Time Magazine: Does Narconon's Addiction Rehab Really Work?


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Time Magazine

Does Narconon's Addiction Rehab Really Work?
By Maia Szalavitz Thursday, March 31, 2011

[..] Now, a new publication focusing on addiction, The Fix, takes a scathing look at Narconon and debunks its claims of efficacy. (Full disclosure: I write a column for The Fix.) As Mark Ebner and Walter Armstrong write, it's hard to validate Narconon's treatment methods or confirm its claimed success rate; it's even difficult to determine the number of facilities Narconon runs: [..]

[..] Bottom line is that solid research evidence does not support the program's claims... [..]


The full article being referenced by Time magazine, is here: http://www.thefix.com/content/narconons-big-con

The whole subject of addiction and cures goes back a long way. But in the recent past AA has been the model of most "successful" mutual aid societies
and has an interesting history as a "faith based but dogma free" program.

It seems pretty clear to me that "substitution programs" (ie: methadone, etc) aren't really effective. And also that people "placed in programs" but not there because THEY want to be, are also fail.

That is not to say that people can't recover from addictions, but they have to want to change. And I agree that Narconon is over-hyped, poorly staffed and majorly mis-represented.


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Over the past year in Canada and the USA, Narconon has taken some substantial media and investigation hits. There is a one million dollar law suit in the USA and in Canada, there are several cases moving forward. Narconon Canada dissolved last September and NN Trois-Rivieres that at one time had a staff of nearly 82, declined to only a hand full. The controversy, with media and political attention is having a huge affect on the exploitation cash cow. In the next few months, I expect this to increase and the closing of NN TR could be as soon as July 2011. Tick Tock.

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Narconon IS scientology. That's footbullet number 1. The church tries to say it is not and plays a shell game with the corporate structure.

Another footbullet is their (mis)use of statistics. They are known to make up statistics, particularly with membership in the church. Their 76% success rate should be subject to standards besides their own.

Their real "stat" is a new scientologist. It is their idea of "safeguarding" the environment (meaning making scientology known and acceptable in an area --- it doesn't really mean safeguarding the environment!)
This means that they use a social sector as a recruiting funnel for the church.

It is an insidious virus.

On the other hand, there are communication drills, etc. that narconon utilizes that do improve one's ability to confront their mind, life and environment, etc. but, unfortunately, I don't think they really know what to do with someone once they make them more able. It goes south quickly as they make sure the person's increased success, ability and financial expansion is immediately channeled back into the church. Otherwise, they are, indeed, not a "success."