Tom Cruise and Scientology's David Miscavige: “Most Intense Bromance in History"


The most powerful Scientologist in the world has the movie star under his thumb. How does Miscavige do it?

Tom Cruise barely had a breather between what had to be one of the worst summers of his life and the smash opening of the new Scientology-inspired movie The Master in New York and Los Angeles.
The Master examines what one reviewer has called the "crypto-romantic relationship" between a charismatic cult leader, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, and his "favorite disciple" (Joaquin Phoenix). The movie, which director Paul Thomas Anderson screened in advance for Cruise, comes on the heels of the actor being abruptly dumped by his third wife, Katie Holmes, in July and subjected to a humiliating media feeding frenzy, some of which included speculation about Cruise’s close relationship with Scientology’s powerful and controversial chairman, David Miscavige. Ex-Scientologist Marc Headley, who says he worked closely with Miscavige for 15 years during his long tenure with the church, calls it "the most intense, expensive bromance in history."

The church’s star member could become a liability, much the same way Phoenix eventually becomes a source of trouble for "the Master." Holmes’ divorce action against Cruise resulted in intense coverage of the church’s controversial inner workings --including Vanity Fair’s September cover story. (Karin Pouw, a representative for Scientology, wrote to THR that the recent attention is merely the work of "anti-Scientologists who were kicked out of the Church by Mr. Miscavige, most over eight years ago, [who] used Mr. Cruise’s divorce to further smear the Church with lies so they could promote themselves." Nevertheless, she writes, “More people have accessed our websites and come in to our Churches over the summer than ever in our history. [The coverage] is having a very positive affect [sic] on people wanting to get accurate information about Scientology for themselves.”)
Some people, both in Hollywood and within the circle of former church members, wonder whether Cruise might leave Scientology -- as a smart career move if nothing else. Some insiders still insist he’d never defect.
"Why should he?" asks veteran publicist Howard Bragman. "You’ve got to realize the difference between a crisis and a controversy in Hollywood. For most people, this is a controversy. It’s not necessarily going to impact his career."
According to Mike Rinder, who says he was the chief spokesman for Scientology before leaving the organization in 2007, people in Hollywood seem content to look the other way as long as Cruise is making hit movies. "But they act as if his association with Scientology is as harmless as Madonna spending time with the Kabbalah people," he says. "They don’t realize Tom Cruise is hanging out with someone who is the emotional equivalent of Jeffrey  Dahmer."


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