Tom Cruise Refuses To See His Daughter Suri On Her 10th Birthday


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Most likely - DM told Tom that Scientology is virtually broke and in order to handle the Entheta to Theta Ratio on this Planet - DM needs BIG MONEY PRODUCER's like Tom Cruise - so he can make Planetary Clearing a reality in Tom's lifetime. "Make money and get others to make money" are the aims of Sciendollatry.

I wonder if DM will get some of Tom's cash from this sale.


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More Tom Cruise and Scientology. Leaving, staying, disconnection, new woman...

Could Tom Cruise be cutting ties with the Church of Scientology? That's the rumor, yet there's a new report that says the Hollywood actor - and the church's supposed poster boy - isn't going anywhere yet, even though he's been forced to cut ties with his own family members because of the religion's strong beliefs.

According to In Touch Weekly on Wednesday, multiple sources say that one of the reasons why the actor has not seen or made contact with his 10-year-old daughter Suri Cruise in well over two-and-a-half years is because the little girl and her mother Katie Holmes (who pulled the plug on her marriage to Tom back in 2011) are no longer a part of the church.

Similarly, there have also been rumors that say Tom is no longer in contact with his 23-year-old daughter, who he adopted with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman, because she has also distanced herself from Scientology ever since she married her husband, British IT consultant Max Parker. The two tied the knot in London of last year and even though Bella's famous father was not present at the wedding (Nicole Kidman didn't attend either), reps for the actor said that he paid for the reception at the time.




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And another one with Tom falling for Annabelle Wallis.

As the story goes, Cruise and Wallis “hit it off” while filming The Mummy. The magazine’s insider insists that Wallis told Cruise that “she couldn’t make a commitment to him so long as he was a practicing Scientologist.”

It’s an age-old situation heard of many times in Hollywood that the source is spewing — co-stars falling for one another while shooting a movie.

“Annabelle really likes Tom, and she can see herself falling for him big-time,” the source continues. “But not while he’s a Scientologist. She has no interest in converting.”

The magazine claims that Wallis has “inspired Tom to rethink his extreme religious beliefs,” and now he’s “considering leaving the church.”




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Re: Tom Cruise's Scientology Estranged Him From Suri?

A very interesting first post. 'Click this link' is the sort of thing that raises alarms around here. Sometimes people worry that a site is a Scientology site and is picking up IP addresses, especially when it comes in a first post.

Anyway, the whois record for is as follows:
Registrant Name: James Kong
Registrant Organization: International Business Times Australia Pty Ltd
Registrant Street: Suite 3, Level 4, 50 Margaret St
Registrant City: Sydney
Registrant State/Province: New South Wales
Registrant Postal Code: 2000
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Registrant Phone: +61.433821007
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Business Times Australia Pty Ltd

Your link points to
however the official website is
This is the linkdin page of the person who registered the site you posted

Just thought I'd post that. This site looks legit but I've never heard of them before.

In future please post a little text (not too much), just so people can see if they want to read the link.


Re: Tom Cruise's Scientology Estranged Him From Suri?

I clicked the link. FWIW, it did have the story it claimed to have.


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He won't try for custody ... if he did he'd lose what little credibility he has left with the general public who now know all about the mad cult he would be indoctrinating Suri into (he'd lose the case too).

He'll do what all bitter, vicious, dumped scientologists do ... he'll wait, and when the timing is right he'll bend over backwards to try and wreck Katie's life and her relationship with Suri, just to show her how "at cause" he really is.


It isn't about Suri ... it's all about him and his fragile, smashed ego.

I thought he wouldn't go cos he wouldn't be able to find a car park?