Tom Cruise-Private Benefit-what is old is new again


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We have all read the recent articles about Miscavige and Cruise the motorcycles, bus, hangar, etc.

Of course, none of this is really new, as this was all testified to in the Andre Tabayoyon affidavit back in 1994.

Many notable things in that affidavit of course, with actually Cruise being just minor, compared to kidnapping and murder.

Women's Day actually did a great article on the affidavit noting especially the following:
that the cash used to supply Tom with all his luxuries was spent illicitly because it came from the Scientologists' charitable funds. He claims that:

* Tom ignored the dozens of inmates on the other side of the base who were living in appalling conditions, earning a maximum of $30 a week as slave labour.

* Tom was involved in supplying new movie releases for viewing in the group's $150,000-plus cinema.

* Tom was given a personal chef whenever he visited the Scientologists' armed camp at Gilman Hot Springs, near Hemet, California.

* He spent many hours with David Miscavige in a bizarre building shaped like a clipper ship that was built in the middle of the desert.

* Tom had a $150,000 gym specially built for him at the desert base and banned anyone outside of his small circle of friends from speaking to him.

* Tom was given a luxurious apartment on the base, plus two motorcycles, a brown 1992 Mercedes convertible worth almost $100,000 and a large motor home - all stored in a garage once exclusively used by the Scientologists' renowned and feared leader L. Ron Hubbard before his death in 1986.

* Tom was given a specially appointed Scientologist chef to do all the cooking at his 1990 marriage to gorgeous Nicole Kidman.

* Scientologists held many people against their will in the same complex. These people were used for slave labour - to renovate Tom's apartment when it was damaged in a mudslide.

* Tom has virtually exclusive use of a sauna, spa bath and Olympic-sized swimming pool on the "ship". A $200,000 tennis court was also built for the exclusive use of Tom and a handful of other celebrity members.

* Tens of thousands of dollars were wasted after Miscavige objected to the colour of an addition to Tom's luxurious apartment and it had to be torn down and rebuilt.

* Tom had a special concrete walkway built across the desert soil to his apartment because he did not want to get his feet dirty.

* Tens of thousands of dollars were wasted when Scientology boss Miscavige had an entire meadow planted with flowers so that Tom and Nicole could "romp there". However, when he saw it completed, he decided it was awful and had it plowed up.

Now to the point of my question:
Within that article, they talk about a scientology insider leaking that there being a secret in the files that CoS could be holding on Tom-indicating severe personality problems, saying it would "stun people".

I searched the affidavit, and it didn't come from the affidavit.

Is it on record anywhere, or does anyone know where that came from? I don't want to out anyone, just wanted to know if there is someone out there that actually knows what this is, and might know more.
Probably hiding that he is gay? Sorry I'm new here, maybe you guys have discussed it before?

Any chance he and DM are gay together? Have you all discussed this? I wouldn't be surprised.

I don't really care if they are or not, just that the Co$ would care.


Patron with Honors
Well perhaps, but it would seem that there is something more there.

In 1994, I don't think that being gay would have been stated as "having severe personality problems". Seems pathological, whatever is being referred to there.

He does appear to have narcissistic personality disorder, on some level.


I don't think we should start trying to diagnose people over the internet, but I guess there's a reason why Christian Bale used Tom Cruise as his inspiration for playing Bateman in American Psycho.

As for the speculated problems, that only sounds like speculation. It has been reported that DM&Co. would gossip about the contents of auditing sessions, but I don't think I've heard anything solid come out about it.