Tom DeVocht reveals new info about Tom Cruise and David Miscavige

Terril park

If only Tom Cruise could suck it up and own it -- admit he was duped like everyone else who has left has had to do (save those few who refuse to).

Yeah, it's harder for him because he will have to admit it to the entire globe. So what though. It will only help him and his career but he most likely cannot see that. He should hire a totally shrewd PR company to manage the whole thing.

Frankly, I think there was/is enough love for Tom Cruise that he could really come out on top and finally live a genuine life, have the relationship he seems to so desperately want but which falls through his fingertips.

It would take incredible personal inspection and humility and boy, it's hard to imagine him willing to go there.

Coming out as an FZ suporter ticks all boxes.

Terril park



You got this picture where?