Thousands of Scientologists attend opening of long-awaited facility


CLEARWATER, Fla., Nov. 18 (UPI) -- Thousands of Scientologists have attended the unveiling of a multimillion-dollar building in a Florida city that is a hub for the religion, officials say.

After 12 years of stop-and-start construction, the Flag Building in downtown Clearwater was opened by church leader David Miscavage in a ceremony that lasted less than 10 minutes, the Tampa Tribune reported Monday.

Estimates of the number of church members at the grand opening ranged from less than 6,000 to about 10,000.

The seven-story building will host the church's "Super Power" programs developed by founder Ron Hubbard designed to hone members' 57 senses.

Only church members were allowed in the building, but building plans indicated the facility was designed for a multitude of uses. The basement contains a kitchen and dining hall while two stories are dedicated to a suite of offices with a balcony, conference room, kitchenette and private shower. There are hundreds of classrooms and offices, and a running track large enough to accommodate more than 450 people.

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Great snippet:

The "Super Power" program is said to be located on the fifth floor, where specially designed machines will be used to sharpen church member's "perceptics." For example, a motion quadrant will spin an individual around to improve their sense of compass direction, while another machine will check one's magnetic sense.

Fund-raising for the program began in the early 1990s. Some former members have claimed that the church took so long to finish the project as a "shill" to continue raising money. The church has denied that accusation.

It's also unclear how much members will have to pay to take part in the "Super Power" program, but the church's auditing sessions can reportedly cost up to $1,000 per hour.

Tom Cruise Attends Unveiling of Scientology 'Super Power' Building

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The Most Insane New Features in Clearwater's $150 Million Scientology Center

Though the religion has plenty of mega-stars attached to it, most of the attention garnered is for some of its outlandish practices and beliefs, most clearly articulated on here, on South Park:


Needless to say, it takes a lot to wrap your head around Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, actual beliefs and practices, Hollywood fanaticism, and its massive “retreat” centers for its exclusive members. Though the public is only welcome into the lobby of the Clearwater center, there are a few things we do know about the new Flagship location for the Church of Scientology. And here are some of its most insane features:

The Center Will Give You Super Powers


Though many church officials won’t go into details about what exactly goes into the Super Power program, we do know this much according to the Tampa Bay Times, “Super Power uses machines, apparatus and specially designed rooms to exercise and enhance a person’s so-called perceptics. ” These perceptics include an ability to discern relative sizes, blood circulation, balance, compass direction, temperature, gravity and an “awareness of importance, unimportance.” Um, OK.

There’s an Antigravity Apparatus


How will Scientologists perceptions be heightened while spun in the antigravity machine? They’ll be blindfolded, of course!

You’ve Got to Run For It


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"balcony, conference room, kitchenette and private shower"

Wow a life long sea org member's wet dream after all


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I think I put that I reside in a tiny town in France--- I was born somewhere in Asia (forget what I put). When bored, I would click on odd stuff to 'like'. I have to laugh at the ads they 'target' to my sock.


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