any other positive contribution.

The thing is to me though, how many other people have there been in history that were more or less the same? Beethoven was a certifiable nut job but when I listen to the 9th I get goose bumps. I couldn't care less about the details of how insane he was. It was probably that insanity that drove him to reach for something higher and he managed to communicate that in a big way. Of course Hubbard abused many people and there is nothing to be taken lightly about that but I'm just saying this is a very familiar pattern in history. And I'm not trying to compare the two I'm just saying there are numerous examples of very prolific people that were driven by some pretty dark, internal forces.

Mascavige on the other hand is a different animal. Many people here and other places seem to think that he's only following orders but I don't really see it that way. He has complete power to do what he wants. He has already changed the tech and he could change things any way he wants. He could have changed things for the better but that is something this individual would never do.

I just read a statement somebody posted here from Jesse Prince and to me it supports that. It was written in the period where Hubbo was in decline and Miscavige was on the way up. He said Hubbard was unhappy that people weren't jumping at his orders as they once did and that DM was in fact terrified of getting kicked out as I'm sure he knew he was up to no good.

I think in reality Hubbard simply under estimated DM and in no real way picked him as his successor. DM is a bully and a wanna be dictator. The only thing that prevents him from being a real dictator is that he has no control over a real military, only a fake navy. And the majority of the mean spiritedness of scn comes from him. Of course people can come up with many quotes stating how insane Hubbard was and they are probably right but at least I can see something positive in there somewhere. Not so of David Miscavige.