Tom Cruise Daughter Isabella Dates Scientologist Eddie Frencher


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Women's Day 30 Jan, 2012

Nicole Kidman is devastated as ex-husband Tom Cruise chooses a Scientology prodigy for their teenage daughter’s first love.

The controversial religion almost cost her everything. But more than a decade after her devastating divorce from Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman thought she’d finally escaped the clutches of Scientology. Having re-embraced her Catholicism and started a whole new family, Nicole had found happiness leading the simple life on a Nashville farm with Aussie husband Keith Urban and their gorgeous girls, Sunday Rose, 3, and one-year-old Faith Margaret.

However, last week Nicole was dealt a fresh blow when her and Tom’s daughter Isabella debuted her boyfriend, Eddie Frencher, a junior Scientologist who Woman’s Day can reveal has been hailed as a “prophet” within the organisation. Insiders tell us the young lovebirds are “very serious” about each other – and, in shocking news, Tom and the mysterious Scientologist elders are encouraging the couple to marry so they can be installed as future leaders of the cult.

“Nicole is absolutely beside herself,” reveals a close family friend who regularly spends time with the actress and her mum Janelle. “What should have been a heart-warming tale of her daughter’s first love has turned sour. Nicole can only look on helplessly as the relationship ties Bella deeper and deeper into Scientology. She desperately wants her little girl to have a normal life and had secretly hoped her daughter would rebel against whatever weird master plan was made for her.

“But it’s almost as if Bella’s under the Scientology spell, much like Nicole was during her marriage, and Nic can’t help but feel it’s a case of history repeating itself.” Adding to Nicole’s horror is a complete sense of helplessness.


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I have no doubts that this "boyfriend" was arranged by the cult. Not that the boy would need much arm twisting, he's going to gets lots of perks from being her boyfriend but I assure you the cult would not let anyone member they didn't want to any where near such cult royalty.

It's too bad, I had an inkling Isabella had enough independent thinking to break out of the bubble. Unfortunately since she's not a super model and in a world where looks are everything,I'm sure the attention and love from a boyfriend could easily used as a way to control and keep her in line. If he's a dedicated Xenu lover, then to keep him happy with her she will be to.

This has the cults fingerprints all over it. I'm sure they are over the moon she's fallen for one of their most indoctrinated young men. (Be funny to find out he's actually in the SO and on a mission, but I wouldn't go that far. If that was the case they would have sent a much better looking candidate rather than chubs.)