Tiponi Grey has left the Church of Scientology and her job at the Inglewood church


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Tiponi Grey has left the Church of Scientology and her job at the Church of Scientology of Inglewood.

Tony Ortega has the story.

Talking with Tiponi Grey, who quit her Scientology job and announced it on YouTube


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It was a video that lasted only 14 seconds. Long enough for a woman named Tiponi Grey to make a short statement behind a pair of large sunglasses…

“Hello, world. I am Tiponi Grey Magi. And I am no longer employed with the Church of Scientology. Thank you and have a wonderful Wednesday.”


But Tiponi tells that the Inglewood org is in trouble.

“The staff there is struggling, they’re not being paid, and they’re struggling to get new people people in,” she tells us.

She says that the staff during the day numbers about 21, and 38 work on the night shift. But they’re serving just “two to eight” students at any given time, she says. “On various days, sometimes there may be no one in class. That happens a lot.”


She first went to the org in July to take Scientology’s “personality test” and then took her first course.

She was offered a job right after that course, and was made a supervisor. “I oversaw basic courses for public,” she says, using the term in Scientology to differentiate public, staff, and Sea Org members of the organization.


She typed up a message complaining that Scientology was too focused on fundraising and sent it to key people at the org, announcing that she was resigning.

“It’s too much about money. You can’t call yourself a church and that’s your main purpose,” she says.

Tiponi says she said nothing negative about L. Ron Hubbard or the people who worked at the Inglewood org, but it was very obvious after she sent her message and then posted her video that she is now considered an enemy of the church.

Still interested in Scientology’s materials, she tried to purchase a Hubbard recorded lecture, but was told she wasn’t welcome. She says the prices at the Inglewood facility are too high anyway.

“If, as in any religion, the purpose is to clear the planet, then you need to give something. And in that neighborhood there, you shouldn’t be charging those kinds of prices,” she says.


“The idea of putting that church there is a good one. But they have to look at what they’re doing. They need to get new people in to pay for staff, whose job it is to get new people in. It’s a cycle that doesn’t work, because the people who live there can’t afford those prices,” she says.

Tiponi says she’s now looking at a couple of different avenues, and hopes to start a business. She may, she says, teach something like Scientology’s study technology on her own.

We asked her if she expected to get some pushback from Scientology if she did that. But so far, she says, she hasn’t been harassed.

We sent an email to Scientology’s international spokeswoman, Karin Pouw, asking for a church statement about Tiponi’s resignation. If we hear back from her, we’ll add it to this story.

Here is the short video that Tiponi posted…


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Tiponi Grey reacts on Twitter.