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Tony Ambrose/Strawn - Apollo

Discussion in 'Staff "War Stories"' started by AnonKat, May 31, 2011.

  1. TonyStrawnsX

    TonyStrawnsX Patron

    Thanks for the note. And if they do take him in, they can expect me to blow. Fear of them in the 90's was overrated. It is even more so now. They did to me one of the worst things you can do.... blame the victims.... cover for the perp.....they cannot hurt me anymore than they already have.... Back then, they were really smart and left me alone. They would probably be wise to do the same now. The real key is what they chose to do with Tony when he arrives on their doorstep. Pretty simple solution to me! DECLARE DECLARE DECLARE!!!!!!! :duh:
  2. Gus

    Gus Patron with Honors

    Let's see... Henning Heldt comes to mind. He's still around, and involved in Scn-related endevours. Not SO, but maybe one of those consultant groups that front for Scn, I can't recall which. But the guy is still around, still hangs with onlines Scns, and so has apparently not been kicked out of the "church."

    He sent a daughter, to Delphi too. Crap, what was her name? Anyway, she was quite pretty and caused quite a stir among the boys up there. Letty Heldt, that's right.

    So Henning was accepted back into the fold.


    PS: But Henning never messed with kids. Not that that seems to matter to the "church." Nevertheless, I recall the "church" saying that all the GO people were kicked out. Henning sure wasn't.
  3. Miss Ellie

    Miss Ellie Miss Ellie

    Any update on what happened or where he landed when be got out?