Tom Cruise signals filming has begun on "Top Gun 2"

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Tom Cruise says he feels the need. And we all know what for: The need for speed.

Early Thursday morning, the Top Gun actor posted a photo of himself in a flight suit staring at a waiting fighter jet on social media, captioning it "Day 1."

Yep, 32 years after the original Navy pilot flick premiered, Paramount confirmed to USA TODAY that production has begun on its long-awaited sequel, titled Top Gun: Maverick.



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While I did enjoy top gun back in the day I wish they would not do a sequel. Goose is dead and he was a big part of the charm of the original. Maverick found out his Dad "did it right", he beat the demons and was able to fly/right again after Gooses death, he said goodbye to Goose, he earned the respect of Ice and we assume he got the girl. There really isn't any unfinished business to base a sequel on. Plus they would have to come up with a reason why his relationship with Charlie didn't work or kill her off (Kelly McGinnis doesn't act anymore and has aged). The way to tie a sequel to the original would be to have one of Gooses kids joining the Navy and getting into it with Maverick over his dad's death but even that is far fetched..I dunno i just don't see this being anything but a money grab.

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The only reporters who will be allowed on this long long long time coming sequel's set will be reporters who will ask zero personal questions of the A+/A list lead actor of the movie. This is why he has filmed outside of the US for so long, because any answer he gives here in the States when asked the same question overseas will put him in a very hard to escape box which leads to more questions. I hope some reporter has the balls to ask the questions and then follow-up with more until the actor unplugs the microphone and walks off. No one will of course. They are all too worried about the actor not liking them or pretending they can call him a friend. As Lester Bangs once said about rock stars, but applies to actors too, "These people are not your friends. These are people who want you to write sanctimonious stories about the genius of rock stars, and they will ruin rock 'n'' roll and strangle everything we love about it because they're trying to buy respectability for a form that is gloriously and righteously dumb." Tom Cruise ("Top Gun" sequel) (relationship with his daughter Suri)


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:)Another gay film?.

Co-staring his friend Rabid Mismanage . :cool: After that blockbuster what's next Brokeback Mountain part two ?.
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