Time to speak up

I have been viewing this board since its inception and have decided it’s time to put my 2 cents in. The recent developments with the worldwide protests and the apparent success of those activities has renewed my resolve to end the pain and misunderstanding created by the practice of disconnection for myself and what has become a very large extended family.
First, let me tell you a bit about myself (without, of course, too many specifics). I have been “acquainted” with $cn for over 20 years by association. I had both friends and family that were members and was forced into a position of “going along to get along”. Some family members eventually joined the SO and furthered the need to play along. Recently, one of my family members saw the light and escaped the clutches of this evil group and I aided and abetted them. The disconnect I had avoided for so long by the remaining family in the cult finally came to being. I am now in a position of having nothing to lose by speaking out, but also must respect the liabilities faced by those I know that have managed to leave the cult. More on the disconnection in a bit.
I know quite a few “escapees”, including prominent posters on this board and OCMB. I also know all of them are doing quite well in the real world, contrary to what the cult tells those left behind.
A few observations over the years:
All the people I knew before they joined the cult were bright, intelligent individuals. As they have “progressed” in the cult, they have become increasingly dumber. Completely irrational behavior is their trademark. The ones that escaped were able to recapture their wits and display their original common sense. (They had done that before they escaped to even consider escaping!)
The Co$ says “Whatever is true for you is true, whatever is not true is not”, but what it practices is “Whatever is true for you is true, whatever is not true for you, we will pound into you until it is true”. Classic brainwashing and manipulation.
I have witnessed public that while they pursued their “spiritual freedom”, neglected the needs and welfare of their families.
When my family member escaped and was followed by another that I also assisted, I was identified as the only logical source of help they could get. My remaining family members still “in” were then cut off from me. I was told in person by one of them they couldn’t speak to the escapees (because it would counter a greater effort to save the world!), but not that they couldn’t speak specifically to me. However, I was never able to reach my daughter again, even being told once they didn’t know who she was! That same person that told me in person about the disconnection accidently called me while trying to reach her brother (punched the wrong button on her cell, I suspect) and cut the call short as soon as she realized she was talking to me. Soon after that a very good friend I had known for 30 years (a Scientologist) deleted me from their MySpace page and all links with me and the other escaped members of my family.
My daughter is the one I most want to “free” from the cult, but would like to see others re-establish relations with parts of the extended family to end their frustration. I have learned by culling information from various sources that my daughter was offloaded from Int base and landed in Toronto. I also was able to learn she supposedly got married recently. I can only assume my daughter is choosing to stay disconnected in fear of what the consequences might be if she were to contact me. Or she actually believes it would result in her spiritual damnation!
What’s the end result of this disconnection? There are two women that have a grandchild they have never seen (and another on the way!). My daughter has never seen her nephew. Family members of one of the women dread her calls because of the constant dissemination attempts and her efforts to “save” them.
I have probably given away too much, but I am confident the cult is near collapse and it won’t matter anyway. If I can give it a little nudge towards that collapse, then so be it.
Thanks to all that have worked to expose the insidious nature of the cult and its criminal acts. Special thanks to Tory, BTs2free (go John!), BFG, LBV, Arnie, Emma, Andreas, J Swift and all the regular posters. I apologize if I have left out anybody that has helped educate me.