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I don't see any reason to call him a plant. He's calmly stating what every well-informed scilon knows. Discredit the FZ? How does this discredit the FZ? This is textbook Hubbs.

Clams are not supposed to talk about what they "know" except maybe if you're Tom Cruise, doing a promotional for other clams. Among clams, they are allowed to agree, that they're the only people who can really help others, in a variety of ways, all thanks to the technology of Dr. Hubtard. Hip hip hurray!

Clams are not supposed to talk about their case, things they are dissatisfied with about the organization, its leaders or founder. What Dr. Hubtard wrote is what is true for you -- that means you are supposed to guide people toward Hubbard's books or courses, or the Org, to find out what is true for themselves. It's about the certainty of being certain, and knowing knowledge.

Anything else is squirreling or out ethics. If you have a complaint about something or someone, you may file a Knowledge Report. Dr. Hubtard put security and justice actions in place for every type of situation to protect the flow of energy into his suitcases. Shooting your mouth off about all kinds of alien craziness is reserved strictly for Dr. Hubtard alone. Not even Mr. Miscavige is allowed to talk in public or make videos about alien secrets, the history of man, or the four quadrillion year history of the universe.:angry:

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Excerpt with my bolding:
Posted on September 12, 2012 by martyrathbun09
There was a little problem with Lara. I had trained her in counter-espionage in the nineties when she was a sixteen year old, class VI auditor brand new to the Sea Org and RTC. While I most certainly ingrained a toughness that caused some abuses over the years, she knew by observation that I was always most fundamentally interested in and dedicated to the truth. She also knew that everything that I have uttered publicly in the past three years is the unadulterated truth. At a certain point in the past year her conscience got to her...

wow Lara was trained in "counter espionage" by Marty himself. Presumably Marty was channeling Hubbard's awesome track record as a counter espionage expert exposing things like the 12 men who rule the world, SMERSH and all the other brilliant insights he got from the Cable Censors office because he has no real world experience to draw on.

Wow - love Marty's use of the passive voice here to avoid taking any responsibility for the fact that he probably was abusing her and/or others. Either that or he taught her to abuse others. Way to "lead" by example!

And then justifying it with a noble search to "ingrain toughness" and for "truth"? Unbelievable.

This "reasoning" reminds me of when O.J. Simpson said that if he killed Nicole, it must have been because he loved her. (So did he love Ron Goldman too?)

I guess that's what torturers are doing too. And Hitler wanted to purify the world and Mussolini just wanted to make the trains run on time. Fascists are always just seeking to make things better.

How can he write this and expect anyone to take his word at all seriously? Really horrifying. Were all of Marty's "ethics" saved for when he was in the belly of the beast and had no choice but to report himself? Mr. Man has some 'splainin' to do and some reparations to make. How about starting with an apology on his blog that names every person and media agency he:
lied to,
screamed at,
had stalked,
arranged for someone else to kill their pets (oh, he never did that himself - he just stated that any technique used to torment them was fair game),
implied threats to their children,
had scientologists befriend and even marry them (Pat Broeker) in order to spy more effectively on them,
destroyed evidence of abuse leading to death (Lisa McPherson),

If he's as tough as he says, and given all of the marvelous tools for "calling ethics" on yourself that he maintains are the strengthening, enriching gifts from Hubbard to humanity, this should be easy!

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Frankly we don't really know what happened with the Debbie Cook NDA because the case was settled before a judgement was passed. Some people take the settlement as the Church thinking they were going to lose, but it could have just as easily been to avoid more embarrassment.

We may never get to see an NDA overturned in court if the church continues to use reactive (not in Scientology terms) settlements to convince people to stay quiet. Unless someone goes to court that wants to take it to the end its doubtful we will ever see a judgement on any of those types of cases.

I am hoping that someone who was bought off...and then is dieing (because of Scientology) then does not care about the gag order and publishes it far and wide! Just wait..that will happen someday. Not that I want to see anyone die or be sick - but look at Hy Levy, Maria Pia Gardini. They went all out balls to the walls before they passed! They did some damage and someday - someone will expose these gag orders after they have spent the money or hid it for their family!!