Tom Cruise visits Scientology’s ‘Ideal Org’ while he’s in Bogotá


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Tony Ortega: So much for tabloid rumors: Tom Cruise visits Scientology’s ‘Ideal Org’ while he’s in Bogotá

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Tom Cruise has been in the South American country of Colombia shooting scenes for his next movie, Mena, and on Tuesday he went to the capital city of Bogotá and dropped in at the Scientology “Ideal Org” there, which had its grand opening just a few weeks ago.

“In the afternoon the protagonist of Jerry Maguire arrived at the Church of Scientology in the north of the city,” reported Noticias RCN. “The security detail at the building made the entrance of cameras impossible.”

But we did get a chance to see him in Bogotá, thanks to a member of the Ideal Org’s staff, Luciana Gomes, who transferred from Scientology’s São Paulo facility recently, and who posted the photo you see above.

“Look who was with Tom Cruise,” she added as a caption, tagging a friend who still works at the Scientology mission in São Paulo. “In fact, look where he is.”

She teases another friend, “I told you to go to Bogotá.”

She then tells another friend, “That’s why I wanted to go to Bogotá. To say hi to a comrade in faith,” she says of Cruise.

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Lone Star

All of these rumors of Cruise leaving the cult are so laughable. Maybe this will finally end them.

A few ESMBers even hold out hope that Tom wants to leave. Yeah right.

I got a news flash: Tommy the Cruise will never leave. He's committed completely till he drops his body.

Another news flash: He's an asshole with no redeeming qualities anymore. What goodness he once had is all gone now. Audited out of him.

Tom is very PTS now.
He has caused massive downstats by pulling in marriage breakups and bad press.
David's Miscavige's connection with Tom Cruise has caused down PR stats for David Micscavige for years now, and that is still downtrending.

Tom is not even safepointing scientology in the USA now. He has to go to places where they don't speak English.

Tom is keeping OSA highly enturbulated as they try to handle all the entheta he pulls in. They have missed witholds too, having to create shore stories and knowing that Tom's case is out of whack (PTS!!). They dare not wonder if, after this amount of PTSness, Tom is actually an SP. Tom could not get a done on meeting the president of Colombia. The president of 'some South American Place where they don't speak English' would not meet TOM CRUISE!!!
They are so downstat. And Tom is too PTS to push it through to a done.
Tom is very PTS and enturbulating dedicated OSA members and making them PTS.