To CNN re the "church" of Scientology


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The organization known as the "church" of Scientology has once again stuck it's foot in it's mouth.
CNN does interviews with some Scientologists now out-- a few weeks ago.
You saw it, they(those still "in") looked like knuckleheads, as usual.

What do they do? Put on their hate page, ReligiousFreedomWatch :stir: (barf):

This week CNN posted its lowest ratings ever as a network. The numbers for Anderson Cooper 360 are now so far below its competitors that the CNN anchor is no longer scraping the bottom of the barrel – he’s it.

Which forces us (along with most of America) to wonder why President of CNN Worldwide, Jim Walton, keeps Cooper on the payroll.

This *is* what the organization known as the "church" of Scientology does.
Hubbard called it "Black PR", and you can read about many of their x-Scientologists, (self included) who they have used Fair Game on.
Hubbard created a policy called "Fair Game" where he said, re critics:
"You can lie, cheat, steal, destroy someone utterly"

When I was "in", I literally stood up in court, insisting "That is a lie!
Fair Game was Cancelled, years ago". Was I lying? No--I truly believed
it was cancelled, as do most Scientologists still "in".

It wasn't until I escaped out that I began to realize Fair Game IS being
used, daily, by this "church". Just read RFW---my 5 year old neighbors
could see it was (At the bottom of the Cancellation of "Fair Game"
it says:

This does not apply to Suppressive persons

Of course anyone critical of Scientology, who exposes any of their
many abuses, is soon declared an "SP" or Suppressive Person.
That is why Anderson and CNN are now on "Religious Freedom Watch".
Does that hate site have anything to do with
Religion? No.:no: Religion, as most people think of it, has to do with love, compassion, faith, belief. Scientology has *none* of those qualities.

Freedom? No. :no:They block people such as myself for even commenting
about their flat out lies.

Watch--- :no:
This is straight libel and hatred. :stickpoke::naughty:

Hubbard's Policy is "Always attack, never defend". So as you can see,
they've started in. Just keep doing what you do best.

I just thought I'd mention this.

Love and Peace :rose:



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PS: I know it's a long shot, but people do surf the net, from
all different areas, and I wouldn't put it past some people working
at CNN to check in here, to see what's up re their interviews.

If you have anything you know that might help them, please take
a few minutes and post it here.

Bottom line: As you all know here: Always do more, not less. Hubbard said what? Silence them,
in so many words, right? So we need people to know, this isn't an accident,
CNN and Anderson Cooper are not "at the bottom". This IS Scientology's Black PR Campaign.

Hope you help bring this out, as remember, they are planning on "Making
a lesson for other media, too, so they'll see what happened to CNN and figure
"We'd better not expose Scientology".

Please don't let this happen. :thankyou:

My love,


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Good post Tory I know I have been BPR'd to members of the church. They no doubt bought it, lies have been told.


This should definitely be brought directly to the attentions of both Mr. Cooper and CNN in general.

Hey, Tory, you're a TV personality, call Anderson on the phone and let him know.


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Thanks, Mystic.......I'll just give him a jingle :thumbsup:
(I will send it to him, that's a great idea).

James, please (if you feel like it) tell more of what you know re
how this "church" uses Black PR to discredit people. :nervous:

Thank you both!



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Should CNN and Anderson Cooper see this thread, they need to know that there is much much more going on with Scn than the violence they centered on in their weeklong story.

They need to know that they need to go much deeper than the violence. They need to investigate the RPF, the whereabouts of Heber and Shelley Miscavige.

They need to investigate human trafficking, underage workers, the loss of personal freedom (cellphones, communication with those not in the SO, etc...), disconnection, fairgame, coerced abortions, which are just among a larger litany of things to investigate.

Had these been included in their piece on the Co$, it would have been the short heard 'round the world.

Just sayin'


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Stupid cult can't work the internet.

Speaking of that, they invented fax machines back in the 30's I think. While I was at CLO EUS they used the excuse that they couldn't use fax machines because they were "off policy."

I wonder why the same rules don't apply to any internet or other high tech goodies. I am thinking the TELEX machine was probably the only "On policy" piece of high tech that was approved by LRH.

