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To lurkers: Where to meet with Originals CMO messengers + int base staff on the web?

Discussion in 'David Miscavige and Current Management' started by lotus, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Hello lurkers,

    Dissafected scientologists
    Staff members
    and Sea Org members,

    Many of you , who were in the COS a few decades ago, wonder where are gone all those CMO people and int base staff as well as official spokespersons
    It has been asked to me by some $cientologists.

    Okay..just a few are still at the base, several decided to move on with a family of their own, some departed this world, but hey
    there is still many out there who are chatting about $cientology and what's going on by now!

    Several of them can be found here:

    http://meet int base and CMO staff here

    WoW! I promess you lot of gain and wins... :happydance: So much stories to read there!

    COB too grasp a lot of good information from the blog :yes:
    It must be of great value!

    Have a nice visit though; Get informed and get in comm too.


    ( I am back gung ho..:) )
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  2. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Re: To lurkers: Where to meet with Originals CMO messengers + int base staff on the w

    Ver very good stuff to read there and much incoming comments
    I like all those datas about the old time, when LRH was still with us! :wink2: