Tom lists LA "Scientology retreat" compound for $12,995,000..


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Tommy Boy has listed a 2nd property.. his hilltop compound that was speculated by critics in 2010 of being purchased for David Miscavige or the cult as a retreat.

The only resident of late has been Tom's sister, Cass. The buyer in 2005 was 'Dakota Enterprises LLC'.

"A company called Dakota Enterprises LLC paid $9.85 million in May 2005 for the property at 7860 Torreyson Drive. Dakota Enterprises does indeed have its headquarters listed, as the Real Estalker noted, at 7051 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, which is indeed a Church of Scientology-owned building.

--In addition, public records show that the only “member, manager or partner” of Dakota Enterprises, LLC is a woman named Nancy Chapman, who is a principal at Chapman, Bird, Grey & Tessler, an accounting firm.

--Nancy Chapman also handles some money matters from Tom Cruise, including having helped to incorporate two recent companies for him: Valtam Pictures International (11/29/2006) and Valtam Pictures (1/11/2007), according to public records.

So clearly, there’s a tie between Cruise and the property at 7860 Torreyson Drive in the Hollywood Hills, clearly Nancy Chapman is not an employee of the Church of Scientology, and clearly Cruise and Holmes are planning to live in Beverly Hills for the foreseeable future. So ultimately, we would assume the same as the Real Estalker did: that the Torreyson Drive property has been assembled for some kind of Scientology-related use like a retreat."

The realtors are trying to keep the location a big secret. They failed. :biggrin: