Today Tonight...Tonight now...tomorrow's Today Tonight, all going well.


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Today Tonight.

I am told a story will be run tonight on the 'Cult' aka C of $, I know little more than this, I am giving you a 'heads up' tune into Channel 7 at 6:30pm, I was also told there is a slim possibility it may not go ahead, bearing that in mind just be prepared and check it out.

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Purple Rain

Would you be able to record it somehow, James, or will it be on their site? I have a class tonight and also no television.


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I am sure it will be on their site and it will be linked, if it airs Purple I am sure you will get to see it.
Cheers to you, good to see you around again.


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Update, the programme will NOT air tonight, but very likely to tomorrow rest assured you will be advised...Panda it will end when we bury the body at sea before sunset:dieslaughing:


Operating teatime
If any exes have 'interesting' stories of Melbourne Co$ - have at it - I think the Associated Producer Meg Rayner is interested in relevant comment.

Meg Rayner - Phone 03 9697 7826.

Associate Producer | Today Tonight

Seven Network (Operations) Limited

160 Harbour Esplanade | Docklands VIC 3008 Australia

Postal Address: GPO Box 4477 | Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia

Telephone +61 3 9697 7826 | Facsimile +61 3 9697 7846


Leakus Maximus
I will actually be out this evening, but I have set my recorder and hopefully I won't have another computer meltdown (two in one day? Surely not!).

Should be able to have youtube up later tonight...

Miss Pert

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I watched but saw nothing on the cult :no:, I was 5 minutes late though. Maybe have to do Today Tonight Tomorrow Tomorrow night :confused2: