Tony Ortega is again being investigated by Scientology private investigators


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Tony Ortega is again being investigated by Scientology private investigators.

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The Eye of Sauron is upon us

By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 17, 2015

More than once, we’ve heard Scientology’s private investigator shenanigans described in a certain way. For the folks who were in Going Clear, for example, Scientology’s familiar “noisy” investigations and harassment tends to come and go, and it really stepped up early this year as the film was coming out. When that happens, we’ve heard people say that it’s because David Miscavige has suddenly turned his attention on you, “like the Eye of Sauron.”

It’s an apt analogy. You might go months or years with no attention, and then suddenly people you know are calling, saying that they’ve been contacted by private eyes asking about you. When that happens, you know that Miscavige has suddenly turned his gaze in your direction, yelling at his underlings and demanding to know why you haven’t yet been “handled.” You know that you’re in for weeks or months of sliming by his minions as they spread slander about you and put everyone who knows you on edge.

We’re telling you this because it appears the Eye of Sauron has turned our way again. Last night we got a call about someone pretty remotely connected to us getting hit up by Scientology’s private investigators for information.

Here we go again.

As we weather the storm yet again, we thought we’d put the word out in a more public way to our friends and family — get ready for a call or a visit — and we thought we’d ask our readers: What is it, do you think, that made Miscavige look our way? Was it…

1. ‘Going Clear’ winning three Emmys?
2. Reminding the public that Shelly Miscavige has been banished for a full ten years?
3. This picture?
4. Our Cat White coverage?
5. Or something else?

Tell us what you think.

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Personally I think it's because Tony's doing an international tour and hooking up with SPs all over the world as well as still getting the breaking news out about the cult to a devoted and intelligent audience.:yes:

He's here in Oz later this week and we will go see him on Friday night in Sydney.:biglove:

The Drunken Maggot must've taken personal offense at the amount of "admiration" this mere "wog" is getting from the "DBs and SPs" - or somehow Tony's become the latest "who" for Int's downstats.:roflmao:

Look in the mirror for the real reason You are loathed and detested by most who know of You, You cancerous LITTLE weasel.:biggrin:


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Northern Shewolf

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Australia is vey fertile soil for a real confrontation in between the kult and public opinion, Senator Xenophon has been a huge asset for Aussie EXes in calling out for meaningful legal actions to put an end to its predations. Media has also been quite solid and fearless down-under, so I expect fireworks.
Harrassement is a $ciloonery specialty, a SO sacrament that can perhaps go rogue...
There's a lot of good folks in your corner Mr Ortega and good will as your shield.:yes: