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Why is it that if Ron said he is only a man, who doesn't want praise (similar to Budda) is it that we have to stand up and do the hip hip hooray, and three cheers infront of life size pictures (that the Orgs can't afford any way) at all the major events????
I'm curious to know how many newbies you took to events and this part freaked them out? I had reactions from many friends and family who said we praised LRH like Hitler:nazi: got praised. I even used to think it strange when I first started with the cult.
Every time I asked it was the same old "its a respect thing":nazi: .

So where does it say anywhere in writing this is standard proceedure?, Did any one ever get a report written on them for not standing up and clapping:clap: :clap: :clap: ? You would not dare sit on your ass at ITO for example, you would be sent to Ethics and have your withholds pulled.

I witnessed staff getting blastings for not :clap: on a few occassions.

I remember a CMO staff member asked me about someone at an event not standing up to clap for LRH, she was disgusted, I looked over & remember seeing who it was, It was abrand new public who was brought in by a staff member, the CMO staff member said that the first course that public needs to do is Personal Values & integrity.

I thought how brainwashed is this CMO child???? The CMO child was about 16 years old. I watched her whispering in the ear of her other CMO side kick :handshake: (also a child) & she was pointing at the new public behind the publics back obviously explaining how "out Ethics" this brand new public was for not clapping to LRH:no:
Not even Jesus Christ gets three cheers and he got nailed to a cross......I guess though he gets prayed to, never the less he is Gods Son and that stories been around more than 50 years.

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I've never been comfortable with edification under duress. I reckon what you observed was the CMO babes confusion between "morality" and "ethics". Group agreement was LRH has provided salvation so every chance we get we indulge in gratitude shown loudly and in a standard manner. So morality says you do the standing ovation. I never got it and paid lip service.

Strange thing, I encountered this in an MLM years after my Scientology active years. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I proclaimed to hubby on the way home, "Honey this is a cult and I want out."

This mix up between morality and ethics, a sure sign to run.


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Yeah, it always was strange.

Especially with lrh's own maxim:

'Never desire to be liked or admired'

(or some such thing).


(Happily on my way to forgetting nearly EVERY policy, can't ya tell?!:happydance:)
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I always found cheering to be uncomfortable.

LRH is very overrated by Scientologists, for what he did or attempted to do.

Most Orgs can't afford to even pay their bill little own the extravagance for an event that hardly anyone goes to. There are almost always more staff at an event then there are publics.... sad really.

No cheering for that! :no:


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It's a robotism to clap after every "good" piece of information.
I remember events taking 3+ hours and could have easily taken half tthe time. :duh:
I got really sick of all the clapping and stopped clapping after a while.

But you are right. Ron says one thing and something else is done. And he had to have known it.

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I am soooooo glad I never attend Events anymore...in fact whenever we attend ANY function to where we gotta clap, standing up? (I get keyed-in :melodramatic: )

Power Change

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a poem for you and you and you

Hip hip hooray
For the man of the day
his teeth are rotting away
with severe disgusting black decay

although this man is very dead
never ever can that be said
they say he's working for us from afar
hanging out at night in an alien bar
trying to discover a way to get rich
practicing on everyone his new pitch
of space opera and psychosis
but never bothering to cure his halitosis

they say he deserves all of our respect
for saving our asses with standard tech
but everytime I have to stand and clap
I feel as if I have entered a trap

so one day I said "NO 'I'll sit"
They told me I was a little shit
So I left for good never bidding adieu
to the cult that really has no clue

the end
off the cuff by power change :D
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Live Events

You think events being watched at the Org are bad, try seeing one live. :melodramatic:

I was at the New Years Eve event 2006 in LA. Great city, terrible reception. It was an unusually cold night in LA and windy, temperate was maybe like I don't know, low 60's F or around 10 C. :grouch: No one was allot to go stand inside the Shrine and the wind was blowing all of the food off the table. I was pretty dreadful. Then when the doors open the people inside were pretty rude. :angry: I remember being scared thinking what if I ran into an SP or something. :nervous:

Long story short the music by Doug E. Fresh and Shaka Kahn, couldn't believe she's a Scientologist, :omg: was very good but it was a long time sitting down and yes it could have been much quicker. :yes:

I am glad that I am free of their misinformation on how well they are doing.


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Bwaaaa hahahaha cheering for that nut, I bet he's sitting down in hell laughing at everyone who does that now. I don't miss that. :clap:


The real Lier?

Well I have to say that I didn't mind clapping at all for LRH at events as at the time I did have enormous respect.

BUT ! What pisses me off is the lies and PR about LRH that management pushed at events. :angry:

The big glossy stats. The humongous expansion.

And now I find out the major part of it is bullshit. Grrrrrrr

I remember one night at an event thinking . . . "WOW ! Study Tech is being introduced into all 3 levels of education in Russia". Fantastic. (Yeah right)

Probably more Bullshit.

I used to think "Why doesn't ANZO expand like overseas?". But now I believe the truth is "We are shrinking like overseas".

PR is important. But Bullshit, especially runny bullshit, will always eventually sqeeze out of a hole somewhere.
A friend of mine works as a video technician for many conventions and such in LA, and one time did a gig for a scn event. During the rehearsal there were people sitting scattered all around the auditorium who would jump up on cue and give a standing ovation.

These things are very carefully planned.



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In the "good" days of Scn when I still had to go to events I always found seats outside of the main auditorium where you never had to stand up and clap. Those places were also less amplified so I didn't have to wear ear plugs! Eventually I was old enough for "the senior section." When I stopped going, the #1 reason was that hip hip hooray clapping crap. I am sooo glad I don't ever have to go to another one of those godawful events!!

Power Change

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A friend of mine works as a video technician for many conventions and such in LA, and one time did a gig for a scn event. During the rehearsal there were people sitting scattered all around the auditorium who would jump up on cue and give a standing ovation.

These things are very carefully planned.


He had to....

He was convinced Hubbard would strike him down dead with his new superlaser from planet 5666 if he didnt.

Either that or he was heartedly trying to avoid RPF or a punch in the belly by david miscavige.


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I didn't like all the clapping. I could start to see how automatic it was. They would say a quote, and then at the end say "LRH!" in just the right way, and everyone would automatically stand up and clap. It seemed to be trained responses, something no-one thought about, they just did it.

The hip hip hooorrraay! at the end of the event always made me cringe. I would think about all the new people in the audience who were being turned off by it. I hated doing it, and would just stand there, and I would wonder if someone was going to come up to me later to ask me about my dedication.

I also noticed at the beginning of the video for the IAS, where they have the guys with long scraggly hair riding horses in slow motion as they carry the torches, the AUDIO has clapping and cheering in it at the very beginning. It's done very well, and it sounds like it's coming from the audience, but it's not. I could clearly hear it at one event in the tent in LA, where not many people attended. The screaming and clapping at the sight of the slow-motion horses sounded like the place was packed, but no-one was clapping or hollering. It's very obvious with a small audience.

Scientology is so much smoke and mirrors, lies and deceptions, it's discusting.



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I remember some "axiom" -I think- that said something like "admiration is the most desired particle. It's absence alone permits persistence"

Anyone know the one I'm talking about?

I'd bet the old black magician set up all the clapping at pictures himself somehow, and figured he'd get something out of it.

Check out my account from this post, and tell me what you think he might have been up to.