To my Old Friends of the late 60s & early 70s, NYC & LA.....


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I'm in my mid 70s now. I left the COS 22 years ago. I have spent 32 years IN. I just vanished, after the realization hit me, that the COS was all one big Mockup. We all believed. Lost most of our lives. But every now and then I wonder what happened to.... etc. I have a message:

Life is Great! Life is Wonderful! There is never a moment wherein my Inner Happiness is not just bursting out. I have had a great expanding spiritual life and financially secure business because of self-belief -- but it took a few years of walking around to get out of the idea that the Church of LRH was going to find me and crush me. HAHAHAHAHA. What nonsense. But for some, not so.

Unfortunately, we WERE preyed upon by this "organization" who promised Freedom, only to turn around and mire out lives into moral and emotional slavery. And threaten our Future Existence too! NONE OF IT WAS REAL. THERE IS NO R6. THERE IS NO "OT LEVELS" HAHAHAHAHAHA. But it was real that our money vanished; our loved ones disconnected from us because they were forced to, as we were forced to do to others. In 1966 a 22 year old Ethics Officer demanded I disconnect from my Father. I did. 25 years later, just before he died alone and lonely, he reminded me of it. I cried, thinking of all those years he endured that damage! All of us lost total control of our lives. Well all except the those in denial. Are you still? In the end thousands and thousands left. thousands. upon thousands.

So I ask, is there anyone seeing this list who is now in their 60s and early to mid- 70s? Who was on staff? NY Org? AOLA? ASHO when it was located on Temple St LA? Are you still alive? Do you want to talk? I forgive my old captors, should they still be IN. And I hope those still IN will be able to forgive me, too. I am sorry I abandoned you but I had to go.

I would like to open up a discussion to those still around, what has happened to our lifetimes? How are you doing? Some (like myself) who spent nearly half of it IN? How and where are you now? Can I help anybody?

COS tried to turn my life into a rock. But I got out and rebuilt all of it, with love, personal effort. My life has been great and always growing and happy. It's time to forgive, remember who we are, and communicate once again :) Or am I nuts for even thinking anyone still cares? Well, I do care. Maybe just maybe, there is an old friend I can help -- if only swap stories.

Who's out there? PM me.

The Cherub


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There are many people here from the 60s/70s, some even from the 50s.

Search old threads. The search box here (top right) isn't bad, or else search Google etc with search terns like "big blue" RPF



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Hey, @Cherub, loved your post! I got in in the early 70s, popped out a decade later. One of the many things that kept me in was how I kept getting told how "evil" wogs were, that the world outside was a dangerous pit. Au contraire, mes amis! It's been totally awesome. And you know what? The most assholish asshole I ever ran into "outside" was less assholish than the self-aggrandizing assholes in the cherch.

Live long and prosper!


Back from the Dead
Hey, @Cherub, loved your post! I got in in the early 70s, popped out a decade later. One of the many things that kept me in was how I kept getting told how "evil" wogs were, that the world outside was a dangerous pit. Au contraire, mes amis! It's been totally awesome. And you know what? The most assholish asshole I ever ran into "outside" was less assholish than the self-aggrandizing assholes in the cherch.

Live long and prosper!
Hi Hummingbird -- I remember you being around the old forums. Wow. I forget if I ever knew who you are but that's ok because sometime I forget who I am --<grin>-- In the throes of constant birth and new Life, Identity importance lessens its hold. lol.

You sound like you have prospered. It is the one real thing we all experience, what you say above. All the "bad people who are against us & trying to destroy us" are actually the inner SCN system itself. There is Freedom of discovery and awareness in the World wherever you can find people who are not living under the"Us Against Them" appearance of Reality. In SCN this is the sole reality; in the rest of the world there is Freedom to chose where & how you want to live and love. Historically this proves to be true as well. And, not surprisingly -- there are a lot more people who want to Love than there are those who want to control and hurt others, which is the only thing SCN has ever represented itself as being the Center of, from the very first time i sat down in a reg's chair in early 1966. I was one of those who, after doing the HQS Course (it was $25 when I did it), sold my meager belongings, dropped out of college and just joined staff. What an idiot!!. But not really. I was an honest young man searching for spiritual dreams and good friends. PS: I was ripped off. None of it was true. I was screwed like the rest of you. 30 years later I met people who'd done the same as I, looking to change their lives for the better, except they'd invested their life savings of $300,000 and couldn't afford the COS not to be real. Neither could ALL the people with the plastic smiles at Flag either.

I'd once met a reg who was so happy she'd just convinced someone to sell steep mortgages on their house to get auditing. I asked how they will be able to keep their home? She said, that's their problem!

I'd once met some very pissed off people who'd just spent $90,000 on some special auditing but then there was a price change because a particular part of the auditing practice was stopped, and now the same action a week later cost $50,000! Complaints got the person to the edge of expulsion. lol. Similar to the many many many people who found thousands of their funds expropriated for some Org's action without their agreement to use their funds, or serious amounts of funds which were still in accounts and then a C/S changes and the person could not could not could not re-use their excess funds without being attacked and bullied and threatened with a Declare. Many persisted and did finally get funds back but the doorstep was blackened forever. It's no different than starting a savings account at a bank t pay for a car but then you are suddenly not qualified to buy (credit risk) by the bank but the bank will not let you withdraw your funds unless you give the bank full access to invest it or take it away. Or how about the one where $50,000 was in an account at AOLA for too long (early 80s) and a AOLA Reg decides to appropriate it "because it would be better used for the Org" ? Do you think that person, who is now a City Council member of a large City, is still fond of the COS? Multiply that times a thousand.

The reason people stay in SCN is, sadly, because the Life has been beaten out of them and they have lost the faculties of thinking and caring and loving. HATE robots belonging to a HATE Hive are all that's left. Nothing will help them until "they" take the first few steps of seeing that the Sun actually shines outside, not the Night they are taught -- and believe 100% -- is the only thing which exists. That's the shock. That's why the Leah Ramini's and Paul Haggises exist. Called the Balance of Life. YAY!

Yet the Sun stared at my face for years (I was an exec) and I refused to look at it. Until one day I witnessed a very serious crime of theft and threat upon an old woman who'd devoted her entire life to the COS (she was in her 80s), and I could not be blind anymore. Then I discovered similar Crimes and Threats upon good people everywhere I looked in the COS, and still I didn't move -- until I was told I was next if I said anything. Then I got it. No one remembers me anymore, thank God. But I survive making sure that stays a Reality. That's why a person has to make the first moves to GET OUT. Because there is no good in loosing one's Life to help a robot who is not even aware someone died to free them. I shit you Not! I have tried & in the end, it's just not worth it. In trying to free a robot I reveal my existence and location, open to be shot at. Would it be worth it? Not. But that is the great value of sites like this, where someone who suspects things are not right, can go and read the stories of others, and perhaps the Light will shine through. But. Perhaps not.

I know we must not stop trying to find a way to help. I lost a serious friendship when I cautioned a man who's new wife wanted to spend his wealth on auditing. She didn't like what I'd said and that was the end of me. Except 15 years later they are out and we are beginning to talk again. Maybe what I'd said finally opened her eyes in the long run? Most likely not. lol.

I am currently a teacher in my life -- but to students who really want to learn. Then we all prosper. Is why I want to thank everyone who makes this site workable. The students come out of the forest looking like the Walking Dead. But at least they are coming OUT on their own :) I have spent many hours helping some of them. The least I can do to make up some of the damage I committed on my Family, not even to mention countless others I audited.

Thanks for your help!

The Cherub
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