Now, wouldn't it be ironic if they finally found out how out tech and off policy they have been for all these years using anything but the trusty, and mighty dusty, TELEX machine.

better get the RPF to clean them up and fire them up again for that all important on policy TELEX.

bring out the FO's, HCOPLs et al, lets prove how not KSW they have been for a long time now.

when you can't adapt after the death of your immortal leader, you can't play with the new toys either!


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when you can't adapt after the death of your immortal leader, you can't play with the new toys either!

Soooooooooooooooooo True!

Great ideas, thanks. This is what I was hoping...that people would remind
CNN (and anyone working for them) of key issues they *need* to look into.

I'd say my Top 5 are:

1) More facts about Davey boy and "Gold", "Management" and the "SP Hall"

2) The breaking up of families, and interviewing parents who have lost their kids,
and then TD lying about "no Disconnection" ....oh yeah!:duh:

3) The Stopping of Free Speech vs. Their Creed saying "Man has the inalienable right to free speech, free thought" and they literally using phony
accounts to stop free speech here on the Net.

4) The milking of Celebrities such as TC, JT, and others with examples of programs created for each of these people and how Scientology (C of $) uses
"Target Defense" in trying to take over media, finance, politics, etc.

5) Fair Game usage and specific things they've done to individuals who help
expose their own abuses.

That's a start. What are your Top 5?




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Hey thanks, GW :hifive:

So what would you say are your Top 5 that CNN should look into?

Happy Friday!
PS: "Don't get Mad, Get Even"---remember?

PS: "Don't get mad, get even"
Poor Old Anderson Cooper gets no respect from Riverside County Supervisor

Received via email from a Big SP Anon :D (and posted with permission) :

"Hi all,
Today at the board of Sups, I was taken a little aback, when Jeff Stone responded to me! I was expecting silence and had a few more things to say. He basically replied that CNN's allegations of beatings at Gold Base are not sufficient to get the DA to investigate. CNN, according to Stone is a "Subversive Media", (did he say "Suppressive" media?) which makes me wonder what Anderson Cooper would think of that comment. If you have contact with Anderson, please send him the videos.

Most of my speech was blacked out, presumably by error. The audience in the room saw everything correctly, but somehow it didn't make it on the final video. The same thing happened for the guy before me who presented the CNN segment. Preacher #7's video was fine of course! BTW, I had a 10 minute chat with that guy and gave him stuff to read and my DVD. He said he would talk to the head pastor and I offered to meet with these guys.

April 20, 2010 (2/2) Jeff Stone Denies Evidence of Violence

This Jeff Stone guy is either extremely gullible, being blackmailed or is a scientologist. That's the only three possibilities I can think of.

Here are the slides I showed, while the screen was black:



April 20, 2010 (1/2) David Miscavige Beats His Staff

About Gold Base:
I went to Gold Base on April 17th and took some pictures, which I attach. I then went to Code Enforcement on April 19th to get the docs I had asked for the prior week. They gave me about 30 pages of documents and I was pretty impressed on how carefully it was documented. Each meeting, phone call, by either Sci or me was listed.

If you wish to post the pictures, I've uploaded them to PhotoBucket:

I spoke to Michael Richard (the bearded French Canadian environmentalist) and Sam Gonzalez (inspector) who wrote the letters in the other attached zip file. A few days prior Muriel accompanied with Sam Alhadeff (Sci attorney) visited the director of Environmental Programs, Mrs. Carolyn Luna. I don't know what was the purpose of that meeting.

It's appears that they got in trouble plenty with the environmentalists. They had to rip out most of the trees that were planted and restore the land to pretty much flat, in order to accommodate native plants and small mammals. That flat area was hydroseeded with native seeds (confirmed). Mr. Richard seems pleased with the work they did and expects the area to be productive for the LA Pocket Mouse and the Kangooro rat. Mr. Gonzales said he's mostly pleased but he still has issues with the vegetation. Note that all that county labor was billed to Sci at $107/hr.

What puzzles me is that they restored only part of the land that was disturbed (possibly only in the flood plain as someone suggested). If you look at the back, you still see plenty of newly planted trees. The landscaping project was clearly stopped, with several large trees left unplanted and many small potted plants also unplanted. The number of spinklers that were installed on that land is way more than should be needed, in my opinion. I think the real purpose for those sprinklers was to make a "water movement system", which takes water away from the castle and from the lower part of Gold Base in the event of a flood. We uncovered the fact that much of the south part of Gold Base is in the flood plain. That would explain the four inch sprinkler pipes!

I believe we've had a positive effect for the local environment, not just with this newly restored native land, but mostly by the fact that the people involved will think twice about starting such a project without permits, environmental studies, etc. But also that people on base are probably seeing that they're not so much at cause as they once thought. If anything, they must have wondered why that project took so long (got started in Aug 09) and why trees that were planted had to be ripped out.

The job is not complete. I want to get the face/plate cameras on Hwy 79 removed (I already filed that paperwork several months ago), I want the site fully inspected by OSHA. There are other code enforcement issues (about 10) to be taken care of and of course an investigation of the abuses taking place there. Please help if you can by contacting these individuals, who are most likely able to act:

Mr. Andy Morita
San Bernardino
464 W. 4th St., Ste. 332,
San Bernardino 92401
Tel (909) 383-4321
Fax (909) 383-6789

Sheriff Stanley Sniff
4095 Lemon Street
Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 955-2400

[email protected]

Mr. Wayne Hoy
Riverside county District Attoryney
4075 Main Street
Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 955-5400

[email protected]

Mr. Hector Viray
Code Enforcement
Murrieta South County Office
39493 Los Alamos Road, Suite A
Murrieta, CA 92563
(951) 600-6140
[email protected]


I thought Anderson Cooper did a very professional job of reporting. :yes: Wish he would dig more into outpoints and out ethics in the current scene.
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The mainstream media, along with anyone with a modicum of sense, has always known that $cientology is scam. It has been reported on for some 50 odd years. Not new finds, you can see 50 years worth of the media saying "Scam", "Cult" very easily.

Unfortunately, (ignoring East Grinstead for a moment), $cinetology is basically an American commercial enterprise.

Being based in the US there are two inherrant problems:
1/ The US "Constitution" is misundertood, mis-quoted and generally used as a cop-out for criminals and their lawyers.
2/ The US legal system makes it very easy for the man who has the most money to "win".

I shall now run an experiment:
"David Miscavige is a dwarf who was sexually abused, as a child, by Ron Hubbard"


Pfft. Lets see.

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Olllllllld St Hill is just that, a grasp of LRH at Camelot and the ages of knights in shining armor.


He was nothing but a purveyor of the most popular for all and was great at tieing it all together with SCI-FI to meet his schizoid delusions to become the grand Poobah! Xenu was his alter-ego, the one he adored, the one he wished he was.

Unfortunately, for the masses that did and still do, he reeked terrible torture with his delusions that came to fruition as a quasi-religious-anti-establishment cult that is nothing more than a scam of his whim. The people that have suffered via this crap-ass fraud are more in numbers than those still in, only because they either refuse to see the truth, are blocked from seeing the truth, or see the truth but have been scared via group fear tactics into thinking if they speak out they have nowhere to go.

I did not leave because I saw what happened to those that blew, SP DECLARE, DISCONNECTION, NO JOB, NO MONEY, et al.

I thought the best way to leave was to force them to dump me but I knew it would take a long time because they are so not able to follow through with anything. I apparently was one of the lucky ones that didn't suffer the true evils they work on their congregation. I don't know why, I can only assume God was watching over me the whole time I was in the S.O.. I feel tragically sorry for anyone caught up in what they assume is "ethics presence," or "putting ethics in on the planet."

That is NOT what they do, they torture people who are at their vulnerable stage and take complete and utter advantage of their weaknesses for SCN profit, either by whatever monies they can scam them from or whatever work effort they can muster out of them to meet program targets to keep Scientology scamming.

God bless those that see the light and get the fuck out of there with whatever they still have intact.
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